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Patch sur Blight du 15/08/2014 (Delta 261)

Ce patch sur le serveur de test n'apporte aucun nouveau contenu et uniquement quelques correctifs. C'est souvent le signe que les serveurs réguliers vont bientôt être patchés à leur tour.

- Drugan and Fohadon are now properly listed as "Pawnbroker" and will sell their wares.
- Ponds T3 and T4 will no longer be buildable on "small" size plots.
- Floor tiles that are 30X30 will no longer be buildable on "small" size plots.
- Town Marshalls should now give the correct "Greet" dialog for players of all levels.
- Fall Festival NPC's have been placed on New Brommel. (Note the Summer Event NPC's are still on New Korelia. For this year we're going to run both events at the same time due to the overlap in timing of when this Content Update reaches the live shards.)
- Lowered the cost of the Tavernkeeper Hiring Permit.
- Tried to (again) delete the shrine from Memorial Island.
- For the quest An Ancient Journal, the "a ragged book" will no longer delete itself on use. The book is now deleted as part of the quest instead.
- Ted is no longer sinking underwater.
- Lair Tavern footprint should be correct shape.
- Loyalty vault quests have had their dialog fixed so it matches the cost of the vaults themselves.
- Music in Old Rachival will now properly play.


Patch sur Blight du 24/07/2014 (Delta 260)

Un nouveau patch vient d'atteindre le serveur de test. Il ne se focalise sur aucun point précis mais offre une variété d'ajustements et de correctifs:


- Allowed Power buffs will now stack with other Power boosts.
- Weapon Tech Kit: Virulent Venom technique can now be properly applied to weapons and scales.
- Blight Poison debuff no longer will no longer conflict with other dot_blight effects, but will instead conflict with other poisons (using the poison keyword).
- Group Instant Heal now recycles every 180 seconds (down from 300).
- Group Instant Transfer now recycles every 180 seconds (down from 300).
- Superior Heal now recycles every 180 seconds (down from 300).
- Blighted Armor, Dragon Scales, Jewelry, and Weapons no longer have any limitation on how the number of times an individual piece of equipment can be recharged. Blighted Equipment is now set to "Attune on Equip".
- Dragon's Gift buff now remains active on players even after logging out and back (like other Gift buffs).
- Barbed Bolt no longer requires a stance.
- Dragon's Determination buff is now known as Determined
- Fortify buff is now known as Fortified.
- Demon Blood Battle Axe, Demonskin Staff, Demon Flurry have had a facelift. They now use unique models.


- Corrected the minimum skill rating for Dim Essence Construction Source and Sandstone Construction Keystones on the Grand Guild House.
- Journeyman Armor Dye Kit is now sold on the Feladan Alchemist trainer.
- Craft: Miner's Blessing now requires 33 bars.


- Corrected the descriptions for some Town Marshall quests.
- Quest "Rare Foods: Dinner? Impossible!" now requires you to be a level 95 Confectioner to begin it.
- Title: Expert Crystalshaper ability now properly points at the Crystalshaper school, not the NPC version of the school.
- Fixed a bug with quest The Town Marshalls of Istaria where it would automatically completed.
- Earn Title: Expert Crystalshaper quest is no longer repeatable.
- Town Marhsall: Haunted Ruins quest now tracks all the higher level mobs in the western deadlands, not just Kwellen, Shadow Tarantulas and Wraiths.
- Quest "Kerian's Quest: Learn how to socket a chest scale!" now properly refers to Ectoplasm, not Vapor.


- Skeletal Warlords will now have stats at all levels in which they spawn.
- Indestructible Fyakki are now known as Ul'zilgat Flayers or Defilers.
- Split the two large spawn regions of Fyakki in the Eastern Deadlands into four (thereby increasing the quantity of spawns). They should no longer spawn inside walls or trees.
- Brittle Fyakki are now known as Bloodletter Savages.
- Cenotaph Guardians now have combat abilities, no spells, improved stats and resistances, and carry a weapon.
- Elite Bone Vindicator now fight as Rangers.
- Storm's Shadow now fights as an Undead Dragon.
- Guardian of Faces now fights as a Lava Golem.
- Ornate Chest in the Lesser Aradoth Deadlands now properly gives the "Strange Aura" effect. This Aura also has a description and is no longer dispellable.
- Fiery Dire Wolves are now known as Crimson Shredders and Ravagers.
- Adjusted the Zal'kuk spawns in the Fortress of Fire.
- A Tier 4 Chest will now properly spawn in the Fortress of Fire (instead of more Adepts).
- Adjusted the Fire Beetle spawns in Char.
- Forest Skulk Hunt-Master no longer gets a damage boost.


