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Patch sur Blight du 21/01/2015 (Delta 264)

Dans ce nouveau patch en test, la principale modification est la refonte de l'île de départ: New Trismus. Celle-ci est partiellement détruite dans le cadre d'une nouvelle storyline. D'autres changements très variés sont également au programme:

New Trismus Revamp

- Many structures in New Trismus have been replaced with burned out versions of the structure. Machines have been removed from the town of New Trismus itself, though field machines on the island were left in place.
- The shrine on New Trismus has been moved to an out-of-the-way location on Genevia Island so that those bound to it will still have somewhere to recall back to. The New Trismus Shrine is a burned out structure that can not be bound to (this is part of the storyline.)
- Gaedin, Miry, Sadie, and Ulaven have had their quests for characters level 4 and under marked as Obsolete. The persistent dialog has been updated to send these players back to Spirit Isle to start their adventuring.
- The trainers (Cleric, Mage, Scout, and Warrior) on New Trismus provide quests starting at level 5 through level 10. These quests give consistent rewards and usually call for the same objective at each level.
- Avariatus and Kerian have had their quests updated slightly to reflect the changes to the island.
- Animals, insects, and semi-intelligent mobs from the island have been moved to the southern portion of the island to separate them from the undead/withered aegis mobs.
- Wolves, Grulets, Spiders, Grass Beetles and Pygmies on New Trismus have had their levels adjusted to fit into the new scheme of storyline quests.
- The following quests have been updated to reflect the new locations of monsters: The Lone Wolf, Red Tusks, The Withered Bane.
The Trials of the Gifted quest has been moved to Kion along with all the various Assessors. The quest now starts and ends with Town Marshall Krianos. The ability "Title" Emblem of the Gifted" now will provide players with a buff based on the fact that this quest starts at level 10.
- The former Valor and Vigilance quest has been marked as Obsolete. There is a new quest series which has replaced it and tells the story of what has happened to New Trismus. (Players who had done the old quest may still do this new one.)
- Steward Pratt and Rancher Elden have new quests which can be repeated every hour for characters who are between levels 6 and 12 to provide an experience boost.
- Braekhis has quests which focus on the Ruined Homestead region for anyone level 8 and above.

