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Patch sur Blight du 01/09/2015 (Delta 278) et Live patch du 15/09/2015

La série de correctifs et ajustements continue et concerne cette fois ci de nombreuses quêtes et des aspects de l'artisanat. En voici la liste:

Spirit Isle Quests:

- Gravus' Scholar Quest III will now properly give crafting experience, instead of adventurer experience. Scholar quests are no longer repeatable.
- Gravus' Outfitter quests are no longer repeatable.
- Gravus' Blacksmith quests are no longer repeatable. Gravus Blacksmith IV now also gives coin award.
- Typos with Ryson Stormbringer dialogue
- Typos fixed in Cellardus’ greet dialogue. Quests dialogue errors/typos: Mage Part II, Mage Part III

Town Marshall Quests:

- Town Marshall: Wolfman - Snowback Wolf Alpha and Icefang now counts towards quest.
- Town Marshall: Ice Breakers - Shiktin now counts towards quest
- Town Marshall: Treant Torment - Description now properly says west instead of south of Feladan to Maple Treants..
- Town Marshall: Seeing Changes in the Fire - Description now refers to Flame Beetle instead of Pyrios
- Town Marshall: Arbotus Annihilation - Description tells you to return to Saenethra (correct NPC), instead of Fohadon.
- Town Marshall: Big Problems - Updated feedback message from “Some” to “You have killed enough Bitter Pickel. Return to Fohadon, the Mahagra Town Marshall”. This message appears after you kill 20 Bitter Pickel.
- Town Marshall: Help for the Fallen: Added a reference to “Undead” to avoid confusion of the mobs required.
- Town Marshall: The Forest Full of Gruoks: Updated quest text to look near Sable Shores and South of Bristugo.
- Town Marshall:Threat Level Rising - Added space between : and Threat

Dragon Mastery Quests:

- Quarrying Mastery VIII:Craft 75 Obsidian Bricks - Added space between : and Craft 75
- The following IX (Level 90 or 95) quests no longer requires you to be an Ancient dragon to acquire the quest:
*Drain Strike IX
*Dragon's Reach IX
*Hardened Scales IX
*Primal Instant Heal IX
*Spiked Scales IX

Trophy Hunter Quests:

- Go Bag 5 Mettle of Mithril Boulder Golems has been renamed to Go Bag 5 Mithril Boulder Golem Mettle
- Go Bag 5 Mettle of Mithril Golems has been renamed to Go Bag 5 Mithril Golem Mettle
- Go Bag 5 Scions Of Massive Elm has been renamed to Go Bag 5 Scions of Massive Elm
- Go Bag 5 Scions Of Massive Oak has been renamed to Go Bag 5 Scions of Massive Oak
- Go Bag 5 Scions Of Sapling Elm has been renamed to Go Bag 5 Scions of Sapling Elm
- Go Bag 5 Scions Of Sapling Oak has been renamed to Go Bag 5 Scions of Sapling Oak
- Go Bag 5 Golem Heart of Travertine has been renamed to Go Bag 5 Golem Hearts of Travertine
- Go Bag 5 Blight Crab Claw has been renamed to Go Bag 5 Blight Crab Claws
- Go Bag 5 Blood Skulk Pendant has been renamed to Go Bag 5 Blood Skulk Pendants
- Go Bag 5 Bloodfly Thorax has been renamed to Go Bag 5 Bloodfly Thoraxes
- Go Bag 5 Nah'guk Beatstick has been renamed to Go Bag 5 Nah'guk Beatsticks
- Go Bag 5 Shadow Tarantula Thorax has been renamed to Go Bag 5 Shadow Tarantula Thoraxes
- New Quest: Go Bag 5 Adamantium Golem Mettle can now be turned into Scout Burris (Imperial Outpost) for 1 Imperial Rank Token
- New Quest: Go Bag 5 Blight Crab Claws can now be turned into Scout Burris (Imperial Outpost) for 1 Imperial Rank Token

Misc Quests:

- Jolly Old Nicholas: Destination Aughundell - Fixed typo on quest name for Aughendell instead of Aughundell.


