Patch sur Blight du 22/04/2022 (Delta 315)

Le premier patch de contenu de 2022 a été publiée sur le serveur de test, Blight, il y a quelques jours. Au programme, la partie sud des Western Deadlands et les environs de la Tower of Nature ont été refaits avec de nouvelles quêtes à la clef; on y trouve également un mini-event à l'ancienne où l'on doit purifier un village de l'influence du Withered Aegis en le reconstruisant: cela devrait rappeler des souvenirs aux plus anciens. Au niveau des quêtes existantes, certaines séries ont eu droit à leur cure de jouvence comme celles liées à Dralnok's Doom ou les quêtes Dragons à partir du Tier 4.

Par ailleurs, Virtrium a publié les résultats d'un sondage de satisfaction réalisé en fin d'année dernière et apporte également un certain nombre de questions-réponses. Tout cela est consultable ici.


- The threat posed to the Tower of Nature within the Western Deadlands has grown considerably. New story quests are available for adventurers of level 60 and higher, beginning in the town of Aubador.
- The Imperial Outpost has come under direct attack and Sargeant Temerac now offers a questline for adventurers of level 95 and higher.
- Dralnok's Doom quest chain has been given a facelift with side quests and expanded dialogue.
- Dragon Ability Quests have been reworked through to Tier 4. Gold Rage quests at all tiers have been reworked or rewritten.
- Scorpion Isle has undergone a renovation including plots, lairs, and decorations. This includes many more buildable community projects.
- Contribute your crafting knowledge and adventure prowess to help restore the recently-uncovered town of Silvane in a one-time event. Can you free the village from the grasp of the Withered Aegis?

Full Notes

Western Deadlands

As we move up the tiers in our content expansion, it is now time for the first update in the Tier 4 region, starting with the Aubador, the Western Deadlands, and the Tower of Nature.
- A portion of the deadlands have been given a major overhaul including new locations, monsters and quests.
- Story quests for the deadlands begin with BattleMaster Anthrindosh in Aubador for those level 62 and above.


Silvane is a ruined elven village which has been recently discovered near the Tower of Nature. After staying years in the corrupted ground of the Western Deadlands, it has been infected with Blight. The Withered Aegis have found and excavated the area, trying to ward off the Gifted and protect their prize.
- In this mini-event, Silvane needs to be purified by repairing the village structures. Tramaniel the Purifier at the Tower of Nature knows more about it.
- Powerful anchors are guarding the village - they have a large pool of hit points but cannot regenerate themselves. Destroying them will give a few hours of respite to builders for repairing.
- Some rebuilt structures will be useful to Gifted, but require a large amount of resources.

Dralnok's Doom

- Quest "Lore Quest: AxE of Dorogath" and "Lore Quest: the Hammer of Kings" now require you to have completed the quest "Dralnok's Doom (Chapter 2): The Hammer of Kings" and have been rewritten.
- Corrupted Iron Guard Sergeants will now only spawn a single follower instead of a legion.
- Brachina Beetles and Stygian Scorpions in the front part of the caves now share spawns in many cases, but also spawn fewer at a time.
- Corrupted Iron Guards in the front part of the caves are now more spread out (fewer bunched up all together).
- Torkay Madda has decided to stay near his torture chamber instead of wandering all over the caves.
- All Mylocs within the Myloc Colony have had their spawns adjusted. Gatherers now only spawn near Feberlock Fungus and in lower quantities.
- Increased the total number of Myloc Veterans in the colony.
- Harbingers and Hierophants no longer bunch up in the passageway and share spawns.
- Shaloth has a smaller spawn radius, will move about less frequently and will spawn fewer followers
- A few hierophants now tend directly to Shaloth around the chamber.

The Imperial Outpost

- Sergeant Temerac at the Imperial Outpost now offers a number of quests for level 95 players.
- The outpost is now truly under siege by The Vanguard, a small faction of the Withered Aegis.
- Enemy catapult teams and rock-throwers nearby have begun an assault on the outpost and the nearby settlement of Old Oaks.
- Wounded soldiers are arriving in numbers and have been sent to a nearby camp outside the walls.
- Surrounding roads are now patrolled by the enemy, be careful!

Scorpion Island

As part of a continued effort of beautifying Scorpion Island and its communities, a number of settlements have received overhauls across the island.