General Notes

- The citizens of Gnomekindle Town have returned to celebrate another year. Seek them out on New Korelia and they will have quests for you.
Demonbane Spike now has a 5% chance of dispelling enemy buffs, rather than the wielder's.
- Life Strike no longer uses the Life skill, but instead gets a 25% boost in damage.
- Abomination of Anguish ability, Diminishing Return, recycles every 60 seconds (down from 90), does more damage, but is no longer an AoE Debuff is now known as “Diminished”, lasts 30 seconds and reduces armor instead of health.
- Abomination of Horror ability, Decrepit, recycles every 60 seconds (down from 90), does more damage, but is no longer an AoE. Debuff is now known as “Decrepit”, lasts 30 seconds, caps flyspeed as well as speed, and is classified as a root.
- Primal Flash technique is now clear about what other techs it conflicts with (Augment Kickers).
- Abomination of Misery ability, Misery’s Company, now recycles every 60 seconds (down from 90). Its debuff is now known as “Anguished”, lasts 30 seconds, and no longer conflicts with other armor debuffs.
- Abomination of Pain ability, Gaping Wounds, now recycles every 60 seconds (down from 90). Its debuff is now known as “Lacerated”, lasts 30 seconds, and ticks every 5 seconds (down from 6).
- Crystal of Grizelian's Blessing will no longer attune equipment it is socketed into
- Spiritual Matters tech kit now boosts Spirit, not Spirit Resistance
- Flattened some plots in Harton Valley
- Durgan Stonecleaver now sells Knut's Fire-Whiskey
- As a temporary change/fix for characters doing their RoP quest, the Redbacked Spider Worker Eye has been renamed Redbacked Spider Eye and will drop from all spiders for those who are on the quest. The quantities of redbacked spiders other than breeders have also been adjusted in hopes that the delta process will "kick start" this spawn again, especially on Order shard.
- The quest Earn Title: Expert Crystalshaper should now properly be offered to character's that qualify.
- All tiers of Fishing techniques are consistently available via quests from Bammas and are no longer split between for sale on quartermasters or available for sale.
- Carrion Crawler
*Paralyzed now has a duration of 5 seconds (down from 15)
*Carrion Crawlers now get additional versions of Tentacle Strike at lower levels
*Stinking Cloud debuff is now known as Noxious and now lasts 30 seconds (down from 120).
*Stinking Cloud is now an AoE attack, has higher initial damage, and it uses the Life Skill.
*Carrion Crawlers now get the Life skill and also get Stinking Cloud I at a lower level.
- Fixed the secondary XP award for quest "Go Bag 5 Redbacked Tarantula Thoraxes"
- Corrected the coin and hoard value of the Redbacked Tarantula Thorax trophy
- Gifts from Gift Scrolls will now save on logout like the spell versions
- Vampiric Bats from the Bloodthorn Staff now properly hit the target, not yourself. In addition, it now has a 5 meter AoE radius around the target.
- Delay on Valkor's Blood Talon and the Demon Claw is now 27 (down from 29).
- Demon Blood debuff is now known as Laceration.
- Demon Blood Battle Axe is now known as Demon's Blood Battle-Axe and also has a 5 meter AoE range.
- Blessing of Istara now recycles every 5 seconds (down from 90), the buff lasts for 1 hour, occupies a Gift slot and conflicts with other Armor and Health buffs.
- The following monsters no longer have an immunity to Banish Armor: Avatar of Pain, Fallen Darkstaff, Daknor the Berserk, Fafnir the Defiler, Gruk the Frigid, Shaloth, Reklar Plaguebearer, and Valkor the Impaler
- V’Tieru the Gatekeeper now sells special Dragon-only (Tier 5) tech kits in exchange for Rift Tokens. These techs are based upon the old United event techs but function as tech kits instead of regular techs.
- Demonbane Spike is using its new model.
- Destination to Settlement: Jeanne is now known as Shepherd's Mountain: Jeanne
- Ethereal Armor technique is now available from the Techatron
- Rotted Priests now have the proper keyword so they will count for quests.
- Improved the lower end of Drulkar's Wrath's damage to 350 (from 250).
- Primal Roar now boosts the Power attribute by a flat amount rather than a scaled (50, 100, 150, 200, and 250 by Tier), boosts outgoing damage for attacks using the Primal skill by 5%, no longer conflicts with any other to-hit buffs, takes up a Gift slot and is saved on logout.
Vargas now sells the Epic Weapon Core.
- Galewind now has a 3.5 Post-Delay (down from 5.5), has a 5m AoE radius, and costs a small amount of hoard.
- Changed constraints on the Iron Confectioner quest and emblem again so that hopefully both will work this time.
- Fixed quest text so that quotes properly appear in dialog
- Reviewed stackable status of many items so that inscriptions, techniques, etc. properly apply. Vendors can now have stacks of items that become non-stackable once in inventory.
- Review technique name mods and correct high level name mods: Adventure: Blight n, Blighted Weapon Maximum Damage n%, Defense: Blight Resistance n,Defense: Blight Ward n
- Fixed dialog for quest Essence Harvest Master IV so that the directions are now clearer that you do not have to gather the items yourself.
- Quest "Ruxus Ruckus" is now repeatable daily.
- Quest "Abigail's Outstanding Order" is no longer also known as "Repeatable" since it was never repeatable.
- Quest "Fish Fillets for Market Day" is now repeatable daily.
- Forest Crawlers will now evade less often
- Nemesis of the Mylocs title is now available again from the final quest in the Myloc series. Anyone who has completed that quest previously can purchase the title from the Town Marshalls should they so desire.
- The title "Master Lairshaper" requires you to have level 100 in both Lairshaping and Crystalshaping. This title is available from Daggle Ironshaper.
- Quest "Narvis Tan: Behind on my Quota" is now repeatable daily.
- Quest "Narvis Tan: Delivery to Bristugo" is now repeatable daily.
- Defense: Parry technique now modifies item names as “Parrying <item>”
- Defense: Block technique now modifies item names as “Blocking <item>”
- Defense: Armor technique now modifies item names as “Armored <item>”
- Arena Recruiters now have actual names
- Monks now receive Improved Dodge (+10) at level 1, Superior Dodge (+20) at level 30, Exceptional Dodge (+30) at level 60, and Prescient Dodge (+40) at level 90
- Paladin's Blessing of Life is now an active ability with a 5 second recycle. Its buff, Life's Blessing, lasts for 2 hours, heals 5% each tick, cannot be dispelled, and occupies a gift slot. It no longer conflicts with any other HoTs?.
- Updated quest "Mage: Test Experimental Spell" to contain more specific steps, to give better xp and coin, and to only be given from Rennis the Mage in Kion
- Updated spawn rates of Risen Raiders near the Kion South Gate
- Defy Cold is now known as Defy Cold I
- Defy Flame is now known as Defy Flame I
- Defy Spirit is now known as Defy Spirit I
- Mage's Edge is now known as Mage's Mark, has an updated description, gives +25 To-Hit for spells (up from 10), and also boosts Magic Defense by +10
- Anchors of all types now have a long-ranged attack
- Split the Redbacked Spider Worker and Soldier spawns further in hopes of it's return to Order shard.
- A small infestation of Redbacked Spiders has been discovered outside the Aubador settlement just north of the road in the Long Walk (This is a temporary change until the T3 revamp is completed).
- Dragon's Gift III will now count any of the Greater Nix Beetles, not just Frostbite, in order to prevent players from being stuck on this quest when Frostbite is not available.
- Fixed the usage requirements on some of the "Inspire" abilities.
- Vault Upgrade quests can now be completed at any vaultkeeper in the world.
- Modified the spawn for Dramentus slightly so that he will be easier to find (This is a temporary change until the T3 revamp is completed).
- Primal Attack 1 is now known as Primal Attack I
- Corrected the skill requirements to scribe the Master Damage Crystals formula.
- Corrected the skill requirements to scribe the Master Excoriation formula.
- The quest "Lunus Path 3: Acquire an Imbued Silver Claw" has been revamped. It now has three sub-quests which are given as part of the main quest. This should reduce the need to restart the quest if you die or get stuck and should also reduce the need to contact a GM for support.
- Weapon Technique Kits can now be applied to hand wraps where appropriate.
- Memorial Structure: Dryad Memorial Tree now requires the proper tool for all masonry work.
- Medium Houses will no longer allow a Weaving Awl in the application of Pale Essence resources.
- Epic weapons Demonogii and Demon Fist Maul have new appearances!
- Beginner formulas sold on vendors are again tradeable.
- Quartermaster Tallowgar at the Imperial Outpost will now offer to Dragons the ability to exchange a Ceremonial Shield for a Ceremonial Scale.
- Lunus Lair Tavern and Helian Lair Tavern no longer erroneously use incorrect construction model. They now point to the correct model when under construction. This also corrects the issue with strange attach points once it is committed to construction in lair.
- Morathaven now has a very deep water well added to it so that it and surrounding communities can get water. Also the well in the community of Rihki has been moved slightly.

