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Patch sur Blight du 18/09/2017 (Delta 299.4)

Ce nouveau patch sur le serveur de test apporte son lot de correctifs et d'ajustements sans réel fil conducteur en dehors d'un coup de pouce pour les Healers:

- Master Formula: Cargo Boots -- Steelsilk Cargo Boots - Minimum/Optimal level of resources fixed to correctly show 1120/1345 instead of 1020/1245
- DoT damage from Plague, Swamp Leech and Burning has been increased to 75-90
- Stone Smash and Desert Whirlwind now deal slightly less damage but have become an AoE abilities
- Disoriented and Bewildered debuffs are now removed after more hits taken
- Gift of Algontoth now increases health by 416
- Gift of Ebbe’it now heals for 46-52 and has a chance to give Lethal Poison Immunity
- Poisoned Arrow now has 20% chance to apply Lethal Poison
- Expiration damage from Lethal Poison has been reduced to 10,000
- Different types of arrow enhancements (Flame/Ice/Spirit/Lightning) of the same tier will now overwrite each other
- Different types of attack enhancements (Flame/Ice/Energy/Primal) of the same tier will now overwrite each other
- The Imperial Commission on Gambling has authorized the re-introduction of the Large Gambling Den for construction on player lands. The new structure is greatly improved with enhanced furnishings and as a result is significantly more costly to construct; it requires Tier 6 resources as well as the purchase of a Gambling Permit from the Empire.
- Ssaulios no longer sells Tavern Hiring Permit; Pawnbrokers continue to sell this permit in addition to a new Gambling Permit for 1g.
- Tame the Cyclone quest requires level 95 and 950 Nature skill
- Wolf’s Bane Aura will now properly apply from ranged attacks as well
- Fixed typo in Cursed Misty Health Potion effect.
- Platemail Chestguards that have Armor Tech Kit: Champion applied, will properly show the graphics from the tech kit.
- Crabs of all types are now less evasive
- General Reklar’s area has been decorated and expanded (new map tiles generated)
- Fallen Plague Dragons and Warriors can now be damaged while Primal Boon is active
- Group Instant Heal and Superior Heal no longer have a shared cooldown
- Hours of Frost biped Mask tech kit can now be applied to all mask types
- Antidotes sold by Imperial Menders will no longer provide one hour poison immunity, crafted ones remain unchanged
- Rift Spirit Form now adds +15 to speed while equipped to compensate for loss of gliding in the Rift.
- A Dead Spider can once again be looted from fall festival creatures.
- Town Marshall: Dancing Through the Fire quest will now also count Zal'kuk Adept that are killed.
- Town Marshall: Bludgeoner Bother quest will no longer count Zal'kuk Scout, Zal'kuk Shaman, Zal'kuk Adept that are killed
- Anarie the Loyalty Vendor will now be offering small quests for cosmetic titles to players with 100, 365, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, and 5000 days since creation.
- Formula: Adult Dragon Statue will properly engage with Stoneworking Pedestal instead of Stone Cutter machine.
- A new item called “Armor Cleaning Kit” - sold by Geoff - has been added as a way to remove graphical effects from things such the Champion or Hours of Frost 2017 tech kits on head scales, masks, etc.
- Formula: Dragon Journal Collection and Dwarven Relic Collection now require Intuition skill instead of Ingenuity
- Formula: Purified Essence Powder once again uses Intuition skill for the resource. It was inadvertently changed to Alchemy skill in June.
- All icy plot structures now use Ice Construction materials instead of Sandstone
- Adjusted resources quantities for Ice Wall Pillar, Ice Wall Archway, Ice Wall 5m, Ice Wall 10m, Ice Wall 20m
- Smashed debuff no longer has a level requirement.
- T1 - T5 Dragon Crafting Mastery Quests (that collect resources) now award a small amount of experience (instead of no experience). Previously only Crafting Mastery quests that you crafted an item would award experience.
- T1 Community Lair at NW corner of Lesser Aradoth Deadlands 198/232 now has Storage Tier 1 Community Shop storage (2 slots/80,000 bulk). Great for nearby Viridian Azyulyte and Dim Wisps.
- Unlinked Improved Mystic Blaze from Mystic Blaze (all tiers)
- Group Instant Heal is no longer linked to Superior Heal
- Life Giver bonuses increased by 40%
- Illustrious Stand now boosts the incoming healing amounts on players by 10%.  It also applies a percentage penalty to the monster's to-hit instead of a flat value.