- Loyalty Vaults now cost 6 Tokens each instead of 8 and up.
- The "Spring Festival Tent" has been renamed "Tavern tent" and is available during the summer festival also for this year to match the newly created lair chamber.
- The Food Merchant for the Summer Festival now sells the Tavernkeeper Hiring Permit needed for both the tent and tavern lair chamber.
- The spring event has ended and the NPC's have been moved on again, but the summer event has returned.
- Player built houses, shops, and storage structures are all now marked as "medium" in size so that they will not be able to be built on the Memorial Island plots. This should not cause any change to regular plots, which should all be classified as medium or larger in size.
- Resized and/or removed small plots from the following communities: Sandstone Bluffs, Guild: Amon, Guild: Immons, Guild: Sem, Guild: South Balzar. With the exception of three plots which are currently owned, this should remove the last of the plots which are under 1600 in size.
- Pets now have descriptions which should aid players in determining which pet is best for their needs.


- Many of the Tutorial files have been updated with this patch.
- A new "Biped Information Center" exists on Spirit Island now. This information center has information unique to biped characters.
- The "Dragon Information Center" on Skalkaar has been updated to include information unique to Dragons.
- The Encyclopedia on Floating Island once again works. It includes different information than either the Spirit Island or Skalkaar Information Centers.
- Many of the Tutorial files can be found by opening the Tutorial window from the "blue gem" Launch Button in game.
- Skalkaar Island has been updated so that the quests are now part of the various NPC's "Quest Book". This means that the NPC's will show the "I have a quest for you" indicator rather than making players have to wonder.
- All dragons now begin life right from the start as a level 1 Dragon Adventurer and level 1 Dragon Crafter.

Please take note that many of these changes are "works in progress" and will be updated further in future updates. Suggestions for other topics, reports of issues with the files, mistakes in information, etc, can be reported in a special thread on the forums.

Other Changes

- Abilities which did not have descriptions on them now will show as having descriptions.
- Quest for the Master Builder now uses "or" constraints so players may have the new Title ability or the old emblem and will be offered the quest.
- Exterminator has been changed from a title to an honorific.
- Drain Bolt I: Primal Secrets, Fiendish Pride now will give players a copy of the basic Tempest 1 spell.
- Title: Kion Militia Emblem will now read Private [insert character name here] of the Kion Militia
- Journeyman Round Shield now has the proper requirements for scribing.

Server Updates

- Stackable items can now be deconstructed
- Dead monsters that are also resource nodes (e.g. Golems, Wisps, etc) now properly respect assigned resource quantities. This means that different sizes of monster will be treated as different sizes of nodes.
- Improved network message optimization by removing name and description of objects (instead using local lookup file).
- Limit max overburden speed reduction to 75%
- Allow new characters to automatically join a school (per design spec)
- Feedback messages more clear for trading error conditions

Game Client

- Fixed problems with stackable items that are techniqued.
- Fix to allow the 3D renderer to use multi-threaded code paths in shaders.
- Fix to allow stackable items to be deconstructed during construction.
- Fixed the Dragon Scale Forge map element so that it properly shows up.
- Consolidated start up parameters so that ClientPrefs_Launch.def is only used
- Updated the game client UI to have the new quest last completed date
- Added feedback to item customize window when item can not be inscribed.
- Fix for possible conditions leading to orphaned lair chambers
- Allow free form lair building, and then validate connectivity at end of process
- Fix for items with more than 5 techniques cause crash
- Increase number of possible rendered particles on screen
- Adjust inventory icon quantity to read 10k, 11k, etc.
- Merge legacy systems for item load distance. Now use near, normal and always (depending on object)
- Cleanup map files / regenerate map files
- Optimizations for item loading
- Chat Tabs do not flash if opacity is at 100%
- Sawhorse icon
- Gorgeous night and less transparent day sky


Patch sur Blight du 19/05/2014 (Delta 259)

Avec ce nouveau patch sur Blight, Virtrium introduit plusieurs éléments intéressants: des quêtes quotidiennes auprès des Town Marshalls pour récupérer des récompenses d'autres quêtes à usage unique, une légère refonte des abilities de certaines écoles d'aventure (dont les Dragons) et la possibilité d'agrandir son vault grâce au Tokens of Loyalty en bulk mais surtout en stacks les vaults ayant tendances à saturer rapidement à ce niveau:


- Town Marshalls across Istaria now offer a series of quests that can be completed Daily. Rewards from these quests can be used to "re-purchased" quested items such as Tech Kits and Emblems. Additional items, such as those long vanished from the face of Aradoth, will be coming at a later date.
- Ability changes for Dragons and some Biped schools to improve combat interactivity and enjoyment.
- Loyalty Vaults, a series of vaults available beyond Vault X and costing Loyalty Tokens, are now available for purchase.