Known Issues

- Crafting quests which are available on the island of New Trismus have not been updated to reflect the new storyline and so may be slightly out of synch with the current story.


Patch sur Blight du 11/12/2014 (Delta 263)

Après une gestation de plusieurs mois, un nouveau patch est actuellement testé sur Blight. La modification la plus importante est la refonte de l'obtention de l'équipement épique qui mélange récupération de butin, artisanat et quêtes journalières.

Epic Loot

An overhaul of the epic loot system has been completed. This system consists of a more fair and straight-forward way of obtaining and creating Epic items involving tokens, daily quests, and loot for all those involved in the kill. It also attempts to encourage players to battle not just the "big 4", but also the other lesser bosses such as Fafnir, Daknor, etc.

- Bosses are now classified as Greater or Lesser
*Greater include Valkor, Reklar, Shaloth and Son of Gigaroth as well as any Greater Anchors (except for the Delgarath Anchor) that spawn
*Lesser include Fafnir, Daknor, Gruk and Surtheim as well as any Lesser Anchors that spawn
- Epic Items must be constructed using a mixture of Crafted Components and one Looted Component (which is specific to each Bosses items - Blood to Valkor, Demon to SoG, Plague to Reklar and Myloc to Shaloth).
- Crafted Components are created using a mixture of Looted Resources (Ithilium Bars, Velanthis Strips, Taravist Crystals, Annisil Cords, and Dense Leather Bands) and Purchased Resources (Epic Weapon, Armor, Scale, Spell and Exotic Cores)
- Purchased Resources and Component/Item Formulas are purchased from Vargas the Bold at the Eastern Outpost using Epic Tokens
- Daily Quests are available from Vargas the Bold for completion - You can do one for a Greater Boss and one for a Lesser Boss each day. Daily Quests give a significant number of Epic Tokens.
- Epic Tokens (as well as Looted Resources and Components) are acquired from killing Epic Bosses and are given to every person involved in the fight evenly.
- Existing Components (such as those to create Valkor or Demon items) and Epic Item Formulas have been removed and compensation in the form of Epic Cores and Epic Tokens has been awarded. This is meant to compensate players for the loss of these previously valuable items and give you a "leg up" on the new system.
*Master Armor Repair and Master Weapon Repair formulas (for Valkor and Reklar): Each formula will be valued at 24 Epic Tokens.
*Reklar and Valkor Item Components: Each component will be valued at 1 Epic Core (Weapon, Armor, or Scale respective to the type of item) each.
- Looted Resources are acquired from Epic Chests (Small, Medium and Large) that are dropped by the bosses. These are handled the old-fashioned way and will need to be rolled for, though there is a small chance that each person involved in the fight will get a chest.
- New formulas for Epic Items as well as the component refining resources are available from Vargas the Bold as well. The resources (Epic Alchemy Core, Epic Armor Core, etc) cost 24 tokens each, the formulas for refining cost 72 tokens each, and the epic item formulas cost 288 tokens each.

Epic Items

- Reklar's Tower Shield now reduces incoming damage by 25% (up from 5%) and no longer just against undead, but against any monster.
- Reklar's Tail Scale now reduces incoming damage by 25% (up from 5%) and raises Primal by +100 (up from +50). Also removed an odd trigger that was causing incoming damage to be increased by 5% at the same time.
- Reklar's Chaos Chakram no longer applies outgoing damage only to undead and now boosts it by 10% (up from 5%). Raised the chance of life being drained to 25% (up from 5%).
- Reklar's Cursed Cudgel of Power is now known as Reklar's Cudgel of Power and no longer has a curse.
- Valkor's Blood Talon now has a 10% chance (up from 5%) to give Ethereal Leech and now gives the Tier 6 equivalent version.
- Valkor's Bloodsword now has a 10% chance (up from 5%) to give Syphon.
- Bloodthorn Bow now has a 10% chance (up from 5%) to give Ethereal Paroxysm and now gives the Tier 6 equivalent version.
- Bloodthorn Staff now has a 5% chance of hitting the target with Vampiric Bats (24 second duration DoT that will drain life from the target and heal the caster). Also modifies Power and Focus by +50 (up from +30). The staff no longer gives the old buff.