- Silver Whistle and  Elm Reed formulas are now acquirable again, from Dalimond or Chiconis Town Marshalls.
- Silver Whistles require 250 Tinkering skill to create. They give +36 Attack Skill (chance to hit)  towards Animals for 15:00. Whistles have no race/level requirements.
- Elm Reeds require 330 Fletching skill to create. Elm Reeds recharge the Silver Whistle (holds 20 charges).
- Each formula is priced at 250c/25 Tokens of Gratitude each, 500c/50 Tokens of Gratitude for the set).
- Cobalt/Platinum near Last Stand is no longer linked to another region across the world. Resources will now respawn correctly while mining this area.
- Silk in the area of 269/262, 255/264, 247/258, 269/239 are no longer linked to each other. Note, these areas might have multiple regions beside each other, those have not been unlinked. Locations that were spread across the world is what has been unlinked. Resources will now respawn correctly while gathering from the respective areas.
- Silk, that was mixed in near the New Rachival Clothworking Center (T3) 246/259, has been replaced with Cotton. Silk no longer spawns in this T3 area. However, Abundant and Bountiful cotton nodes now have a chance to spawn in this area.
- Cotton no longer spawns near South Gate or Harton Valley.
- Abundant plants (flax, cotton, silk, etc) description no longer incorrectly refers to motherlode. Bountiful plants are motherlode!
- Deer now spawns near Desert Shore Tannery 234/234
- Tool Tech Kit: Fishing Master can now be purchased from Daggle, Town Marshall of Aughundell. As usual, you need to have completed the quest first before it can be used.
- Craft: Fishing V technique can once again be purchased from Aughundell Quartermaster: Grendan Stonemeld. Tier I-IV remains the same; obtained by quests from Bammas, in Kion.
- Cluster of Ferns has been changed from a max of 10 to 20 per plot.
- Valley of Tears Clothworking Center (T4) has been replaced with Valley of Tears Essence Circle (T4)  268/267.
- New/Added: Last Stand Clothworking Center (T4) at 268/260.
- Frostwatch Clothworking Center (T4) has been replaced with Frostwatch Gem Cutting Shack (T4) 235/275
- Armor and Scale Tech Kit: Defender of New Trismus can now be purchased from Steward Pratt, Town Marshall of New Trismus. The price will be more expensive than most of Pratt’s wares because it has Ethereal Armor protection. It’s rewarded from a Tier I quest, but will be priced as higher tiered items.
- Gift of Health V now allows you to add Life Range techs.
- Enraged/Weakened/Enriched/Regular Glowing Wisps and residue now spawns within the Oak trees near South Gate 262/239.
- Craft: Dragon Crafter's Benefit, Benevolence, Blessing, Bounty techniques will now apply to Wing Scales correctly.
- Ice Beetle Carapace tooltip now shows Cleanse III, instead of Cleanse in description.
- New Boons added: Dragon Crystalshaper and Dragon Lairshaper. Dragon Crystalshaper gives Crystalshaping and Essence Shaping skill (slightly extra skill bonus, like Mining). Dragon Lairshaping gives Lairshaping, Stoneworking and Smelting craft skills. These can be acquired from the appropriate quartermaster vendors.
- Beginner Metal Gear, Master Metal Gear, Master Metal Hinges, Master Metal Spring and Master Metal Struts fixed so they don’t allow deconstruction. Incorrect experience values on Beginner Metal Gear formula.
- Journeyman single machine buildings (Cauldron, Paper Press, Distillery, Pottery) requires T3 resources to construct, instead of T2 resources.


- Fixed Mill in New Trismus 455/143 so that it plays the millworking sound
- Undead Blight Maelstrom added to Northern Deadlands 22651 34672 for lore. All deadlands have at least one portal (Maelstrom) from the Realm of Blight. NDL was missing one.
- Add a light house and some trees close to Miyuki community
- Blight Anchor no longer can spawn at Eastern Outpost, but will continue to spawn at all other known locations.
- T5 Mimic Chests (Yew, Mithril, Marble) will now do crush damage instead of coin damage.


Patch sur Blight du 19/06/2015 (Delta 275) et Live du 23/03/2015

Comme annoncé dans le Developer's Desk de juin, les développeurs de Virtrium vont avant tout se focaliser sur les correctifs. En voici une première bordée tous azimuts qui concerne aussi bien le contenu que la partie technique du jeu:

Edit: le patch a été appliqué sur les Live Shards le 23/06/2015

- Drain Bolt IX and X are no longer stackable. This will prevent issues with techs getting erased, on the spell, when you create or have more than one in inventory. Issues with creating the spells should also be fixed.
- Emblem/Title quests are more relaxed on the requirements. Instead of 'current' adventure school level, it is now 'any' adventure school level constraint check to acquire the quest. This will also prevent quest logs from becoming disabled should you join a lower level school (assuming you have at least one school that meets requirements). This will allow you to kill the mobs at low levels and receive credit, as long as you have at least one adventure school at the correct level.
- Updated / checked techniqued spells to ensure they are not stackable (and so can accept techniques and inscriptions properly)
- Updated / checked techniqued tools to ensure they are not stackable (and so can accept techniques and inscriptions properly)
- Jewelry Tech Kit: Amulet of the Grand Magus is no longer not stackable
- Fix Kenaf descriptions
- Fix Saritova Machines (Saritova Gemcutting Shack, Saritova W Logging Camp, Saritova Ore Refinery) so they can be activated and moved to ground level.
- T4 Gemcutting Shacks (Kirasanct and Morathaven) now requires 75 Obsidian Blocks, instead of 750.
- T5 Stoneworking Shelters (Eastern Outpost and Saritova) now correctly requires Ironsilk Tapestries.
- Added back community building - Aughundell Stoneworking Shelter 251/251 area.
- Memorial Structure: race Cenotaphs requires Masonry skill to apply Granite Blocks, instead of Essence Structuring.
- Winter Wolves on New Koraelia (Gnomekindle event) are now known as Young Winter Wolf.
- Winter Wolf Alphas are no longer able to occasionally spawn Level 20 Young Winter Wolves as followers (adds). They will only spawn Level 26-30 Winter Wolves, the appropriate range.
- Fixed inconsistencies with dialogue on AroP 19 and 20.
- Karane the Historian: Typo in Greet dialogue -  Now says you need to be 15 days old, instead of 30, when starting RoP.
- Fiery Golem Core and Crimson Ravager Hearts are now in regular loot table. Mobs no longer requires Niesa's Draught form to be scribed to drop the loot.
- Crimson Ravager Heart now uses a Heart icon, instead of hide strip icon.
- Fiery Golem Core now has a special icon, instead of animal hide icon.
- Blighted Dim Essence Residue now spawns near blighted 203/222 area.
- Blighted Glowing Essence Residue now spawns near blighted 221/267 area.
- Blighted Bright Essence Residue now spawns near blighted 250/231 area.
- Blighted Pale nodes no longer gives Blighted Glowing Essence as a bonus.
- T2 Gem field near  Summit/Frozen Lakes is no longer linked to spawns near Duskhold.
- Blight Hounds now patrol further away (offroad slightly) in vicinity near the new T6 EDL Community buildings near 284/240. Less likely to agro mobs if you are standing on or near the structures.
- City wall assets have been updated to fix these assets having a previously non-working occlusion model. If you notice a wall segment is now misaligned or behaving oddly, please submit a support ticket with the coordinates of this object.
- Mobs Cast and No Description - abilities used by mobs. Missing/blank entries will now display correctly in combat window (Yellow text).
- Thurid's Stone of Wrath no longer gives 'mob is immune to damage' feedback, when fighting mobs that are not in the Undead category.
- Quests: 'Vandus Confederation: Unease in Tishlar' and 'Vandus Confederation: The Problem with the Cults (Part 1)' has been removed from the appropriate NPCs. These are part of future T3 revamp and the series is currently incomplete. These should not have been available. If you have these quests active, you can delete them.
- (Daily) Nature's Bastion quests now shows the kill counters in quest window. Daily timer set to 22 hours.
- Ulairi, in New Rachival will now give out a treat, while on the Fall Festival - 'Trick or Treat!' quests.
- Fall Festival: 'Trick or Treat!' and 'Trick or Treat for Dragons!' quests are now daily quests. Additionally, the 24 hour played timer has been reduced to 4 hours of real time. This means the quest will automatically complete in 4 hours, not 24. But quest can be repeated every 24 hours. Dialogues have been cleaned up.
- Cleaned up spawns on Abandoned Isle mountain. There are no longer excessive amounts of mobs.