Adventure Schools

- Cherub's Song debuff is now known as "Soothed".
- Cherub's Song ability now recycles every 3 minutes (down from 5), does life damage instead of crush, effects all monsters within 8 meters and has a 25% chance (up from 5).
- Defend Other will be received at level 11 instead of 3.
- Protectorate will be received at level 3 instead of 7.
- Cleric's will have access to Power Strike starting at level 7 (and then every 20 levels there-after).
- Cleric's will receive Multistrike II at level 78.
- Berserk Rage buff is now known as Enraged and has an updated description.
- Berserk Fatigue is now known as Fatigued and has an updated description.
- Blessing of Istara buffs are now known as Minor, Major and Superior Blessings.
- Blessings of Istara no longer conflict with other armor and health buffs and lasts for 60 seconds.
- Knight of Creation Blessing of Istaria now recycles every 90 seconds (up from 5) and has a pre-delay instead of post-delay time.
- Ulaven's Experimental Fire Shield now recycles every 180 seconds (down from 600).
- Burning Fist I is now known as Burning Fist, recycles every 120 seconds (down from 600), has a 2.5 (25) post-delay, and does 25% greater damage on the initial hit.
- Paladin's Life Strike ability now uses the Life skill.


- Dragon Adventurer school now receives the Allowance of Power ability at levels 18, 38, 58, 78, and 98.
- Allowance of Power augmentation is now known as "Allowed Power" and has an improved description.
- Allowance of Power ability now recycles every 90 seconds (down from 180).
- Dragon ability, Bite, is no longer considered a "magic" ability.
- Dragon Fear ability is now known as Ferocious Roar and has a 90 second recycle (down from 180)
- Ravage now recycles every 90 seconds (down from 120), but has an associated hoard cost (60, 120 and 240 per use).
- Refreshing Breeze buff now only lasts 45 seconds, but heals 2x as much.
- Refreshing Breeze ability now recycles every 180 seconds (down from 300), but has an associated hoard cost (25, 50, 75, 100, 125).

Town Marshalls

- Town Marshalls in New Trismus, Kion, Sslanis, Dalimond, Chiconis, New Rachival, Mahagra, Kirasanct, Dralk and Aughundell once again have quests that can be repeated once per 24 hour period.
- These quests are offered starting at level 6 and new ones are available every 5 levels there after.
- Quests have no level cap on them and so theoretically can be completed at any level after they're obtained. (NOTE: This is experimental to see how effective that feels. We may cap the levels they're available at some point based on player feedback and testing results.)
- Quests provide special tokens instead of coin as a reward. These tokens can be exchanged with the Town Marshalls for a variety of items. At this time, those items on each Town Marshall is limited, but plans to expand this system are in the works. They also give experience as a reward. (Presently these tokens are called "Tokens of Gratitude". This may just be a placeholder name, but it is what they are called for now.)
- Quests should all require you to kill 20 of a particular mob. Anything less than 20 is a bug and should be reported.
- Steward Pratt in New Trismus has an introductory quest available to anyone who is at least lvl 6 that explains briefly how the quests work.

Town Marshall Rewards

- Replacement Emblems for most current titles are available from the Town Marshall vendors in exchange for Tokens of Gratitude. Emblems are divided by tier, so only T1 emblems are available on the T1 Town Marshalls, for example. Further, you must have completed the quest connected to the particular emblem before it can be used.
- Technique Kits that were quest rewards are also available from the appropriate tier's Town Marshalls. These kits will still require that you have completed the appropriate quest before they can be used.