- Bridgehold has become more fortified and given a more settlement feel. Decorations have been added and lots of buildable projects are available
- Resized and merged plots as appropriate
- Small amount of slate has been spotted near salt deposits
- Bluegill huge spawn between Bridgehold and South Point has become more organized, avoiding less accessible sloped areas and more toward settlements
- New lake: Bold Lake, and Bluegill spawn available

Scorpion Bay

- Scorpion Bay has become a busy harbor settlement. The harbor area offers all tier of fish, similar to how Fabric Isle offers all kinds of fabric plants. Small School of halibut offers smaller quantities of halibut than regular nodes, this is by design.
- Scorpion Bay has become a hub for Scorpion Island. It now has six outgoing teleporters that players can use to teleport to many various locations
- Community projects: a massive buildable pier and a few smaller piers, along with lighthouses and smaller decoration
- New lake: Lake Antares has appeared near the settlement and has Bluegill in it
- The area has been beautified and plots merged and enlarged
- Elm spawns, slate spawns, salt spawns are now cleaned up and more consistent (unlinked)

Slate Hills & Mastodon Port have also both been transformed to more lively communities.

Introducing new tools: Hunting Knives

Istaria features two forms of non-dedicated crafting/resource gathering methods in quests: Ingenuity and Intuition. Up until recently, both of these used the Istarian Army Knife tool to function. This, however, caused a number of issues both from a player perspective as well for us in terms of development. The choice has been made to give each of the two skills their own respective tool.
- Istarian Army knives have been relegated for crafting purposes only, using the Ingenuity skill.
- Hunting Knives are now used for Intuition skill rather than Istarian Army Knives.
- Formulas for Hunting Knives are sold by Blacksmith trainers.
- Adventure quest directions now mention the use of a hunting knife instead of an Istarian Army Knife.
- In the quest "New Trismus 9: Disarming the Dead", players will now receive a Bronze Hunting Knife instead of a Bronze Istarian Army Knife.
- In the quest "Story: A Disturbance of Spirit (Part 10)", players will now receive a Rusty Hunting Knife instead of a Rusty Army Knife.
- Treasure Piles now require the use of a Hunting Knife/Dragon Intuition ability to be gathered instead of an Istarian Army Knife/Dragon Ingenuity ability.

New Trismus Square

Now that the excitement has died down around the Gifted Beginnings update we've had the chance to evaluate the values of the New Trismus Square buildable structures, as well as make changes based on player feedback. With this update we'll be fine-tuning the degradation rate as well as the xp and skill values, but also introducing a secondary award and an NPC that will explain the mechanics of community projects to new players.
- New Trismus will now only degrade every other week instead of every week, but at a slightly higher rate of 25% (up from 20%) each time.
- EXP and Skill values have changed for the rebuildable structures. Experience has been reduced, but the maximum skill was increased to 200, allowing for players to get experience from contributing for longer.
- As further compensation for the reduced experience values, and to add an income avenue for crafters, the empire has set aside coin for those who help rebuild the first major town new gifted arrive in.
- A new villager has been placed near one of the buildings to explain the destruction-construction process and world projects in general.
- The New Trismus Information Center now also requires Dim Essence Orbs to rebuild it.
- The New Trismus rebuildable structures now properly use Lumbering for applying Cedar Boards.


- Dark Iron, Jasper and Aquamarine will no longer spawn beneath boulders or on the road near Desert's Edge.
- New Trismus is now a valid portal destination from Bristugo.
- Updated guide stones within the Stormy March to give better directions.
- Valley of Tolrath is now known as the Mines of Tolrath
- Genevia now requires attunement. Pratt McGrubben will offer an attunement quest to players with an adventure or trade rating of 6 or higher.
*Mala, Cedar's Cove, Garnet Bay, Sandstone Bluffs, Copperton, Istaria's Loom now require you to visit and talk to the builder NPCs in order to attune to places.
- Scorpion Bay now requires attunement. Pratt McGrubben will offer an attunement quest to players with an adventure or trade rating of 6 or higher.
*Kenaf Port, Mastodon Port, Scorpion's Claw, Water's Edge, South Point, Bridgehold, Slate Hills now require you to visit and talk to the gatekeeper NPCs in order to attune to places.
- Travel Gates on Genevia and Scorpion Island are now of the low-cost variety (instead of free).
- Community Brick Wall ‘brick to hill' model is no longer so high that its unfinished stage ends up under the ground (making it impossible to select to build). The unfinished stage model is now also centered, instead of being far away from the point of origin.
- Delgarath Blacksmith Shop now has an Anvil and Stoneworking Pedestal.
- Androtimos has now joined the Flame Disciple school.
- The Scholars of the Ages now are all properly in the Scholar school and have generical, but appropriate to level, health values.
- Fixed the regular dialogue of Amenir Telakh and Burdle Bingledop to not reference Heart.
- Raid Tokens, a currency awarded by events, have been given greater worth at the exchange vendor Lealta.
*A single raid token has been standardized to be equivalent to a day's worth of daily quests.
*All non-holiday currencies have been added to the vendor for exchange.
- The Supply Crates next to New Trismus General Store shouldn't spawn underground anymore.
- Fixed terrain near a bridge between Scorpion's Island and Genevia Island.
- Rennis' and Kreezost's pets are now marked as non-hostile. Pet them at your own risk.
- Fixed a pit near Hellan's Tomb.
- Corrected a few signs around the world that didn't display any relevant text or had irrelevant names when selected.


