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Live patch du 28/03/2018: New Awakening

La première mise à jour de contenu de l'année a été portée sur les serveurs réguliers avec notamment un New Trismus très réussi et très vivant. Le patch ne comportant qu'une grosse Delta et une série de correctifs, les notes de développement sont fatalement assez similaires à celle de la Delta 302:

New Awakening


- Almost every dragon NPC in the game has been given some love to appear more unique visually.
- All dragons who previously used the red / green default textures now have a unique design. (Excluding Karane and Semeneth)
- All trainers that offer questlines now have a guild tag that reflects their profession. For example, Severant is "Drain Strike Mentor" and Kreig is "Quarrying Mentor".
- Any dragon NPCs who used rehashed default greeting text now should have their own unique text, especially towards bipeds. Lunus are now properly aggressive towards them and Helians are far more tolerant.
- Any dragon NPCs that offer questlines for crafting or adventuring now have unique text for any character that greets them after finishing all of their quests, recognising their efforts.

New Trismus

- Has undergone a transformation which includes new quests, new NPCs, and a new town.
- Frelic the Quartermaster now offers a daily quest for players to obtain pets.
- Two buildable towers added

Spirit Isle

- Spirit Isle has been completely revamped. Thank you Pastle for drafting!
- All tutorial quests are now completely rewritten and are now offered by the proper class NPCs instead of a singular craft or adventure NPC far from all the required mobs or resources.
- A number of new NPCs have been added to the island to spice it up and add some life.
- A town has sprung up on Spirit Isle known as Fortshire, offering a refuge for some wounded citizens of New Trismus from before its razing.
- The entire island has been beautified and received some love to be less barren and offer some small serene spots to relax and admire the view.


- Predelay reduced from 5 seconds to 1 second while recharging Blighted gear
- Beginner Ice Brick requires Sculpting skill to scribe, instead of Stoneworking
- Common resource nodes have around a 30% increase in the minimum amount they yield before depleted. Most common resources have an increase in the maximum amount you can gather per ‘swing'.
- Music in Dalimond will no longer keep restarting after you walk a short distance.
- Cedar Treantwood Totem no longer needs to be equipped, but instead is usable to grant the Gift of the Forest.  It consumes a Cedar Treant Mettle on use.
- Sslanis Militia: The Bloodletters (Part 2) has been slightly rearranged so that the 3 tasks can be completed in any order. It was possible for the quest to get stuck. Beware, if you currently have this quest in your log, you might have to delete it and restart the quest.
- Expert (Mithril Mystery Boxes) prices for Formulatron and Techatron has been reduced from 500s to 150s.
- Banner Days quest can now be repeated weekly (Hermey in New Koraelia)
- Gnomekindle Helper Pants Tech Kit and Clause Pants Tech Kit now have the correct appearance
- Trophies and Junk loot tint colors updated
- Master Metal Hinges/Struts/Springs/Gears formula now has correct requirements to scribe
- Menacing Presence ability now properly gives buff: Menacing to player and debuff: Menacing Presence to mob.
- Silver Strike and Ravage abilities now properly put Primal Strike and Primal Burst spells respectively on a 100% cooldown upon use
- Brekhantoth now has over 5,000 health to avoid being killed too fast by the fyakki in his area.
- Shard of Faces is now looted only while on the Helian 2, Lunus 2 and Memni's Challenge quests.
- Witzel the Golden and the Scholars of the Age of Warrior Kings, Lamentations, and Sorcerers no longer have spacing issues in their name.
- Logging Camp (Tier 5) requires 1200 skill, for optimal, insead of 1225 on Ironsilk Bolt, Ironsilk Tapestries, Marble Construction Keystones
- Dragon's Edge now properly affects melee attacks as well as spells and no longer has a redundant ‘I' in its name.
- Typo fixed in ARoP19 in Dgaris' text. (Missing punctuation)
- Dragon's Winter Scarf now properly consumes Istarian Express checks to produce a tech kit.
- The quest to receive the title Grand Master Dragon Crafter and Expert Dragon Lairshaper no longer conflicts with lairshaping quests.
- Sigil of Kaasha crystal will now properly trigger healing augmentation
- Adult dragon costumes can now be used by both ancient and adult dragons. Juvenile dragon costumes can now be used by juvenile, adult, and ancient dragons.
- Formulatron v0.2 has received a firmware update and now known as Formulatron v0.3
- Large Stone Statue: Adult Dragon (Facing Right) now properly requires Sandstone Construction Blocks instead of Ice Construction Blocks.
- Saritova Logging Camp and Gemcutting Shack positions updated so they are rotated correctly and not buried in terrain.
- Satyr Portals no longer require attunement
- Sslanis Militia: Battle Sugar Cane quest now deletes the Tattered Book and Ancient Mixing spoon upon completion. The next quest in series Mementos for Fillet no longer requires you to have the book or spoon in inventory to begin quest.
- The Dralnok's Doom quest item "Instructions for Empowering the Artifact" now has its own unique formula icon.
- Nyasela properly no longer asks for you to acquire a Steel Rune Stylus for the Khutit form quest.
- Spell book capacity increased from 250 to 300.
- Primal Mastery IX: Lisandia now properly talks about getting flame gullet from Flamentus instead of flame gland
- Sheila Jonis now sells Hat Boxes for Paper Bag Hat: Sad
- Dolly Day now sells three pairs of Gnomekindle related boxers that can generate tech kit versions of themselves.
- Supply Crates added on the islands of New Trismus and Lesser Aradoth
- The Sinkhole portal no longer requires attunement and auto-teleports you into the Cave of Winds
- Added a new logging camp outside of Bristugo
- Added Sandstone Walkways for player plots
- Kion has undergone a facelift, including a buildable house, decorations and improvements to give it more of a "living town" feel, as well as two new resources: avocado and coconut palm
- Sslanis has undergone a facelift
- Racial cities portals and pads now use new coloring.
- Special portals received unique textures
- Lighting System - The gnomes enslaved wisp energies inside glass orbs. No more stubbed toes!
- "The Lone Wolf of New Trismus" quest was rewritten. Thank you Pastle for your contribution!
- Platinum within Mithril's Anvil Mine is now more balanced
- Set Volcanic Eruption and Spiritual Bomb to be on a 20% shared cooldown timer, lowered Volcanic Eruption's cooldown to 150 seconds down from 180
- Five new unique dragon markings have been added. (Ten total markings counting opaque and translucent variations) Thank you Ghuran!
- A whole bunch of new dragon eyes have been added - 11 in total! 3 of which were submitted (numbers 5-7/15) - thank you Fiedlerite!
- Skull Head Scale Tech Kit now properly applies the appearance of the Skull Head Scale and not that of the 2008 Fall Festival Skull Head Scale.
- New title quests for most Greater and Lesser Epics are now available at the Eastern Outpost, Imperial Outpost, Delgarath, as well as from Morran Gizmogrinder in New Rachival, and Dantor the Scout.
- Titles earned from crafting now give bonuses.
- Dragon wards spells Arcane Refusal and Ignore Mysticism have be changed to be resists. Countercheck primal is now both a resist and a ward.
- Ambrosia of the Gods now provides an automatic superior res upon death for 4 hours after being eaten.  It also grants this blessing to those around you at the moment you eat it. If you die and get ressurected, a 1 minute evasion buff helps you get back in the fight.
- All ghost NPCs with exemption of the NPCs in New Brommel's Fall Festival now have a design and a spectral look similar to the Rift Spirit Form, differentiating them from mobs. The costumed NPCs remains as as they are wearing the ghost costume, which still makes you into a mob-like ghost as intended.
- "Spirit ofDralnok"'s name now properly reads as "Spirit of Dralnok".
- All fashion formulas have received an update to their requirements, required materials and xp.



- Khutit performs Breath animations
- Auto-teleport, and custom teleport window feedback messages for single destination locations


- Update to correct position of relative z resources (like underground, or offset in a building)
- Popup warning when overwriting techniques
- Tint is not applied to augmentations
- NPCEdit is now updated to have all the recent dragon creation screen options in Delta 302.
- Jakke no longer appears invisible and the Winter Wolf Cargo Pet and Shepherd Dog Cargo Pet should no longer howl every time you stop moving.


