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Patch sur Blight du 20/07/2015 (Delta 277)

Un nouveau patch de correctifs a été publie sur Blight. On remarque notamment des ajustements sur les attaques des monstres épiques.

- Typo in Spike Scales IX - Return to Dralk (instead of Chiconis) in feedback message upon killing the 20 Blood Skulks.
- Tier 2-6 Storehouses’ skill range has been adjusted to 200 (difference between minimum and optimal).
- Tier 3 Barn has skill range adjusted to 200.
- Crafting Boons/Bounty/Blessing techniques no longer drop from mobs. They are now purchased from the appropriate tiered Quartermasters, including the new Tier 4 & 5 Benefit and Benevolence. The price for the boons will be 1.5x higher than the normal price of craft techniques.
- Renamed Bloodskulks to Blood Skulks (to match Forest Skulks, their cousins)
- Fix rotation on empire structures that have machines (some were rotated on prod, but the delta (276) doesn’t rotate placed machines)
- Gruk's Tormented Mind ability no longer stuns (potentially a 0:50-1:03 stun) or lowers nature/blight resistances (but still keeps it's DoT effects).
- Tormented Mind recycles every 75 seconds, instead of 50 seconds. Duration reduced from 1:03 to 0:40, frequency from 0:11 to 0:10.
- Gruk's Chain Lightning V now does nature damage instead of slash damage.
- Daknor now has Shield of Blood (equivalent to Blood Shield II that Blood Skulk Bloodmages use).
- Daknor no longer casts Spellbind (which was being casted every 15 seconds). He still has Petrified II, which is similar to Spellbind but requires 5 hits to remove and is not dispellable. Recycle remains at 75 seconds.
- Guglar the Shaman (Named Nah’guk Gatherer) is now known as Gruglar the Shaman (typo in spelling).


Patch sur Blight du 09/07/2015 (Delta 276)

Ce petit patch contient des correctifs et des ajustements mais aussi une nouveauté intéressante: les Boons, bloqués au Tier 3 jusqu'à présent, sont étendus au Tier 5 ce qui permettra aux plus exigeants de grappiller quelques points de skills supplémentaires et aux autres d'améliorer un équipement basique à moindre coût:

- Fix spelling in ability descriptions from addtional to additional.
- Small patch of Viridian Azulyte spawns along western edge of Lesser Aradoth Deadlands. There is a nearby crystal shaper that can be accessed.
- Update to Emblems: Grave-Digger gives +2 (delay adjusted)  against Undead, Relic Hunter gives +5 (delay adjusted) against Undead, Relic Protector gives +10 (delay adjusted) against Undead, Wolf Hunter gives +3 (delay adjusted) against Animals.
- Loricatus Beetle: Gritus Maximus spawns again on Kion beaches.
- Geleon’s Master Scroll Replica will now consume itself when used (thus allowing you to use the scroll).
- Ethien the Tempered will allow you to forget (erase) Tinkerer school.
- Focus of Spirit will now teleport you to just outside of lair entrance (Council Elders), instead inside of lair.
- Crafting Boons are now available in Tier 4 & 5. Tier 4 is known as Benefit, Tier 5 is known as Benevolence. Benefit gives +8 and Benevolence gives +10. Exception is Mining Benefit which gives +12 and Mining Benevolence which gives +15.
- Quest: 'South March: The Essence of Research' is now available to dragons. Purified orbs do not need to be crafted by player and can be obtained from other players.
- Abandoned Isle resource nodes has been adjusted on eastern side of isle. Relevant resources now spawn near the relevant Imperial buildings.
- You can now 'forget' (erase) enchanter, gatherer and miner schools from Ethian in Dalimond (Forget Schools quest).