Island of Fire

- Giant Fire Beetle are now known as Kheprit Beetles
- Giant Flame Beetle are now known as Pyrios Beetles
- Lava Oastic are now known as Volcanic Pustules
- Updated techniques, quests, and items that referred to Giant Flame Beetles, Giant Fire Beetles and Lava Oastics to refer to their new names.
- Quests to the Island of Fire are obtained from Giltekh and Dekhail at the Expedition Camp on the Island of Ice.

The Rift

- Rift Vexator are now known as Void Fiends
- Rift Golems are now known as Forsaken Elementals
- Rift Wraith are now known as Enraged Specters
- Rift Blights are now known as Faded Ghouls
- Rift Kwellen are now known as Ancient Manifestations
- Adjusted the spawn rates of monsters within the Rift
- Looted items from the Rift (Omen, Relic, Symbol and Vestige) are now tradeable.

Other Changes and Fixes

- Town Marshall quest "The Warmth of Winter" now points to the correct wolves rather than the Snowback Wolves.
- Adjusted the Giant Chicken spawns on Lesser Aradoth
- Fixed the experience given for formulas Beginner Recharge Cell and Beginner Metal Gears.
- Fixed skill requirements in the Beginner Glass Nodule Fabricator.
- Helian and Lunus Tavern structures can now be activated to have a Tavernkeeper.
- Adjusted the treasure tables and drop rates of loot from Greater and Lesser Anchors (excluding the Greater outside of Delgarath).
- Corrupted, Defiled and Ruined Shades no longer receive the Stunner ability.
- Storm's Shadow once again fights as a werewolf, not an undead dragon.
- Lowered the Risen Bioscholar's social and aggro range.
- Removed the step from the quest "Essence Harvesting Mastery IV: Collect 100 Tainted Pale Essence" that requires you to obtain the tainted essence in a particular manner so that this quest now is just like the other "tainted essence" quests.
- Quake Attack is now a spell-like attack rather than a weapon-focused attack. This means it will benefit from your Nature skill.
- Gold Rage X is now known as Brilliant Rage (it is only used by Selenia the Brilliant)
- Fixed quest "The Angler" so that it does track gathering Mackerel and it has a separate step for returning to Ted (instead of him speaking magically to you from afar)
- Completed audit of construction and lairshaping experience for applying resources and made adjustments to correct various bugs.
- Weapons have had resolution of textures improved to make the textures visible.
- Several tweaks and some minor bug fixes have been applied to certain weapon textures in the process of increasing resolution.
- Weapons and weapon parts made of wood are no longer shiny to reflect the fact wood is usually not shiny.
- Demonbane Spike has been set to use a weapon model & texture that seem to have been made for it long ago, but were never used. It will use this until the new model is ready.
- Blight Hounds now have far less health.
- Blight Hounds and Frosthounds now have 1/3 less strength than before.
- Inspire Cowardice (used by Abominations of Fear) no longer gives “Dumbfound” as a debuff, but instead gives a debuff called Terrified (a mez instead of a stun).
- Stagnation (used by Abominations of Agony) is now known as Inspire Pain. It no longer gives “Dumbfound” as a debuff, but instead gives a debuff called Agony (a DoT and slow). It also now recycles every 60s (down from 90s).
- Dumbfound (debuff, used by Abominations of Terror) is now known as Dumbfounded, is a flat 6 second stun (varied from 4 to 10 before), and now also reduces Dexterity and Focus. The ability now recycles every 60s (down from 90s).
- Clay Scoop now limits Foraging instead of Preparing and has the skill_use_foraging (instead of skill_use_preparing) keyword.
- Fixed plot in Last Stand so it has the proper terrain type beneath it.
- Changed the trigger point for the quest "Iron Guard: Disturbing Rumors" so that it also has a tighter radius and updated the dialog a bit to make it clearer.


Patch sur Blight du 27/08/2014 (Delta 262) et Live du 02/09/2014

Une nouvelle vague de révisions des abilities des écoles de prestige a été réalisée dans ce nouveau patch sur le serveur de test. Les ajustements et correctifs habituels sont également de la partie:

Edit: le patch a été appliqué sur les Live shards le 02/09/2014

- Paladin
*"Stand Against Darkness" now works versus Undead, Constructs and Animates.
*"Aura of Light" now reduces incoming damage from the Undead to the Paladin
*"Interpose" now has a recycle rate of 30 seconds and a range of 20 meters
*Interpose's debuff is now known as "Distracted" and has a duration of 20 seconds.
*"Infusion" now has a 25% (up from 3%) of applying its double-damage versus undead.
*"Blessing of Life" now heals 5% of maximum health every 30 seconds.
- Shaman
*Corrosive Rain's debuff is now known as "Corroded"
*Decay's debuff is now known as "Decayed"
*Curse of Enfeeblement's debuff is now known as Enfeebled
*Steal Dexterity's group bonus is now known as "Enhanced Finesse", has a duration of 30 seconds (down from 120), but is now stackable so multiple buffs of the same type can be applied simultaneously.
*Steal Dexterity's debuff is now known as "Weakened Finesse", has a duration of 60 seconds (down from 120), but is now stackable so multiple debuffs of the same type can be applied simultaneously.
*Ruin's debuff is now known as "Ruined", has a duration of 45 seconds (down from 63), but has increased damage to compensate.
*Blight's Favor buff is now known as "Blighted Favor", lowers Nature skill by 50% (down from 75%), and has a 45 second duration.
*"Blight's Favor" is now an exclusive ability for the Shaman school.
*Shaman now receives a new ability, Blight's Blessing, at level 90. It gives a buff named Blighted Blessing when used that gives a 225% bonus to the Blight skill, with a corresponding 75% reduction in the Nature skill.
*Shaman's Chant debuff is now known as "Befuddled" and now also affects Ranged attacks.
*"Shaman's Chant" now has a duration of 90 seconds (down from 120).
- Guardian
*Morning Dew's buff is now known as "Refreshed"
*"Morning Dew" has a recycle of 5 seconds (down from 60).
*"Skin Like Thornwood" now has a 5% chance of causing damage to the attacker when the Guardian is hit by a melee attack.
*Nature's Adjudication debuff is now known as "Adjudicated", lasts for 90 seconds (down from 150), and lowers Nature Resistance by 20-50% (instead of a set value).
*"Nature's Adjudication" now has a damage boost (instead of damage reduction), but shares a timer with the power melee category.
*"Quake Attack" now recycles every 60 seconds (up from 30), shares a timer with other multi-attack melee abilities, does 150% nature damage, and has a chance to stun the targets.
*Wrack's debuff is now known as "Wracked"
- Title: Storm Master now has the proper constraints on the emblem and ability so it can't be used by those who haven't completed the quest.
- Berserker
*Howl of the Northlands now has a recycle of 180 seconds (down from 300)
*Mangle's debuff is now known as "Mangled"
- Quest "Town Marshall: Drawing A Blank" is now only repeatable as a daily quest.
- Quest "Town Marshall: Not My Kind of Pig Roast" will now properly track Ravenous Bloodsnouts.
- Removed the item_exists for vault item checks on quest Loyalty Vault quests that might cause them to fail mid-quest
- Anarie's dialogue in the "Loyalty: Vault Upgrade I" quest now properly mentions "six" tokens instead of "eight".
- Quest "Town Marshall: Trimming Their Claws" will now properly track Icy Dire Wolves
- Quest "Town Marshall: Gloom and Doom" now contains feedback when you finish killing the Gloomwolves (was just "You")
- Blight Hounds no longer get a 250% boost to damage, now have an Aura of Blight surrounding them, no longer receive Lightning Claws or Stunning Blow. Instead, they get Stunning Strike, which is a slower version of Stunning Blow.
- Blighted Armor (of all tiers) can now be dyed.
- Title: The Angler now gives a +50 boost to Fishing.
- Resistant Fyakki are now known as Azg'azak Fyakki.
- Hardened Fyakki are now known as Azg'ulzit Fyakki.
- Enduring Fyakki are now known as Azg'engak Fyakki.
- Torn Wounds now lasts 35 seconds (down from 105), but the DoT ticks every 5 seconds (down from 15). It also causes a Delay modification of 5-20%.
- Adjusted the spawn rate of Blight Hounds near the Staging Grounds
- Adjusted the spawn rate of monsters within the Tomb of Vandus and Helian's Tomb
- Void Horrors in the Barrier Vale should now follow the Palmyran Voidmages that summon them, rather than spawning at random.
- Tavernkeeper Hiring Permit is no longer sold by the vendor in the Pax Istaria event in exchange for Festival Tickets (this was a bug). It is available on regular pawnbrokers across Istaria for coin instead.
- Adjusted spawn rates in Dralnok's Doom and the Autumn Forest.


Live patch du 19/08/2014

Les Delta 259 à 261 du serveur de test Blight ont été appliqués aux serveurs réguliers. Au programme, l'apparition de quêtes journalières permettant de récupérer des exemplaires supplémentaires de récompenses de quêtes déjà accomplies, des modifications sur les abilities des écoles de combat (et notamment des raccourcissements bienvenus de cooldown) et l'apparition de nouvelles catégories de vault supportant plus d'objets différents (une demande de longue date des joueurs, les vaults se remplissant vraiment vite) à acquérir avec des jetons de loyauté.


- Town Marshalls across Istaria now offer a series of quests that can be completed Daily. Rewards from these quests can be used to "re-purchased" quested items such as Tech Kits and Emblems. Additional items, such as those long vanished from the face of Aradoth, will be coming at a later date.
- Ability changes for Dragons and some Biped schools to improve combat interactivity and enjoyment.
- Loyalty Vaults, a series of vaults available beyond Vault X and costing Loyalty Tokens, are now available for purchase.

Adventure Schools

- Cherub's Song debuff is now known as "Soothed".
- Cherub's Song ability now recycles every 3 minutes (down from 5), does life damage instead of crush, effects all monsters within 8 meters and has a 25% chance (up from 5).
- Defend Other will be received at level 11 instead of 3.
- Protectorate will be received at level 3 instead of 7.
- Cleric's will have access to Power Strike starting at level 7 (and then every 20 levels there-after).
- Cleric's will receive Multistrike II at level 78.
- Berserk Rage buff is now known as Enraged and has an updated description.
- Berserk Fatigue is now known as Fatigued and has an updated description.
- Blessing of Istara buffs are now known as Minor, Major and Superior Blessings.
- Blessings of Istara no longer conflict with other armor and health buffs and lasts for 60 seconds.
- Knight of Creation Blessing of Istaria now recycles every 90 seconds (up from 5) and has a pre-delay instead of post-delay time.
- Ulaven's Experimental Fire Shield now recycles every 180 seconds (down from 600).
- Burning Fist I is now known as Burning Fist, recycles every 120 seconds (down from 600), has a 2.5 (25) post-delay, and does 25% greater damage on the initial hit.
- Paladin's Life Strike ability now uses the Life skill.
- Group Instant Heal now recycles every 180 seconds (down from 300).
- Group Instant Transfer now recycles every 180 seconds (down from 300).
- Superior Heal now recycles every 180 seconds (down from 300).
- Barbed Bolt no longer requires a stance.
- Fortify buff is now known as Fortified.


