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Patch sur Blight du 22/11/2017 (Delta 301)

Ce nouveau patch porté sur le serveur de test apporte de nombreux changements pour les niveaux faibles comme la refonte de Skaalkar (île tutoriel pour les Dragons), l'apparition d'un donjon sur Lesser Aradoth et des améliorations sur les abilities des niveaux 10 à 20 des écoles de base (vivement que ce soit appliqué au reste). Les correctifs et ajustements habituels sont bien entendu de la partie:

- The Cave of Winds
*The Sslanis Militia is looking for assistance with a growing threat to the jungle and island!  The Bloodletters, a fierce clan of Fyakki, have overrun the Island of the Drowned and are threatening the western coast of Lesser Aradoth.
- The Guards around Machine of Inhibition are now known as Inhibition Guards and can properly be damaged with Revelry
- Azg’ulzit Fyakki are now known as Az’gulzit Fyakki
- Azg’engak Fyakki are now known as Az’genak Fyakki
- Azg’azak Fyakki are now known as Az’gazak Fyakki
- Minor typo/grammar Fixes in
*(Daily) Ruxus Ruckies.
*Abigail's Outstanding Order
*Accurate Breath II: Focusing your breath weapon
*Adeshine's Envenomed Spear
*Antolathes' Revenge
*Becoming an Adult Dragon: Choosing your Path
*Bristugo Elm Treant Troubles
*Central Valley: Forest Skulk Menace
*(Daily) Behind on my Quota
*(Daily) Fish Fillets for Market Day
*Abigail's Missing Mining Pick
*Abigail's Oustanding Order
*Alis' Squirrel Stew
*Anthas Root Tea: a Deeper Knowledge
*Attunement to Drakul
*Abigail's Oustanding Order
*Accurate Breath II: Focusing your breath weapon
*Accurate Breath III: Practice, Practice, Practice
*Anthas' Root
*Anthas Root Tea
*(Daily) Delivery to Bristugo
*Become a Primal Adept
*Become Adept with Teeth and Claws
*Attunement to Serenity - Collecting Bones
*Becoming an Adult Dragon: Choosing your Path
*Thurid: Wraith Cores (Part 3) will now properly give XP and Coin
*Central Valley: Forest Skulk Menace
*Central Valley: Shamanic Rites
*Central Valley: Shamanic Rites
*Cleaning the Coruption II
*Gold Rage II: Wintheria’s Quest
*Delivery for Felessi
- Resized and adjusted the quantity of Risen Skeletons that spawn outside the Kion South Gate.  There are now more than before, but closer to the gate only spawn 1 at a time.
- Warrior school has had the following ability changes for levels 10 to 20:
*Power Strike 2 is received at level 11
*Green Stance is received at level 6
*Blue Stance is received at level 12
*Distract 1 is received at level 15
*Shield Stance is received at level 15
*Power Strike 2 damage bonus increased from +10 to +16 and red stance now increases damage further by 10%
*Negate Attack 2 is now known as Heroic Shout II
*Distract 1 now has a recycle of 60s (down from 300s) and reduces incoming melee/ranged damage to the user by 25% for 45s 63755
*Coordinated Strike 2 now has a recycle of 60s (down from 90s)
- Scout school has had the following ability changes for levels 10 to 20:
*Red Stance is received at level 6
*Green Stance is received at level 12
*Power Shot 2 is received at level 11
*Long Shot 2 is received at level 13
*Blinding Shot 2 is received at level 15
*Power Shot 2  damage bonus increased from +14 to +20 and red stance now increases damage further by 10%
*Coordinated Shot 2 now has a recycle of 60s (down from 90s)
*Long Shot 2 now has a recycle of 30s (down from 60s) and the damage bonus increased from +10 to +14
- Mage school has had the following ability changes for levels 10 to 20:
*Group Ice Defense I received at level 14
*Group Flame Defense I received at level 11
*Red Stance received at level 12
*Green Stance received at level 6
*Group Flame Defense I now boosts flame resistance by +52
*Multicast I now has a recycle of 180s (down from 300s)
*Safety 2 is now known as Magic Shell and boosts Ethereal Armor in addition to regular Armor
*Coordinated Flame Bolt 2 now has a recycle of 60s (down from 180s)
*Enhanced Flame Bolt 2 is now known as Fireball 2, does 10% more damage while in red stance, and can burn a target increasing the damage of Tier 1 flame spells.
*Shield Stance now counts as Stance “E”
- Cleric school has had the following ability changes for levels 10 to 20:
*Instant Heal 2 now has a recycle of 30s (down from 45s) and heals 10% more while in Green Stance
*Smash 2 is received at level 11
*Smash 2 damage bonus increased from +8 to +10 and has a 50% chance of giving a 15s debuff that reduces the target’s crush resistance by 50
*Defend Other 1 is received at level 15
*Defend Other 1 now has a recycle of 5s (down from 60s)
*Red Stance is received at level 6
*Shield Stance is received at level 13
*Protectorate is received at level 13
*Protectorate now has a recycle of 30s (down from 45s) and reduces incoming damage by 25% while in Shield Stance
*Smash 1 and 2 now have a post-delay of 2.0 (removed the pre-delay)