Blight du 07 et du 11/10/13 (Delta 248 et 249)

Deux mini patchs ont été publiés sur Blight très rapidement. C'est en général le signe qu'un patch live va bientôt débarquer.

Delta 249:
- Locations where players could use terrain to escape the fiery rift or could get stuck have been corrected. You will need to clear your world cache before logging in.
- Higher level Flame Horrors will now properly do flame (not energy) damage.
- Aratanosh no longer accepts coin for trade, but instead is seeking Fiery Tokens (that can only be acquired from the monsters in the Fiery Rift).
- Monsters in the Fiery Rift now have a chance to drop Fiery Tokens.
- Guardian of Rage will now drop the Sliver of Regret instead of ARoP Guardian loot.

Delta 248:
- Blood Doll 3 now heals for the proper amount (900).
- Technique "Power Strike" can now be applied to hand wraps.
- Technique "Vital Defiance" now properly uses Pale Orbs, not Dim Orbs.
- Stone of Seeking no longer attunes at all.


Developer's Desk: édition été 2012

Le Developer's Desk est une communication qui se présente en deux parties: la première revient sur les derniers changements apportés à Istaria et la deuxième sur ceux à venir. On passera donc sur la première partie pour nous intéresser aux nouveautés qui sont plutôt alléchantes.

La première est la cration d'une nouvelle école d'artisanat pour les Dragons: le Crystalshaper. Les Dragons savent déjà utiliser le cristal pour la construction de leur antres mais cette fois-ci il servira a créer des cristaux accordant des bonus en utilisant des resources classiques ainsi que du butin trouvé sur les monstres en utilisant un système encore obscur d'émotions; il faudra attendre d'en savoir plus!
La deuxième est la refonte des zones Tier III qui en ont fort besoin notamment entre Tazoon et la côte; ils prévoient d'ailleurs le retour d'un vieil ennemi: Nazderon. Celui-ci ne sera certainement pas le centre d'une série d'event comme c'était le cas en 2004 (The Great Sandstorm, The Legend of The Lost City, The Reawakening) mais plus de quêtes persistantes.
La dernière est l'apparition d'un nouvel ennemi (en plus du Withered Aegis ou il en fait partie? On ne sait pas): The Host of Varran dirigées par les Welgers, de vieux monstres repérés dans les fichiers du jeu et restés longtemps dans les tiroirs.
Evidemment, avec la petite équipe de Virtrium il ne faut clairement pas s'attendre à voir tout cela prêt le mois prochain. Il faudra donc être patient, très patient.
Après ce résumé, voici la version longue:

Welcome to Summer 2012! It has been a while since our last Developer's Desk, so I wanted to take a moment to review what we've accomplished and what we plan on doing in the future. So far in 2012, we've released two content updates as well as some significant client upgrades.

Quite a bit of work has been done on the Client. Some long-standing bugs have been fixed, and new features have been added. All in all, the client team has been hard at work over the first part of 2012 and will continue to improve and extend the client in the coming months and years.

Some of the big changes and features to the Client so far have been:
- Object Fading: We had a number of players comment about how objects “pop” into the scene, which obstructed with keeping their view distance far. We introduced an object fade system so that objects and structures fade into the scene instead of popping. Players can now view long distances while objects gently load and unload.
New Slash Commands: The newly implemented commands include “/lasttarget,” which allows players to select the last targeted entity, and “/cyclenearestcorpse,” (or /cnc) which cycles through nearby corpses to loot them. When macroed, these commands simplify targeting greatly.
- Shadows: Istaria has had plain, circular shadows for quite a long time. The latest client introduced real shadows for the player, as well as all world objects. This makes a huge difference in the game’s appearance, and with computers as powerful as they are today, it’s a minimal load for great visual effect.
- Launcher 2: The new version of the launcher has been released and combines a number of character management features into a single interface. Some character management functions previously required a visit to our web site, but these, along with additional information, are now in one easy-to-access place.

The entire team is proud of what has been accomplished, and the new features and performance are definitely great! But what about content, you say? Well, we released an update in March and another at the start of July. While there is too much to discuss in detail, I'll cover some of the key points from both updates:

Lesser Aradoth Revamp: A major update to the entire island that included retouching every spawn in an effort to create a more entertaining and consistent experience. Monster levels now begin at 10 rather than 1 and progress in difficulty from Kion south to Sslanis. In addition, quests on the island were revamped so that you are led in a progression from north to south, from Kion to Parsinia, to Sslanis, and ending at Lower Bridgeview. The intent for this island is that you can now easily raise a character from about level 10 into the low 20’s before moving to the main island.

