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Patch sur Blight du 16/05/2016 (Delta 285)

Un nouveau patch a été déployé sur Blight. Au programme des ajustements variés avec une petite emphase sur les monstres et équipements épiques:

- Niesa is now a Wraith (instead of zombie)
-  Niesa's Bonds (Part 2) will drop more than one Slave-Bonds during quest.
- Preeminent Acclaim (Tech Kit)  will now properly stun target when using Spells.
- A large assortment of quests accros multiple tiers have had errors in their text fixed. (Thanks to everyone who reported them)
- Slave-Bonds are now stackable.
- The Harbinger epic weapon gives +70 Crossbow skill instead of +70 Bow skill.
- Primal Rage crystal (augmentation) now properly triggers with Spells instead of Melee or Specials (Abilities).
- Lightning Breath debuff is now known as Electrified
- Incorporal Shift is now known as Incorporeal Shift
- Fix terrain at 28500, 31245
- New dragon animation for gathering mushrooms and herbs
- Trikoz Trek now sells the "Inspire Freedom" ability, while Niesa does not.
- Quest "Tame the Cyclone" is once again available to players, this time at level 95. It no longer gives the formula for Dark Cyclone, but instead gives the spell itself. Note: This means the spell cannot be techniqued.  This is a temporary situation.  Speak to Iseru the Nature Keeper for more information. 
- Dark Cyclone has been given a boost to its damage, but has heftier level/skill requirements.
- Shredded Armor now stacks with other armor debuffs.
- Cotton Sack is now correctly tinted
- All sacks can now be dyed with Weapon and Tool Dye Kits
- Volcano spell for biped is now an arcane spell
- Surtheim Fragment's Lesser Flame Burst is no longer an AoE attack
- (Daily) Nature's Bastion Chough (61) and Jackdaw (66) rank quests fixed to properly count the mobs in Western Deadlands
- Shrunken Purple Weaver drop quantity increased from Min 1 / Max 1 to 2.
- Onye Kutima, Cole Tomason, Town Marshall Drugan has moved slightly in Dalimond.


Patch sur Blight du 04/05/2016 (Delta 284)

Un petit patch a été déployé sur Blight. Il s'agit principalement de correctifs:

- Fix Holy Symbols: The Tomb of Moravvis step 5 dialog
- Updated constraints for Niesa’s Fate 1-6. You will now need to have completed the previous quest to acquire new quest.
- Most furniture is now collidable.
- Shift NPC around in Dalimond.


Patch sur Blight du 03/05/2016 (Delta 283)

Un nouveau patch a été appliqué sur le seveur de test, Blight. Celui-ci se focalise principalement sur des ajustements sur les monstres épiques et leurs récompenses et est accompagné comme d'habitude par une multitude de petits correctifs.