Live patch du 19/12/2017: Skaalkar Reborn

Les delta 301 et 301.1 ont été appliquées aux serveurs réguliers. Les grandes nouveautés sont la refonte de l'île turotiel Dragon Skaalkar, aussi bien du point de vue graphique que du contenu, le donjon Tier I au design très réussi The Caves of Wind et la refonte partielle des premiers niveaux des écoles de base.


Istaria: Chronicles of the Gifted



Content Summary

- Skalkaar, the Dragon Tutorial, has been reborn.
- The Cave of Winds, a Tier 1 mini-dungeon
- Clerical Order Ranks and Daily Quests
- Basic School Ability Adjustments (Levels 10 to 20)


- An overhaul of the Dragon tutorial island of Skalkaar has been completed.  This includes a beautification of the island to be more visually appealing, a revamp of the quests and NPC dialog, new NPCs (Creena, Malimer, Droegan, Raghael, Viseria, Daeneyr), new idle actions, and improved appearances (Drouk and Karkath).  Thanks for Pastle and others for this overhaul.

The Cave of Winds

- The Sslanis Militia is looking for assistance with a growing threat to the jungle and island!  The Bloodletters, a fierce clan of Fyakki, have overrun the Island of the Drowned and are threatening the western coast of Lesser Aradoth.

Clerical Order Ranks

- The Clerical Order has opened its ranks to Gifted players who are interested in climbing the ranks of the Order.  Visit Abbin the Registrar at the Tower of Healing.  Clerical Tokens are earned for completing quests from members of the Order around the Tower.

Basic School Ability Adjustments

Adjustments to abilities for five schools (Warrior, Mage, Cleric, Scout and Dragon Adventurer) have been completed for levels 10 to 20.
- Warrior:
*Green Stance is received at level 6
*Blue Stance is received at level 12
*Shield Stance is received at level 15
*Power Strike 2 is received at level 11, damage bonus increased from +10 to +16 and red stance now increases damage further by 10%
*Negate Attack 2 is now known as Heroic Shout II
*Distract 1 is received at level 15 and now has a recycle of 60s (down from 300s) and reduces incoming melee/ranged damage to the user by 25% for 45s 63755
*Coordinated Strike 2 now has a recycle of 60s (down from 90s)
- Scout:
*Red Stance is received at level 6
*Green Stance is received at level 12
*Blinding Shot 2 is received at level 15
*Power Shot 2 is received at level 11, the damage bonus increased from +14 to +20 and red stance now increases damage further by 10%
*Coordinated Shot 2 now has a recycle of 60s (down from 90s)
*Long Shot 2 is received at level 13 and now has a recycle of 30s (down from 60s) and the damage bonus increased from +10 to +14
- Mage:
*Group Ice Defense I received at level 14
*Red Stance received at level 12
*Green Stance received at level 6
*Group Flame Defense I is received at level 11 and now boosts flame resistance by +52
*Multicast I now has a recycle of 180s (down from 300s)
*Safety 2 is now known as Magic Shell and boosts Ethereal Armor in addition to regular Armor
*Coordinated Flame Bolt 2 now has a recycle of 60s (down from 180s)
*Enhanced Flame Bolt 2 is now known as Fireball 2, does 10% more damage while in red stance, and can burn a target increasing the damage of Tier 1 flame spells.
- Cleric:
*Instant Heal 2 now has a recycle of 30s (down from 45s) and heals 10% more while in Green Stance
*Smash 2 is received at level 11, the damage bonus increased from +8 to +10 and has a 50% chance of giving a 15s debuff that reduces the target's crush resistance by 50
*Defend Other 1 is received at level 15 and now has a recycle of 5s (down from 60s)
*Red Stance is received at level 6
*Shield Stance is received at level 13\
*Protectorate is received at level 13 and now has a recycle of 30s (down from 45s) and reduces incoming damage by 25% while in Shield Stance
*Smash 1 and 2 now have a post-delay of 2.0 (removed the pre-delay)
- Dragon Adventurer
*Menacing Presence will now reduce incoming damage by 25% while in Blue Stance
*Claw Strike 2 does 10% more damage in red stance (instead of +10) and bonus damage of +16 instead of +10
*Bite 2 does 10% additional damage in Red Stance
*Allowance of Power 1 now has a recycle of 60s (down from 90s)


- Shield Stance now counts as Stance "E"
- Modified the Spell: Fortify technique to add a flat 20 armor per tier instead of the 10% of base armor. This change allows all races to benefit from Fortify, and increases the benefit.
- Weapon Tech Kit: Sigil of Toval can be applied to Dragon Claws now
- Obsolete spells xGenerate Health I-VI now share recycle timers at 100% against all versions of the spell.
- Symbol of the Rift and Relic of the Rift will drop more when the loot is obtained
- Fixed Talisman of Revelry and Scale of Revelry to have the same keyword damage type conversion as Stone of Revelry.
- Replica Chest Scale of the Prime and Replica Tempered Chest Scale requirements have been lowered from level 30 to 25.
- Cursed Health Potion will properly consume itself upon use.
- Ambrosia Revamp: Epic ambrosia is now available!  The epic ambrosia will remove up to 10 deathpoints, and is crafted using Empyrean Essence that is harvested from Greater Epics using an essence siphon or essence harvesting ability. Vargas sells the formula, he does charge a lot for it.
- New spell and ability effects for: Dragon Heals, Arcane Refusal, Countercheck Primal, Ignore Mysticism, Gold Rage, Silver Strike, and Ravage
- There are now 3 new Wooden Training Posts (Wooden Training Post (elemental), Wooden Training Post (animal) and Wooden Training Post (Undead). These new posts will simulate attacking an animal, elemental or undead target. This will let you test techs/augmentations that only apply to a certain type.
- Prime Bolt and Improved Prime Bolt have an arcing flight path.
- New Cloudy Crystals of Parry and Block can be found on the loot tables
- New Defense tech kits of Evasion, Magic Evasion and Dodge can be found on the loot tables.
- Effect Encouraged and Fear (from Inspired crystalshaper Abilities) will now properly modify delay and recycle
- All Trinket Baubles can be manually right clicked, removed by players.
- Dispirit's delay adjustment now properly only affects melee abilities and attacks.


- Gift spells now have the "buff" keyword, which will allow Fortify and Cleanse to be applied to them.
- Epic resources (Annisil Cord, Dense Leather Band, Ithilium Bar, Taravist Crystal, and Velanthis Wood Strip) now all have their own unique icons rather than borrowing from other resources.
- Added player plot decoration Tree, autumn swampy
- Blighted Sandstone and Glass Nodules no longer spawn near the Great Battle
- Replaced Weakened Dim Wisp with Dim Wisp and Enriched Dim Wisp on Genevia Island spawns
- Adjusted the spawn quantity/rate of Wisps on Lesser Aradoth
- Introduced the chance for an Enriched Dim Wisp to spawn on New Trismus
- Replaced Weakened Dim Wisps with Enriched Dim Wisps in the Sslanis Basin
- All player vendor structures now use hiring permits when their structure is being constructed
- Updated the names of some of the Dragon machines:
*Scholar's Desk is now Spell Forge
*Gem Cutting Bench is now Gem Shaper
*Stoneworking Pedestal is now Stone Shaper


