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Patch sur Blight du 03/04/2017 (Delta 297)

Un micro-patch a été publié sur Blight. Ces petits changements de dernière minute signifient en général que l'application d'une série de Delta est imminente sur les serveurs réguliers:

- A spiritual remnant of Karvanoth now retells the story of the Hours of Frost
- Master Cargo Boots now properly creates Steelsilk Cargo Boots instead of Steelsilk Cargo Belts.


Patch sur Blight du 28/03/2017 (Delta 296)

Un nouveau patch a été publié rapidement sur le serveur de test, Blight. Il contient essentiellement des correctifs:

- Teleport Pads and Gates that previously allowed access to the "Settlements and Shepherd's Island" group will once again allow access.
- Reworked the cost of portals and pads across Istaria.
- Dragons have one new marking pattern.
- All new items introduced in the Scourge of Akkinelos and The Cult of Telak questlines now have proper icons.

Bug Fixes
- You now have to properly defeat 12 Renegade Technomancers in the quest "The Renegades".
- The Cult of Telak (Part 5) now needs you to complete The Cult of Telak (Part 4) instead of Tools of the Renegades.
- Fixed broken chat link in The Cult of Telak (Part 1) when speaking with Lem Berenick.
- Fixed typo in The Cult of Telak (Part 1). (Lem Berenick -> Lem Berenrick)
- Male Dominated Cultists now have a face.
- Both Captived Cultists and Dominated Cultists correctly count for The Cult of Telak (Part 1).
- The Cult of Telak (Part 2) now correctly asks for 10 Books of Telak instead of 1.
- In The Cult of Telak (Part 2), Hubert Hufflebing now properly responds to being greeted instead of Lem.
- The Cult of Telak (Part 5) now has an accessible triggerpoint.
- The Key to New Rachival now properly gives the New Rachival's Blessing buff.
- Phylactory of the Afflicted now properly drops from Afflicted Priests during The Scourge of Akkinelos (Part 2).
- The Scourge of Akkinelos (Part 3) has been corrected to properly function. Previously it auto-completed and offered no dialogue upon receipt.
- The Scourge of Akkinelos (Part 4)'s steps have been corrected to appear in the quest log.
- Istara's Brew now consumes itself properly instead of trying to eat an Antidote.
- New Rachival Defenders should now have bodies on everyone's screens.
- Fix for fiend small house to show attachments (attach_specific_fiend_frostwatch.def)


Patch sur Blight du 24/03/2017 (Delta 295)

Un nouveau patch a été déployé sur le serveur de test. Pas de fil conducteur particulier dans ce lui-ci, mais des réaménagements dans certaines communautés de terrains, une refonte de abilities des 10 premiers niveaux de l'école Monk et des modifications de certaines régions en rapport à l'apparition des cultes sont à signaler.