Dragon Ability Quests have continued to receive a facelift to streamline them as well as the targets they require players to go after. The current changes go all the way up to the end of tier 4.

Gold Rage Quests

- "Gold Rage III: Wintheria's Challenge" now requires you to be level 50 and also asks you to kill 12 Snowback Wolves and collect 8 Snowback Wolf Skulls
- "Gold Rage IV: Nix Beetle Challenge" is now known as "Gold Rage IV: Wintheria's Wolf Challenge", requires you to be level 65, and asks you to kill 20 Timber Wolves.
- "Gold Rage V: Make Gold DUST of Gold Golems" is now known as "Gold Rage V: Purple Challenge", requires you to be level 80, asks you to kill 12 Shrunken Purple Weavers and loot 8 Shrunken Purple Weaver Thoraxes.
- "Gold Rage VI: Extinguish the Flame" is now known as "Gold Rage VI: The Nah'guk", requires you to be level 95, and asks you to kill 20 Nah'guk Brutes or Bashers, and return with 1 Nah'guk Warrior Jawbone.
- Quest "Gold Rage VII: A Fantastical Creature With A Strange Name" is now known as "Gold Rage: The Challenge (Introduction)", requires you to be level 100 and an Adult/Ancient, and has been completely rewritten.

Accurate Breath

- "Accurate Breath IV: Precision Practice" now requires level 44 and asks you to kill 12 Telak Teachers.
- "Accurate Breath V: Using New Breath Weapons" now requires level 54 and asks you to kill 8 Redden Matrons
- "Accurate Breath VI: Fighting Shadows" now requires level 64 and asks you to kill 12 Shadow Spiders.
- "Accurate Breath VII: On the Battlefield" now requires level 74 and asks you to kill 12 Engorged Scavenger Scorpions.

Dragon Expert

- Quest "Dragon Healing Expert: Defeat Dramentus the Citrine Golem" is now known as "Dragon Healing Expert: Terrible Sandspurs", requires level 42, and asks you to kill 8 Terrible Sandspurs.
- Quest "Become a Primal Expert" now requires level 66 and asks you to kill 12 Flame Blights
- Quest "Become an Expert with Teeth and Claws" now requires level 70 and now asks you to kill 8 Abscessing Aegror (instead of 25 blights)

Dragon's Gift

- "Dragon's Gift III: Bane of the Nix Beetles" is now known as "Dragon's Gift III: Bane of the Scorpions", requires level 54 and asks you to kill 12 Desert Scorpions.
- "Dragon's Gift IV: Kill Isotope, the Cobalt Golem" is now known as "Dragon's Gift IV: Kill The Topaz King", requires level 74 and asks you to kill Shiar the Topaz Golem.

Dragon's Reach

- "Dragon's Reach IV: Small Treants, Big Challenge" now requires level 46 and asks you to kill 12 Oak Treant Saplings.
- "Dragon's Reach V: Oak Without the Ash and Thorn" now requires level 56, and asks you to kill 12 Massive Oak Treants.
- "Dragon's Reach VI: Sticky Saplings" now requries level 66 and asks you to kill 12 Maple Treant Saplings.
- "Dragon's Reach VII: "Maple" A Few Treants" now requires level 76 and asks you to kill 8 Massive Maple Treants.