- Life Breath now uses stars instead of bubbles
- Falgut's Aura of Enslavement is now wider and properly interrupts ability and item use.
- Falgut will now move, attack and spawn followers.
- Adamantium Golems now properly resists mind damage.
- Drulkar's Wrath, Volcano, Shining Blades, Dark Cyclone and Burning Archer now both recycle every 300 seconds (down from 600).
- Guardian of Rage now has more health
- Valkor the Impaler now has more health
- Fallen Plague-Dragons and Plague-Warriors now have more health
- Son of Gigaroth now has slightly less health
- Son of Gigaroth's followers are now known as the Son's Shield
- Memory of Elial now has more health
- Elial the Mercenary now has more health
- Plague Breath now properly gives "Plague" on hit rather than trying to give itself
- All Combat Ally abilities now has a 100% chance (up from 25%) to give their debuff/buff
- Odd-Shaped Key now has 3 charges.
- Grand Master Dragon Crafter emblem will now check correct requirements.
- Healing Touch now recycles every 180 seconds (down from 300).
- Human Magical Aptitude is now known as Magical Aptitude (both ability and buff).  The ability now recycles every 120 seconds (down from 300) and has a post-delay of 15 (down from 40).
- Strange-Looking key now has 3 charges
- Avatar of Pain is now level 130
- Spider Head Scale, Mika and Undead Mika masks are available from Jacques the Costume Vendor in New Brommel.
- Venomous Breath and Poisoned Arrow now give a new special Deadly Poison that has a duration of 15 seconds (instead of 60).
- Plague Breath is no longer an AoE attack
- Epic: Ally Plaque is now known as Epic Currency: Ally Plaque and counts as a gadget, not a technique.
- Fixed Ally names (they were using the wrong apostrophe): Ish'kuk, Than'kuk, Thel'kuk
- Adjusted the coin values of new Rift formulas on Blagarath
- Quest "Investigate the Abandoned Quarry" now ends before Shasses sends you to Jurixx.  Quest "The Tale of Kiatar" now begins with Shasses and continues with Jurixx.  This creates a better link between the two quests without leaving players "in the dark".
- Quest "The Tale of Kiatar" and “Investigate the Abandoned Quarry” have had their Sslik dialog "sslikified"
- Quest "Plundered Tombs: The Ritual of Eternal Rest" now tracks if you Acquire or Create the Pale Essence Orbs using the new "Branching Quest" feature.
- Expert Damage Crystal formula no longer requires both shining and dim orbs for T5 crystals, only shining.
- Ancient Mummy on Lesser Aradoth now has less health and carries weapons for a Tier1 monster (instead of Tier2).
- Expert Essence Construction Source formula now has correct constraints to skill level.
- Bond-Keeper Blights are now known as Bond-Keeper Adepts
- Reklar's Tail Scale is now known as Reklar Tail Scale of Power and boosts Power/Primal by +150 (up from +100)
- A new epic Tail scale, known as Reklar's Tail Scale of Strength, is available for purchase/creation.
- Corrupted Iron Guard Sergeant rating is now 108-110
- Cedar, Sandstone, Flax, Dim Wisps and Dim Wisp Residue can now be found growing near Aughundell
- A Crystal Shaper has been added to the Island of Fire
- Aura of Health will now stack with other HoTs
- Elainor McGrubben in New Trismus is once again an active Guard, has joined the Warrior school, and has a special Aura for players.
- Fallen Plague-Dragons/warriors are now guaranteed to drop a shard when killed.
- Bitterroot in Spirituous Swamp now only spawns around Tower of Spirit and land in the immediate vicinity.  They will no longer spawn across the entire swamp or underwater.
- Grammar and typo fixes in various seasonal event quests as well as T1.
- Ishenar is no longer confused about his location in Cleric's Quest 2.
- The quest description for Accurate Breath I no longer directs players to the ocean.
- Aura of the Ornate Chest will pulse every 5 seconds (down from 15)
- Cleric's Tower now has a Cauldron, Distillery, and Cooking Table.
- Archbishop Tomas Aqua, Bishop Adan Orlas, Bishop Ronae il'Tor now identify themselves as a member of the Clerical Order
- Added a Cooking Table to Niesa's Prison
- Trigger spot for finding Braekhis' camp in "Kerian's Quest: Learn how to Socket a Chest scale" has been changed to reflect the new directions.
- Directions and Trigger spot have been updated for "Kerian's Quest: Learn how to Technique a Spell".
- Fix for non-visible items and combat animations (like hand wraps)
- Gummy Maggots now use the correct keyword and will conflict with other delay modifying buffs.
- The Enslavers on the island of Draak can now be killed in any order for the Lunus RoP.
- Twelve (12) new wing textures for Dryads.
- Combat Training Dung Pile, in Kion beside Barracks, replaced with 5 Archery Combat Training models/mobs. Health is now triple 12.7k.
- Defender of New Trismus tech kit now correctly states "+ 5 to Dexterity" rather than "* 5"
- Giltekh on the Island of Ice is looking for someone to assist him with a strange letter.


Patch sur Blight du 29/03/2016 (Deltas 281 et 282)

Plusieurs mois se sont écoulés depuis le dernier patch de contenu, les efforts de développement s'étant focalisés sur l’amélioration du client. Une bordée de Deltas a été envoyée sur le serveur de test. Les modifications sont toujours aussi diverses mais semblent néanmoins être plus nombreuses au niveaux des pièces d'équipements et des abilities:

Delta 281:

- Memorial Structure: Dryad, Elven, Human and Saris Cenotaph - some construction keystones and blocks incorrectly required Fitting Mallet tool instead of Masonry Trowel.
- Memorial Structure: Elven Cenotaph will now show up in the plot construction list of buildable structures.
- (Hourly) Fending Off Grulets quest will now correctly show the quest log step to Speak to Rancher Elden.
- Shoulder Red-Rumped Parrot is now available from Purple Cashier in Winter Festival. Thank you Miira !
- Beginner Snowball now lists as a Gadget instead of Spell in formula filters.
- Spells: Stupidity and Scatterbrain will no longer conflict and fail to cast when teched with Spell: Deranged tech)
- Spells: Malady will no longer conflict when teched with Spell: Bane
- Enraged Shining Wisps will now attack properly again.

