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Patch sur Blight du 13/12/2017 (Delta 301.1)

Un nouveau patch sur le serveur de test a été déployé. Il fait surtout la part belle aux correctifs et ajustements, mais on note néanmoins quelques ajouts comme des cristaux pour des bonus en Parry et Block (les moyens d'améliorer ces statistiques sont plutôt limités à la base) et du nouveau contenu à la Tower of Healing.

- Wooden Training Post Dummies (beside Kion Militia Barracks) has new flavors to test various scenarios. 
*There are now 3 new Wooden Training Posts (Wooden Training Post (elemental), Wooden Training Post (animal) and Wooden Training Post (Undead). These new posts will simulate attacking an animal, elemental or undead target. This will let you test techs/augmentations that only apply to a certain type.
- Sun Moon Head Scale Tech Kit will now properly consume itself and apply upon using
- Prime Bolt and Improved Prime Bolt have an arcing flight path.
- New Cloudy Crystals of Parry and Block can be found on the loot tables
- New Defense tech kits of Evasion, Magic Evasion and Dodge can be found on the loot tables.
- Lore Quest "Ganesh's Journal" added to Quintin in Feladan
- Effect Encouraged and Fear (from Inspired crystalshaper Abilities) will now properly modify delay and recycle
- Added player plot decoration Tree, autumn swampy
- The Clerical Order has opened its ranks to Gifted players who are interested in climbing the ranks of the Order.  Visit Abbin the Registrar at the Tower of Healing.  Clerical Tokens are earned for completing quests from members of the Order around the Tower.
- Various bugs fixed and small changes on Skalkaar:
*Balenarie now properly speaks to you all the time.
*Bipeds can no longer pick up Viseria's beetle quest.
*Viseria's beetle quest can no longer be repeated.
*Viseraia's beetle quest now properly asks for 5 beetles instead of 1.
*Malimer is now properly denoted as an apprentice rather than an assistant.
*Various name changes: Droegan is now Dgaron, Rhagael is now Rahaegl, Daeneyr is now Desynaer, and Baleniar is now Balenarie.
- Blighted Sandstone and Glass Nodules no longer spawn near the Great Battle
- All Trinket Baubles can be manually right clicked, removed by players.
- Dispirit's delay adjustment now properly only affects melee abilities and attacks.
- Ryson no longer refers to the time since the detonation of the artifact and his death in specific years, but merely says "more than twenty years"
- Updated the names of some of the Dragon machines:
*Scholar's Desk is now Spell Forge
*Gem Cutting Bench is now Gem Shaper
*Stoneworking Pedestal is now Stone Shaper
- Added daily quests to Dekhail the Scout: "Carapace Hunt", "Sapphire Hide Hunt" and "Flaming Tongue Hunt"
- Flesh VIndicators are now Saris Mummies instead of Human
- Emir Bar'Akath is now scaled to 1.5x


Patch sur Blight du 28/03/2017 (Delta 296)

Un nouveau patch a été publié rapidement sur le serveur de test, Blight. Il contient essentiellement des correctifs:

- Teleport Pads and Gates that previously allowed access to the "Settlements and Shepherd's Island" group will once again allow access.
- Reworked the cost of portals and pads across Istaria.
- Dragons have one new marking pattern.
- All new items introduced in the Scourge of Akkinelos and The Cult of Telak questlines now have proper icons.

Bug Fixes
- You now have to properly defeat 12 Renegade Technomancers in the quest "The Renegades".
- The Cult of Telak (Part 5) now needs you to complete The Cult of Telak (Part 4) instead of Tools of the Renegades.
- Fixed broken chat link in The Cult of Telak (Part 1) when speaking with Lem Berenick.
- Fixed typo in The Cult of Telak (Part 1). (Lem Berenick -> Lem Berenrick)
- Male Dominated Cultists now have a face.
- Both Captived Cultists and Dominated Cultists correctly count for The Cult of Telak (Part 1).
- The Cult of Telak (Part 2) now correctly asks for 10 Books of Telak instead of 1.
- In The Cult of Telak (Part 2), Hubert Hufflebing now properly responds to being greeted instead of Lem.
- The Cult of Telak (Part 5) now has an accessible triggerpoint.
- The Key to New Rachival now properly gives the New Rachival's Blessing buff.
- Phylactory of the Afflicted now properly drops from Afflicted Priests during The Scourge of Akkinelos (Part 2).
- The Scourge of Akkinelos (Part 3) has been corrected to properly function. Previously it auto-completed and offered no dialogue upon receipt.
- The Scourge of Akkinelos (Part 4)'s steps have been corrected to appear in the quest log.
- Istara's Brew now consumes itself properly instead of trying to eat an Antidote.
- New Rachival Defenders should now have bodies on everyone's screens.
- Fix for fiend small house to show attachments (attach_specific_fiend_frostwatch.def)


Patch sur Blight du 04/05/2016 (Delta 284)

Un petit patch a été déployé sur Blight. Il s'agit principalement de correctifs:

- Fix Holy Symbols: The Tomb of Moravvis step 5 dialog
- Updated constraints for Niesa’s Fate 1-6. You will now need to have completed the previous quest to acquire new quest.
- Most furniture is now collidable.
- Shift NPC around in Dalimond.