- The Guards around Machine of Inhibition are now known as Inhibition Guards and can properly be damaged with Revelry
- Azg'ulzit Fyakki are now known as Az'gulzit Fyakki
- Azg'engak Fyakki are now known as Az'genak Fyakki
- Azg'azak Fyakki are now known as Az'gazak Fyakki
- Resized and adjusted the quantity of Risen Skeletons that spawn outside the Kion South Gate.  There are now more than before, but closer to the gate only spawn 1 at a time.
- Adjusted the spawn rate and quantity of Shadow Tarantulas and Bloodflies within the WEstern Deadlands including splitting the linked Tarantula spawn into two.
- Added Bloodflies to the Shadow Spider spawns in the Western Deadlands
- Adjusted the spawn rate and quantity of Shadow Spiders in the Western Deadlands
- Lowered the maximum spawn quantity of Az'gulzit Fyakki within the Western Deadlands (from 12 to 7 each)
- Frozen Horrors now have their own school, are no longer immune to regular damage types, and no longer drop Fiery Rift loot.
- Flesh VIndicators are now Saris Mummies instead of Human
- Emir Bar'Akath is now scaled to 1.5x


- Minor typo/grammar Fixes in
*(Daily) Ruxus Ruckies.
*Abigail's Outstanding Order
*Accurate Breath II: Focusing your breath weapon
*Adeshine's Envenomed Spear
*Antolathes' Revenge
*Becoming an Adult Dragon: Choosing your Path
*Bristugo Elm Treant Troubles
*Central Valley: Forest Skulk Menace
*(Daily) Behind on my Quota
*(Daily) Fish Fillets for Market Day
*Abigail's Missing Mining Pick
*Abigail's Oustanding Order
*Alis' Squirrel Stew
*Anthas Root Tea: a Deeper Knowledge
*Attunement to Drakul
*Abigail's Oustanding Order
*Accurate Breath II: Focusing your breath weapon
*Accurate Breath III: Practice, Practice, Practice
*Anthas' Root
*Anthas Root Tea
*(Daily) Delivery to Bristugo
*Become a Primal Adept
*Become Adept with Teeth and Claws
*Attunement to Serenity - Collecting Bones
*Becoming an Adult Dragon: Choosing your Path
*Thurid: Wraith Cores (Part 3) will now properly give XP and Coin
*Central Valley: Forest Skulk Menace
*Central Valley: Shamanic Rites
*Central Valley: Shamanic Rites
*Cleaning the Coruption II
*Gold Rage II: Wintheria's Quest
*Delivery for Felessi
- (Daily) quests has been verified for consistency. All quests that give experience or coin rewards will now award the full amounts on every quest.
- The Withered Bane now once more requires the player to loot the Blighted Bone after killing the Grand Magus, to fit better with the dialogue present in the quest.
- Fixed quest "Loyalty Title - The Mature" because it says today is "your 100th day", but it could be anything greater than 100. Now says, "your 100 days of service to the empire"
- Lore Quest "Ganesh's Journal" added to Quintin in Feladan
- Added daily quests to Dekhail the Scout: "Carapace Hunt", "Sapphire Hide Hunt" and "Flaming Tongue Hunt"


- The knock-off "Presnet" mimic pets now look different to their original counterparts from the Hours of Frost event, now boasting ripped wrapping paper, torn ribbons, and overall dirtiness.
- Pleasant Canyon's port is now properly listed as Settlement: Pleasant Canyon
- Updated Skull Head Scale Tech Kit to consume itself upon applying.
- Updated Epic Travel Scroll Box 2's description to refer to the Tower of Bonds instead of the Council Chamber
- Updated Harlequin Shirt to be able to make Tech Kits properly.
- Gnomekindle wear can now be used to create tech kits of their respective appearance, including the treant shoulder pets! Other shoulder pets to follow soon.
- Almighty Cauldron now has a stat cap trigger to never allow it to reach above 39999 health and never gain more than 0 speed.
- New target window icons for numerous monsters and NPCs
- Sun Moon Head Scale Tech Kit will now properly consume itself and apply upon using
- Ryson no longer refers to the time since the detonation of the artifact and his death in specific years, but merely says "more than twenty years"


- Add rest rate and hoard breath as modifiable stats
- Correct some buff timers resetting after login
- Players on Free Access sometimes can't open crates and get the rewards.
- Overhaul resource spawn / gathering calculations and data - skill will more properly apply to min / max quantities gathered
- Enhanced keyword support for attack mods. If keyword doesn't match / does match, then can apply base without mod, or apply attack with mod
- Support for create item keyword (future content)
- Dragon's Shield of Gold vs Multicast will show real damage deducted instead of incorrect damage
- FEATURE: Create "Create Keyword" action like gather keyword for quests (future content)
- Memory optimizations for inventory storage


- Quest Color Coding
- Saving/Loading UI layouts - text commands /saveLayout, /loadLayout, /deleteLayout, /renameLayout
- Custom teleport triggers (new content)
- Quest Color Coding
- Elm Treant leaves no longer get stuck midair and stretch during animations such as death.
- Show obsolete in item popup
- Resource target Icon name
- UI Fixes to improve handling of item batches / item creation
- Crash fix for teleporter missing from waypoint list
- Resource target Icon names: Fix for mother load resources
- Quest Color Coding: Save 'All' button state
- Additions to encyclopedia window
- Truncated Owner Name - Community Surveyor and Property Details Windows
- Increase Floating Name Distance
- Adjust default playing music to Gordon's guitar playing
- DPS on tooltip repeats when the weapon is equip/unequipped
- Target Window Images for Blighted Resource nodes
- Client crashes when adding 'Open Window' on Hotkey Editor


Live patch du 17/10/2017: Reklar's Reclamation

Avec ce nouveau patch sur les serveurs réguliers, les nouveautés des Delta 299.3 à 300.1 sont disponibles au plus grand nombre. Au programme, le festival Fall Harvest fait son retour, le General Reklar attend de cracher sa Breath of Plague sur les aventuriers dans sa nouvelle forteresse et l'école Knight of Creation a bénéficié d'un bon lifting. On peut également citer les nouveaux sorts pour Dragons qui font confortablement renforcer les spellcasters ou l'apparition de certain pets épiques très rares.

Rebirth of Fall

Content Summary

- Reklar's Fortress (Rebuilt)
- Knight of Creation Upgrade
- Return of the Fall Festival

Excerpt from a report by the Imperial Scouting Corp, 33 A.R.
... Devouring Plague, led by General Reklar Plaguebearer, has greatly expanded and fortified the plateau upon which the General resides... now heavily fortified with battlements protecting what appeared to be an inner courtyard... Unknown how many guards were present, but it also appears that there are far more than previously encountered... Caution is advised if venturing deep into the deadlands...

Knight of Creation

This adventure school has undergone a sizable overhaul including the replacement of abilities and a change in the school's purpose.  The school is now focused on being a "Tank" that draws the attention of monsters to itself and attempts to hold it, protecting other party members in the process.  It does this through a series of new abilities and summoned items including reactive shield abilities such as Shield Slam and taunts such as Brandish and Battle Shout.  A series of quests are also available from Honored Demonte Seviris in Dalimond.

Feature - The Fall Festival

- The Fall Festival grounds have received some decorational upgrades.
- Spawns in the Fall Festival Haunting Ground have been revamped to be less linked and more diverse.
- Several truly terrifying creatures have been spotted in the deepest reaches.
- All fall festival masks, as well as the fall festival shirt, can now be used to create a tech kit to put on your fighting gear, though this requires some candy each time! Stacks with all types of armor.
- A new dragon head scale and biped mask - Regal Head Scale and Regal Mask - are now available for purchase from Jacques.
- New Dragon masks and one new Biped mask are available for purchase from Jacques as well as per the results of the fall festival contest!
*2017 Fall Festival Blighted Masque Head Scale by NegraLuna Star (Winner)
*2017 Fall Festival Worn Head Scale by Fiedlerite (Winner)
*2017 Fall Festival Monster Head Scale by PurpleShadow (Winner)
*2017 Fall Festival Skin Head Scale by Azramael Akharosh (Runner-Up)
*2017 Fall Festival Skinwraith Mask by Shaadravari (Runner-Up)
- New stories have been added to the world as per the results of the fall festival contest!
*"The Lurker in the Depths" by Machaeon Endrad (Winner)
*"Borban Bagglecogs, the Butcher" by Theeda Novelia (Winner)
*"The Mindlasher's Trail" by Saso (Runner-Up)
- New murals have been added to lairs as per the results of the fall festival contest!
*"Skeleton Mural" by Azramael Akharosh (Winner)
*"Fall Friends" by Theeda Novelia (Winner)
*"Burnbones Mural" by Theeda Novelia (Runner-Up)
- A new banner has been added to plots as per the results of the fall festival contest!
- "Lurker in the Depths" by Hetanko Grumpmaster (Winner)
- The follow icons have received some quality assurance adjustments: Celestial Head Scale, Alien Head Scale, Killer Head Scale, Paperbag Head Scale, Pumpkin Head Scale, Skull Head Scale, Skunk Head Scale, Saris Head Scale, and Sun & Moon Head Scale
- Spider Head Scale, Madame Butterfly Head Scale, Triclopse Head Scale, and Nyrevin's Apology Head Scale now all have custom icons corresponding to their actual look.
- Fall Harvest Mask now has its own custom icon.
- Removed tinting on some head scales: Clown, Cow, Gruok, Skull, Ruxus
- Removed tinting on some masks: Ruxus, Skull, Mika, Undead Mika, Pumpkin, Maggot, Gruok and Demon
- Jacques' guild tag has been updated to reflect his status as a Mask Vendor, not a Costume Vendor
- A Dead Spider can once again be looted from fall festival creatures.