Delta 281 continued:

- Ul'zilgat Defiler (Fyakki) will no longer show the name of Ul'zilgat Flayer floating above their heads. You will now be able to tell them apart.
- Mental Bane (both quested and crafted versions) now do delay-adjusted damage and no longer gives a timed buff.
- Level restrictions removed from all Winter Festival shoulder pets, except Shoulder Treants. Pre-order Shoulder Parrots also had level restriction removed (incorrectly added on Delta 280 - sorry about that)
- Many new icons, replacing default/generic icons.
- Mahagra Trading Hall, Town Center and Small trainer shop buildings and has been decorated with furniture. Thank you Tilithia !
- Plot guild houses has been decorated with furniture. Thank you Tilithia !
- Half Giant Small Shops in Mahagra has been decorated. Thank you Tillithia !
- Lieutenant Acphlegm no longer uses Human Magical Aptitude ability, but instead Satyr abilities.
- Demon Flurry now has a different default arrow effect than normal bows.
- Trader's Hall in Mahagra now has a Point of Interest region around it.
- Dung Pile Combat Dummy added in Kion beside Militia Barracks. It has 100 Armor and heals itself fully every 1 minute. This is just for testing different weapons damage amounts, etc. You will not gain any experience killing the mob.
- Relstaroth, the Lairshaper trainer, now offers a quest called "Lairshaping Mastery Emblem". When you are 100 Lairshaper and 100 Crystalshaper you will be offered this quest to obtain the Master Lairshaper emblem. This quest is simply just a greet and receive emblem. Previously this emblem was only available from the Aughundell town marshall, requiring Gratitude Tokens to purchase.
- Relstaroth, the Lairshaper trainer, now offers a quest called "Mark of the Grand Master Dragon Crafter". When you are 100 Lairshaper, 100 Crystalshaper and 100 Dragon Crafter you will be offered this quest to obtain the Grand Master Dragon emblem.
- Aughundell Town Marshall no longer sells Expert or Master emblems that are normally free from the Imperial Recognition Officer in Dalimond Tavern. These would be emblems awarded for reaching 100 in crafting schools.
- Expert Dragon Lairshaper emblem can now be obtained from Solistan (free). Just greet him while joined in Lairshaping school.
- Rebalanced the spawns at the Forgotten Camp
- Adjusted the social behavior of the Avatar of Pain and followers.
- Primal Roar's buff is now known as Verity.
- Determined and Verity now have a duration of 1 hour.
- Kerian's Quest: Learn How To Socket A Chest Scale! has been updated with new text and trigger points.
- Blacksmith Quest: Make Short Work of Short Swords will now correctly display and advance quest to next step "Return to Sergeant Gaedin with 5 Bronze Short Swords".
- Point of Interest label typo Braekis changed to Braekhis' Camp
- Point of Interest label typo Nahguk Territory renamed to Nag'huk Territory
- Books decorating the Lair plot structure: Library are no longer upside-down
- Risen Sergeant uses Aegis Skeleton Chaos Warrior instead of Aegis Ghost Chaos Warrior.
- Bristugo and Genevia uses colored ring portals to help quickly determine destination categories.
- Teleporters play sound ambience when approached.
- Animal Hides now count as gathered and organic resources (instead of looted and technique).
- Multiple typos on multiple quests - Thank you all for the reports !
- Dragon's Reach abilities recycle time has been reduced from 1:00 to 0:30.
- Epic boss respawn times reduced to 15-30 minutes (from 60-120)!
- All Stone Flooring 5x15 tiles (except grass) resources now requires 20 Slate Construction Blocks and 35 Sandstone Construction Blocks (was 45/70).
- Grass Stone Flooring tiles: 5x15 resources now requires 20/35 blocks (was 10/15). 10x15 now requires 35/55 blocks (was 15/25).
- A new faction of Blight Anchors, the Fallen of Rachival, has been spotted on the Frontier.
- Dragon adventurers now gain 24 health points per level (up from 20), 8 Strength per level (up from 7) and 8 Power per level (up from 7)
- Brachina Beetle's Acid Spray ability is now known as Acidic Spray, recycles a little faster and does nature damage. 
- Acid Spray's debuff is now known as "Sprayed with Acid" instead of "Sprayed with Beetle Acid", lasts 30 seconds (down from 70) and does nature damage.
- Brachina Beetle (and other Death Beetles) now have a Necrotic Bite and a new version of Hardened Shell
- Journeyman Metal Construction Jointing formula now requires 500 fitting skill to scribe.
- Demon weapons each now have their own icon.
- Anthas root icon was renamed so it displays correctly.
- Water surface on ponds uses a different water shader.
- Spirit of Sigrun has been moved about 100 meters west of his previous location.
- Expert Primal Health formula fixed so it doesn't require Dim essence orbs for T1 Primal Health spell.
- A few sheep have been spotted grazing in the Kenaf fields on Fabric Isle.
- Istarian, Browngill and Roughcap fungus have been found along the sea-side cliffs and road on Fabric Isle.
- Enchanters no longer receive the Salvaging skill.
- Statue at end of Helian's Tomb now should cry, as intended.
- Blighted Armor, Scale, Weapons and Jewelry are rechargeable again.  You will right click Use the item to consume the appropriate Recharge cell.
- Sorcerer's now gain Clarity of Thought at level 59.  Clarity of Thought allows the player to give themselves a 1 hour resistance to stun/mez.
Bloodthorn Bow now has a delay of 3.4 (down from 4.0), boosts the Bow skill by +70 and Dexterity by +80.
- Reklar's Sash of Fury now has a 15% chance (up from 5%) of proc’ing its effect.
- Louisah Traadi now has the <Cleric Trainer> tag.
- Multiple quest typos fixed - too many to list. Thank you all for the support and forum reports.