- Dragon Adventurer school has had the following ability changes for levels 10 to 20:
*Menacing Presence will now reduce incoming damage by 25% while in Blue Stance
*Claw Strike 2 does 10% more damage in red stance (instead of +10) and bonus damage of +16 instead of +10
*Bite 2 does 10% additional damage in Red Stance
*Allowance of Power 1 now has a recycle of 60s (down from 90s)
- Gift spells now have the “buff” keyword, which will allow Fortify and Cleanse to be applied to them.
- Replaced Weakened Dim Wisp with Dim Wisp and Enriched Dim Wisp on Genevia Island spawns
- Adjusted the spawn quantity/rate of Wisps on Lesser Aradoth
- Introduced the chance for an Enriched Dim Wisp to spawn on New Trismus
- Replaced Weakened Dim Wisps with Enriched Dim Wisps in the Sslanis Basin
- Adjusted the spawn rate and quantity of Shadow Tarantulas and Bloodflies within the WEstern Deadlands including splitting the linked Tarantula spawn into two.
- Added Bloodflies to the Shadow Spider spawns in the Western Deadlands
- Adjusted the spawn rate and quantity of Shadow Spiders in the Western Deadlands
- Lowered the maximum spawn quantity of Az’gulzit Fyakki within the Western Deadlands (from 12 to 7 each)
- Modified the Spell: Fortify technique to add a flat 20 armor per tier instead of the 10% of base armor. This change allows all races to benefit from Fortify, and increases the benefit.
- The knock-off “Presnet” mimic pets now look different to their original counterparts from the Hours of Frost event, now boasting ripped wrapping paper, torn ribbons, and overall dirtiness.
- Epic resources (Annisil Cord, Dense Leather Band, Ithilium Bar, Taravist Crystal, and Velanthis Wood Strip) now all have their own unique icons rather than borrowing from other resources.
- (Daily) quests has been verified for consistency. All quests that give experience or coin rewards will now award the full amounts on every quest.
- Modified Paralyzing Gaze 4 to have a 2.5 pre-delay instead of 0.10 post-delay
- Weapon Tech Kit: Sigil of Toval can be applied to Dragon Claws now
- Obsolete spells xGenerate Health I-VI now share recycle timers at 100% against all versions of the spell.
- Increased the minimum quantity of Symbol of the Rift to 4 (from 1) when the loot is obtained
- Increased the minimum quantity of Relic of the Rift to 2 (from 1) when the loot is obtained
- Set Machine’s of Inhibition AI to spawn Inhibition Guards instead of Palmyran Defenders, increased spawn time to 90 seconds up from 60
- Fixed Talisman of Revelry and Scale of Revelry to have the same keyword damage type conversion as Stone of Revelry.
- Ensnaring Roots II does nature damage instead of crush.
- Pleasant Canyon’s port is now properly listed as Settlement: Pleasant Canyon
- The Withered Bane now once more requires the player to loot the Blighted Bone after killing the Grand Magus, to fit better with the dialogue present in the quest.
- Updated Skull Head Scale Tech Kit to consume itself upon applying.
- Updated Epic Travel Scroll Box 2’s description to refer to the Tower of Bonds instead of the Council Chamber
- Updated Harlequin Shirt to be able to make Tech Kits properly.
- Fixed quest "Loyalty Title - The Mature" because it says today is "your 100th day", but it could be anything greater than 100. Now says, "your 100 days of service to the empire"
- Gnomekindle wear can now be used to create tech kits of their respective appearance, including the treant shoulder pets! Other shoulder pets to follow soon.
- Replica Chest Scale of the Prime and Replica Tempered Chest Scale requirements have been lowered from level 30 to 25.
- Cursed Health Potion will properly consume itself upon use.
- Skalkaar Overhaul has been completed.  This includes a beautification of the island to be more visually appealing, a revamp of the quests and NPC dialog, new NPCs (Creena, Malimer, Droegan, Raghael, Viseria, Daeneyr), new idle actions, and improved appearances (Drouk and Karkath)
- Frozen Horrors now have their own school, are no longer immune to regular damage types, and no longer drop Fiery Rift loot.
- All player vendor structures now use hiring permits when their structure is being constructed
- Ambrosia Revamp: Epic ambrosia is now available!  The epic ambrosia will remove up to 10 deathpoints, and is crafted using Empyrean Essence that is harvested from Greater Epics using an essence siphon or essence harvesting ability. Vargas sells the formula, he does charge a lot for it.
- Almighty Cauldron now has a stat cap trigger to never allow it to reach above 39999 health and never gain more than 0 speed.
- New spell and ability effects for: Dragon Heals, Arcane Refusal, Countercheck Primal, Ignore Mysticism, Gold Rage, Silver Strike, and Ravage
- New target window icons for numerous monsters and NPCs