Changes, Fixes and Additions

- Anarie the Loyalty Vendor now offers four quests which players can acquire to upgrade their vaults beyond level X. These upgrade quests charge Loyalty Tokens instead of coin, but offer significant increases in both stack and bulk beyond the highest vault level.
*Loyalty Vault I - 320 Stacks, 168000 bulk, costs 8 Tokens
*Loyalty Vault II - 340 Stacks, 187000 bulk, costs 12 Tokens
*Loyalty Vault III - 360 Stacks, 207000 bulk, costs 18 Tokens
*Loyalty Vault IV - 380 Stacks, 228000 bulk, costs 24 Tokens
- An Ornate Chest (opened with a standard key) now spawns in the Lesser Aradoth Deadlands. Players can loot a "ragged book" from it which (when used) begins the "Effigy of Merrasat" quest series with the quest "An Ancient Journal". This quest series was originally written and submitted YEARS ago by Galem Thawn (Seriously, back in 2006). It was adapted two years ago, but placed on hold for the Tier 3 Revamp since the bulk of the series takes place in Tier 3 lands. Note: Only this one quest in the series is in place at this moment.
- Added a new quest "Infected Thorns" to Quartermaster Niiketz at the Eastern Outpost. This quest is available for players who have previously completed the "Deadly Thorns" quests and rewards a new weapon/claw tech kit (Virulent Venom).
- Metal Reaping II potion will now consume itself on use.
- Cedar Round Cross Shield and Maple Reinforced Round Shield will now give +7 block instead of +5.
- Amulet and Scale tech kits of the Grand Magus now have a proper description and name modifier ("of the Magus").
- Fixed a typo in the description of formula "Expert Tech Kit: Undead Slayer"
- Flattened plots in Guild: Aura. Glaciers and Central Valley.
- Daily quests from the Island of Ice were missing their secondary experience and coin rewards and so would only give the reward once. This has been fixed so that players will be rewarded for repeating the quest.
- Updated quest "Essence Harvesting Mastery IV: Collect 100 Tainted Pale Essence" to track the gathering of tainted essence.
- The Empire has assigned Abby Bibbletonk as a new banker to Delgarath.
- Miss Kattina has acquired some furniture for the Tavern in Delgarath.
- Quest "Attunement to Island of Ice Expedition Camp" now properly attunes players to the correct pad.
- Deleted two extra pads that were near the Expedition Camp on the Island of Ice.
- Tulip Bulbs can now be applied to the Row of Tulips using the Istarian Army Knife as well as the Ingenuity Ability.
- Guardian Golem Chip now has the correct icon.
- Fixed the building icon and added a ceiling light-source to the Expedition Outpost Shack.
- Fixed Gheniem the Peridot Golem's spawn so he'll once again appear on Saritova.
- Stone Brick formulas no longer allow deconstruction of Bricks.
- Added spawns of Brownback Stalkers to the region at the southern end of the Dalimond Peninsula.
- The Empire constructed an outgoing teleporter in the guild community of Yumi.
- The quest "Disgruntled Gnomes" will no longer automatically complete immediately after it started.
- Master Metal Construction Sheeting and Jointing now have the proper requirements to scribe the formulas.
- Changed the quest "Rare Foods: Snap Dragon" so that it requires unprocessed Mandrake.
- Gambling in Istaria has been outlawed in Istaria. Players will no longer be allowed to build gambling dens on their plots. (Existing structures will remain unchanged.)
- All spring plot objects (pots, plants and trellis walls) now have a 3:1 resource requirement ratio for minimum skill and 2:1 for optimal skill on standard resources.
- Single Black and Pink Tulips now require a Tulip Bulb to construct.
- Racial Murals now have a 3:1 resource requirement ratio for minimum skill and a 2:1 for optimal skill on standard resources.
- Fireworks will once again consume themselves when used.
- Quest "Expanding The Date Farm" now points you west instead of north.
- Blasta Heyga's Date Bar Recipe formula is no longer tradeable.
- Date Bars now have a 30 second recycle.
- Updated the coin values of Tier 6 tech comps so that they were higher than T5 comps.
- Re-valued Tier 4 obsolete tech comps so that their coin value was no higher than the highest T4 comp.
- Re-valued Tier 6 obsolete tech comps so that their coin value matches that of existing Tier 6 comps (this includes Ghost Vapors who had a 0 coin value and could not be traded at all).
- Ahala Bruttien now sells Crystal Vial formulas for the correct pricing - 50s, 100s, and 200s.
- Elvish Delight listed Millie's Apple Pie as a required component to consume, which was incorrect and has been removed.
- Adjusted the spawn rate of Indestructible Fyakki in the Eastern Deadlands.
- Surtheim the Fire Elemental is now greatly increased in power and deadliness.
- Snowballs and Packed Snowballs will now consume themselves properly when used.

Special Notes

- Rewards for the repeatable Town Marshall quests are still being added. A partial list has been added for testing purposes and are subject to change as time goes by.