Delta 282:

- Male deer (bucks with antlers) can now be seen mingling with the deer population.
- Demonbane Spike now does greater damage and has a 10% chance (up from 5%) to proc its dispel.
- Nervous Tick now lowers Focus instead of Strength
- Demonskin Staff now does greater damage, has a slightly higher recycle (45 up from 41) and has a 10% chance to proc both its buff and debuff.
- Demonskin Armor now absorbs 750 damage and includes Ranged attacks as well as melee.
- Vampiric Bats (given from Bloodthorn Staff) now has a 10m AoE range (up from 5m)
- Blood of the Myloc Queen potion now has a 30 second recycle (down from 600) and a 2.50 pre-delay (up from 1.00). The potion now gives a buff known as “The Queen's Blood" that lasts for one hour.  On death it will resurrect the player and give another buff called "The Queen's Strength".  This second buff gives a player a 25% boost to Strength, Power, Focus and Dexterity for 30 seconds as well as recycling all of the player's abilities, spells, and items.
- Bloodthorn Bow now has a 15% chance of giving Blood Drain, a powerful but short life drain.
- Demon's Blood Battle-Axe now causes greater damage and has a 15% chance of causing Laceration to enemies.
- Valkor's Blood Sword now does slightly greater damage and has a lower delay
- Bloodthorn Staff now does greater damage, has a slightly higher recycle (45 up from 41) and has a 10% (up from 5%) chance to proc Vampiric Bats.
- Demon's Fist Maul now does greater damage, has a 10% chance of proc'ing Thundering Strike.
- Thundering Strike now has a 15% chance (down from 100%) of stunning the target on attack.
- Quest "The Forest Skulk Menace III" will no longer delete itself if you die before completing it.
- Demonogii now does greater damage and boosts 2-Handed Slash by +100 in addition to Dexterity.
- Chaos Chakram now has a 25 delay (down from 31), boosts Dexterity by +150, and 1-H Slash by +100 (up from 30).
- Cudgel of Power now boosts 1-H Crush by +100 (up from +30), Power by +150 (up from +!00), does greater damage and has a 10% chance (up from 5%) to proc its debuff.
- Mace of Divine Intervention now does greater damage.
- Delgarath Anchor no longer counts as a Greater Epic anchor.
- Human Medium Store will properly spawn consigner and pawnbroker when built.
- Gruk the Frigid is now a member of the Winter's Curse faction, is larger, and has new followers.
- Hero's Resolve now works with spells.
- Lesser and Greater Epic bosses will no longer spawn with a range of levels. They will always spawn at their highest (some are even higher). - Some have also gotten substantial health boosts.
- Shaloth the Queen has empowered her colony with greater health and power.
- Reklar's Terrifying Roar now does actual mind damage instead of crush.
- Fafnir's Scorch does significantly more damage.
- Reklar's Plague Breath debuff is now known as Plague and does significantly more damage.
- Surtheim is now surrounded by a Greater Aura of Flame and has followers.
- Rift Guardians will now ignore player rating and will drop specific Essence on death.
- Blagarath in Dralk now sells a Crystalshaper ability, Inspire Void, and two formulas (Rift Crystal Shard, and Rift Crystals) that may interest Crystalshapers.
- Valkor's Bats will do more damage than before.
- Guardians of Heart, Mind, Blood, Bone and Rage now count as Lesser Epic Bosses.
- Dim Essence Residue will spawn on New Trismus
- Two new lair murals: Comrades in Arms, Familial Bonds
- Vargas the Bold, Epic Vendor, is now selling a weapon known as The Harbinger (Crossbowmen should be particularly interested in this new weapon!)
- 2 new decals for dragons (spots on body and wing) on character creation screen.
- The Riddle Solver emblem renamed to Title: The Riddle Solver so that it will properly filter under 'Titles' in Abilities on character sheet.
- A new enemy, known as Falgut the Slaver, has been spotted near a tower in the Eastern Deadlands.  (NOTE: The quest series where you learn more about Falgut will be added in the next patch).
- Gian Hawkwood, Mercenary of the White Company, is brokering the services of numerous allies (formerly combat pets) for the Gifted.