- DoT damage from Plague, Swamp Leech and Burning has been increased to 75-90
- Stone Smash and Desert Whirlwind now deal slightly less damage but have become an AoE abilities
- Disoriented and Bewildered debuffs are now removed after more hits taken
- Gift of Algontoth now increases health by 416
- Gift of Ebbe'it now heals for 46-52 and has a chance to give Lethal Poison Immunity
- Poisoned Arrow now has 20% chance to apply Lethal Poison
- Expiration damage from Lethal Poison has been reduced to 10,000
- Different types of arrow enhancements (Flame/Ice/Spirit/Lightning) of the same tier will now overwrite each other
- Different types of attack enhancements (Flame/Ice/Energy/Primal) of the same tier will now overwrite each other
- Wolf's Bane Aura will now properly apply from ranged attacks as well
- Fixed typo in Cursed Misty Health Potion effect.
- Platemail Chestguards that have Armor Tech Kit: Champion applied, will properly show the graphics from the tech kit.
- Group Instant Heal and Superior Heal no longer have a shared cooldown
- Antidotes sold by Imperial Menders will no longer provide one hour poison immunity, crafted ones remain unchanged
- Rift Spirit Form now adds +15 to speed while equipped to compensate for loss of gliding in the Rift.
- Smashed debuff no longer has a level requirement.
- Unlinked Improved Mystic Blaze from Mystic Blaze (all tiers)
- Group Instant Heal is no longer linked to Superior Heal
- Life Giver bonuses increased by 40%
- Illustrious Stand now boosts the incoming healing amounts on players by 10%.  It also applies a percentage penalty to the monster's to-hit instead of a flat value.
- Boosted the Aura of Health buff percentage and duration. It now lasts 25 seconds (up from 15) and heals 3% (up from 2%). II now lasts 35 seconds (up from 30) and heals 4.5% (up from 3.5). III now heals 6% (up from 5%)
- Inspired Freedom now gives guaranteed chance for Slivers of Freedom to drop
- Priceless weapons now give +144 skill bonus instead of +36
- Misty Aura no longer conflicts with other auras
- Misty Aura Effect now gives 100-150 instead of 100-100 health
- Cursed Health Potion now heals for 2500 health
- Dragon's Primal Rebirth post delay has been reduced.
- Dragons now have unique effects for several spells instead of placeholders: Prime Bolt, Improved Prime Bolt, Gust, Blast, Barrage, Tempest


- Master Antidote no longer requires different resources from the other tiers of Antidote formulas to create the same potions.
- Formula: Master Cargo Boots requires 1120 Tinkering (incorrectly set at 1020)
- Master Formula: Cargo Boots -- Steelsilk Cargo Boots - Minimum/Optimal level of resources fixed to correctly show 1120/1345 instead of 1020/1245
- Formula: Adult Dragon Statue will properly engage with Stoneworking Pedestal instead of Stone Cutter machine.
- A new item called "Armor Cleaning Kit" - sold by Geoff - has been added as a way to remove graphical effects from things such the Champion or Hours of Frost 2017 tech kits on head scales, masks, etc.
- Formula: Dragon Journal Collection and Dwarven Relic Collection now require Intuition skill instead of Ingenuity
- Formula: Purified Essence Powder once again uses Intuition skill for the resource. It was inadvertently changed to Alchemy skill in June.
- All icy plot structures now use Ice Construction materials instead of Sandstone
- Adjusted resources quantities for Ice Wall Pillar, Ice Wall Archway, Ice Wall 5m, Ice Wall 10m, Ice Wall 20m


- Surtheim Fragment Ally's Aura of Flame effect will no longer dispell from mob when Breath of Lightning is cast.
- Werewolves in the Dusk Forest can transmit a weak lycanthropy on bite.
- Crabs of all types are now less evasive
- Falgut the Slaver is now less healthy but deals more damage
- Machine of Inhibition will now properly spawn Palmyran Defenders around itself and fight back
- Gruk and Fafnir now have new appearances
- Epic bosses (with the exception of Surtheim/Daknor/ProjectX) now all have a very, very rare chance to drop pet versions of themselves
- Fallen Plague Dragons and Warriors can now be damaged while Primal Boon is active


- Quest items related to the Dusk Forest now properly stack.
- Speaking to Fillet while on quest: Mementos for Fillet would not progress quest.
- Quest "Earn Title: Expert Crystalshaper" now checks if you have completed the quest, not if you have the title or not.
- Tame the Cyclone quest requires level 95 and 950 Nature skill
- Town Marshall: Dancing Through the Fire quest will now also count Zal'kuk Adept that are killed.
- Town Marshall: Bludgeoner Bother quest will no longer count Zal'kuk Scout, Zal'kuk Shaman, Zal'kuk Adept that are killed
- Anarie the Loyalty Vendor will now be offering small quests for cosmetic titles to players with 100, 365, 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, and 5000 days since creation.
- T1 - T5 Dragon Crafting Mastery Quests (that collect resources) now award a small amount of experience (instead of no experience). Previously only Crafting Mastery quests that you crafted an item would award experience.
- Valkoth the Ancient now offers attunement quests to Pyrakis and Nu'delak to all dragons.


- All capes now properly tint to the material they are constructed from.
- The Snowdragon Head Scale has received a unique texture so that it no longer is a copy of the Phantom Head Scale
- Renamed Spider Head Scale (obsolete) to Spiderwebs Head Scale
- Put Killer and Spiderwebs Head Scale back in Jacques Allantyrn's Inventory
- Hours of Frost biped Mask tech kit can now be applied to all mask types
- Updated mobile resource node gather distances.
- Typos fixed in the Hours of Frost tech kit descriptions.
- The Hours of Frost dragon scale and biped masks have had a facelift done to their icons as well as their respective tech kits.
- Four new Dragon spells have been added and their formulas are now obtainable as regular loot from various monsters and chests: Primal Burst, Primal Strike, Primal Chains, and Primal Spark


- Resized Drakul lairs: Ar'akis, Chirdelak, Incignat, Sylrak, Myrkjira, Pyrakis, Liakis, Soklifak, Aklet.
- Arena Gatekeeper is now known as Akalivar and has a regular appearance and clothing.  Master Akalivar now offers attunement to the Isles of Battle through a quest instead of his regular dialog.
- The Imperial Commission on Gambling has authorized the re-introduction of the Large Gambling Den for construction on player lands. The new structure is greatly improved with enhanced furnishings and as a result is significantly more costly to construct; it requires Tier 6 resources as well as the purchase of a Gambling Permit from the Empire.
- Ssaulios no longer sells Tavern Hiring Permit; Pawnbrokers continue to sell this permit in addition to a new Gambling Permit for 1g.
- T1 Community Lair at NW corner of Lesser Aradoth Deadlands 198/232 now has Storage Tier 1 Community Shop storage (2 slots/80,000 bulk). Great for nearby Viridian Azulyte and Dim Wisps.
- South Gate and Harton Valley have been decorated.
- Increased limit for Slayer of the Myloc Queen banner and mural to unlimited
- Fishing distance raised from 30m to 40m
- Demonte Seviris is now known as Most Honored and has updated dialog.
- Galean Adair the KnoC Trainer is now known as Honored Galean Adair and has updated dialog.  He has relocated to Aughundell.