Patch sur Blight du 12/10/2017 (Delta 300.1)

Un patch a été publié sur le serveur de test avec principalement des correctifs pour l'événement Fall Harvest. C'est le genre de petit patch qu'on voit généralement avant l'application sur les serveurs réguliers, ça ne devrait donc pas trop tarder.

- Bony, Paper Bag, Wolf, Killer, 2008 Fall Festival Shark, 2008 Fall Festival Skull, and Celestial Head Scales has gotten slight adjustments to their textures to remove the extraneous black texture around the edges.
- Tower of Bonds Travel will now properly consume itself
- Added Cooking Table & Oven, Gem Cutting Bench, Smelter, Anvil to Human Trade Center in King’s Cross
- Alistair now sells several Fall Festival inspired boxers, as well as Dragon Mummy costumes for all ages!
- Lowered crafting requirements for backpacks and scale packs across all tiers
- Half-Giant Skeleton Costume now properly turns you into a half-giant instead of an invisible gnome.
- Harvest Decorative Head Scale and Harvest Shirt now have their own respective icons rather than borrowing from the Harlequin versions of themselves.
- All 76 costumes now use their own icons displaying the results of use rather than a nondescript skull.


- Allow monsters to spawn other monsters (future content)

- Quest action to delete items by keyword (future content)


Patch sur Blight du 06/10/2017 (Delta 300)

Après un dernier patch pas franchement excitant, celui qui vient d'être appliqué sur Blight est beaucoup plus intéressant et riche en nouveautés: les armes Tier VI prennent un gros bonus, les monstres épiques peuvent donner des pets à leur effigie (très rares) et on note de nouveau sorts pour les Dragons ainsi que des animations uniques qui viennent remplacer les effets provisoires moches qu'on se tapait depuis le début du jeu. Alléchant. De plus, à l'approche d'Halloween, le Fall Festival est de retour avec de nouveaux masques à collectionner.

- Boosted the Aura of Health buff percentage and duration. It now lasts 25 seconds (up from 15) and heals 3% (up from 2%). II now lasts 35 seconds (up from 30) and heals 4.5% (up from 3.5). III now heals 6% (up from 5%)
- Inspired Freedom now gives guaranteed chance for Slivers of Freedom to drop
- Falgut the Slaver is now even less healthy but deals more damage
- Priceless weapons now give +144 skill bonus instead of +36
- Misty Aura no longer conflicts with other auras
- Misty Aura Effect now gives 100-150 instead of 100-100 health
- Cursed Health Potion now heals for 2500 health
- Machine of Inhibition will now properly spawn Palmyran Defenders around itself and fight back
- Gruk and Fafnir now have new appearances
- Epic bosses (with the exception of Surtheim/Daknor/ProjectX) now all have a very, very rare chance to drop pet versions of themselves
- Dragons now have unique effects for several spells instead of placeholders:
*Prime Bolt
*Improved Prime Bolt
- Four new Dragon spells have been added and their formulas are now obtainable as regular loot from various monsters and chests:
*Primal Burst
*Primal Strike
*Primal Chains
*Primal Spark
- South Gate and Harton Valley have been decorated.
- Updated mobile resource node gather distances.
- Typos fixed in the Hours of Frost tech kit descriptions.
- The Hours of Frost dragon scale and biped masks have had a facelift done to their icons as well as their respective tech kits.
- Valkoth the Ancient now offers attunement quests to Pyrakis and Nu'delak to all dragons.
- Increased limit for Slayer of the Myloc Queen banner and mural to unlimited
- Alyssa's Touch (all versions) now work correctly and give casting delay bonus (hotfixed all shards)
- Dragon's Primal Rebirth post delay has been reduced
- Fishing distance raised from 30m to 40m