Patch sur Blight du 05/10/2015 (Delta 279) et Live du 27/10/2015

Ce nouveau patch sur Blight s'inscrit dans la continuité des précédents, à savoir des correctifs et ajustements multiples sans fil conducteur particulier.

Edit: ce patch a été porté sur les Live Shards le 27/10/2015

- Distillery added in New Trismus town 45985 14678, needed by Outfitter quests.
- Master Fabric Backpack Pouch formula has been created. This will allow you to create Steelsilk Backpack Pouch (uncolored). The formula can be purchased from Bragha, the Outfitter trainer in Aughundell.
- Techniques Craft: Scalecraft and Craft: Dragon Crafter's boons are no longer stackable (will not allow a dragon scale to be created with both techs any more).
- Crystallized Golem now respawns every 10-20 minutes instead of every 2-3 minutes.
- Ish'kuk Warrior Club Splinter renamed to Ish'kuk Warrior's Club Splinter. Ish'kuk Warrior Jawbone renamed to Ish'kuk Warrior's Jawbone.
- Quest: Earn Title: Antidote Expert - typo in quest log "Antidote Maker" to "Antidote Expert".
- Fangs of Fury crystal will now correctly affect recycle delay on attack abilities.
- Primal Rage crystal now correctly shows 5% chance in tooltip (the crystal wasn’t broke, just didn’t display the tooltip correctly).
- Small patch of Blighted Cedar trees added in Sslanis Basin, 203/221 area.
- Fixed typos in quest Rare Foods: Snap Dragon.
- Jirakis Community Stoneworking Shelter added 226/283, near Obsidian outside of Dralk.
- Silver Whistle and Elm Reed formula price changed from 300c to 250c at Chiconis/Dalimond Town Marshalls.
- Blighted Ironsilk now spawns near Dwarven Barrows Clothworking Center.
- Typos fixed in quest Spring Festival Riddle: The Blacksmith and the Emperor.
- Scorpions and Spiders can now use Ingenuity to harvest venom in addition to Intuition skill.
- Vargas the Bold now sells (3) Epic Travel Scroll boxes. Each box contains multiple scrolls (one of each) to various locations and costs 1 Epic token per box.
Box 1:
*Tower of Sorcery
*Tower of Healing
*Tower of Clerics
*Tower of Mages
*Tower of Wizard
*Tower of Spirits

Box 2:
*Myloc Colony (Dralknok’s Doom)
*Council Chamber
*Dusk Tower (Eastern Deadlands/Barrier Vale)

Box 3:
*Satyr Islands: Alged
*Satyr Islands: Corvus
*Satyr Islands: Dahibi
*Satyr Islands: Elnath
- Quest: Go Bag Giant Loricatus Beetles are now turned in to the same NPC's that give quest (Dalimond/Chiconis) trophy hunter, instead of Kion/Sslanis trophy hunter.
- Lessen Focus and Lessen Power spells require Blight skill to scribe, instead of Mind skill.
- Maple trees and Bright residue now spawns near the Falathien Logging Camp / Essence Circle.
- Quest: ARoP03 - Scale of Ancients - Speak to Vladtmordt: Should you accidentally delete this quest, you will now be able to speak to Vladtmordt and re-aquire the quest (instead of contacting support). Quest is automatically given towards end of ARoP02, the previous quest.
- Yew Construction Braces, when applied to a community building (Ore Refinery (Tier 5)) now correctly shows appropriate values, instead of zeros. You'll also gain crafting experience when applying this material (if you meet requirements).
- Defiled Primalist (Blight Anchor's Ghost Dragons) has missing head and wings re-applied to the mob, they will now appear correctly.
- Christmas presents from Cashiers on New Koraelia Isle now has a chance to create new items -  Red and White Wine bottles (Consuming produces red or green glowing effects). You can drink both red and white wine to "mix" the effects.  Also has a chance to drop a 'collectible' bottle called "A bottle of Dwarven Brandy".
- Chompa, the named Greater Ulmus beetle now only spawns in one location, instead of three possible locations.
- Very small amounts of Radiant essence residue now can spawn with the wisps, near the T6 Eastern Deadlands Essence Circle.
- The Wolf's Bane crystal has been adjusted from 5% chance to 25% chance to proc, when using Special Attacks (ability attacks).  Description updated to make it more clear that this only activates while using special attacks, not normal melee attacks.
- Constraint keywords fixed on Calimir's Hide Grip. Completed quests, required for you to use the tech kit, were backwards (Rangers and Non-Ranger version). You will now be able to apply the tech kit to a weapon when you have the appropriate quest completed.
- Crippled effects (I-VII) for Gold Rage (I-VII) has the min and max Primal Resistance values corrected and no longer reversed.
- Primal Mastery IX: Trophies of the Isles - Text updated to no longer refer to Gnawer being on Island of Ice.
- Epic Spell Technique: Mental Bane now requires Spellcraft skill instead of Alchemy. However, some of the required components will still require Alchemy to craft.
- Lesser and Greater (not Delgarath) Anchors: Corrupted Voidsinger/Voidcaster will no longer spawn Void Horrors nor incorrectly spawn additional spawns on their own. This should eliminate the possibility of more than 15 mobs at any given time.