Client Changes


- Dragons now play a unique animation when entering and exiting sleep. (Bipeds to come!)
- Allow state change to specify an animation macro
- Increase Chat Tabs from 8 to 20
- Dragons perform bow_respectful emote after a trade
- Gnome, dwarf, and half-giant males now have sleeping animations as well as khutit dragons and both genders of dryads.
- Visual Timer for Buffs / Debuffs
- Updated Map Tiles for Drakul Map
- Dragons will now play a unique animation when taking off from a run.
- The dragon sleep animation has been given slight adjustments to feel more natural.


- Noncas' Bi-Directional Scanner's icon no longer looks unfinished.
- Typos and misgendering in Khutit Emotes
- Fix for when an ability caps the fly height, permanently clips wings.
- Crash fix for renaming hot key setup
- Crash fix for emblem check at startup
- Print error message to console if terrain lines are enabled (makes client unstable)
- Hours of Frost scale and mask technique kits no longer appear as a question mark.
- Plot Windmill doesn't activate machine
- Akkinelos cultist robe should now display a texture.
- Hatchlings no longer make the happy dance emote sound effect while dying.
- Attempt to detect broken chat UI (incompatible mod) and print feedback message
- Myloc Birthing Sacs can't be selected
- Review dragon flying from run
- If structures are restricted from plot, don't fill in blank rows
- Potential crash fix in window hide UI
- Toy attachment for Holcomb house
- Background textures loading for unloaded windows
- Remove dev debug messages for flight
- Attune on Equip Messages
- Stuck in running animation when transitioning to Khutit form or Dragon form while running
- Environment Effects Persist (sometimes)
- Provide feedback if unable to update java launcher
- Ulmus Beetles (green) appear red on certain graphic cards
- Floating black spot behind the fins on dragons using head style 2
- Mobile resource nodes will perform proper distance to gather check
- When a dragon dies in the air, death to ground animation is shown to everyone surrounding (no longer stuck in the air)
- Special effect locators for bows fixed (for playing special effects with bow weapons) #4546
- Add time to casting bar
- The take-off from run animation has had some slight adjustments to speed and transitioning.
- Timer window crash
- Animation fix for entering sleep state
- The movement (primarily running) animations of elves, fiends, half-giants, humans, khutit, saris, satyr, and sslik have been adjusted to be a more appropriate speed compared to real movement speed.
- Fafnir no longer plays Boss music. Gruk now plays Boss Music.
- Mesh clothing does not adjust to body
- Mouse can click/hover/highlight/interact with hotkeys/UI while cursor invisible (free look, etc.)

Server Changes


- Health check constraints (future content)


- Fix for Parry, Block and Dodge feedback
- Attuned Item disappears when swapped to a container that is for sale
- If applying novians, can only apply to plot owned by player (so that players can't apply novians to empire projects)
- Remove skipping school feedback message
- Only send the death point timer info when reducing death points (was sending bind location, etc. which was confusing in feedback)
- Allow monsters to spawn other monsters (future content)


Live patch du 11/07/2017: Surtheim Ascending

Ce nouveau patch sur les serveur régulier rassemble les Delta 298 à 299.2 de Blight.Celui-ci se focalise sur les monstres et équipements épiques et offre de nouvelles quêtes. Le système d'emotes est en cours de refonte et seuls les Dragons sont pour l'instant concernés.

Surtheim Ascending


Content Summary

- Epic Boss and Item Updates!
- The Gnomes of New Rachival are having trouble with wolves in the Dusk Forest
- Mysterious activity in the Eastern Deadlands
- New Decorative Plot Items

Excerpt from the New Rachival Research Institute Quarterly Letters
… Increased volcanic activity on the Island of Fire prompted the Directors of the NRRI to request an updated survey.  Dantor the Scout undertook the bounty and reported that the Fire Elemental known as Surtheim appears to have weakened significantly in strength.  The cause is not known at this time.  The NRRI has put in a request for an investigation.

Dantor also noted that while investigating the crater he found that a landslide has exposed what appears to be a mine entrance.  The entrance was collapsed so he could not investigate it further or discern where it might lead.  The NRRI…

Imperial Scout's Report, June 33 A.R…
Something strange sighted deep in the Eastern Deadlands; an object lay in the middle of a canyon surrounded by numerous grotesque, twisted trees and the minions of the Withered Aegis.  Due to the distance, my fear of discovery and the swirling maelstrom overhead, I could not discern many details.  I did not recognize the creatures, but they appeared to be undead as they walked with a strange gait.  Nor could I make out the nature of the object itself, except that it was as black as night and was nearly as large as those who stood near it … One thing, however, was clear and that was that they were protecting it.  It is certainly worthy of further investigation, though I advise extreme caution.

Feature Change - The Epics

- Son of Gigaroth
*Is now calling himself a Demonic Lord and specializes in summoning and supporting minions.
*He and his Shields are now members of the Demonic Guard faction.
- Falgut the Salver
*Will now fight back more fiercely.
*Shard of Freedom is now usable on other friendly targets at the range of 10 as well as self. For self-cast during combat the caster must target himself.
*Plague Breath, Life Breath, and Venomous Breath have now been renamed to fit with the current dragon breath ability naming convention. They are now: Breath of Plague, Breath of Life, and Breath of Venom. (Note: Renaming these will cause them to sort with your other breaths in your ability tab for easier searching)
- Memory of Elial
*Now counts as a Greater Epic, drops Void Essence, and has the Greater Epic loot tables.
*Is now level 140 as per other Greater Epics. (Down from 150)
- Surtheim
*Now counts as a Greater Epic, drops Fiery Essence, and has the Greater Epic loot tables.
*Is now level 140 as per other Greater Epics. (Up from 130)
- Fafnir the Defiler
*Got some of his old abilities back.
*Scorch once again deals potentially survivable damage but it's cooldown and cast times were slightly reduced.
- Valkor the Impaler
*Is now sporting some sweet shoulder pads.
- One new epic resource can now also be received from Epic Crates: Fiery Agate Gemstone
- A new component formula, Mystic Component, is now available for purchase from Vargas the Bold. It creates two new components for the creation of new epic items, utilizing Epic Spell Cores - Elemental Shard and Ethereal Rune.
- Multiple brand new epic items are available for creation! Please be aware that currently Elial's Thorn has no proper graphics. (This will be remedied soon!) Their formulas are available for purchase from Vargas as per all other epic formulas.
- New epic weapons crafted with Void Essence (Memory of Elial):
*Void Claw - Claw - +120 power, +100 primal, improves recycle of spells by 5%, 10% chance per spell hit to apply Disturbance, an ethereal Mind DoT
*Elial's Thorn - Dagger - +75 power, +75 focus, improves recycle of spells by 5%, 10% chance per spell hit to apply Disturbance
- New epic items crafted with Fiery Essence (Surtheim):
*Flame Elemental Ally - Dragon Only - Grants a passive Aura of Flame, which is a 10m AoE Flame DoT. Grants the active ability Breath of Magma, which is a 30m ranged Breath that costs 7.5k hoard and does major damage in a 7m area. Inflicts an unstoppable flame DoT.
*Surtheim Fragment Ally - Biped Only - Grants a passive Aura of Flame, which is a 10m AoE Flame DoT. Grants the active ability Magma Bomb, which is a 30m ranged attack that costs 5 Class 5 Recharge Cells and does major damage in a 7m area. Inflicts an unstoppable flame DoT.
*Combust - Biped Only - Epic flame spell that is a slightly toned-down version of Surtheim's Combust. Inflicts Total Combustion.
*Primal Combust - Dragon Only - Epic primal spell that is a slightly toned-down version of Surtheim's Combust. Inflicts Total Combustion.
- New epic weapons crafted with Myloc Essence (Shaloth the Queen):
*Primalist's Claw - Claw - +120 primal, +100 power, +25 dps on ranged spells, 10% chance to proc Primalist's Power on spell hit (spell delay/cooldown reduction), 5% chance to proc Primalist's Shell on spell hit (heal on receiving hits, spell immunity)
*The Queen's Vertebrae - Maul - +65 life, +65 nature, +100 power, 5% chance of "The Queen's Wisdom" (heal boost, +life/nature) on spell hit, 5% chance of "The Queen's Strength (+power and health) on spell hit
- Greater and Lesser Epic Auras will no longer conflict with each other.