Patch sur Blight du 14/04/2014 (Delta 258) et Live Patch du 29/04/2014

Ce nouveau patch sur Blight n'apporte majoritairement que des correctifs et des ajustements. Néanmoins, certains titres donnent maintenant un petit bonus de statistiques:

Edit: ce patch a été appliqué sur les Live Shards le 29/04/2014

- Velma the confectioner trainer has relocated to Dalimond temporarily and will sell Journeyman formulas to anyone who is interested.
- Quest "Attunement: Meadowhill" can now only be completed once and the unnecessary chat link in the first step has been removed.
- Quest "Attunement: Morning Light" can now only be completed once.
- Ceremonial Dragon Scale once again has a description and boosts Tooth & Claw by +50.
- Quest "Elissa Malna: A New Cargo Disk" no longer requires you to have the Broken Disk in your possession to pick up the quest (and so should not disable near the end when the Broken Disk is removed).
- Virulent Bonespur Chitin now has a proper icon.
- Lord Bar'Akath in the Lesser Aradoth Deadlands is now known as his proper title, Emir Bar'Akath
- Updated quest "Cleansing the Land of Merrasat's Curse" to reference the Emir and his Guards and to fit lore with the forth-coming Effigy of Merrasat series.
- Risen Champions in the Lesser Aradoth Deadlands are now known as Emir's Guard
- Withered Aegis Wizard school for Ghosts no longer receives Dryad Dazzle or Cognizance.
- Vilitis Bulbs can now be gathered using the Istarian Army Knife when on the proper quest.
- Niesa's Rub potion now has keywords (so it will show up in filters), an icon, proper sound for the UI, and a coin value so it can be consigned.
- Niesa's Power buff now lasts for 1 hour, and boosts Magic Defense by +50, Power by +50, and Ice Skill by +100.
- Fixed the requirements for quest "Dalimond Peninsula: Attunement to Pleasant Canyon"
- Quest for Rare Dessert Snap Dragon has been fixed and uploaded to the Ssaulios at the Spring Festival.
- You can now gather the Magus' Remains from the Pile of Bones (Magus) on the quest "Eternity: Trandalaran Style"
- Replaced the old attunement quest to the Expedition Camp with a new one that should appear for all players.
- Costs for the Spring Festival bulbs and seeds have been cut it half.
- Hamstring debuff is now known as Hamstrung, reduces runspeed by 50%, and lasts 30 seconds (down from 60).
- Fixed spelling error in "Spell: Mind Damage" technique line.
- Fixed the description of the technique "Craft: Dragon Crafter's Blessing"
- Title: Chef is now an Honorific rather than a Title and will provide a slight boost to cooking skill.
- Title: Scorpion Hunter and Title: Scorpions' Bane now have the proper buffs associated with them.
- Title: Helian's Protector now provides a slight buff to both Primal and Tooth and Claw skill.
- Title: Dung Splattered and Title: Dung Reeking were switched and have now been fixed.
- Title: Member of the Clerical Order has been changed to have a buff of just 20 Life Magic and now will simply say "of the Clerical Order" after the character's name.
- Title: The Shatterer now buffs Primal and Tooth& Claw instead.
- Title: Research Assistant is now an honorific rather than a title.
- A small amount of rich Emerald nodes can now be found on Saritova.
- A small amount of rich Peridot nodes can now be found on Saritova.
- Adjusted the quantity and rates of Emerald and Peridot fields on the Island of Fire, Drakul and Saritova.
- Emerald and Peridot can once again be found on the Island of Ice.
- Corrected the technique component requirements and quantities for the "Spell: Mind Damage" and "Spell: Mind Range" techniques.

Live Patch du 08/04/2014

Ce nouveau patch sur le serveurs réguliers regroupent les Deltas 254 à 257 avec plusieurs modifications notables:le retour du festival de printemps, la refonte des emblèmes, celle de Island of Ice ou l'agrandissement en bulk des vaults:

Emblems as Abilities

Emblems have been re-done with this update by creating abilities of the same name. These abilities will allow you to create temporary "buffs" that give you the title and/or honorific just like the emblem item did previously. The benefit of this change is that it allows you to save space in your vault or inventory and to never worry again about deleting those precious emblems.

- Existing Emblems have been modified to be something which players must "Use". By right clicking and selecting "Use", players will earn an ability which matches that of the old emblem. (Note this means that emblems can no longer be equipped.) Note that all abilities presently appear under both the "Adventurer" and "Craft" tabs on the players ability list, but all start with Title: (name) for easier sorting.
- Quests from which players obtained new emblems will remain the same, they will earn an emblem and have to "Use" that item to earn the ability. This is so that no existing quest needs to be restarted, as many required a repeated action by players.
- New quests for new emblems will simply give the ability directly, thus bypassing the creation of the actual emblem.
- A new Expert Crystalshaper emblem has been added to the game. The quest is available from Aratanosh in the Fiery Rift for any dragon who has attained lvl 100 Crystalshaper.
- Some of these new abilities will give players special bonuses under certain circumstances when equipped. (For example, a Spider Slayer title may give a bonus to the player's damage when fighting against spiders.)
- Legacy Item "(Legacy): Research Assistant Emblem" may now be used to give an ability instead of an old title.