Patch sur Blight du 01/09/2015 (Delta 278) et Live patch du 15/09/2015

La série de correctifs et ajustements continue et concerne cette fois ci de nombreuses quêtes et des aspects de l'artisanat. En voici la liste:

Spirit Isle Quests:

- Gravus' Scholar Quest III will now properly give crafting experience, instead of adventurer experience. Scholar quests are no longer repeatable.
- Gravus' Outfitter quests are no longer repeatable.
- Gravus' Blacksmith quests are no longer repeatable. Gravus Blacksmith IV now also gives coin award.
- Typos with Ryson Stormbringer dialogue
- Typos fixed in Cellardus’ greet dialogue. Quests dialogue errors/typos: Mage Part II, Mage Part III

Town Marshall Quests:

- Town Marshall: Wolfman - Snowback Wolf Alpha and Icefang now counts towards quest.
- Town Marshall: Ice Breakers - Shiktin now counts towards quest
- Town Marshall: Treant Torment - Description now properly says west instead of south of Feladan to Maple Treants..
- Town Marshall: Seeing Changes in the Fire - Description now refers to Flame Beetle instead of Pyrios
- Town Marshall: Arbotus Annihilation - Description tells you to return to Saenethra (correct NPC), instead of Fohadon.
- Town Marshall: Big Problems - Updated feedback message from “Some” to “You have killed enough Bitter Pickel. Return to Fohadon, the Mahagra Town Marshall”. This message appears after you kill 20 Bitter Pickel.
- Town Marshall: Help for the Fallen: Added a reference to “Undead” to avoid confusion of the mobs required.
- Town Marshall: The Forest Full of Gruoks: Updated quest text to look near Sable Shores and South of Bristugo.
- Town Marshall:Threat Level Rising - Added space between : and Threat

Dragon Mastery Quests:

- Quarrying Mastery VIII:Craft 75 Obsidian Bricks - Added space between : and Craft 75
- The following IX (Level 90 or 95) quests no longer requires you to be an Ancient dragon to acquire the quest:
*Drain Strike IX
*Dragon's Reach IX
*Hardened Scales IX
*Primal Instant Heal IX
*Spiked Scales IX

Trophy Hunter Quests:

- Go Bag 5 Mettle of Mithril Boulder Golems has been renamed to Go Bag 5 Mithril Boulder Golem Mettle
- Go Bag 5 Mettle of Mithril Golems has been renamed to Go Bag 5 Mithril Golem Mettle
- Go Bag 5 Scions Of Massive Elm has been renamed to Go Bag 5 Scions of Massive Elm
- Go Bag 5 Scions Of Massive Oak has been renamed to Go Bag 5 Scions of Massive Oak
- Go Bag 5 Scions Of Sapling Elm has been renamed to Go Bag 5 Scions of Sapling Elm
- Go Bag 5 Scions Of Sapling Oak has been renamed to Go Bag 5 Scions of Sapling Oak
- Go Bag 5 Golem Heart of Travertine has been renamed to Go Bag 5 Golem Hearts of Travertine
- Go Bag 5 Blight Crab Claw has been renamed to Go Bag 5 Blight Crab Claws
- Go Bag 5 Blood Skulk Pendant has been renamed to Go Bag 5 Blood Skulk Pendants
- Go Bag 5 Bloodfly Thorax has been renamed to Go Bag 5 Bloodfly Thoraxes
- Go Bag 5 Nah'guk Beatstick has been renamed to Go Bag 5 Nah'guk Beatsticks
- Go Bag 5 Shadow Tarantula Thorax has been renamed to Go Bag 5 Shadow Tarantula Thoraxes
- New Quest: Go Bag 5 Adamantium Golem Mettle can now be turned into Scout Burris (Imperial Outpost) for 1 Imperial Rank Token
- New Quest: Go Bag 5 Blight Crab Claws can now be turned into Scout Burris (Imperial Outpost) for 1 Imperial Rank Token

Misc Quests:

- Jolly Old Nicholas: Destination Aughundell - Fixed typo on quest name for Aughendell instead of Aughundell.