Patch sur Blight du 15/08/2017 (Delta 299.3)

Un nouveau patch a été appliqué sur le serveur de test. A première vue, le contenu ne paie pas de mine avec les correctifs et ajustements habituels, mais il se cache dans ces lignes la refonte (partielle) de l'école des Knights of Creation avec un set d'abilities révisé et une nouvelle ligne de quêtes.

- Master Antidote no longer requires different resources from the other tiers of Antidote formulas to create the same potions.
- Quest items related to the Dusk Forest now properly stack.
- All capes now properly tint to the material they are constructed from.
- Surtheim Fragment Ally’s Aura of Flame effect will no longer dispell from mob when Breath of Lightning is cast.
- The Snowdragon Head Scale has received a unique texture so that it no longer is a copy of the Phantom Head Scale
- Formula: Master Cargo Boots requires 1120 Tinkering (incorrectly set at 1020)
- Knight of Creation has received a new improved skillset
- Speaking to Fillet while on quest: Mementos for Fillet would not progress quest.
- Falgut the Slaver now has less health.
- Resized Drakul lairs: Ar’akis, Chirdelak, Incignat, Sylrak, Myrkjira, Pyrakis, Liakis, Soklifak, Aklet.
- Demonte Seviris is now known as Most Honored and has updated dialog.  He offers two quests for new (or old) Knights of Creation.
- Galean Adair the KnoC Trainer is now known as Honored Galean Adair and has updated dialog.  He has relocated to Aughundell.
- Werewolves in the DUsk Forest can transmit a weak lycanthropy on bite.
- Quest “Earn Title: Expert Crystalshaper” now checks if you have completed the quest, not if you have the title or not.
- Arena Gatekeeper is now known as Akalivar and has a regular appearance and clothing.  Master Akalivar now offers attunement to the Isles of Battle through a quest instead of his regular dialog.
- Renamed Spider Head Scale (obsolete) to Spiderwebs Head Scale
- Put Killer and Spiderwebs Head Scale back in Jacques Allantyrn's Inventory


Patch sur Blight du 07/07/2017 (Delta 299.2)

Un mini patch a été publié sur Blight afin de terminer les derniers ajustements pour la publication imminente sur les serveur réguliers:

- Ssaulios sells Dirt for those who don’t have patience to collect free Dirt from Barrels.
- Staves now have a tricking (customization) option for blue orbs.
- Piercing Winds technique (all tiers) will no longer change attack type and prevent damage abilities from being used


Patch sur Blight du 30/06/2017 (Delta 299.1)

Un nouveau patch a été appliqué sur le serveur de tests. En plus des correctifs et ajustements habituels, celui-ci introduit de nouvelles décorations pour les terrains des joueurs.

- Cursed summoning potion now summons the Cauldron for 5 minutes.
- Cursed Glass Strength potion now give 3K strength.
- Adult Dragon Statue Formula now requires use of Stone Cutter instead of Stoneworking Pedestal
- Adjusted the spawn quantities within the Chiconis Battlefield
- Undead within the Chiconis Battlefield now have more predictable social behavior (followers are social with their leaders - Commander Turclid and Risen Adepts) but otherwise aren't social
- Scorpions now properly use all of their attack abilities
- Lethal Poison will no longer conflict with other poisons
- Mind Bolt (all tiers) now have regular bolt casting animation
- Mind Damage technique (all tiers) now applies name modifiers
- Player windmills now have rotating blades
- Tool: Tier 2 and higher Smithing Hammers and Tongs have tricking options when creating them.
- Regular (not blighted) weapons re-verified and updated for consistency on texture, geometry, tinting, tricking. This round includes weapons that require Weaponsmith skill to create and those that should have wood handles and metal blades. These weapons will now have a normal wood (tinted) handle attached to a metal blade/head.
- New plot decorations:
*Flower Planter, Mixed Flowers 1
*Flower Planter, Tulips
*Flower Planter, Mixed Flowers 2
*Flower Planter, Fruit & Herb
*Flower Planter, Sslik w/Pond
*Tree, Large Willow
*Tree, Leafy Branched
*Tree, Autumn Branched
*Tree, Twisted
*Tree, leafy 2
*Tree, Twisted Dead
*Tree Stump
*Tree Stump, Mossy
*Tree, Dry Pine
*Tree, Scrub Pine
*Enchanted Fiendish Tree
*Dead Oak Tree
*Dead Hollow Tree
*Hollow Tree Log
*Hollow Tree Log w/Spider Webs
*Cluster of Mushrooms
*Fallen Rocks
*Cluster of Desert Rocks
*Large Snow Column
*Large Cactus
*Medium Cactus
*Small Cactus
- Dragons have one new decal pattern. (Thank you Azramael!)
- Re-adjusted the treasure chances (in particular the weights of "no treasure" and Rift Tokens) on all monsters in the Rift
- Some monsters in the Rift now have lower health
- Aggathos now have more health
- Valkor the Impaler is now sporting some sweet shoulder pads.