Game Client Updates

- You can now open the Mini-map by pressing CTRL+M
- Custom pet names can now be defined and displayed to other players
- A new machine layer has been added to the Istaria map (to help find those pesky machines outside of the main towns)
- Techniques will now properly modify item names
- Revised the master map list - all maps to load are now listed in /resources/interface/maps.def
- Made the map list dropdown wider so the names of maps will fit
- Player markers will now properly show in the map window
- Pets will now cast a shadow using the shadow setting in Graphical Options
- "Select Nearest Enemy" will no longer select your pet
- Reduced the size of the shadow for the Spider to 2 meters
- Placed the Istaria Map at the top of the map dropdown, with all other maps listed below in alphabetical order
- Clicking claws will no longer cause a game-client crash
- In the item details popup, shifted the item details header a little to make the text easier to read
- When binding to an object of the same name as the last object, the binding message will still be displayed
- Updated the installer so that if VC2005 is missing the latest version will be installed
- Paper Presses will now load on the map
- Unequipped pets will now properly disappear
- Cargo Disks and Pets are now searchable

Game Server Upates

- Fixed various feedback messages for formatting (periods, punctuation, grammar, etc)
- Continued improvements for string-lookups to improve network and memory optimizations
- A bug with multiple item events has been fixed which allows items that had multiple events to use them all (some items may exhibit new behaviors as a result)
- Updated Combat Feedback Text to include the action name
- Stackable items can now have a custom name (required for vendor-sold items)
- Game-client verison 386.0 is now the required minimum version allowed
- A new chat channel is available, LFG

Island of Ice

The region known as the Island of Ice has been entirely revamped with this update. The goal of this revamp was to turn an otherwise boring island into a place with some character, some story quests, and more reasons for players to actually visit and enjoy the region. The quest series begins with Dantor the Scout who can be found between the Islands of Fire and Ice. It then proceeds to the Expedition Camp on the western side of the island. There are a total of twelve quests available from the Camp and from the Trandalaran Fortress including one specifically for level 80+ Alchemists.

- All Gemcutting Shacks previously on the island were removed.
- Added a new quest hub called the Expedition Camp on the western side of the Island.
- Added a new buildable Tier 5 gemcutting shack to the camp.
- Added a shrine to the camp.
- Replaced the destination pad with a new pad that is part of the Outlands pad group and is of Fiendish construction.
- Two previously unused islands west of the island of ice have been updated (and named) - Cross Island and Ferrun Island.
- Giant Ice Beetles on the island are now known as Vikinos Trudgers, Vikinos Battlers, and Snow Scarabs.
- Icy Dire Wolves are now known as Sapphire Ravagers, Sapphire Shredders, and Sapphire Pack-Leaders.
- Earthquakes have shaken the island uncovering the ruins of a long forgotten Trandalaran fortress and the ghosts of the fallen Trandalarans have risen to haunt the region.
- A forest has grown to cover the east and southern sides of the island.
- Ice-Imbued Essence Orbs have been renamed Frozen Essence Orb.

Launcher Updates

- Added an auto-login checkbox on the login (and troubleshooting) screens
- Fixed a bug that caused a "Decryption Failure" error when running the launcher for the first time
- The launcher now supports cycling backgrounds and you can add your own to the list as well!

Spring Festival

- The NPC's for the Spring Festival have returned to New Brommel.
- Gata has a new quest called "Daily Riddle: Golden Treasure". This quest, which will provide players with a new pet called the Eostre Beetle, is repeatable daily so that should someone fail it the first time they can repeat it the next day. (Note that daily repeatable quests are a new feature being introduced with this update).
- Gata's riddle "The Blacksmith and the Emperor" is also repeatable daily.
- Ssaulios has a quest called "Rare Foods: Snap Dragon" which introduces the formula for the dessert called Snap Dragon. (Note that you must have Mandrake Root in inventory before you will be offered this quest.)
- The Festival Tents first introduced in the previous Spring Festival have been renamed to be Spring Festival Tent just to clarify that these items are only seasonally available.

Vendor Gear and Equipment

Based upon discussions with players regarding the experience of new (Tier 1 and 2) players in the game we have undertaken a revamp of the gear and spells available to players in the first two tiers. The goal of this change was to improve the enjoyment of the game for new players, particularly those who might wish to do a lot of solo play.