- Metal Reaping II potion will now consume itself on use.
- Cedar Round Cross Shield and Maple Reinforced Round Shield will now give +7 block instead of +5.
- Amulet and Scale tech kits of the Grand Magus now have a proper description and name modifier ("of the Magus").
- Guardian Golem Chip now has the correct icon.
- Fireworks will once again consume themselves when used.
- Date Bars now have a 30 second recycle.
- Updated the coin values of Tier 6 tech comps so that they were higher than T5 comps.
- Re-valued Tier 4 obsolete tech comps so that their coin value was no higher than the highest T4 comp.
- Re-valued Tier 6 obsolete tech comps so that their coin value matches that of existing Tier 6 comps (this includes Ghost Vapors who had a 0 coin value and could not be traded at all).
- Snowballs and Packed Snowballs will now consume themselves properly when used.
- Weapon Tech Kit: Virulent Venom technique can now be properly applied to weapons and scales.
- Blight Poison debuff no longer will no longer conflict with other dot_blight effects, but will instead conflict with other poisons (using the poison keyword).
- Blighted Armor, Dragon Scales, Jewelry, and Weapons no longer have any limitation on how the number of times an individual piece of equipment can be recharged. Blighted Equipment is now set to "Attune on Equip".
- Demon Blood Battle Axe, Demonskin Staff, Demon Flurry have had a facelift. They now use unique models.
- Demon Flurry now uses the proper sounds and animations.
- Abilities which did not have descriptions on them now will show as having descriptions.
- Exterminator has been changed from a title to an honorific.
- Title: Kion Militia Emblem will now read Private [insert character name here] of the Kion Militia


- Fixed a typo in the description of formula "Expert Tech Kit: Undead Slayer"
- Tulip Bulbs can now be applied to the Row of Tulips using the Istarian Army Knife as well as the Ingenuity Ability.
- Stone Brick formulas no longer allow deconstruction of Bricks.
- Master Metal Construction Sheeting and Jointing now have the proper requirements to scribe the formulas.
- All spring plot objects (pots, plants and trellis walls) now have a 3:1 resource requirement ratio for minimum skill and 2:1 for optimal skill on standard resources.
- Single Black and Pink Tulips now require a Tulip Bulb to construct.
- Racial Murals now have a 3:1 resource requirement ratio for minimum skill and a 2:1 for optimal skill on standard resources.
- Blasta Heyga's Date Bar Recipe formula is no longer tradeable.
- Ahala Bruttien now sells Crystal Vial formulas for the correct pricing - 50s, 100s, and 200s.
- Elvish Delight listed Millie's Apple Pie as a required component to consume, which was incorrect and has been removed.
- Player built houses, shops, and storage structures are all now marked as "medium" in size so that they will not be able to be built on the Memorial Island plots. This should not cause any change to regular plots, which should all be classified as medium or larger in size.
- Corrected the minimum skill rating for Dim Essence Construction Source and Sandstone Construction Keystones on the Grand Guild House.
- Journeyman Armor Dye Kit is now sold on the Feladan Alchemist trainer.
- Journeyman Round Shield now has the proper requirements for scribing.
- Craft: Miner's Blessing now requires 33 bars.
- Ponds T3 and T4 will no longer be buildable on "small" size plots.
- Floor tiles that are 30X30 will no longer be buildable on "small" size plots.


- Dragon Adventurer school now receives the Allowance of Power ability at levels 18, 38, 58, 78, and 98.
- Allowance of Power augmentation is now known as "Allowed Power" and has an improved description.
- Allowance of Power ability now recycles every 90 seconds (down from 180).
- Dragon ability, Bite, is no longer considered a "magic" ability.
- Dragon Fear ability is now known as Ferocious Roar and has a 90 second recycle (down from 180)
- Ravage now recycles every 90 seconds (down from 120), but has an associated hoard cost (60, 120 and 240 per use).
- Refreshing Breeze buff now only lasts 45 seconds, but heals 2x as much.
- Refreshing Breeze ability now recycles every 180 seconds (down from 300), but has an associated hoard cost (25, 50, 75, 100, 125).
- Allowed Power buffs will now stack with other Power boosts.
- Title: Expert Crystalshaper ability now properly points at the Crystalshaper school, not the NPC version of the school.
- Dragon's Gift buff now remains active on players even after logging out and back (like other Gift buffs).
- Dragon's Determination buff is now known as Determined