Plot Mergers and Upgrades: A major and long-awaited update to the plots of the world was completed with the Summer Content Update. Some plots in non-guild communities have been removed, others increased in size, and nearly all of them were repriced. The goal of this update was to make plots more appealing and in-reach of players of all experience levels. Prices tend to be lowest in Tier 1 communities and highest in Tier 6 for both biped plots and dragon lairs.

Festivals: Both the Spring and Summer Festivals were released, which included some new hats (Paper Bag with variations, Wizard’s Hat), new murals for Lairs, fun games and quests including a Maze in the summer update, and a new fire pit for players to gather around and tell stories. The team had spent some time gathering feedback from our players as to what they’d like to see as a summer event, and while not everything could be introduced this year, we garnered some great feedback for future years and were able to incorporate some ideas into this year’s event.

World Improvements: While not as big as the other updates, we addressed issues in many parts of the world, including Scorpion Island, Mithril Canyons, Trandalar (specifically Acul and the Valleys of Repose and the Moon) and other regions. We made improvements to the world appearance, monster and resource spawns, and in some cases, we added quests to the areas.

So, that is what was accomplished over the last seven months. But, what do we hope to accomplish in the next few months? Well, first and foremost, we’ll be bringing back the Fall Festival, along with some new artwork for Masks. And there are many smaller fixes, tweaks, and additions we’ll likely make. But that's not all because we’re also planning two major updates:

The release of the long-awaited and requested Crystalshaper school for Dragons! The new Crystalshaper school will specialize in crafting consumable crystals that will provide new buffs as well as a few “old” buffs, such as Primal Vengeance and Eminence. Crystals will be created using existing resources (Orbs and Azulyte) as well as a new adventurer-gathered resource. Adventurers (both biped and dragon) will be able to purchase abilities that allow them to “Inspire” specific emotions (such as Rage, Peace, Apathy, etc) in their enemies. These emotions will cause specific loot to drop when the monster has been defeated, and those items will be used by Crystalshapers in creating their crystals. Finally, and these requirements are still tentative, joining the school will require you to be an Adult Dragon of at least level 80 Adventurer and level 20 Lairshaper to join. Coinciding with the release of the Crystalshaper school is the introduction of a new mini-dungeon called the “Fiery Rift”! This challenge will be populated with Tier 5 (level 80-90) monsters.

How do we top the first new school for Istaria in more than 6 years? Well, trust us when we say that it is surely difficult! But, we believe that we have the right ideas in place to do just that. In the later part of the year, we’ll be undertaking a revamp of the Tier 3 (levels 40-60) region of Aradoth and, in particular, the lands from Dryart to Tazoon.

Along with a total revamp of the region, which will include updated monsters, new quests, and new NPC locations, we’ll be introducing a storyline revolving around Nazderon and a Cult attempting to bring about his return... again!

The bigger news, we feel, is the introduction of a new enemy, the Host of Varran led by the Welger, who will be making a great impact on Western Aradoth and the residents of Tazoon. How big of an impact? We’ll keep that under wraps for now, but trust us when we say that this may be one of the biggest changes in Istaria in quite a while!

For now, I hope you are all enjoying your time in Istaria! We look forward to hearing your feedback on what we’ve accomplished so far this year and what’s coming in future months.


Live Patch du 24/05/2011

Les Deltas 203 à 206 de Blight sont en cours d'application sur les Live Shards. Attention, gros patch en perspective avec un bon paquet de nouveautés comme l'extension de nombreuses quêtes d'abilities Dragon jusqu'au niveau 100 ou de nouveaux bâtiments et décorations sur les terrains bipèdes. Sans plus attendre, voici les longues patch notes.

The following updates, changes, and fixes are being applied to Chaos and Order today, Tuesday May 24th, 2011.

Abilities, Items and Spells

- Dragon Gatherer, Scalecrafter and Spellcrafter Cogs can now be found in Istaria.
- New spell, Primal Alacrity, to the loot tables and formulatrons. Usable only by Dragons, but craftable by anyone, it is a duplicate of Gift of Alacrity.
- Blighted Resource Cleansing formulas of all tiers are now sold by the Dennison Jadefellow, the Scholar and Researcher, in Dalimond.
- Board and Bark, Cut Gem, Essence Orb can now be scribed at 1100 skill instead of 1200.
- Applying a Dragon tech kit (Sharper, Battle-Forged, Rending, etc) to an item will no longer cause it to become instantly attuned. Now, it will be attune-on-equip. Note: This will not alter items previously attuned when a Dragon tech kit was applied.
- Technique Components no longer have a sale limit.
- Weapon Tech Kit: Withered Bane is no longer automatically attuned and no longer has attune-on-install, but instead makes the item attune-on-equip.
- Hunter's Retribution I is now known as "Weapon Tech Kit: Hunter's Retribution I"
- Hunter's Retribution tech kit is no longer attuned and no longer attunes-on-install, but instead makes the item attune-on-equip.
- Exsanguinate now can do more damage (min is still 200) and also gets a bonus to-hit.
- Antolathes' Gift now lasts for 8 minutes, but has a 12 minute recycle.
- Mithril Bullion, Extended Fission Mobilizer, and Bronzed Proton Relocator no longer say they prevent teleport or recall (since they never did anyway).