Fall Festival

- The Fall Festival grounds have received some decorational upgrades.
- Spawns in the Fall Festival Haunting Ground have been revamped to be less linked and more diverse. Several truly terrifying creatures have been spotted in the deepest reaches.
- All fall festival masks, as well as the fall festival shirt, can now be used to create a tech kit to put on your fighting gear, though this requires some candy each time! Stacks with all types of armor.
- A new dragon head scale and biped mask - Regal Head Scale and Regal Mask - are now available for purchase from Jacques.
- Four new Dragon masks and one new Biped mask are available for purchase from Jacques as well as per the results of the fall festival contest!
.2017 Fall Festival Blighted Masque Head Scale by NegraLuna Star
.2017 Fall Festival Worn Head Scale by Fiedlerite
.2017 Fall Festival Monster Head Scale by PurpleShadow
*Runner Ups
.2017 Fall Festival Skin Head Scale by Azramael Akharosh
.2017 Fall Festival Skinwraith Mask by Shaadravari
- Three new stories have been added to the world as per the results of the fall festival contest!
."The Lurker in the Depths" by Machaeon Endrad
."Borban Bagglecogs, the Butcher" by Theeda Novelia
."The Mindlasher's Trail" by Saso
- Three new murals have been added to lairs as per the results of the fall festival contest!
."Skeleton Mural" by Azramael Akharosh
."Fall Friends" by Theeda Novelia
."Burnbones Mural" by Theeda Novelia
- One new banner has been added to plots as per the results of the fall festival contest!
."Lurker in the Depths" by Hetanko Grumpmaster
- The follow icons have received some quality assurance adjustments: Celestial Head Scale, Alien Head Scale, Killer Head Scale, Paperbag Head Scale, Pumpkin Head Scale, Skull Head Scale, Skunk Head Scale, Saris Head Scale, and Sun & Moon Head Scale
- Spider Head Scale, Madame Butterfly Head Scale, Triclopse Head Scale, and Nyrevin's Apology Head Scale now all have custom icons corresponding to their actual look.
- Fall Harvest Mask now has its own custom icon.
- Clown Head Scale no longer is tinted purple.
- Cow Head Scale is no longer tinted brown.
- Gruok Head Scale is no longer tinted green.
- Skull Head Scale is no longer tinted white.
- Ruxus Mask is no longer tinted green.
- Skull Mask is no longer tinted white.
- Mika Mask is no longer tinted purple.
- Undead Mika Mask is no longer tinted green.
- Pumpkin Mask is no longer tinted orange.
- Maggot Mask is  no longer tinted white.
- Gruok Mask is no longer tinted brown.
- Demon Mask is no longer tinted red.
- Jacques' guild tag has been updated to reflect his status as a Mask Vendor, not a Costume Vendor


Patch sur Blight du 18/09/2017 (Delta 299.4)

Ce nouveau patch sur le serveur de test apporte son lot de correctifs et d'ajustements sans réel fil conducteur en dehors d'un coup de pouce pour les Healers:

- Master Formula: Cargo Boots -- Steelsilk Cargo Boots - Minimum/Optimal level of resources fixed to correctly show 1120/1345 instead of 1020/1245
- DoT damage from Plague, Swamp Leech and Burning has been increased to 75-90
- Stone Smash and Desert Whirlwind now deal slightly less damage but have become an AoE abilities
- Disoriented and Bewildered debuffs are now removed after more hits taken
- Gift of Algontoth now increases health by 416
- Gift of Ebbe’it now heals for 46-52 and has a chance to give Lethal Poison Immunity
- Poisoned Arrow now has 20% chance to apply Lethal Poison
- Expiration damage from Lethal Poison has been reduced to 10,000
- Different types of arrow enhancements (Flame/Ice/Spirit/Lightning) of the same tier will now overwrite each other
- Different types of attack enhancements (Flame/Ice/Energy/Primal) of the same tier will now overwrite each other
- The Imperial Commission on Gambling has authorized the re-introduction of the Large Gambling Den for construction on player lands. The new structure is greatly improved with enhanced furnishings and as a result is significantly more costly to construct; it requires Tier 6 resources as well as the purchase of a Gambling Permit from the Empire.
- Ssaulios no longer sells Tavern Hiring Permit; Pawnbrokers continue to sell this permit in addition to a new Gambling Permit for 1g.
- Tame the Cyclone quest requires level 95 and 950 Nature skill
- Wolf’s Bane Aura will now properly apply from ranged attacks as well
- Fixed typo in Cursed Misty Health Potion effect.
- Platemail Chestguards that have Armor Tech Kit: Champion applied, will properly show the graphics from the tech kit.
- Crabs of all types are now less evasive
- General Reklar’s area has been decorated and expanded (new map tiles generated)
- Fallen Plague Dragons and Warriors can now be damaged while Primal Boon is active
- Group Instant Heal and Superior Heal no longer have a shared cooldown
- Hours of Frost biped Mask tech kit can now be applied to all mask types
- Antidotes sold by Imperial Menders will no longer provide one hour poison immunity, crafted ones remain unchanged
- Rift Spirit Form now adds +15 to speed while equipped to compensate for loss of gliding in the Rift.
- A Dead Spider can once again be looted from fall festival creatures.
- Town Marshall: Dancing Through the Fire quest will now also count Zal'kuk Adept that are killed.
- Town Marshall: Bludgeoner Bother quest will no longer count Zal'kuk Scout, Zal'kuk Shaman, Zal'kuk Adept that are killed
- Anarie the Loyalty Vendor will now be offering small quests for cosmetic titles to players with 100, 365, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, and 5000 days since creation.
- Formula: Adult Dragon Statue will properly engage with Stoneworking Pedestal instead of Stone Cutter machine.
- A new item called “Armor Cleaning Kit” - sold by Geoff - has been added as a way to remove graphical effects from things such the Champion or Hours of Frost 2017 tech kits on head scales, masks, etc.
- Formula: Dragon Journal Collection and Dwarven Relic Collection now require Intuition skill instead of Ingenuity
- Formula: Purified Essence Powder once again uses Intuition skill for the resource. It was inadvertently changed to Alchemy skill in June.
- All icy plot structures now use Ice Construction materials instead of Sandstone
- Adjusted resources quantities for Ice Wall Pillar, Ice Wall Archway, Ice Wall 5m, Ice Wall 10m, Ice Wall 20m
- Smashed debuff no longer has a level requirement.
- T1 - T5 Dragon Crafting Mastery Quests (that collect resources) now award a small amount of experience (instead of no experience). Previously only Crafting Mastery quests that you crafted an item would award experience.
- T1 Community Lair at NW corner of Lesser Aradoth Deadlands 198/232 now has Storage Tier 1 Community Shop storage (2 slots/80,000 bulk). Great for nearby Viridian Azyulyte and Dim Wisps.
- Unlinked Improved Mystic Blaze from Mystic Blaze (all tiers)
- Group Instant Heal is no longer linked to Superior Heal
- Life Giver bonuses increased by 40%
- Illustrious Stand now boosts the incoming healing amounts on players by 10%.  It also applies a percentage penalty to the monster's to-hit instead of a flat value.


Patch sur Blight du 15/08/2017 (Delta 299.3)

Un nouveau patch a été appliqué sur le serveur de test. A première vue, le contenu ne paie pas de mine avec les correctifs et ajustements habituels, mais il se cache dans ces lignes la refonte (partielle) de l'école des Knights of Creation avec un set d'abilities révisé et une nouvelle ligne de quêtes.

- Master Antidote no longer requires different resources from the other tiers of Antidote formulas to create the same potions.
- Quest items related to the Dusk Forest now properly stack.
- All capes now properly tint to the material they are constructed from.
- Surtheim Fragment Ally’s Aura of Flame effect will no longer dispell from mob when Breath of Lightning is cast.
- The Snowdragon Head Scale has received a unique texture so that it no longer is a copy of the Phantom Head Scale
- Formula: Master Cargo Boots requires 1120 Tinkering (incorrectly set at 1020)
- Knight of Creation has received a new improved skillset
- Speaking to Fillet while on quest: Mementos for Fillet would not progress quest.
- Falgut the Slaver now has less health.
- Resized Drakul lairs: Ar’akis, Chirdelak, Incignat, Sylrak, Myrkjira, Pyrakis, Liakis, Soklifak, Aklet.
- Demonte Seviris is now known as Most Honored and has updated dialog.  He offers two quests for new (or old) Knights of Creation.
- Galean Adair the KnoC Trainer is now known as Honored Galean Adair and has updated dialog.  He has relocated to Aughundell.
- Werewolves in the DUsk Forest can transmit a weak lycanthropy on bite.
- Quest “Earn Title: Expert Crystalshaper” now checks if you have completed the quest, not if you have the title or not.
- Arena Gatekeeper is now known as Akalivar and has a regular appearance and clothing.  Master Akalivar now offers attunement to the Isles of Battle through a quest instead of his regular dialog.
- Renamed Spider Head Scale (obsolete) to Spiderwebs Head Scale
- Put Killer and Spiderwebs Head Scale back in Jacques Allantyrn's Inventory