Game Client Updates

- Fixed the renderer to use multi-threaded code paths in shaders
- Updated the UI to have the new quest last completed date
- Add feedback to item customize window when item can not be inscribed
- Fix to allow free-form lair building, and then validate connectivity at end of process
- Fixed an issue for items with more than 5 techniques cause crash
- Increased the number of possible rendered particles on screen
- Adjusted inventory icon quantity to read 10k, 11k, etc.
- Fixed Chat Tabs that did not flash when opacity was at 100%
- Updated the skydome to give the game a Gorgeous night and less transparent day sky
- Fix for character window not showing plot link

Game Client Map Fixes

NOTE: Special thanks to Cegaiel for all the map updates

- Fixed the Dragon Scale Forge map element
- Cleaned up map files / regenerated map files
- Fixed the Sawhorse icon
- Fix for truncation of mini-map buttons
- Add memorial island map to map list
- Minor map updates New Koraelia, New Brommel, Istaria, Sslanis, Serenity, Drowned, and IsleOfBattle
- Make map window drop down wider to accommodate map names

Loyalty Vaults

- Anarie the Loyalty Vendor now offers four quests which players can acquire to upgrade their vaults beyond level X. These upgrade quests charge Loyalty Tokens instead of coin, but offer significant increases in both stack and bulk beyond the highest vault level. Each Vault costs 6 tokens.
*Loyalty Vault I - 320 Stacks, 168000 bulk
*Loyalty Vault II - 340 Stacks, 187000 bulk
*Loyalty Vault III - 360 Stacks, 207000 bulk
*Loyalty Vault IV - 380 Stacks, 228000 bulk


- Fixed Gheniem the Peridot Golem's spawn so he'll once again appear on Saritova.
- Added spawns of Brownback Stalkers to the region at the southern end of the Dalimond Peninsula.
- Adjusted the spawn rate of Indestructible Fyakki in the Eastern Deadlands.
- Surtheim the Fire Elemental is now greatly increased in power and deadliness.
- Skeletal Warlords will now have stats at all levels in which they spawn.
- Indestructible Fyakki are now known as Ul'zilgat Flayers or Defilers.
- Split the two large spawn regions of Fyakki in the Eastern Deadlands into four (thereby increasing the quantity of spawns). They should no longer spawn inside walls or trees.
- Brittle Fyakki are now known as Bloodletter Savages.
- Cenotaph Guardians now have combat abilities, no spells, improved stats and resistances, and carry a weapon.
- Elite Bone Vindicator now fight as Rangers.
- Storm's Shadow now fights as an Undead Dragon.
- Guardian of Faces now fights as a Lava Golem.
- Fiery Dire Wolves are now known as Crimson Shredders and Ravagers.
- Adjusted the Zal'kuk spawns in the Fortress of Fire.
- A Tier 4 Chest will now properly spawn in the Fortress of Fire (instead of more Adepts).
- Adjusted the Fire Beetle spawns in Char.
- Forest Skulk Hunt-Master no longer gets a damage boost.


- An Ornate Chest (opened with a standard key) now spawns in the Lesser Aradoth Deadlands. Players can loot a "ragged book" from it which (when used) begins the "Effigy of Merrasat" quest series with the quest "An Ancient Journal". This quest series was originally written and submitted YEARS ago by Galem Thawn (Seriously, back in 2006). It was adapted two years ago, but placed on hold for the Tier 3 Revamp since the bulk of the series takes place in Tier 3 lands. Note: Only this one quest in the series is in place at this moment.
- Added a new quest "Infected Thorns" to Quartermaster Niiketz at the Eastern Outpost. This quest is available for players who have previously completed the "Deadly Thorns" quests and rewards a new weapon/claw tech kit (Virulent Venom).
- Daily quests from the Island of Ice were missing their secondary experience and coin rewards and so would only give the reward once. This has been fixed so that players will be rewarded for repeating the quest.
- Updated quest "Essence Harvesting Mastery IV: Collect 100 Tainted Pale Essence" to track the gathering of tainted essence.
- Quest "Attunement to Island of Ice Expedition Camp" now properly attunes players to the correct pad.
- The quest "Disgruntled Gnomes" will no longer automatically complete immediately after it started.
- Changed the quest "Rare Foods: Snap Dragon" so that it requires unprocessed Mandrake.
- Quest "Expanding The Date Farm" now points you west instead of north.
- Quest "Rare Foods: Dinner? Impossible!" now requires you to be a level 95 Confectioner to begin it.
- Quest "Kerian's Quest: Learn how to socket a chest scale!" now properly refers to Ectoplasm, not Vapor.
- Quest for the Master Builder now uses "or" constraints so players may have the new Title ability or the old emblem and will be offered the quest.
- Drain Bolt I: Primal Secrets, Fiendish Pride now will give players a copy of the basic Tempest 1 spell.