- Silver Whistle and  Elm Reed formulas are now acquirable again, from Dalimond or Chiconis Town Marshalls.
- Silver Whistles require 250 Tinkering skill to create. They give +36 Attack Skill (chance to hit)  towards Animals for 15:00. Whistles have no race/level requirements.
- Elm Reeds require 330 Fletching skill to create. Elm Reeds recharge the Silver Whistle (holds 20 charges).
- Each formula is priced at 250c/25 Tokens of Gratitude each, 500c/50 Tokens of Gratitude for the set).
- Cobalt/Platinum near Last Stand is no longer linked to another region across the world. Resources will now respawn correctly while mining this area.
- Silk in the area of 269/262, 255/264, 247/258, 269/239 are no longer linked to each other. Note, these areas might have multiple regions beside each other, those have not been unlinked. Locations that were spread across the world is what has been unlinked. Resources will now respawn correctly while gathering from the respective areas.
- Silk, that was mixed in near the New Rachival Clothworking Center (T3) 246/259, has been replaced with Cotton. Silk no longer spawns in this T3 area. However, Abundant and Bountiful cotton nodes now have a chance to spawn in this area.
- Cotton no longer spawns near South Gate or Harton Valley.
- Abundant plants (flax, cotton, silk, etc) description no longer incorrectly refers to motherlode. Bountiful plants are motherlode!
- Deer now spawns near Desert Shore Tannery 234/234
- Tool Tech Kit: Fishing Master can now be purchased from Daggle, Town Marshall of Aughundell. As usual, you need to have completed the quest first before it can be used.
- Craft: Fishing V technique can once again be purchased from Aughundell Quartermaster: Grendan Stonemeld. Tier I-IV remains the same; obtained by quests from Bammas, in Kion.
- Cluster of Ferns has been changed from a max of 10 to 20 per plot.
- Valley of Tears Clothworking Center (T4) has been replaced with Valley of Tears Essence Circle (T4)  268/267.
- New/Added: Last Stand Clothworking Center (T4) at 268/260.
- Frostwatch Clothworking Center (T4) has been replaced with Frostwatch Gem Cutting Shack (T4) 235/275
- Armor and Scale Tech Kit: Defender of New Trismus can now be purchased from Steward Pratt, Town Marshall of New Trismus. The price will be more expensive than most of Pratt’s wares because it has Ethereal Armor protection. It’s rewarded from a Tier I quest, but will be priced as higher tiered items.
- Gift of Health V now allows you to add Life Range techs.
- Enraged/Weakened/Enriched/Regular Glowing Wisps and residue now spawns within the Oak trees near South Gate 262/239.
- Craft: Dragon Crafter's Benefit, Benevolence, Blessing, Bounty techniques will now apply to Wing Scales correctly.
- Ice Beetle Carapace tooltip now shows Cleanse III, instead of Cleanse in description.
- New Boons added: Dragon Crystalshaper and Dragon Lairshaper. Dragon Crystalshaper gives Crystalshaping and Essence Shaping skill (slightly extra skill bonus, like Mining). Dragon Lairshaping gives Lairshaping, Stoneworking and Smelting craft skills. These can be acquired from the appropriate quartermaster vendors.
- Beginner Metal Gear, Master Metal Gear, Master Metal Hinges, Master Metal Spring and Master Metal Struts fixed so they don’t allow deconstruction. Incorrect experience values on Beginner Metal Gear formula.
- Journeyman single machine buildings (Cauldron, Paper Press, Distillery, Pottery) requires T3 resources to construct, instead of T2 resources.


- Fixed Mill in New Trismus 455/143 so that it plays the millworking sound
- Undead Blight Maelstrom added to Northern Deadlands 22651 34672 for lore. All deadlands have at least one portal (Maelstrom) from the Realm of Blight. NDL was missing one.
- Add a light house and some trees close to Miyuki community
- Blight Anchor no longer can spawn at Eastern Outpost, but will continue to spawn at all other known locations.
- T5 Mimic Chests (Yew, Mithril, Marble) will now do crush damage instead of coin damage.