Dragon Quests
- All modified dragon ability quests (from both this patch and the previous one) for level 20 and up have had their keyword restriction removed. This means that dragons may work on more than one quest at a time so long as they meet requirements.
- The following quest lines in ranks 9 and 10 (generally level 90 and 100) will now properly require that the dragon be an Ancient Dragon before they will be offered the quest: Accurate Breath, Hardened Scales, Drain Strike, Spiked Scales, Dragon's Reach, Primal Instant Heal
- Drain Strike 8 and Spiked Scales 8 will no longer be awarded as part of the Ancient Rite of Passage.
- Accurate Breath
*Quests 1 to 4 have been updated and modified to use new mobs and provide better directions. In addition players on the quests will need to use a Breath Weapon during the quest while fighting the mob for the quest to advance. Quests will now be offered at lvls 15, 25, etc to reflect the difficulty of the mobs used in the quest. Players will also find that the amount of experience given for completing the quest is consistent across the whole line of quests.
*Quests 5 to 10 have been added to Luadius. Players will be offered these quests every 10 levels starting where the previous quests leave off.
- Dragon's Reach
*Quests 1 to 4 have been updated and modified to use new mobs and provide better directions.
*The quest line has been filled out with the addition of quests 5 through 10. Players will be offered these quests every 10 levels starting at lvl 50.
- Drain Strike
*Quests 1 to 7 have been updated to have more of a storyline and provide experience consistent with those of other dragon ability quests. *The quests will now be offered every 10 levels starting at level 15 to be more in line with the rating of the monsters being fought during the quest.
- Severant in Dralk now will offer dragons further training in Drain Strike ability starting at level 85.
- Drain Bolt
*Khemarius no longer requires 1 Greater Ghost Vapor and 1 Undead Ectoplasm as some of the reagents for the Drain Bolt VI quest, thus making it a bit easier for players to determine what is needed and where to find it.
- Hardened Scales
*Quests for levels 10 to 70 have been modified and adjusted to point players to a consistent style of mobs, provide better directions and better experience. They are available every 10 levels starting at level 10. (Gerix offers the level 10 quest, Zebeginia offers all others)
*Quests up to lvl 100 have been added to Zebeginia The Scale Hardener.
- Primal Instant Heal
*Quests for levels 10 to 70 have been modified and adjusted to point players to a consistent style of mobs, provided better directions and experience. Due to the level of monster in the challenges, the quests will now be offered starting at level 15 and every 10 levels there after.
*Quests 8 to 10 have been added to Frall in Chiconis.
- Primal Mastery
*Quests (all levels) have been modified to give experience consistent with other dragon ability quests of the same level. Primal Mastery 8 and Primal Mastery 9 have been modified to require monsters more in line with the level of the character when they would be offered the quest.
- Dragon's Gift
*Quest line updated with improved directions and now provides players the new experience amounts for completing the quests. The final quest in the series will no longer require players to return to Chiconis in between trips to the Islands of Fire and Ice.
- Spiked Scales
*Quest line has been extended to lvl 100.
*Quest line from Rykhar has been modified to use a consistent type of mob, have a storyline, and use the same experience for completion as other dragon ability quests.
- Gold Rage
*Quest line updated with improved directions to where to find mobs as needed and experience provided for quest completion now matches that of other dragon ability quests.
- Breath Quests
*Breath of Ice quest will now be offered to any adult dragon of at least level 40. The quest has also been modified slightly from the original to provide a bit more by way of storyline and better directions to where to go to obtain the required components.
*Breath of Fire III quest will now be offered by Kelakhan to any dragon of at least level 60. The quest has also been updated to flow better with the overall storyline for the breath weapon quests and give better directions.
*Breath of Lightning quest will now be offered by Kelakhan to any dragon of at least level 80. The quest has also been updated to flow better with the overall storyline for the breath weapon quests and give better directions.

- Bright Wisps now spawn on the Isle of Wisps.
- Sand Scarabs will now appear on Retha Island beaches as they do on Dikiana Island beaches.
- Enraged Elite Blighted Blights now operate with the Leader AI and can spawn followers, even in combat.
- Added a few spawns of the non-Leader Elite Blighted Blights back in with the spawns of Enraged Elite Blighted Blights.
- Redrew the Marble Golem and Marble Boulder GOlem spawn regions in the Marble Quarry. They no longer overlap, the spawn rates are lower, and the Golem and Boulder Golems are now separated. Brecah will now only spawn amongst the Boulder Golems.
- Redbacked Tarantulas which spawn in the Northern Deadlands have had their level increased so that they are more of a challenge than their smaller Redbacked Spider counterparts.
- Shadow Spider Breeders are no longer aggressive.
- Changes to Redbacked Spider AI: Breeders are no longer aggressive, now spawn followers. Soldiers and Workers no longer share the same AI template. Workers act much like Hatchlings, they aren't aggressive but will call for assistance if attacked. Soldiers remain aggressive, but don't ask for assistance.
- Monster ability, Squall, now does Nature damage instead of piercing damage.
- Monster ability, Thundering Strike, now does energy damage and has less chance of stunning.
- Forest Skulk Elders, Shaman and Hunter now all have the proper weapon skills and should be more accurate and do more damage in combat.
- Redbacked Tarantulas will now spawn at levels higher than the "smaller" Redbacked Spiders. Hatchlings now spawn at levels 51-55, and Redbacked Tarantulas spawn at 56-60.
- Sand Beetle Carapace will now drop from any sand beetle while you are on the quest "Sslanis Militia: Sand Beetle Stomp"
- Increased the minimum and maximum spawn of Shining Wisps in the Yew Forest slightly.