12ème anniversaire: Live Patch du 21/12/2015

La Delta 280 a été portée sur les serveurs réguliers. Une version mise à jour du client est également disponible. Voici les détails:



- New Pets, usable in combat, are available: SpellaBot, CombataBot, and MediBot. Speak with Anarie in Bristugo for more information.
- New Travel Scrolls are available for sale from Vargas the Bold!
- Return of the Winter Festival!

Combat Pets

New pets, usable in combat, are available for purchase from Anarie the Loyalty Token Vendor in Bristugo.  These combat pets do not provide storage like their non-combat cousins, but they do provide a passive bonus while equipped as well as an active bonus when you right-click use them (Tip: You can create a hotkey (Right click, Action = Use) for quick use!).  This active action requires a new looted item called an "Automata Power Cell" that is consumed on use.  Power Cells drop from special Tier5 monsters of "Gnomian" origin.

SpellaBot v1.0
- Bonus while equipped: +20 Focus, +20 Power
- Bonus on Use: 5% Outgoing spell damage

CombataBot v1.0
- Bonus while equipped: +20 Strength, +20 Dexterity
- Bonus on Use: 5% Outgoing melee damage

MediBot v1.0
- Bonus while equipped: +100 Health
- Bonus on Use: 5% Heal Over Time

Winter Festival

Shoulder Pets

Old & New Shoulder pets added back to Winter Festival. They can be purchased from the Cashiers in New Koraelia.   Sorry, these only works with bipeds due to the lack of the models for these already existing textures.

- Green Gummy Maggot Shoulder Pet (T1 - Req any Adventurer Level 1)
- Red Gummy Maggot Shoulder Pet (T1 - Req any Adventurer Level 1)
- Green Gummy Spider Shoulder Pet (T1 - Req any Adventurer Level 1)
- Red Gummy Spider Shoulder Pet (T1 - Req any Adventurer Level 1)
- Shoulder Jungle Spider (green/stripes) (T2 - Req any Adventurer Level 20)
- Shoulder Purple Spider (purple/stripes) (T2 - Req any Adventurer Level 20)
- Shoulder Aegror (T3 - Req any Adventurer Level 40)
- Shoulder Robot (Ogre head) (T3 - Req any Adventurer Level 40)
- Shoulder Bessie (Cow - blue wizard hat) (T4 - Req any Adventurer Level 60)
- Shoulder Longhorn (Dark Cow - green hat) (T4 - Req any Adventurer Level 60)
- Shoulder Parrot (T4 - Req any Adventurer Level 60)
- Shoulder Moothuselah (Cow purple wizard hat) (T5 - Req Adventurer Level 80)
- Shoulder MooBaasa (Sheep blue wizard hat) (T5 - Req Adventurer Level 80)

Christmas Stockings

Stockings, which unfortunately are not techable, have been given a higher capacity increase bonus:
- Very Small Stocking (T1): +150 to +200
- Small Stocking (T2): +250 to +300
- Medium Stocking (T3): +350 to +400
- Large Stocking (T4): +450 to +500
- Very Large Stocking (T5): +550 to +600


- Snowball formula added back to Winter Festival. They now have a chance to be created/dropped when you open Christmas Presents (all colors), from cashiers of the Winter Festival event, in New Koraelia.
- Christmas presents purchased from Cashiers on New Koraelia Isle now have a chance to create new items -  Red and White Wine bottles (on consumption produces red or green glowing effects). You can drink both red and white wine to "mix" the effects.  Also has a chance to drop a ‘collectible' bottle called "A bottle of Dwarven Brandy".

