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Patch sur Blight du 28/03/2017 (Delta 296)

Un nouveau patch a été publié rapidement sur le serveur de test, Blight. Il contient essentiellement des correctifs:

- Teleport Pads and Gates that previously allowed access to the "Settlements and Shepherd's Island" group will once again allow access.
- Reworked the cost of portals and pads across Istaria.
- Dragons have one new marking pattern.
- All new items introduced in the Scourge of Akkinelos and The Cult of Telak questlines now have proper icons.

Bug Fixes
- You now have to properly defeat 12 Renegade Technomancers in the quest "The Renegades".
- The Cult of Telak (Part 5) now needs you to complete The Cult of Telak (Part 4) instead of Tools of the Renegades.
- Fixed broken chat link in The Cult of Telak (Part 1) when speaking with Lem Berenick.
- Fixed typo in The Cult of Telak (Part 1). (Lem Berenick -> Lem Berenrick)
- Male Dominated Cultists now have a face.
- Both Captived Cultists and Dominated Cultists correctly count for The Cult of Telak (Part 1).
- The Cult of Telak (Part 2) now correctly asks for 10 Books of Telak instead of 1.
- In The Cult of Telak (Part 2), Hubert Hufflebing now properly responds to being greeted instead of Lem.
- The Cult of Telak (Part 5) now has an accessible triggerpoint.
- The Key to New Rachival now properly gives the New Rachival's Blessing buff.
- Phylactory of the Afflicted now properly drops from Afflicted Priests during The Scourge of Akkinelos (Part 2).
- The Scourge of Akkinelos (Part 3) has been corrected to properly function. Previously it auto-completed and offered no dialogue upon receipt.
- The Scourge of Akkinelos (Part 4)'s steps have been corrected to appear in the quest log.
- Istara's Brew now consumes itself properly instead of trying to eat an Antidote.
- New Rachival Defenders should now have bodies on everyone's screens.
- Fix for fiend small house to show attachments (attach_specific_fiend_frostwatch.def)