Patch sur Blight du 19/06/2015 (Delta 275) et Live du 23/03/2015

Comme annoncé dans le Developer's Desk de juin, les développeurs de Virtrium vont avant tout se focaliser sur les correctifs. En voici une première bordée tous azimuts qui concerne aussi bien le contenu que la partie technique du jeu:

Edit: le patch a été appliqué sur les Live Shards le 23/06/2015

- Drain Bolt IX and X are no longer stackable. This will prevent issues with techs getting erased, on the spell, when you create or have more than one in inventory. Issues with creating the spells should also be fixed.
- Emblem/Title quests are more relaxed on the requirements. Instead of 'current' adventure school level, it is now 'any' adventure school level constraint check to acquire the quest. This will also prevent quest logs from becoming disabled should you join a lower level school (assuming you have at least one school that meets requirements). This will allow you to kill the mobs at low levels and receive credit, as long as you have at least one adventure school at the correct level.
- Updated / checked techniqued spells to ensure they are not stackable (and so can accept techniques and inscriptions properly)
- Updated / checked techniqued tools to ensure they are not stackable (and so can accept techniques and inscriptions properly)
- Jewelry Tech Kit: Amulet of the Grand Magus is no longer not stackable
- Fix Kenaf descriptions
- Fix Saritova Machines (Saritova Gemcutting Shack, Saritova W Logging Camp, Saritova Ore Refinery) so they can be activated and moved to ground level.
- T4 Gemcutting Shacks (Kirasanct and Morathaven) now requires 75 Obsidian Blocks, instead of 750.
- T5 Stoneworking Shelters (Eastern Outpost and Saritova) now correctly requires Ironsilk Tapestries.
- Added back community building - Aughundell Stoneworking Shelter 251/251 area.
- Memorial Structure: race Cenotaphs requires Masonry skill to apply Granite Blocks, instead of Essence Structuring.
- Winter Wolves on New Koraelia (Gnomekindle event) are now known as Young Winter Wolf.
- Winter Wolf Alphas are no longer able to occasionally spawn Level 20 Young Winter Wolves as followers (adds). They will only spawn Level 26-30 Winter Wolves, the appropriate range.
- Fixed inconsistencies with dialogue on AroP 19 and 20.
- Karane the Historian: Typo in Greet dialogue -  Now says you need to be 15 days old, instead of 30, when starting RoP.
- Fiery Golem Core and Crimson Ravager Hearts are now in regular loot table. Mobs no longer requires Niesa's Draught form to be scribed to drop the loot.
- Crimson Ravager Heart now uses a Heart icon, instead of hide strip icon.
- Fiery Golem Core now has a special icon, instead of animal hide icon.
- Blighted Dim Essence Residue now spawns near blighted 203/222 area.
- Blighted Glowing Essence Residue now spawns near blighted 221/267 area.
- Blighted Bright Essence Residue now spawns near blighted 250/231 area.
- Blighted Pale nodes no longer gives Blighted Glowing Essence as a bonus.
- T2 Gem field near  Summit/Frozen Lakes is no longer linked to spawns near Duskhold.
- Blight Hounds now patrol further away (offroad slightly) in vicinity near the new T6 EDL Community buildings near 284/240. Less likely to agro mobs if you are standing on or near the structures.
- City wall assets have been updated to fix these assets having a previously non-working occlusion model. If you notice a wall segment is now misaligned or behaving oddly, please submit a support ticket with the coordinates of this object.
- Mobs Cast and No Description - abilities used by mobs. Missing/blank entries will now display correctly in combat window (Yellow text).
- Thurid's Stone of Wrath no longer gives 'mob is immune to damage' feedback, when fighting mobs that are not in the Undead category.
- Quests: 'Vandus Confederation: Unease in Tishlar' and 'Vandus Confederation: The Problem with the Cults (Part 1)' has been removed from the appropriate NPCs. These are part of future T3 revamp and the series is currently incomplete. These should not have been available. If you have these quests active, you can delete them.
- (Daily) Nature's Bastion quests now shows the kill counters in quest window. Daily timer set to 22 hours.
- Ulairi, in New Rachival will now give out a treat, while on the Fall Festival - 'Trick or Treat!' quests.
- Fall Festival: 'Trick or Treat!' and 'Trick or Treat for Dragons!' quests are now daily quests. Additionally, the 24 hour played timer has been reduced to 4 hours of real time. This means the quest will automatically complete in 4 hours, not 24. But quest can be repeated every 24 hours. Dialogues have been cleaned up.
- Cleaned up spawns on Abandoned Isle mountain. There are no longer excessive amounts of mobs.