Patch sur Blight du 09/06/2017 (Delta 299)

Un nouveau patch a été appliqué au serveur de test. Au programme, principalement des corrections et ajustements à l'équipement et aux sorts épiques récemment introduits mais aussi quelques notes mystérieuses sur un éventuel contenu...

- Spell Mystery Boxes from Formulatrons can now give Mind Bolt formulas as they are drop-only formulas.
- Draconic Combust has been renamed to Primal Combust.
- Most of the new epic items and augmentations now have icons.
- Various small adjustments have been made to the damage output and buff application chance of some items.
- Nature and Flame skills are no longer listed as "<Missing>" on the new epic weapons
- Surtheim Fragment Ally, Flame Elemental Ally, Primal Combust, and Combust are now attune-on-equip for the allies and overall unattuned for the spells instead of being attuned on creation.
- Mystic Component now properly requires 10 of the epic resource, not 1.
- Aura of Flame now properly gives a DoT and not a buff to enemies.
- Magma Bomb and Breath of Magma can now be properly used against enemies.
- Disturbance and Smoldering are no longer considered attuned.
- The Queen’s Vertebrae no longer lists ‘DRAG’ as a valid school.
- Primal Combust now properly asks for 1000 Primal and not 1000 Flame.
- Primal Combust and Combust now actually give their augmentation.
- The Queen’s Vertebrae properly uses 2 Hand Crush to calculate damage instead of Unarmed.
- Breath of Magma now properly uses the Dragon’s Reach casting animation rather than the default swipe animation.
- Crows now have color and don’t look like a void. (Thank you Ghuran)
- Quest "Kerian: Learn to Technique a Spell" no longer sends you to Braekhis Camp, but instead sends you towards the Ore Refinery.
- Lerena once again has an NPC that offers attunement.
- Removed "quest_task_dragon" from Gerix and Xarinnis' quests so you can obtain more than one now.
- In'athoi at the Tower of Healing now offers the "Lore Quest: The Forgotten Ones"
- Enchanting skill is now a primary skill for Alchemist school
- Fafnir the Defiler got some of his old abilities back.
- Scorch once again deals potentially survivable damage but it's cooldown and cast times were slightly reduced.
- Shard's of Freedom cooldown has been reduced to 10 seconds.
- Epic Boss Auras can now be manually removed.

Excerpt from the New Rachival Research Institute Quarterly Letters
… Increased volcanic activity on the Island of Fire prompted the Directors of the NRRI to request an updated survey.  Dantor the Scout undertook the bounty and reported that the Fire Elemental known as Surtheim appears to have weakened significantly in strength.  The cause is not known at this time.  The NRRI has put in a request for an investigation.
Dantor also noted that while investigating the crater he found that a landslide has exposed what appears to be a mine entrance.  The entrance was collapsed so he could not investigate it further or discern where it might lead.  The NRRI…
Imperial Scout-s Report, June 33 A.R…
Something strange sighted deep in the Eastern Deadlands; an object lay in the middle of a canyon surrounded by numerous grotesque, twisted trees and the minions of the Withered Aegis.  Due to the distance, my fear of discovery and the swirling maelstrom overhead, I could not discern many details.  I did not recognize the creatures, but they appeared to be undead as they walked with a strange gait.  Nor could I make out the nature of the object itself, except that it was as black as night and was nearly as large as those who stood near it … One thing, however, was clear and that was that they were protecting it.  It is certainly worthy of further investigation, though I advise extreme caution.