- Removed Blighted and Refurbished gear from Tier 1 mob drops. This will give mobs at lower levels a greater chance of dropping something players might find useful.
- Resliak (Spell Vendor) and Frelic (Gear Vendor) on New Trismus have been updated to have gear and spells appropriate for players between levels 1 and about 10. (Refurbished gear has been removed from Frelic and replaced with actual Tier 1 gear)
- Amonsu (Gear Vendor) in Kion now carries gear appropriate for players between levels 11 and 20.
- Syrani (Spell Vendor) in Kion has been set up to have spells appropriate for levels 11 through 20. (Duplicate spells which are sold by Resliak in New Trismus have been removed)
- Jurixx (Gear Vendor) in Sslanis now carries weapons and armor appropriate to character's level 20-29.
- Ssardask (Spell Vendor) in Sslanis now carries spells appropriate for characters lvls 20-29.
NOTE: Vendors handling gear and spells for levels 30-39 will be added to Dalimond in a future update. Also, vendors handling Dragon scales will be added in a future update.
- The Librarian of Magic in Dalimond is now listed as a Pawnbroker and carries spells appropriate to characters levels 30 to 39.
- Bobbie Taylor in Dalimond now carries weapons and armor appropriate to a character between levels 30 and 39.

Other Changes and Fixes


- Arthridgel Forest Cudgels are now all Attune on Equip. Further the Exceptional Arthridgel Forest Cudgel now has a standard attack and can be used as a weapon. This makes the line of Cudgels consistent.
- Added a line of Dragon Crafter Boon/Bounty/Blessings to the appropriate loot tables.
- Dragon's Reach abilities now have a shorter casting time.
- Banish Armor
*Recycles every 180 seconds (down from 600), but is now part of ths Melee (Power) group for shared recycling.
*Debuff is now known as Banished Armor and has a higher coin value (it will overwrite more armor debuffs).
*Banished Armor lasts for 60 (up from 30) seconds, but will dissipate after 10 hits.
*Armor Shreds debuff from the Demon Claw is now known as Shredded Armor and has a duration of 15 seconds (up from 5).
- Mind Bolt Spell now has a unique icon rather than using the default (for both the formula and the spell).
- Changed "Bloodskulk" to be "Blood Skulk" (the correct spelling) on resources.
- Drop rate for Dragon Journals within Dralnok's Doom is now evenly distributed.
- Corrected the weighting (coin) values of Damage and Defense Crystal augmentations.
- Ceremonial Scale no longer boosts Tooth&Claw or Evasion, but instead boosts Armor and Ethereal Armor by 308 and Blight Resistance by 300.
- Riddle Solver now uses the proper event and the augmentation won't delete itself after 2 min.
- Violet, Amber and Titian Damage Crystals of Flame now have the proper duration (1 hour instead of 5 seconds).
- Deadly Dragon tech kit now boosts DPS for Spells when equipped on a Claw, instead of being tied to the Ravage ability.
- Lowered the chance for "Weapon Tech Kit: Morravis' Rune of Flame" to apply the "Burning" debuff from 25% to 10% (delay-adjusted). This is being done in an attempt to lessen the frequency of application so that the Burning DoT has more time to actually do damage.


- Vextator ability Synaptic Strike has been modified. Synaptic Spasm no longer stuns, damage has been increased to compensate.
- Ice Ogres have been given a new ability, Frozen Embrace. This is like the Fire Ogre ability Fiery Embrace.
- Red Tusks will now only spawn as level 8 (instead of a range from 8 to 10) and will no longer get a 150% boost to damage.
- Son of Gigaroth's Blighted Brambles debuff is now known as Entangled and comes with a Lethal Poison instead of Poisoned Thorns.
- Carrion Crawler ability, Life Drain, now recycles every 90 seconds (up from 45) and gives a debuff called Drained (instead of Life Drain)
- Carrion Crawler ability, Mandible Bite, now recycles every 30 seconds (up from 10)
- Carrion Crawler ability, Stinking Cloud, now recycles every 45 seconds (up from 30) and does life damage instead of ice
- Tomb Crawlers now get basic attack abilities (where they did not previously).
- Blight Residue (a debuff) is now known as Blighted Residue
- Withered Aegis ability, Blighted Spellbind, now gives the Spellbound debuff instead of its own version.
- Son of Gigaroth ability, Void of Life, is now known as Life Void, gives a debuff called Gaping Void and recycles every 120 seconds (up from 30)
- Gaping Void now lasts for 30 seconds and is a Blight DoT that also caps the Life skill
- The following "named" creatures have been removed from spawning: Tusker, Gritus Gigantus, Harassa, Old Man Garnet, Tsunami, Tealen, Grup, Gully, and Argen.
- Rebalanced the spawn rates of monsters within the Winter Vale.
- The Skeletal Warlord once again spawns in the Eastern Deadlands.