New Trismus

- Lowered the mark-up of goods sold by Resliak and Frelic in New Trismus by 75%.
- Trainers on New Trismus (Kerian, Guran, Erelald, Elenna, Reffis, Gaeta and Johald) now sell their wares for 75% less than before.
- Frelic will now give Warriors a Refurbished Bronze Broad Sword, Refurbished Bronze Scalemail Chestguard, Refurbished Bronze Scalemail Helm, Refurbished Bronze Scalemail Greaves, and Refurbished Bronze SCalemail Boots to get started.
- Frelic will now give Scouts a Refurbished Bronze Short Sword, Refurbished Bronze Ringmail Chestguard, Refurbished Bronze Ringmail Helm, Refurbished Bronze Ringmail Greaves, and Refurbished Bronze Ringmail Boots to get started.
- Frelic will now give Clerics a Refurbished Bronze Ringmail Helm, Refurbished Bronze Ringmail Greaves, and Refurbished Bronze Ringmail Boots.
- Frelic will now give Mages a Refurbished Flaxen Cloth Cap, Refurbished Flaxen Cloth Leggings, and Refurbished Flaxen Cloth Boots.
- Resliak will now give Clerics Revitalize I, Gift of Toughness I and Mystic Blaze I instead of Training Revitalize.
- Resliak will now give Mages Flame Bolt I, Immolate I, and Binding Crystals I instead of Training Flame Bolt.
- Quest "Rhagool: Looking for Junk" to Rhagool in New Trismus. This quest will assist players in learning more about junk loot and what to do with it.
- Cleric, Mage, Warrior and Scout quests on New Trismus now properly give coin (between 500 and 1000 copper each).
- Kerian on New Trismus now sells the Beginner Focus Chest Scale formula.


- Eilen the Mage at the Mage Tower no longer worries about Icy Tokens. She will instead sell you her spell forms for coin.
- Dennison Jadefellow now properly has the Pawnbroker AI.
- Moved Naithis the Watcher from the very top of the Tower of Magery to the top platform so he is more easily reached.
- Druid Trainers now properly check your requirements before joining you to the Druid school.
- Grosok's dialog is totally sslikified.


- Human Clock Tower can now be built on plots as decoration.
- New Plot Structure: Wheelbarrows - Three new types of buildable wheelbarrows have been added after players saw the one used as the construction model for plot tiles.
- New Vault Structures: Three new vault structures have been added, each which uses a new model.
*T2 "Basic" Vault is listed as Vault Storage - Small and when activated has a Vault Keeper.
*T4 Vault is listed as Vault Storage - Medium and when activated has a Vault Keeper and Pawnbroker.
*T6 Vault is listed as Vault Storage - Large and when activated has a Vault Keeper, Pawnbroker and Consignment Merchant.
*In order to complete the construction of these new vaults, a special "Hiring Permit" is required for each of the different NPC's. Hiring Permits from Pawnbrokers across Istaria.

Portal System

- Consolidated Teleport Classes that were redundant with others to create fewer classes. Players should NOT notice a difference in portal costs at this point in the changes. There were just multiple "Free" classes that were consolidated down to one single grouping.
- Teleport Gates and pads are now linked in a more cyclical manner.
- Bristugo contains 5 teleport gates: To destinations on Dalimond Peninsula, Trandalar, Racial Cities (including Tazoon), Settlements and Shepherd's Mountain, and Guilds (including Saritova)
- A new hub has been created in Genevia 5 teleport gates: Scorpion Island, Racial Cities (including Tazoon), Settlements and Shepherd's Mountain, Genevia Towns and Resort Islands including New Trismus, Guild Islands (including Saritova). NOTE: This hub is intended to offer an alternative location for players who need T1 and T2 resources. Additional portals have been added from destinations on Genevia to aid in the transportation of resources from the field back to player communities. Scorpion Island now readily connects to Genevia as well for those transporting T2 resources.
- Settlements (including Shepherd's Mountain) now connect to a new hub in Genevia, to Bristugo, Racial Cities and other Settlements.
Guilds (including Saritova) now connect to a new hub in Genevia, to Bristugo, Racial cities and other Guild communities.
- New Trismus now takes players only to Kion and Genevia. This is by design to aid new players in being able to make their way around the world, but still give experienced players an easy "hub" to reach when traveling back from New Trismus. New Trismus can be reached from Genevia and any other Racial City.

Player Plots

- A new series of decorative tiles has been added for players to change the visual terrain on their plots.
- All tiles should be able to go beneath existing structures (or new ones) but for the upper left corner (when initially placed), as the footprint for the tiles is a small square in the upper left corner.
- All tiles will initially be centered on the center of the plot. The construction model for the tiles will remain in the center of plots (unless the tile is moved of course), but you should be able to add resources to the construction of the tile by standing in the corner of the plot nearest to where the tile's footprint is located. (Please note we are looking in to how to improve this system so that the "visual indicator" that shows the construction model, and the "really need to stand here" are not so separated so players won't be getting the "You are too far away from the structure to do construction." message repeatedly.)
- Tile sizes are: 5x5, 5x10, 5x15, 10x10, 10x15, 10x20, 15x15, 20x20, 20x40, 30x30, 40x40. It is more efficient resource wise to use as large a tile as possible when covering your plot rather than using multiple small tiles. These include tiles called: Broken Grass, Cobble, Cobble Deadfall, Cobble Snow, Decorative Square, Fishbone Square, Grass, Ice, Jungle Dirt, Jungle Grass, Grey Slate, Stone, Swamp Mud, Sand, Sandstone, Snow, Tilled Dirt, and Volcanic Stone.
- Tiles with a decorative center only come in 5x5 and 10x10 size. These include: Obsidian, Dragon Center tiles with various backgrounds, Planter Center tiles with various backgrounds.
- New decorative ponds for T1-T4 have been added. The "odd tiers" are simple ponds without flowers, where the "even tiers" have flowers and a bit more in the way of decoration that come with them.