Travel Scrolls

Vargas the Bold now sells (3) Epic Travel Scroll boxes. Each box contains multiple scrolls (one of each) to various locations and costs 1 Epic token per box.
- Box 1 - Towers of Sorcery, Healing, Clerics, Mages, Wizards, and Spirits
- Box 2 - Draak, Myloc Colony (within Dralnok's Doom), Council Chamber, and the Dusk Tower (in the Barrier Vale)
- Box 3 - Satyr Islands of Alged, Corvus, Dahibi and Elnath


- Fangs of Fury crystal will now correctly affect recycle delay on attack abilities.
- Primal Rage crystal now correctly shows 5% chance in tooltip (the crystal wasn't broke, just didn't display the tooltip correctly).
- Lessen Focus and Lessen Power spells require Blight skill to scribe, instead of Mind skill.
- The Wolf's Bane crystal has been adjusted from 5% chance to 25% chance to proc when using Special Attacks (ability attacks).  Description updated to make it more clear that this only activates while using special attacks, not normal melee attacks.
- Constraint keywords fixed on Calimir's Hide Grip. Completed quests, required for you to use the tech kit, were backwards (Rangers and Non-Ranger version). You will now be able to apply the tech kit to a weapon when you have the appropriate quest completed.
- Crippled effects (I-VII) for Gold Rage (I-VII) had the min and max Primal Resistance values reversed and are now corrected.
- Shield Tech Kit: Crest of the Blackhammer now only allows one kit per shield.
- Switched the effects for Dragon's Reach IX and X so that X has the unique effect.
- Spell Tech Kit: Mental Bane (reward from Myloc Colony Part 2) can now be applied to spells correctly (errors about missing components)
- Fixed the constraints on Armor and Scale Tech Kit: Ethereal Essence Salve so that you can apply it to scales without error.
- Satyr Freedom, a racial ability for Satyr, has been changed from a passive to an active ability with a duration of 30 minutes and a recycle of 5 seconds. This change was necessary to fix a bug that caused the root immunity to not work correctly.
- Player-made damage and resistance crystals; effects can now be right clicked - removed from player buff window. You no longer need to re-log when you want to remove the buff  (no longer requires you to wait for timer to expire).


- Master Fabric Backpack Pouch formula, which allows you to create Steelsilk Backpack Pouch (uncolored), is now for sale by Bragha, the Outfitter trainer in Aughundell.
- Techniques Craft: Scalecraft and Craft: Dragon Crafter's boons are no longer stackable (will not allow a dragon scale to be created with both techs any more).
- Ish'kuk Warrior Club Splinter renamed to Ish'kuk Warrior's Club Splinter.
- Ish'kuk Warrior Jawbone renamed to Ish'kuk Warrior's Jawbone.
- Silver Whistle and Elm Reed formula price reduced by 17% at Chiconis/Dalimond Town Marshalls.
- Epic Spell Technique: Mental Bane now requires Spellcraft skill instead of Alchemy. However, some of the required components will still require Alchemy to craft.
- Golem Hearts of Peridot is now singular. Golem Heart of Peridot


- 10 New Dragon Plate/Skin colors and 3 new Decal colors are available in Character Creation (Thank you Racktor)
- Many new icons to replace some items that used default/generic icons (Thank you Racktor)
- Halloween costume effects can now be Right Clicked/removed (no longer requires you to wait for timer to expire).


- Crystallized Golem now respawns every 10-20 minutes instead of every 2-3 minutes.
- You can now use Ingenuity or Intuition to harvest venom from Scorpions and Spiders.
- Defiled Primalists have had their missing head and wings reapplied to the mob and will now appear correctly.
- Chompa, the named Greater Ulmus beetle now only spawns in one location, instead of three possible locations.
- Corrupted Voidsingers/Voidcasters, spawned from some Anchors (except Delgarath) will no longer spawn Void Horrors or incorrectly spawn additional spawns on their own. This should eliminate the possibility of more than 15 mobs at any given time.
- Trandalaran Corsair will properly spawn in the Level 47-49 range.
- Trandalaran Scourge will properly spawn in the Level 43-45 range.
- Pucky, a named Palesnout no longer spawns is obsolete.
- Harruf, a named Palesnout will no longer spawn south of Mahagra. He will continue to spawn on Trandalar.
- Slag, a named Slate golem no longer spawns on Scorpion Island. He will continue to spawn near Slate Crest.
- Jalice (Named Jasper Golem), Phryx (Named Aquamarine Golem) and Dramentus (Named Citrine Golem) will now each have two possible spawn locations each, within the canyon that surrounds Tower of Healing. Previously they could've spawned in an excessive amount of possible spawn points.
- Monsoon, a named Wind Elemental is now properly surrounded by stormy weather, just like Furhage.
- Dire Wolf and Alpha Dire Wolf no longer have Dire Wolf Hide in their loot tables. These are still resources you acquire from a dead mob with tanning blade.
- Both wolves will have improved drop rates on Components due to the removal of hide.
- Dire Wolf will have improved drop rate on Trophies due to removal of hide.
- Toxic Bonespur level has been adjusted to level 82-85 and has a new level 81-86 Trophy: Toxic Bonespur Leg. 
- Toxic Bonespur no longer drops Hunter Scorpion Claw.  However, since the claw is required for Ranger: Envenomed Arrow III the higher level Bonespur and Hunter Scorpions will continue to drop it.
- Dung piles in Doom now spawn a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 maggots at a time. The maggots will no longer aggro the dung pile nor other maggots when you attack. Attacking the dung pile will still aggro them all.