- Holy Armament of Istara (I through IV) now give the proper buff.
- Growling Purple Presents now use the proper loot table
- The casting animation should now properly play when casting the spells Resurrection I - V.
- The techniques Spell: Mind Range I-V now have the proper coin and hoard values.
- The description of Citrine Golem Chips now correctly displays the tier of the Heal Recycle technique.
- Accurate Breath will no longer be awarded from leveling at levels 15, 25 and 35.
- Key to New Rachival and 2017 Hours of Frost Ice Mask (Dragon & Biped) now properly show what they consume.
- Disorienting Venom debuffs are now known as Slightly, Moderately, Greatly and Enormously Disoriented.  They also now do unstoppable damage and all have increased damage output (up from 1-2).
- Fortified buffs now have a duration by Tier of 120, 135, 150, 165, and 180 and no longer conflict with Enhance and Raise Armor.
- Spell: Fortify V tech now has a correct 65% chance of applying Fortified V (down from 100%).
- Increased the duration of New Rachival's Blessing from 30s to 300s and lowered its coin value from 1000 to 300. Now boosts your Magic Defense by +50.
- Changed all Cure Poison spells to no longer be attuned (initial change pushed with the Menders)
- Changed level Breath of Flame Burst is received for Fire Golems to lvl 80 instead of lvl 20.
- Increased coin values of Pulsing Spectrum buffs so that they will overwrite Cloak of Thorns.
- Various small adjustments have been made to the damage output and buff application chance of some items.
- Lethal Poison will no longer conflict with other poisons
- Mind Bolt (all tiers) now have regular bolt casting animation
- Mind Damage technique (all tiers) now applies name modifiers
- Piercing Winds technique (all tiers) will no longer change attack type and prevent damage abilities from being used


- Dragons now have five new decal tints. (Thank you Aekaitz!)
- Adult Dragon Statue Formula now requires use of Stone Cutter instead of Stoneworking Pedestal

Portal System Changes

- The portal system in general has been streamlined, removing extraneous and duplicate destinations from the outlands portal in Bristugo.
- Portal destinations have been renamed from "[Region Name]: [Destination]" back to their previous designation of Guild, Settlement, City, or no label.
- The portal menu now has a "region" column to the left of the destination that lists the region a destination lies in. All destinations should now conform to this new visual system.


- New plot decorations:
*Flower Planter, Mixed Flowers 1
*Flower Planter, Tulips
*Flower Planter, Mixed Flowers 2
*Flower Planter, Fruit & Herb
*Flower Planter, Sslik w/Pond
*Tree, Large Willow
*Tree, Leafy Branched
*Tree, Autumn Branched
*Tree, Twisted
*Tree, leafy 2
*Tree, Twisted Dead
*Tree Stump
*Tree Stump, Moss
*Tree, Dry Pine
*Tree, Scrub Pine
*Enchanted Fiendish Tree
*Dead Oak Tree
*Dead Hollow Tree
*Hollow Tree Log
*Hollow Tree Log w/Spider Webs
*Cluster of Mushrooms
*Fallen Rocks
*Cluster of Desert Rocks
*Large Snow Column
*Large Cactus
*Medium Cactus
*Small Cactus
- Player windmills now have rotating blades


- Ancient Barasavian Charm (tech kit) now properly requires the correct quest to use.
- The Sigil of Telak no longer requires you to be a dragon to wear, but requires level 40 adventure instead of level 7.
- Tsraari's Spirit Form Aura Effect now properly makes you glow instead of giving you a "no asset" box.
- "Avenge the Fallen (Part 5)" no longer incorrectly refers to the Fallen Patriarch as the Risen Patriarch and hints to the player to loot the corpse as required by future quests.
- "Blacksmith:  High Demand for Large Axes" now properly refers to Large Axes rather than "Bastards Swords"
- "Gerix's Quest:  Visit the Grand City of Chiconis" will no longer block attunement to Sable Shores.
- New trophy quests that ask for 100 trophies per turn in has been added to all trophy hunters from Tier 2 to Tier 6.
- Quest "Kerian: Learn to Technique a Spell" no longer sends you to Braekhis Camp, but instead sends you towards the Ore Refinery.
- Removed "quest_task_dragon" from Gerix and Xarinnis" quests so you can obtain more than one now.
- In'athoi at the Tower of Healing now offers the "Lore Quest: The Forgotten Ones"


- Turoth the Fire Golem should no longer be able to use Breath of Flame Burst.
- Re-arranged and updated the spawns and rates of Brownback Wolves near Reed Lake.
- Dark Crawlers can now be found near Reed Lake and the Southern Swamp
- Large Muck Flies can now be found within the Southern Swamp
- Adjusted the spawn quantities within the Chiconis Battlefield
- Undead within the Chiconis Battlefield now have more predictable social behavior (followers are social with their leaders - Commander Turclid and Risen Adepts) but otherwise aren't social
- Scorpions now properly use all of their attack abilities
- Aggathos now has more health
- Some monsters in the Rift now have lower health


- Master Invisible Cargo Cap now exists as a formula and can be bought from Finagle Biggletorque alongside the rest of the master cargo gear set.
- Enchanting skill is now a primary skill for Alchemist school
- Tool: Tier 2 and higher Smithing Hammers and Tongs have tricking options when creating them.
- Staves now have a tricking (customization) option for blue orbs.
- Ssaulios sells Dirt for those who don't have patience to collect free Dirt from Barrels.
- Doubled the cost of Green Licorice
- Spell Mystery Boxes from Formulatrons can now give Mind Bolt formulas as they are drop-only formulas.
- Regular (not blighted) weapons re-verified and updated for consistency on texture, geometry, tinting, tricking. This round includes weapons that require Weaponsmith skill to create and those that should have wood handles and metal blades. These weapons will now have a normal wood (tinted) handle attached to a metal blade/head.

World Changes

- Decorations added to the Rift
- Lemnus now provides attunement to Frostwatch
- Shelter Pass now has outgoing destinations from its portal.
- A new emblem "Looking for Role-Play" is now available for purchase from Geoff.
- Emblem: AFK now limits your speed and fly speed to 0 as a reminder to take the title off when you return from being away.
- Drakul has been greatly beautified and has two new destination pads.
- Lerena once again has an NPC that offers attunement.
- New quests are available in New Rachival, involving the Dusk Forest.
- Re-adjusted the treasure chances (in particular the weights of "no treasure" and Rift Tokens) on all monsters in the Rift
- Crows now have color and don't look like a void. (Thank you Ghuran)