- Accurate Breath I now refers you to Vortis instead of the now retired Master Parsinia.
- Communities:
*North Sarivota - Resized a small plot
*Saritova - Merged and resized several plots
*Guild: Surin - Merged and resized several plots
*Guild: Nong - Merged and resized several plots and added an artifact
- Fixed a tear in the terrain near Water's Edge
- Quest "Kerian's Quest: Learn How To Socket A Chest Scale!" has been updated to allow players to loot 10 ectoplasm instead of just 5 to help prevent it from getting "stuck".
- "Discover the Secrets of the Burning Archer" is now obtainable once again.
- "Tazoon Region: Attunement to Desert's Edge" now gives proper chat feedback
- "Tazoon Region: Attunement to Dryart" now gives proper chat feedback.
- More Menders have appeared in capital cities around istaria, and now offer a curing service free of charge.
- Parsinia has acquired a Loose Sand Deposit
- Shadowstem Processing now properly asks for a bucket in the tool description
- Jendre the Astronomer has taken Zebrie's Telescope and placed it near him as a memorial for the Winter Event … and science!
- Elixir of the Myloc's Focus and Strength both now produce 2 potions instead of 1, but also now require 2 Glass Vial.
- Personal Epic loot crates are now distinguishable from normal epic loot crates.
- Several Harro plots have had their plot markers moved outside of their boundary.
- Further improved looks of following Communities: Elmnic, Scorpion's Claw, Water's Edge, Bridgehold, South Point, Kenaf Port, North Parsinia, Spire's Gate, Spire's Trail, King's Cross, Selikoth, Frost Boulder, Winter's Peak, Shelter Pass, Forest Guard, North Saritova, Saritova, Cedar's Cove, Mia's Edge, Grayling, Dikaina, Lerena.
- Desert Scorpion Venom has been renamed to Hoarspur Venom and now drops solely from Stark Hoarspurs and Bound Hoarspurs.
- Pinion's debuff, Pinned, now lasts 15 seconds (up from 5 seconds).
- Cleaned up the Dire Wolf spawns within the Selen Forest, removing the linked spawns, adjusting spawn times and quantities.  Mani can now spawn anywhere in the forest.
- Monk
*Ki Strike is now received at level 1 instead of 4 and does 10% greater damage while in Red Stance.
*Evasion Boost I is received at level 2 (instead of 3)
*Chain Attack I is received at level 4 (instead of 2), recycles every 45s (down from 60s), and does 10% more damage while in Red Stance.
*Red Stance is received at level 3 (instead of 15)
*Foresight now recycles every 30s (down from 60s),
*Critical Strike I is received at level 6 (instead of 8 ),
*Mind Over Body I is received at level 8 (instead of 10) and heals more while in Blue Stance
*Blue Stance is received at 8 (instead of 5)
*Coordinated Strike I is received at level 10 (instead of 9)
*Green Stance is received at 15 (instead of 10
- Memory of a Lost Elder can now be traded and consigned.
- The valley near the community of Frostwatch has undergone a transformation and is now known as the Hoarfrost Vale. Into this new landscape the Cult of Akkinelos has appeared and is spreading poisons and death. 
- Earthquakes have shaken the land around New Rachival, causing landslides within the canyons.  Some cliffsides have collapsed, closing some passages and opening others. Into this changed landscape has come the Cult of Telak, worshippers of the god of technology. 
- Spirits and new enemies can now be found along the road between the Tower of Healing and New Rachival. Old enemies, the Desert Wolves, have fled.
- A new passage has opened creating a quick route between New Rachival and the Granite Hills. Into this new land, beyond that claimed by the Cult of Telak, a forest has begun to grow and flourish.
- New quests are available for players from New Rachival (level 45) as well as the settlement of Frostwatch (level 50).
- Ancient Barasavian Charm boosts Magical Evasion instead of Magical Key Resistance.
- New Trismus has become more fortified and residents are attempting to rebuild. (Thank you Azramael)


Patch sur Blight du 03/02/2017 (Delta 294)

Dans ce premier patch de 2017, les développement s'est concentré sur l'amélioration des terrains, avec globalement un nombre plus réduit mais des tailles supérieures. Les entrepôts font également l'apparition et on pour vocation de remplacer les grandes étendues de silos, assez disgracieuses sur les terrains mais tellement pratiques. Voici le détail:


- Guild: Serenity - Has acquired a teleport gate and Tier 1 and 2 resources have been spotted nearby.
- Lower Sslanis - Merged all of the community's plots into a single large plot of land and has constructed a road from the beach to the top of the ridge.
- Sanctuary Bay - Merged and expanded some of the plots, added two Dragon lairs, and added a teleport gate.
- South March - Removed one of the lairs and several plots to make room for expansion of others.  There has been a boon of Tier 1 resources discovered near the community.
- Slate Hills - Removed several plots to make room for expansion of others.  Beautified the area including trees, a new gazebo, and a pond in front of the dragon lair.  Flax now spawns near the western side of town and the slate has been adjusted to align better with the terrain.
- North Mahagra - Merged the plots into one larger one, expanded the lair, and added an artifact for the community to enjoy.
- Parsinia - Merged and expanded the plots of the community. New structures have sprung up around town.
- Ar'delak - Formerly plots and lairs above Parsinia, this new community contains only the two lairs that have been expanded and the area in front beautified.
- Heart - Merged and expanded the plots, beautified the area in front of the lair and added a large plot that was formerly in Lower Heart to the community.  Some farm resources have been planted for the residents near the south end of town.
- Lower Heart - Removed all of the plots, making it a lair-only community, and renamed it Vel'akir.
- Pleasant Canyon - Constructed a teleport gate and renewed interest has led to the discovery of significant Tier 1 resources around the canyon.
- Duskhold - Merged and expanded the plots, added a destination pad, and beautified the area.
- Granite HIlls - Added a teleport gate and moved the destination pad into the Tazoon Region group (it now requires attunement).
- Frostwatch - Added a destination pad and teleport gate.
- Sable Shore - Merged and expanded plots.
- Lower Bridgeview - Merged and expanded plots.
- Upper Bridgeview - Merged and expanded plots, added the lair from Lower Bridgeview, and added a destination pad.
- Elmnic - Merged and expanded plots
- Scorpion's Claw - Moved teleport gate into the community, merged and expanded plots.
- Water's Edge - Added a teleport gate
- Bridgehold - Merged and expanded plots
- North Parsinia - Removed the plots, leaving only lairs.  Large Sand Beetles have quickly taken over the beaches and flax has been found in the hills across the road.
- Spire's Gate - Resized the lone plot, added a teleport gate near the northern end of town.
- Spire's Trail - Merged and expanded plots and enlarged the lair.
- King's Cross - Merged and expanded the plots, added a teleport gate, a shrine, and a new trade center.
- Dalimond Ridge Gate - Removed the lone plot, renamed the community Selikoth
- Frost Boulder - Resized the plots and added a destination pad
- Winter's Peak - Added a teleport gate, increased the size of the tiniest plot.  The destination pad now requires attunement.
- Shelter Pass - Merged and expanded the plots, added a destination pad and teleport gate.  Kenaf and Cedar have been found west and north of town.
- Forest Guard - Enlarged some plots, planted trees, redrew the roads around town, and added a teleport gate.
- Selen Shore - Community is now known as North Selen to match the map label, merged and expanded the plots, added a destination pad and a teleport gate.  Planted some trees to improve the look of the town and redrew the roads around town.
- Saritova - Beautified the area of the twin lairs.
- North Saritova - Added a pier and merged plots.
- Cedar Cove - Merged and expanded plots, redrew the cedar trees around town to align better with the new terrain and to not cross over roads, added more roads around town to plots as well as a lake and bridge.
- Mahagra now requires attunement, Gruntour the Trophy Hunter will offer it to players.
- Kirasanct now requires attunement, Maakhil the Sentinel will offer it to players.
- Feladan now requires attunement, Master Tareviel will offer it to players.
- Asenath in Lower Bridgeview now offers attunement to Upper Bridgeview as well.
- Dralk has been beautified!
- New Rachival NPCs have gotten a facelift and have re-arranged themselves in preparation for the continuance of the Tier 3 revamp.