- Yew Construction Braces, when applied to a community building (Ore Refinery (Tier 5)) now correctly shows appropriate values, instead of zeros. You'll also gain crafting experience when applying this material (if you meet requirements).
- Memorial Structure: Dryad, Elven, Human and Saris Cenotaph - some construction keystones and blocks incorrectly required Fitting Mallet tool instead of Masonry Trowel.
- Memorial Structure: Elven Cenotaph will now show up in the plot construction list of buildable structures.
- New Banner: Vandus Heraldry can be added to plots.
- Red, Violet, White and Yellow Bromeliad flowers can be added to plots. Seeds can be purchased from Ssaulios in New Brommel
- Single Tulips (Red, Pink, Black) no longer use the incorrect model of the Potted Tulips. Yellow single tulips were showing correct model (sticking out of ground). There are still the Potted Tulips available.
- Prices of all Flower seeds/bulbs from Ssaulios, are now reduced 50% or higher. Bag of seeds/bulbs are now 100s (was 250s), single seed/bulbs are now 50s (was 100s).
- All tiers of Mill Shop has same storage as the larger shops with two machines, since they use the same amount of materials to build.
- Three (3) Expert Construction Resources formulas, T5, incorrectly set optimal for 1175, whereas the Master Construction formulas were set correctly to 1200 optimal.  These three Expert formulas have been updated so that optimal of Tier 5 resource is now 1200 instead of 1175:
*Expert Essence Construction Source
*Expert Stone Construction Keystones
*Expert Wood Construction Braces


- Quest: Earn Title: Antidote Expert - typo in quest log "Antidote Maker" to "Antidote Expert".
- Fixed typos in quest Rare Foods: Snap Dragon
- Typos fixed in quest Spring Festival Riddle: The Blacksmith and the Emperor.
- Quest: Go Bag Giant Loricatus Beetles are now delivered to the same NPC's that give quest (Dalimond/Chiconis) trophy hunter, instead of Kion/Sslanis trophy hunter.
- Quest: ARoP03 - Scale of Ancients - Speak to Vladtmordt: Should you accidentally delete this quest, you will now be able to speak to Vladtmordt and reaquire the quest (instead of contacting support). Quest is automatically given towards end of ARoP02, the previous quest.
- Primal Mastery IX: Trophies of the Isles - Text updated to no longer refer to Gnawer being on Island of Ice.
- New Quest: Go Bag 5 Toxic Bonespur Legs from Trophy Hunter (Level 81-86) Drannor, in Aughundell.
- New Quest: Town Marshall: Toxic Bonespur Infestation from Town Marshall (Level 81-86) Daggle, in Aughundell.
- Quest: Jemmei's Nemesis will now make sure you have the Perfect Rose Quartz when completing quest. This will prevent the series from getting broke (requiring support ticket) when you are to bring the item to Gangaf in Dalimond.
- Quest: Imperial Army:  Protect Harro From A New Menace gives more details about which battle orders are needed from the Blight Hounds.
- Quest: Hardened Scales V - Descriptions updated to say north west of Heather, instead of Duskhold.
Dragon's Gift III and IV quest text fixed so that it no longer makes any reference to Frostbite.