Client Changes

- The default dragon sit animation has been greatly slowed down and extended to avoid the ‘too much sugar' effect.
- Fixes to structure / lair build window so things move more smoothly from planning to being build.
- Fixes to planning window so that structures are properly scaled in planning window.
- Fixes to NPC dialog and quest channels so that NPC chat pop ups can not be hidden
- Dragon tiger-stripe and ripple markings cleaned up so they appear much smoother and more clearer.
- The dragon eating animations have been redone to be much more natural to the race.
- Special target frame to make GM recognition easier
- Support for teleporter regions in quests (future content)
- Idle animation integration with quest steps
- Fix for gem resource nodes sometimes being without color
- The beginning of the revamp for emotes with sound has begun. Dragons are the first to receive changes, though other races will be following suit in the future.This means:
*All emotes for the dragon stages (hatchling through ancient) no longer require or support /emote_s to add a sound to it. Sound is played by default. Emote sounds can, however, be silenced still with /setpref muteemotes true
*Nearly all dragon emotes have had their sounds changed to use existing and/or more natural sounds rather than music, sound effects, or chimes.
*The emote "dance" has been renamed to "cower" and given updated text to reflect the new purpose.
*A replacement brand new "dance" emote animation has been added to fill the gap.
*Emotes have been placed in proper alphabetical order.
- Fix for texture env / specularity rendering and multiplied env / specularity when re-equipping items so that double, triple, etc. equipping doesn't double / triple apply the env or specularity effects.
- Region columns in the teleport window no longer cut off the region names and the destination list now properly alphabetizes by default.
- Fix steelsilk cargo wristband so that color/tint shows when a dye kit is applied
- Change the color of feedback errors so that it's easier to see (make slightly less red). First pass is item creation window.
- Add creature rating to target window
- Fix broken textures for some normal weapons (normal + tricking options). Blighted not verified this round.
- Cancel AFK if player moves
- Support for hotkeys holding state about things they consume and updating ready status
- Set effect unload distance to be pref->effectMaxRange instead of object load distance
- Make emblem slot auto-hide when not in use
- Add pet slot to checks for novians when performing construction
- Noncas' Bi-Directional Scanner's icon no longer looks unfinished.

Server Changes

- Future support for max attribute checks with abilities
- Future support for steal health and convert into hoard
- Tighten up the variability of high interval timers to within 1 second.
- When consigning items, 5% up front and 5% when sale completes
- Correct the community name returned for plot
- Cap run speed at 275 because Friz Freleng says so
- Future support for spawn event in quests
- Adjust all combat so there's a 2% of failure, and 2% chance of success, no matter the stats.
- Future content support for preventing a player from unequipping an item
- Future support for kill target trigger
- Fix "ouline" to "outline" in feedback messages
- Optimize network messages for community info (sc-extended-community)
- Changes to fix npc name lookup / referencing problems
- Increase view distance of players / monsters to 150m to load and 200m to unload.
- Revise feedback message when equipment is preventing recall.
- Allow khuitit to hoard items
- Support for min/max % of health constraint (future content)


Live patch du 11/04/2017: The Cults Chapter II

Un nouveau patch a été appliqué sur les serveurs réguliers couvrant les Delta 294 à 297 publiées sur Blight. Les points les plus importants sont une nouvelle série de quêtes liées aux Cultes et une améliorations des terrains de certaines communautés.

Content Summary

- Major overhaul of player communities on the mainland.  Plots have been merged or enlarged, towns beautified, portals and pads added to some.
- Monk levels 1 to 10 has been given an upgrade.
- New Rachival and surrounding lands have undergone a transformation that includes new monsters and quests!


- Guild: Serenity - Has acquired a teleport gate and Tier 1 and 2 resources have been spotted nearby.
- Lower Sslanis - Merged all of the community's plots into a single large plot of land and has constructed a road from the beach to the top of the ridge.
- Sanctuary Bay - Merged and expanded some of the plots, added two Dragon lairs, and added a teleport gate.
- South March - Removed one of the lairs and several plots to make room for expansion of others.  There has been a boon of Tier 1 resources discovered near the community.
- Slate Hills - Removed several plots to make room for expansion of others.  Beautified the area including trees, a new gazebo, and a pond in front of the dragon lair.  Flax now spawns near the western side of town and the slate has been adjusted to align better with the terrain.
- North Mahagra - Merged the plots into one larger one, expanded the lair, and added an artifact for the community to enjoy.
- Parsinia - Merged and expanded the plots of the community. New structures have sprung up around town.
- Ar'delak - Formerly plots and lairs above Parsinia, this new community contains only the two lairs that have been expanded and the area in front beautified.
- Heart - Merged and expanded the plots, beautified the area in front of the lair and added a large plot that was formerly in Lower Heart to the community.  Some farm resources have been planted for the residents near the south end of town.
- Lower Heart - Removed all of the plots, making it a lair-only community, and renamed it Vel'akir.
- Pleasant Canyon - Constructed a teleport gate and renewed interest has led to the discovery of significant Tier 1 resources around the canyon.
- Duskhold - Merged and expanded the plots, added a destination pad, and beautified the area.
- Granite HIlls - Added a teleport gate and moved the destination pad into the Tazoon Region group (it now requires attunement).
- Frostwatch - Added a destination pad and teleport gate.
- Sable Shore - Merged and expanded plots.
- Lower Bridgeview - Merged and expanded plots.
- Upper Bridgeview - Merged and expanded plots, added the lair from Lower Bridgeview, and added a destination pad.
- Elmnic - Merged and expanded plots
- Scorpion's Claw - Moved teleport gate into the community, merged and expanded plots.
- Water's Edge - Added a teleport gate
- Bridgehold - Merged and expanded plots
- North Parsinia - Removed the plots, leaving only lairs.  Large Sand Beetles have quickly taken over the beaches and flax has been found in the hills across the road.
- Spire's Gate - Resized the lone plot, added a teleport gate near the northern end of town.
- Spire's Trail - Merged and expanded plots and enlarged the lair.
- King's Cross - Merged and expanded the plots, added a teleport gate, a shrine, and a new trade center.
- Dalimond Ridge Gate - Removed the lone plot, renamed the community Selikoth
- Frost Boulder - Resized the plots and added a destination pad
- Winter's Peak - Added a teleport gate, increased the size of the tiniest plot.  The destination pad now requires attunement.
- Shelter Pass - Merged and expanded the plots, added a destination pad and teleport gate.  Kenaf and Cedar have been found west and north of town.
- Forest Guard - Enlarged some plots, planted trees, redrew the roads around town, and added a teleport gate.
- Selen Shore - Community is now known as North Selen to match the map label, merged and expanded the plots, added a destination pad and a teleport gate.  Planted some trees to improve the look of the town and redrew the roads around town.
- Saritova - Beautified the area of the twin lairs.
- North Saritova - Added a pier and merged plots.
- Cedar Cove - Merged and expanded plots, redrew the cedar trees around town to align better with the new terrain and to not cross over roads, added more roads around town to plots as well as a lake and bridge.
- Mahagra now requires attunement, Gruntour the Trophy Hunter will offer it to players.
- Kirasanct now requires attunement, Maakhil the Sentinel will offer it to players.
- Feladan now requires attunement, Master Tareviel will offer it to players.
- Asenath in Lower Bridgeview now offers attunement to Upper Bridgeview as well.
- Dralk has been beautified! (Thanks Tilithia!)
- New Rachival NPCs have gotten a facelift and have re-arranged themselves in preparation for the continuance of the Tier 3 revamp.
- North Sarivota - Resized a small plot
- Saritova - Merged and resized several plots
- Guild: Surin - Merged and resized several plots
- Guild: Nong - Merged and resized several plots and added an artifact
- Fixed a tear in the terrain near Water's Edge
- Several Harro plots have had their plot markers moved outside of their boundary.
- Further improved looks of following Communities: Elmnic, Scorpion's Claw, Water's Edge, Bridgehold, South Point, Kenaf Port, North Parsinia, Spire's Gate, Spire's Trail, King's Cross, Selikoth, Frost Boulder, Winter's Peak, Shelter Pass, Forest Guard, North Saritova, Saritova, Cedar's Cove, Mia's Edge, Grayling, Dikaina, Lerena.