- Sergeant Dylan in Delgarath will now hand out the Creepy Crawler Crusher title to those who qualify.
- Seven adventurer quests, one Attunement quest, and a Adventurer/ Tinkerer quest to the Gnomes at the Gnomian Outpost in the Winter Vale.
- Quest "Geoff: Cargo Disks" to Geoff the Pawnbroker in New Trismus.
- New Trophy Quest added for Redbacked Tarantula Hatchling Thoraxes (lvl 51).
- Jemmei Brocklebor in Heart now offers the quest "Perfect Rose Quartz Shard"
- Quest "Tower of Magery: Collect Icy Dire Wolf Claws" no gives you coin instead of Icy Tokens as a reward and will also give you XP now.
- Quest "Assist Eilen the Mage With Her Icy research" no longer makes you wait 2 minutes for Androgos to finish reading his letter or preparing the bones. The quest now gives you more coin and XP as a reward.
- Quest "Abigail's Outstanding Order (Repeatable)" now calls for cut amethyst instead of uncut and gives slightly less coin each trip.
- Corrected the minimum level requirement for quest "Spellcraft Mastery VI: Granite Spell Shards"


- Bright Essence Residue can now be found within the Feladan Woods.
- Increased the quantity of Blighted Shining Essence Residue that spawns in the Eastern Deadlands.


- Monk, Druid and Spiritist schools are now considered hybrid (semi-prestige) schools. Their pre-requisites have been updated as follows:
*Monk requires the character to be at least level 10 in the Warrior school.
*Druid requires the character to be at least level 10 in the Cleric school.
*Spiritist requires the character to be at least level 10 in Mage school.
- Monk, Druid and Spiritist now includes Khutit as a restricted race and are classified as Prestige schools.


- A new Teleport Gate has been constructed on a tiny island between the Islands of Ice and Fire. Dantor the Scout is nearby and will offer to attune players to the pad. He will also offer you the warmth of his fire before you head to the Island of Ice.
- Revamped the valley north of Old Rachival. It is now known as the Winter Vale and contains a Gnomian Outpost along with numerous world enhancements, resources, monster spawns, a buildable logging camp, as well as a teleport gate and destination pad. NOTE: This area is not yet complete and still lacks NPC dialog and some of the monster spawns. Also, the destination pad cannot yet be attuned to.
- Revamped the road leading to the Winter Vale from the Stormy March. Its now more forested and contains additional monster spawns.
- Dirt paths now run from portals to destination pad to the shrine and all points between in the city of Feladan.
- Roads in Aughundell now connect the portals, destination pad, and the shops. Dirt Paths now connect fully to the main roads.