- Distillery added in New Trismus town, needed by Outfitter quests.
- Blighted Cedar can now be found within the Sslanis Basin
- Jirakis Community Stoneworking Shelter added near Obsidian outside of Dralk.
- Blighted Ironsilk now spawns near Dwarven Barrows Clothworking Center.
- Maple trees and Bright residue now spawns near the Falathien Logging Camp / Essence Circle.
- Very small amounts of Radiant essence residue now can spawn with the wisps, near the T6 Eastern Deadlands Essence Circle.
- Abundant Kenaf resources no longer have the word blighted in description
- Consigner Sign added to signpost by Milicent in Kion
- Armorer Sign added to signpost by Armorer Trainer in Sslanis
- Trask, the Cleric trainer in Sslanis now has the <Cleric Trainer> tag.
- Ssarle, Fletcher trainer in Sslanis is no longer sunk in the floor.
- Raine, Miner trainer in Parsinia is no longer sunk in floor.
- Ssanithor, the Armorer trainer in Sslanis has moved one building next door to the old Mason Trainer building. Mason trainer sign changed to Armorer sign on signpost.
- Stone Cutter in old Mason Trainer building has been moved to main building, beside the Stone Pedestal (near Scholar trainer). Stone Pedestal deleted from old Mason trainer building.
- Pottery Kiln, sitting on the grass out in open, behind the Enchanter Trainer building, in Sslanis has been deleted. There is a kiln in the main building that can be used.
- Signs added to Gatherer/Miner trainer building, in Parsinia.
- Steward Pratt McGrubben, in New Trismus, now has the <Town Marshall> tag.
- Vault sign added outside of Sslanis vault.
- Beccan Tandis now has <Cleric Trainer> tag.
- Battlemage sign added with Guardian trainer sign in Dalimond
- Scholar/Spellcrafter signs add to Dalimond Library.
- Spearman sign added to Dalimond Barracks
- Battlemage sign removed from Academy of Magic in Dalimond
- Pawnbroker sign added to Vault/Tavernkeeper sign in Dalimond.
- Tinkerer sign added to Aughundell trainer.
- Gatherer/Tailor/Scholar/Mage signs added Aughundell
- Signs added for Armorer, Weaponsmith, Fitter/Miner - Mahagra
- Distillery hidden outside Mahagra crafting building, moved inside.
- Signs added for Berserker, Crossbowman and Ice Disciple - Mahagra
- Tavernkeeper sign added in Aughundell
- Quartermaster signs added to all cities (except Feladan) with a QM . Uses a Library (scroll) icon.
- Nocas Fizzlebot now has the <Tinkerer Trainer> tag. Tinkerer sign added outside of building.
- Consigner sign replaced with Jeweler, New Rachival
- Fitter Trainer sign added, new Rachival
- Dezwar now has <Town Marshall> tag, instead of <New Rachival Town Marshall> tag.
- Kamila now has <Cleric Trainer> tag.
- Adventurer/Crafting trainer schools signs in Kirasanct

Client Features

- New player content commands for community submitted world building and layout (such as furniture or other world attachments): /SetSscale, /purgeTex, /purgeSectors, /loadModel, /printpos (shows local and world rotation)
/loadModel command updated so that an entity file can be specified - this allows shadows, etc. to be defined in the ent file and viewed locally without having to define the entity in the game database
- Allow custom AFK message by using command: /setpref afkMessage "Custom AFK Message"
- If a vendor doesn't buy something, state what they do buy (or item types - keywords) they trade in
- Added Browse Loot and Loot All keybindings
- Added an icon view to the following windows / tabs: Spells, formulas, techniques, schools, abilities, and skills
- New poplar tree model for future content
- Added inventory filters to search / sort items in inventory
- Added knowledge window search features
- Added view buttons in character creation so players can see what the Adult and Ancient dragons will look like (after completing the Right of Passage quests)
- Optimizations for visibility culling to improve performance / avoid crashes with bad visibility models
- Lots of new idle actions in towns, such as Kion, New Trismus and more
- Istara statue in Dalimond now has an actual texture

Client Fixes

- UI fix for right click on a corpse -> Loot All and not receiving quest / bonus loot
- When issuing /lootall, completed the loot and closes any open loot windows
- Various crash fixes
- Sound fix for teleport sound not playing when recalling
- UI Fix for items counts on consignors
- Texture Fix for Dragon eyeball UV slightly off
- Fix for Greater and Lesser Water Elemental Droplet
- UI fix for resources in pet not being tallied during plot construction
- Asset fixes for dragon ascension so visual effects display correctly
- UI fix for screen turning black while dying and character is morphed (such as a wisp)
- Turn NPC to face player when Trade is initiate
- Correct plot paving tiles (Decorative, Fishbone, Grey Slate) 10x15, 10x20, 20x40, 5x10, 5x15 so they have proper dimensions on plots.
- Spring Plants are no longer invisible while under construction/planning mode.
- NPC Chat Window size adjustment for quest dialogue
- Fix for school signs not showing a description in the window (was showing <Missing>)
- Font subsystem stability fixes to resolve crashes
- Fix for crashes on very high resolution desktops (higher than 1920x1080)
- Idle action NPC movement on structures fixed
- Fix for custom colors in chat
- Crash fix for DEF loading in high load situations.