- The following creatures that have a polymorph potion to transform into them now have had some animation state fixes applied, or new animations created to fill voids in states. They should now be able to respond properly to most player actions while transformed such as gathering, fighting, sitting, sleeping, etc:  Deer, Wisp, Cow, Chicken, Sheep
- Polysplash potions are now correctly set up to consume themselves upon use
- Alchemists now get 8 Enchanting per level
- The Gnomekindle Cashiers have received a new shipment of presents to exchange with players for a hefty sum of ornaments.
- Cows and Sheep will now stand still while you gather resources from them
- Ancient Dragon Ghost costume fixed to appear as ghost instead of zombie
- Elm Tree spawns on Abandoned Isle have been split up
- Large Elm Trees have been spotted on Abandoned Isle
- Expanded the Blighted Glowing Essence Residue near Shelter Pass
- Enraged Glowing Wisps now spawn near Shelter Pass
- The following items can no longer be traded to Nadia (used by quests): Intact Mainboard, Corrupted Shade Ectoplasm, Greater Ghost Vapor, Undead Ectoplasm, Veteran Ghost Vapor, Weaker Ghost Ectoplasm
- Dragons have one new stripe marking.
- Durghol the Chaos Warrior Trainer is now known as Durghol Blightsmasher
- Allain Bakkhar is a new Chaos Warrior Trainer located in Dalimond.
- Biped Cargo Gear now requires craft rating instead of craft level and follows a uniform 15, 25, 55, etc, pattern instead of each individual part having a different requirement.
- A new set of Steelsilk Cargo Gear has been invented and is now available to the general public. See Finagle Biggletorque in Delgarath for the formulas.
- The Clerical Order has sent out menders to various towns and cities.
- Seal of the Clerical Order technique no longer tries to consume the wrong technique when being applied to armor.  
- Dragon Acceleration can now be used while in flight and lasts 20s (down from 30s).
- Improved Flame Wave I no longer gives enemy is immune to damage error. Now properly gives bonus damage when target is Burned.
- Shadowstem Processing now properly asks for a bucket in the tool description
- Parsinia has acquired a Loose Sand Deposit
- Jendre the Astronomer has taken Zebrie's Telescope and placed it near him as a memorial for the Winter Event … and science!
- Elixir of the Myloc's Focus and Strength both now produce 2 potions instead of 1, but also now require 2 Glass Vial.
- Personal Epic loot crates are now distinguishable from normal epic loot crates.
- Desert Scorpion Venom has been renamed to Hoarspur Venom and now drops solely from Stark Hoarspurs and Bound Hoarspurs.
- Pinion's debuff, Pinned, now lasts 15 seconds (up from 5 seconds).
- Memory of a Lost Elder can now be traded and consigned.
- New Trismus has become more fortified and residents are attempting to rebuild.  (Thank you Azramael)
- Reworked the cost of portals and pads across Istaria.
- Dragons have one new marking pattern.
- A spiritual remnant of Karvanoth now retells the story of the Hours of Frost
- Master Cargo Boots now properly creates Steelsilk Cargo Boots instead of Steelsilk Cargo Belts.


- Ki Strike is now received at level 1 instead of 4 and does 10% greater damage while in Red Stance.
- Evasion Boost I is received at level 2 (instead of 3)
- Chain Attack I is received at level 4 (instead of 2), recycles every 45s (down from 60s), and does 10% more damage while in Red Stance.
- Red Stance is received at level 3 (instead of 15)
- Foresight now recycles every 30s (down from 60s),
- Critical Strike I is received at level 6 (instead of ,
- Mind Over Body I is received at level 8 (instead of 10) and heals more while in Blue Stance
- Blue Stance is received at 8 (instead of 5)
- Coordinated Strike I is received at level 10 (instead of 9)
- Green Stance is received at 15 (instead of 10


- Sand Crab's Dizzy mesmerize now breaks after 3 hits, but is no longer dispellable.
- Sand Crab's Sand Spit is no longer considered magic, can be used at melee range, and does nature instead of crush damage.
- Crabs of all kinds now have more health, some have more skill.
- Blighted Brambles no longer gets 3 attacks.
- Enraged Azulars now favor spellcasting over melee attacks.
- Noxious Maggots now respond to a Dung Pile's request for aid.
- Elial can no longer be damaged if you aren't in Rift Form
- Cleaned up the Dire Wolf spawns within the Selen Forest, removing the linked spawns, adjusting spawn times and quantities.  Mani can now spawn anywhere in the forest.


- Quest "Cleric's Quest 7: Speak with Mera in Kion about further training" now refers to Mera as Curate instead of Rector.
- Quest Earn Title: Expert Crystalshaper, from Aratanosh will now properly reward the title ability.
- Plundered Tombs: The Ritual of Eternal Rest quest will no longer add a counter to acquire 10 Pale Essence orbs. You don't need to gather these (can acquire from other players), but the quest was still forcing this as a required step.
- Drain Strike I quest now shows that you need to speak to Gerix instead of offering no quest steps.
- Quest: Momentos for Fillet will no longer deletes the Tattered  Book and Iron Mixing Spoon. Those items have always been needed, to exist, to begin Iron Confectioner quest.
- Quest: Iron Confectioner now requires Mementos for Fillet to be completed.
- Previously both quests required that both of these quests was incomplete. If you did Momentos quest, then was impossible to start Iron Confectioner, catch 22.
- Accurate Breath I now refers you to Vortis instead of the now retired Master Parsinia.
- Quest "Kerian's Quest: Learn How To Socket A Chest Scale!" has been updated to allow players to loot 10 ectoplasm instead of just 5 to help prevent it from getting "stuck".
- "Discover the Secrets of the Burning Archer" is now obtainable once again.
- "Tazoon Region: Attunement to Desert's Edge" now gives proper chat feedback
- "Tazoon Region: Attunement to Dryart" now gives proper chat feedback.


- Warehouses are available! These structures have a plot limit of 1, and offer massive bulk storage power. They are being offered at a massive resource reduced cost to an equal number of silos their size replaces. Silos are now best used for quick and cheap storage with a small footprint, while warehouses are meant for massive bulk and in the long run are cheaper than the ‘silo farms' you might see around.
- A standard warehouse grants 9 silos worth of stack and storage at its respective tier. It costs 40% of the resources of 9 silos to build at its tier.
- A large warehouse occupies the space of 16 silos approximately, but offers the bulk and stack of 20 silos at its respective tier. It costs 40% of what it takes to build 16 silos, and offers double the storage power of a standard warehouse.
- A grand warehouse is designed for overly ambitious individuals and guilds to build. This storage behemoth occupies the space of 36 silos, but offers the bulk and stack of 45 T6 silos. It costs 20% as much as the resources listed to build 36 silos at every tier, but offers double the bulk of a T6 large warehouse.
- To avoid devaluing certain structures such as houses and guild houses with their massive stack and bulk power - warehouses generally are only able to hold various kinds of resources and ingredients.
- Large Ice Statue: Adult Dragon has been renamed to Large Ice Statue: Adult Dragon (Facing Left).
- By popular request, there is now a Large Ice Statue: Adult Dragon (Facing Right) that mirrors the original.
- With winter (mostly) over, the ice statues now have versions of themselves made of stone.

Tazoon Region

- The valley near the community of Frostwatch has undergone a transformation and is now known as the Hoarfrost Vale.  Into this new landscape the Cult of Akkinelos has appeared and is spreading poisons and death.
- Earthquakes have shaken the land around New Rachival, causing landslides within the canyons.  Some cliffsides have collapsed, closing some passages and opening others.  Into this changed landscape has come the Cult of Telak, worshippers of the god of technology.
- Spirits and new enemies can now be found along the road between the Tower of Healing and New Rachival.  Old enemies, the Desert Wolves, have fled.
- A new passage has opened creating a quick route between New Rachival and the Granite Hills.  Into this new land, beyond that claimed by the Cult of Telak, a forest has begun to grow and flourish.
- New quests are available for players from New Rachival (level 45) as well as the settlement of Frostwatch (level 50).

Client and Server Fixes

- Fix movement of pets on irregular terrain (they will stay on the terrain when running really fast)
- Allow some monsters to stick to the the terrain
- Player search "tell" button should be a chat button
- Player chats going to the "npc chat" window
- When underground, don't do drowning checks
- Create separate channel for NPC tells to ensure they go to a read only / separate window