- The following creatures that have a polymorph potion to transform into them now have had some animation state fixes applied, or new animations created to fill voids in states. They should now be able to respond properly to most player actions while transformed such as gathering, fighting, sitting, sleeping, etc:  Deer, Wisp, Cow, Chicken, Sheep
- Polysplash potions are now correctly set up to consume themselves upon use
- Alchemists now get 8 Enchanting per level
- The Gnomekindle Cashiers have received a new shipment of presents to exchange with players for a hefty sum of ornaments.
- Cows and Sheep will now stand still while you gather resources from them
- Ancient Dragon Ghost costume fixed to appear as ghost instead of zombie
- Elm Tree spawns on Abandoned Isle have been split up
- Large Elm Trees have been spotted on Abandoned Isle
- Expanded the Blighted Glowing Essence Residue near Shelter Pass
- Enraged Glowing Wisps now spawn near Shelter Pass
- The following items can no longer be traded to Nadia (used by quests): Intact Mainboard, Corrupted Shade Ectoplasm, Greater Ghost Vapor, Undead Ectoplasm, Veteran Ghost Vapor, Weaker Ghost Ectoplasm
- Dragons have one new stripe marking.
- Durghol the Chaos Warrior Trainer is now known as Durghol Blightsmasher
- Allain Bakkhar is a new Chaos Warrior Trainer located in Dalimond.
- Biped Cargo Gear now requires craft rating instead of craft level and follows a uniform 15, 25, 55, etc, pattern instead of each individual part having a different requirement.
- A new set of Steelsilk Cargo Gear has been invented and is now available to the general public. See Finagle Biggletorque in Delgarath for the formulas.
- The Clerical Order has sent out menders to various towns and cities.
- Seal of the Clerical Order technique no longer tries to consume the wrong technique when being applied to armor. 
- Dragon Acceleration can now be used while in flight and lasts 20s (down from 30s).
- Improved Flame Wave I no longer gives enemy is immune to damage error. Now properly gives bonus damage when target is Burned.


- Sand Crab's Dizzy mesmerize now breaks after 3 hits, but is no longer dispellable.
- Sand Crab's Sand Spit is no longer considered magic, can be used at melee range, and does nature instead of crush damage.
- Crabs of all kinds now have more health, some have more skill.
- Blighted Brambles no longer gets 3 attacks.
- Enraged Azulars now favor spellcasting over melee attacks.
- Noxious Maggots now respond to a Dung Pile's request for aid.
- Elial can no longer be damaged if you aren't in Rift Form


- Quest "Cleric's Quest 7: Speak with Mera in Kion about further training" now refers to Mera as Curate instead of Rector.
- Quest Earn Title: Expert Crystalshaper, from Aratanosh will now properly reward the title ability.
- Plundered Tombs: The Ritual of Eternal Rest quest will no longer add a counter to acquire 10 Pale Essence orbs. You don't need to gather these (can acquire from other players), but the quest was still forcing this as a required step.
- Drain Strike I quest now shows that you need to speak to Gerix instead of offering no quest steps.
- Quest: Momentos for Fillet will no longer deletes the Tattered  Book and Iron Mixing Spoon. Those items have always been needed, to exist, to begin Iron Confectioner quest.
- Quest: Iron Confectioner now requires Mementos for Fillet to be completed.
- Previously both quests required that both of these quests was incomplete. If you did Momentos quest, then was impossible to start Iron Confectioner, catch 22.


- Warehouses are available! These structures have a plot limit of 1, and offer massive bulk storage power. They are being offered at a massive resource reduced cost to an equal number of silos their size replaces. Silos are now best used for quick and cheap storage with a small footprint, while warehouses are meant for massive bulk and in the long run are cheaper than the ‘silo farms' you might see around.
- A standard warehouse grants 9 silos worth of stack and storage at its respective tier. It costs 40% of the resources of 9 silos to build at its tier.
- A large warehouse occupies the space of 16 silos approximately, but offers the bulk and stack of 20 silos at its respective tier. It costs 40% of what it takes to build 16 silos, and offers double the storage power of a standard warehouse.
- A grand warehouse is designed for overly ambitious individuals and guilds to build. This storage behemoth occupies the space of 36 silos, but offers the bulk and stack of 45 T6 silos. It costs 20% as much as the resources listed to build 36 silos at every tier, but offers double the bulk of a T6 large warehouse.
- To avoid devaluing certain structures such as houses and guild houses with their massive stack and bulk power - warehouses generally are only able to hold various kinds of resources and ingredients.
- Large Ice Statue: Adult Dragon has been renamed to Large Ice Statue: Adult Dragon (Facing Left).
- By popular request, there is now a Large Ice Statue: Adult Dragon (Facing Right) that mirrors the original.
- With winter (mostly) over, the ice statues now have versions of themselves made of stone.