- Quest "Gaileach: The Myloc Colony (Part 1)" now uses the proper keyword for Myloc Hierophants and will again drop the Sacrificial Dagger.
- Corrected the Coin and Hoard values of Blighted Resource Cleansing formulas.
- Corrected the Quantity and Optimal Skill values for Tier4 and 5 resources in Journeyman and Expert Blighted Resource Cleansing formulas.
- Fixed some inconsistencies with quantity and optimal skill values in Master Blighted Resource Cleansing formulas.
- Expert Round Cross Shield now requires 800 armorcraft to scribe.
- Expert Fine Round Cross Shield now requires 900 armorcraft to scribe.
- Journeyman Fine Round Cross Shield now requires 500 armorcraft to scribe.
- Journeyman Round Cross Shield now requires 400 armorcraft to scribe.
- Fixed a step in the quest "Dragon Tutorial: Spells and Abilities" that was giving another quest when it shouldn't be.
- Beginner and Journeyman Cleansing formulas now have proper tier keywords.
- Obsidian Golems will again spawn from level 61 to 65.
- Mental Bane technique will now properly apply its effect to the caster, not the target.
- Level 71-75 Winter Werewolves now properly drop Winter Werewolf loot, not Werewolf loot.
- Expert Tech Kit formulas once again have the proper requirements to scribe.
- Redbacked Spider Hatchlings are now properly linked to Redbacked Spider Breeders and so will behave socially as they were intended to.
- Redbacked Tarantula Hatchlings are now properly linked to Redbacked Tarantula Breeders so they will behave socially as they were intended to.
- Gatherer's Boon, Bounty and Blessing techniques now properly say Essence Harvesting instead of Dowsing in their descriptions.
- Icy Dire Wolf Alphas will only spawn 1 to 2 followers instead of 4 to 6 now.
- Pure Water for the Myloc quest series can now be gathered using a Bucket and Ingenuity.
- Baric Graybeard, Blacksmith Trainer in Aughundell, now properly sells the Masonry Trowel, Mixing Spoon and Jewelry Plier formulas.
- Attia the Blacksmith Trainer in Kirasanct now carries the full line of Expert tool formulas like Baric Graybeard.
- Fixed a dip in the road between Istaria's Union and Bristugo.
- Aura of Warmth now properly buffs Ice Resistance.
- Dantor the Scout now properly mentions the bonfire and warmth in his dialogue.
- Earthen Crust IV now properly has the flameresist keyword.
- Dragon's Reach quests 5-10 now have the proper constraints and now can be attained from Bentaras.
- Quest "Dimensional Pocket I: Spell Shards" now sends you to Murrina in Parsinia instead of Xarinnis.
- The lair at the north end of the South March community is now correctly buildable as a 120x120 lair.
- Rearranged the teleport gates in Bristugo so that the Racial City Gate is aligned north.
- Rearranged the teleport gates in Genevia.
- Forested the region around the teleport gates in Genevia.
- Accurate Breath IX now correctly tracks Sand Crabs of all types, and a step has been added to provide rough directions to the island for those who are not attuned to it already.
- Sand Crabs on the Island of Talinis once again drop technique components.
- Stone Flooring Obsidian (both sizes) now use the proper "unfinished" model.
- Quest "Scout: Seek out Jyrris Wind in Dalimond" will now properly begin with Geela and show the step to speak with Jyrris Wind in Dalimond.
- Lowered the recharge time of Shield of Gold to 300 seconds.
- Drulkar's Wrath and Volcano now share 50% of their timers with other Epic abilities/spells instead of 100%.
- Use of the Fishing Mastery tool technique will now properly grant additional bonus chances while fishing.
- Fixed small 5x5 tiles for snow, sandstone, sand, volcanic to now use the proper small size "under construction" model.
- Skalkaar and Spirit Island no longer require players to attune to them. This should also correct the problem with players who had previously attuned not being able to port to there on Blight.
- Brownback Stalkers now drop Brownback Stalker Paws instead of Brownback Claws.
- Purple Tarantulas now drop the trophy Purple Tarantula Thorax
- Purple Tarantula Hatchlings once again drop the trophy Purple Tarantula Hatchling Forelegs
- XP awarded in the Lodestone formulas now matches that given in the Cast Stone formulas.
- Essence Leather Band now contains the Tier number in its description.
- Portal in Bristugo to Dalimond Peninsula and other "outlying" destinations is now properly named "Outlands Destinations".
- Portal to Winter Vale now properly requires attunement.
- Delgarath Destination Pad is now properly linked to the "Outlands Destinations" gate in Bristugo.
- Island of Fire and Ice destination pad is now properly linked to "Outlands Destinations" gate in Bristugo.
- Quest: Rhagool: Looking for Junk will no longer point players to hunting pygmies in the quest journal step. Typos have also been fixed.
- Typing mistakes in various Dragon Ability quests have been fixed. Turgid Purple Weavers will now count in the Accurate Breath 8 quest.
- Storm Disciple: Way of Stone quest will now only count golems made of stone as the quest journal suggests.
- Fixed a chat bug in quest "Display Your Clerical Skills"
- Clean-up on the quest "Lesser Aradoth: Attunement to Parsinia"
- Fixed a bug with quest Imperial Bank: Vault Upgrade VII that was allowing players to get it too early.
- Quest "Brunt: Liquidate the Icy Dire Wolves" now has the ExtraLoot keyword so that Icy Dire Wolf Pelts will drop as loot.
- Quest "Attunement: Winter Vale" can no longer be completed more than once.
- Hiring Permits now require the proper tool type (that being an Istarian Army Knife) on the resource as well as on the structures they are used in. This should allow them to be applied properly to the new vault buildings.
- Players can once again port from Bristugo to Abandoned Island once they have attuned to AI.
- Gerix will no longer offers quest "Accurate Breath I: Improve Your Breath Accuracy" to dragons that are already working on a quest for him.
- Fixed a few dialog errors in Gerix's dialog during quest "Accurate Breath I: Improve Your Breath Accuracy".
- In quest "Marcus' Quest: Shipment of Bracelets", Bastea will now properly give you the Beginner Armor Bracelet formula.
- In quest "Marcus' Quest: Shipment of Scales" now refers to Murrina in Parsinia instead of Xarinnis. Gerix now gives you the Beginner Armor Wing Scale formula at the proper stage of the quest. Xarinnis' Mark is now known as Murrina's Mark.
- Many of the dragon ability quests still had the quest_task_dragon keyword on them that would prevent players from being able to work on multiple quests at once. All dragon ability quests past the first rank should no longer have this restriction. Note that T1 quests (level 10 or 15) still have the restriction of only having one active at a time in order to help guide players through new levels easier.
- "Tooth and Claw Expert" quest now requires completion of "Tooth and Claw Adept" quest.
- "Tooth and Claw Mastery" quest now requires the completion of "Tooth and Claw Expert" quest.
- Quest for Drain Strike 8 can no longer be attained after completing quest for Drain Strike 6. You must have completed the quest for Drain Strike 7 first.
- Spiked Scale IV no longer requires you to kill 50 Ice Pygmies. (Note that no dragon ability quest should require that many kills any longer to complete.)
- Dwarven Medium Shop and Dwarven Small Blacksmith Shop will no longer show on the build list for player plots. They were removed quite some time ago from buildable status due to problems with the model, but would still show on the build list for some plots due to the size of the plot.
- Nerve Strike debuff now references the proper stats (Strength and Dexterity).
- Journeyman Millstone now properly boosts Stoneworking.
- Fire Ogres now no longer erroneously count toward the quest Hardened Scales 8. Now only the Dire Wolves will count.
- Spiked Scales quests 8 and 9 now give proper amounts of experience. Spiked Scales 10 no longer gives experience upon completion.
- Primal Instant Heal 9 and Drain Bolt 9 now give proper experience amount upon completion.
- Drain Bolt 10 no longer gives experience upon completion.
- Drain Strike VIII: Another Strange Oastic, Primal Instant Heal VII: Sand In the Claws!, Primal Instant Heal VIII: Return to the Cold now gives proper experience for completing the quest.
- Gather Rare Components for Balit's Research now has Balit asking verbally for the same items he has on the list he gives out.
- Expert Fine Broad Sword formula now properly allows you to deconstruct Fine Mithril Broad Swords.
- Removed bugged resource spawn of Titian Azulyte from player lair in Titian Mines. (Spawn of Titian Azulyte in the public lair has been increased slightly to keep overall resource availability near the same.)