Server Updates

- Stackable items can now be deconstructed
- Dead Monsters that function as resource nodes will now properly respect varying quantities (this allows Rich and Motherlode versions of dead monster nodes).
- Removed the name and description of items from network messages to optimize network bandwidth.
- Maximum overburdening speed reduction is now 75%
- Improved the feedback message for browse timeout (says trade expired N seconds, instead of browse time)

Town Marshalls

- Town Marshalls in New Trismus, Kion, Sslanis, Dalimond, Chiconis, New Rachival, Mahagra, Kirasanct, Dralk and Aughundell once again have quests that can be repeated once per 24 hour period.
- These quests are offered starting at level 6 and new ones are available every 5 levels there after.
- Quests have no level cap on them and so theoretically can be completed at any level after they're obtained. (NOTE: This is experimental to see how effective that feels. We may cap the levels they're available at some point based on player feedback and testing results.)
- Quests provide special tokens instead of coin as a reward. These tokens can be exchanged with the Town Marshalls for a variety of items. At this time, those items on each Town Marshall is limited, but plans to expand this system are in the works. They also give experience as a reward. (Presently these tokens are called "Tokens of Gratitude". This may just be a placeholder name, but it is what they are called for now.)
- Quests should all require you to kill 20 of a particular mob. Anything less than 20 is a bug and should be reported.
- Steward Pratt in New Trismus has an introductory quest available to anyone who is at least lvl 6 that explains briefly how the quests work.

Town Marshall Rewards

- Replacement Emblems for most current titles are available from the Town Marshall vendors in exchange for Tokens of Gratitude. Emblems are divided by tier, so only T1 emblems are available on the T1 Town Marshalls, for example. Further, you must have completed the quest connected to the particular emblem before it can be used.
- Technique Kits that were quest rewards are also available from the appropriate tier's Town Marshalls. These kits will still require that you have completed the appropriate quest before they can be used.


Many of the Tutorial files have been updated with this patch. A new "Biped Information Center" exists on Spirit Island now. This information center has information unique to biped characters. The "Dragon Information Center" on Skalkaar has been updated to include information unique to Dragons. The Encyclopedia on Floating Island once again works. It includes different information than either the Spirit Island or Skalkaar Information Centers. Many of the Tutorial files can be found by opening the Tutorial window from the "blue gem" Launch Button in game. Skalkaar Island has been updated so that the quests are now part of the various NPC's "Quest Book". This means that the NPC's will show the "I have a quest for you" indicator rather than making players have to wonder. All dragons now begin life right from the start as a level 1 Dragon Adventurer and level 1 Dragon Crafter. Please take note that many of these changes are "works in progress" and will be updated further in future updates. Suggestions for other topics, reports of issues with the files, mistakes in information, etc, can be reported in a special thread on the forums.


- Flattened plots in Guild: Aura. Glaciers and Central Valley.
- The Empire has assigned Abby Bibbletonk as a new banker to Delgarath.
- Miss Kattina has acquired some furniture for the Tavern in Delgarath.
- Deleted two extra pads that were near the Expedition Camp on the Island of Ice.
- Fixed the building icon and added a ceiling light-source to the Expedition Outpost Shack.
- The Empire constructed an outgoing teleporter in the guild community of Yumi.
- Gambling in Istaria has been outlawed in Istaria. Players will no longer be allowed to build gambling dens on their plots. (Existing structures will remain unchanged.)
- The "Spring Festival Tent" has been renamed "Tavern tent" and is available during the summer festival also for this year to match the newly created lair chamber.
- The Food Merchant for the Summer Festival now sells the Tavernkeeper Hiring Permit needed for both the tent and tavern lair chamber.
- The spring event has ended and the NPC's have been moved on again, but the summer event has returned.
- Resized and/or removed small plots from the following communities: Sandstone Bluffs, Guild: Amon, Guild: Immons, Guild: Sem, Guild: South Balzar. With the exception of three plots which are currently owned, this should remove the last of the plots which are under 1600 in size.
- Pets now have descriptions which should aid players in determining which pet is best for their needs.
- Drugan and Fohadon are now properly listed as "Pawnbroker" and will sell their wares.
- Fall Festival NPC's have been placed on New Brommel. (Note the Summer Event NPC's are still on New Korelia. For this year we're going to run both events at the same time due to the overlap in timing of when this Content Update reaches the live shards.)
- Lowered the cost of the Tavernkeeper Hiring Permit.
- Tried to (again) delete the shrine from Memorial Island.
- Ted is no longer sinking underwater.
- Music in Old Rachival will now properly play.


Patch sur Blight du 15/08/2014 (Delta 261)

Ce patch sur le serveur de test n'apporte aucun nouveau contenu et uniquement quelques correctifs. C'est souvent le signe que les serveurs réguliers vont bientôt être patchés à leur tour.

- Drugan and Fohadon are now properly listed as "Pawnbroker" and will sell their wares.
- Ponds T3 and T4 will no longer be buildable on "small" size plots.
- Floor tiles that are 30X30 will no longer be buildable on "small" size plots.
- Town Marshalls should now give the correct "Greet" dialog for players of all levels.
- Fall Festival NPC's have been placed on New Brommel. (Note the Summer Event NPC's are still on New Korelia. For this year we're going to run both events at the same time due to the overlap in timing of when this Content Update reaches the live shards.)
- Lowered the cost of the Tavernkeeper Hiring Permit.
- Tried to (again) delete the shrine from Memorial Island.
- For the quest An Ancient Journal, the "a ragged book" will no longer delete itself on use. The book is now deleted as part of the quest instead.
- Ted is no longer sinking underwater.
- Lair Tavern footprint should be correct shape.
- Loyalty vault quests have had their dialog fixed so it matches the cost of the vaults themselves.
- Music in Old Rachival will now properly play.