Patch sur Blight du 22/05/2015 (Delta 274)

Un nouveau patch a été porté sur le serveur de tests, Blight. Pas de nouveauté majeure à signaler, juste des corrections de bugs et de petits ajustements:

- Acceleration ability (dragon fly speed) - temporarily increased from 20 seconds to 30. This is an ability that affects fly speed (like Sprint does Run Speed), but you can't cast while flying. This extra time will give dragons the extra time needed to cast and start flying again.
- Quest: Disgruntled Gnomes - Fixed to prevent it from accidentally being completed prematurely, under certain conditions.
- Quest: Isle of Alged: Defeat the TaskMaster - Abomination TaskMaster Terror no longer has a spawn point on Isle of Corvus. He will continue to spawn on Isle of Alged only (as the quest suggests).
- Formula: Geleon's Master Scroll now requires 1000 scribing, instead of 375 tinkering.
- Several tech kits now have tech kit icons, instead of generic technique icons. Many are unique to particular kits while others have been assigned an appropriate existing icon that better describes the kit.
- Some technique kits have had updates to their names and descriptions to provide better information about where it can be applied as well as tech conflicts.
- Several Tech kit icons are no longer erroneously tinted.
- Niesa’s Rub potion icon is now blue (cool to touch), Niesa’s Draught potion icon remains red (hot to touch).
- Quest: Town Marshall Massive Attack - Fixed typo
- Special Spell: Drain Bolt no longer has 1 to 8. Drain Bolt 9 and Drain Bolt 10 can only be crafted.
- Aughundell West Ore Refinery (T3) at 24913, 25545 has been fixed so it can be activated. Was not associated to a community.
- Kenaf Port Factory (T2) at 16903, 16607 has been fixed so it can be activated. Was not associated to a community.
- Gem Miner’s Gem Cutting Shack (T1) at 20340, 23899 has been fixed so it can be constructed. Associated to wrong community.
- Fillet in Sslanis now sells Red and Green Licorice (resource sold by all other confectioner trainers).
- Fall Festival: Ale Shack - You can now build two per plot (up from one).
- Corrupted Iron Guards 110-112  (near Spirit of Sigrun) will now spawn 5, up from 4.
- Fixed dialog for getting a new vault - should be 20,000 units of space, not 2000
- Added descriptions for dragonbreath, ingenuity, lairshaping, intuition so tooltips work in skill / training skills
- Dark Essence (61680) had bulk of 1, set to 10


Patch sur Blight du 08/05/2015 (Delta 273) et Live du 12/05/2015

Ce petit patch déployé rapidement sur les serveurs réguliers sert principalement à corriger des bugs sur les bâtiments modifiés lors du précédent patch:

- Mind Damage technique (Tier 2-5) now correctly requires essence orbs instead of essence.
- Quest: Delgarath Militia: Unsung Heroes: The Bigger They Are - Fixed typo to require Brachina Membranes instead of Mandibles.
- Structure: Ale Shack’s num limited is now set to 1. This will eliminate error messages when trying to build this structure on a plot.
- Pad: Ker’tis no longer requires a quest to become attuned. All players can now port freely to this destination.
- NPC: Vorel’Kai, in Delgarath, will now sell the Master Papyrus Sheet formula, required to craft Geleon’s Master Scroll.
- Updated keywords on all appropriate ‘Processed’ resources to have the keyword ‘resourcetype_processed’. This will allow more items to be stored in Player Plot buildings and Community building’s storage feature.
- Updated keywords on all appropriate ‘Gathered’ resources to have the keyword ‘resourcetype_gathered’. This will allow more items to be stored in Player Plot buildings and Community building’s storage feature.
- T6 Lair Shops all have been audited and all have the correct Bulk and Stacks.
- Fix Stoneworking Shelter at coordinates 22276 22822 so it is an Ore Refinery again
- Tier 2 Ore Refineries now properly has a smelter and anvil attached to it.
- Tier 2 Ore Refineries now requires Fitting skill to apply Iron Construction Jointing (instead of Masonry skill).
- Tier 3 Clothworking Center no longer allows both Carpentry Hammer and Essence Structurer to apply Glowing Source (only the Structurer).
- Tier 6 Ore Refineries now have proper skill requirements, units required and experience rewarded for Bolts and Tapestries.