Known Issues:

- Some pads were marked to require attunement, but don't have attunement quests or NPCs to offer attunement.
- Kirasanct, Feladan, and Mahagra require attunement.  The plan is to auto-attune existing players level 20 or greater to these locations.
- Parsinia was upgrade by mistake!  Some players own plots there and will be compensated for their loss.  After the upgrade, they may like having the option of choosing a new plot/community!


Patch sur Blight du 19/12/2016 (Delta 293) et Live Patch du 20/12/2016

Ce nouveau patch sur le serveur de test apporte les bases du nouvel événement hivernal à venir, Hours of Frost, qui semble remplacer cette année l'habituel Gnomekindle. Cet événement, teasé sur le forum, recouvre Istaria de neige et apporte des paquets cadeau carnivores (vous n'avez pas été sages cette année) que vous pouvez apprivoiser et se terminera par un grand final orchestré par les GM. Les poisons ont été également encore rééquilibrés.

Edit: Ce patch est passé directement sur les serveurs réguliers le 20/12/2016 pour commencer l'événement.

Hours of Frost

- Istaria has been plunged into a quick and cold winter! All across the land, green land has been blanketed in a cold sheet of snow.
- Mysterious present-shaped mimics have been spotted popping up everywhere in the world, from the Lesser Aradoth to Harro and the edge of the Eastern Deadlands. Some intuitive Gifted have even managed to take them in as pets.
- Superior Antidote now requires a rating of at least 100 to use (instead of level 114).
- Updated the Gem Golem spawns west/northwest of the Tower of Healing Canyons.
- Primal Alacrity, Primal Health, Gift of Velocity, and Primal Restoration now can be used while costumed.
- You must now properly complete The Hidden Dragon: Recovering Knowledge to be able to pick up The Hidden Dragon: Primal Restoration.
- Lethal Poison is now even more lethal.
- Son of Gigaroth's Entangled debuff now gives a Deadly Poison instead of a Lethal.
- Gerix now sells a Sandstone Strength Wing Scale.
- Sheep and cows now have properly capitalized names.
- Ancient Barasavian Charm now refers to Magic Defense instead of MagDefense.
- Aura of the Forgotten now allows you to correctly loot the Faded Souls for their Recovered Memories.
- The quest "Memories of the Forgotten (Part 2)" now correctly asks for 12 memories in the quest step instead of 16.
- Rift Spirit Form now properly allows you to damage mobs in the Rift.
- Rift Spirit Form no longer turns you into a sparkly ghost. Instead, you are now a ghostly version of your own character's design!
- Fixed quest "Farmer Idamon's Chicken Troubles" so that the egg step says "Loot" instead of "Collect"
- "Avenge the Fallen" and "Remnants of the Artifact" and "Pacifying the Angry" quests from the Tower of Healing now all give XP and Coin upon completion and have had various fixes and tweaks.
- Quest "The NRRI needs your help!" is now "The NRDF needs your help!"
- Amulet of Scorpus now properly has 5% chance to trigger the buff Moderate Poison Immunity
- Updated the description and effect of the Pulsing Artifact Fragment tech kit.
- Amulet of Istara tech kit now applies a name modification to the item it is installed into, has a correct description, and applies to the proper statistics/skills.
- Seal of the Clerical Order tech kit is now fixed and given out as part of the "Avenge the Fallen (Part 2)" quest.
- Sshranu has researched his recently discovered potion formula more, and has made a new prototype that he has mailed to all apprentices who have helped him before. (Polymorph Splash Potions have been added, and been given to players who have completed the quest)
- Druid's Growth will, temporarily, only give Lesser Growth until the issues can be resolved.
- Quest "Trials of the Gifted: Test of Knowledge" no longer refers to Jarl and has an updated timeline.
- Lethal Poison now lasts only 5 minutes and does no recurring damage, but after nearly 5 minutes will kill you if not cured.
- Guild: Amon now has an outgoing portal.
- Corrected the terrain near one of the Guild: Amon plots so that the plot boundaries are no longer on the cliffside.
- Blighted Brambles no longer gives a Lethal Poison, but does damage over time directly.