- Fixed racial Lair Murals so they use the proper skill as well as fixing requirements on resources needed.
- Standardized required quantities and awarded XP for all tiers of destroyed Ore Refineries, Logging Camps, Gemcutting Shacks, Stoneworking Shelters, and Clothworking Centers.


- Quest "Attunement: Aiya" now provides feedback when the quest is complete.
- Fixed quest text grammar and spelling error in quest "The Commissioner's Day Off".
- Quest "Imperial Outpost: Radiant Essence Sphere" now has a constraint on it which prevents it from being offered to dragons.
- Ethien the Tempered now offers a quest to those who which to drop the Tinkerer school (Note that this is available solely for the Salvaging confusion that can occur if you join the school)
- Outfitter quest "Excess Shoulders" has updated dialog.
- Moved the deletion of the broken cargo disk in the quest "Elissa Malna: A New Cargo Disk" to the final step so that should someone drop connection with the server or take another quest mid-way through, the constraints won't cause the quest to become disabled.
- Frelic, the supply officer in New Trismus, has a new quest called "Learn to Craft The Withered Bane". Anyone who did not obtain the Withered Bane tech kit formula via his original quest can complete this one to now get the formula. Further, the quest "The Withered Bane" now properly gives the technique kit for all the different "versions" of the quest rather than some giving the formula and others giving the tech kit. Players will all have to do the new quest to obtain the formula now.
- Minor fixes to various Outfitter quests on New Trismus
- V'tieru's quest "Attune to the Fiery Rift" is now for dragons only.


- Journeyman Banner Staff formula is now sold by Turei Albutor in Feledan. Kriegan in Kirasanct now sells the Journeyman Banner Flag formula.
- Sheila Jonis, the Haberdasher in Bristugo, now sells Hat Boxes rather than hats themselves. Hat Boxes can be used to create the hats of the same name (Note: Hats themselves are no longer stackable. Having hats be stackable was causing problems with ones which were dyed)
- Created and added techniques Mind Damage and Mind Range to appropriate tier loot tables.
- Fixed the names of components used in technique "Craft: Alchemy V"
- Armor Tech Kit: Champion is again for sale on Anarie in Bristugo.
- Cogs (all types) have been updated to delete themselves when used to give experience under the new system.
- Journeyman Sunscope formula is now looted and no longer sold by Tinkerer trainers.
- Added Glass Nodule Fabricator formula to Gangaf's sale inventory.
- Updated Versanto's (Tinkerer Trainer in New Rachival) sales inventory.
- Noncas Fizzlebot (Tinkerer Trainer) now sells the Expert Metal Bar and Master Standard Cargo Disk formulas
- Beginner Glass Bottle formula will now product a quantity of 5 bottles (up from 2) and will only require 2 Glass Nodules at optimal.
- Beginner Glass Bottle formula is no longer sold by Alchemist Trainers, but instead now sold by Confectioner Trainers.
- Special Potion of Memories now properly calls for a Memory of the Lost Elder to be created.


The bulk limit of Vaults has been increased:
- Commoner's Vault (the first one you have) now has a bulk limit of 20,000.
- Shareholder's Vaults I through X now increase bulk by 24,000 to 150,000
- Correspondingly, the bulk limit of Houses, Guild Houses, Lairs, and Lair Halls has been increased.
Note: Stack limits have not been increased with this change.
Note2: This change does not impact legacy houses or guild houses.


- Updated road sign east of Sslanis to read "Farm" instead of "Resources"
- Added destination pad to Pleasant Canyon. Players who travel to there and speak to Angenehm the hatchling for attunement may now teleport there from Bristugo.
- Added a spawn of gems and another of metal near Pleasant Canyon.
- Added three new members of the Iron Guard to Augundell to give the city more "flavor".
- Gave Ortan Dabbleden a greeting message to ensure that he will properly give out his quest.
- Motherlode Marble has been quarried out near the Eastern Outpost.
- A Stoneworking Shelter can now be constructed near the Eastern Outpost.
- Changed names of Stone Cutter machines from "Stonecutter" to "Stone Cutter"
- Changed the classification of some locations so they no longer show up as "WHO" regions, but instead are points of interest (such as chambers in Ashlander's Tomb).
- Gnomekindle NPC's have been sent back home for another season.
- Marble spawns near the Eastern Outpost will now properly spawn marble, not dead marble golems.
- A teleport pad has been added to the settlement of Meadowhill. A quest has been added to the gatekeeper in Morning Light that will attune players to this new pad. Also, the quest for attuning players to Morning Light has been added to the quest book for the NPC in Morning Light.
- Gangaf Tagley now has the <Tinkerer Trainer> tag beneath his name.