Drain Strike

- "Drain Strike IV: Hard as Granite, Solid as Stone" now requires level 48 and asks you to kill 12 Granite Golems.
- "Drain Strike V: Battle in the Desert" now requires level 58 and asks you to kill 12 Aquamarine Golems.
- "Drain Strike VI: A Break from Golem Hunting" now requires level 68 and asks you to kill 12 Flame Wolves.
- "Drain Strike VII: Your "Jaded" Trainer" now requires level 78 and asks you to kill 12 Jade Golems instead of 20.

Hardened Scales

- "Hardened Scales IV: The Lush Forest" now requires level 46 and asks you to kill 12 Bloodridge Foragers.
- "Hardened Scales V: Combat on Tough Terrain" now requires level 56 and asks you to kill 8 Snowback Alpha Wolves.
- "Hardened Scales VI: The World of the Arbotus" now requires level 66 and asks you to kill 12 Arbotus (it will no longer accept Small Arbotus).
- "Hardened Scales VII: Aiding Lairshapers" is now known as "Hardened Scales VII: The Az'gulzit Clan", now requires level 76 and asks you to kill 12 Az'gulzit Fyakki.

Primal Instant Heal

- "Primal Instant Heal IV: Into the Frozen Tundra" now requires level 40 and asks you to kill 12 Lesser Nix Beetles.
- "Primal Instant Heal V: Another Round! Of Ice That Is..." is now known as "Primal Instant Heal V: The Bloody Tears", requires level 50 and asks you to kill 12 Redden Warriors or Warders.
- "Primal Instant Heal VI: A Hotter Enemy For Once" now requires you to be level 60 (instead of 65) and asks you to kill 12 Hephas Scuttlers.
- "Primal Instant Heal VII: Sand In the Claws!" now requires you to be level 70.

Primal Mastery

- "Primal Mastery IV: A Profitable Deal All Around" now requires level 42 and asks you to kill 12 Palesnout Younglings.
- "Primal Mastery V: Hack Down the Oak Treant Population" now requires level 52 and asks you to kill 8 Enraged Oak Treants.
- "Primal Mastery VI: Incinerate Pustules from Dralk" is now known as "Primal Mastery VI: The Flame Clan", requires level 62 (instead of 60), and asks you to kill 12 Thel'kuk Spotters.
- "Primal Mastery VII: Lay Tashka Lusa to Rest" now requires level 72

Spiked Scales

- "Spiked Scales IV: The Smaller Chunks of Ice" is now known as "Spiked Scales IV: Chunks of Ice", requires level 48, and asks you to kill 12 Deh'guk Warriors.
- "Spiked Scales V: An Easy Challenge" now requires level 58 and asks you to kill 12 Ice Golems.
- "Spiked Scales VI: A New Enemy" now requires level 68 and asks you to kill 12 Thel'kuk Battlers.
- "Spiked Scales VII: A Second Pack of Werewolves" now requires level 78 and asks you to kill 8 Greater Winter Werewolves.

Tooth and Claw Mastery

- "Tooth and Claw IV: Getting Your Nickel Worth of Golems" now requires level 42 and asks you to kill 12 Nickel Golems.
- "Tooth and Claw V: What Glitters In This Case Is Gold" now requires level 52 and asks you to kill 12 Gold Golems.
- "Tooth and Claw VI: Black as Night" now requires level 62 and asks you to kill 12 Obsidian Golems.
- "Tooth and Claw VII: Glitters Like A Rainbow" now requires level 72 and asks you to kill 12 Opal golems (instead of 20).

- Adjusted hoard requirements of Silver Strike, Ravage, Galewind, Drain Strike and Gold Rage to be balanced against the hoard values of relevant Tiered hoardables. In the vast majority of situations, hoard cost has been lowered or remained the same. Gold Rage has been increased due to level requirements increasing, with the exception of Gold Rage VII.
- Dimensional Apparatus will no longer list hatchlings as able to use the item. (They never were able to as they could not obtain the craft rating required to use it.)
- Master Dragon Crafter's Cargo Disk of Drulkar's Flame will no longer list hatchlings as able to use the item. (They never were able to as they could not obtain the craft rating required to use it.)
- Azular Essence, Snowback Wolf Hide, Blighted Spectre Residue, and Elven Porcelain no longer have a hoard value.
- Processed resources (including food, bars, wood, essence, gems, and recharge kits) no longer have a hoard value.
- Quested Crystals and simple items, The Bard's Tail, Formulas, Banners, Keys, Fireworks, Urn Hammers, Potions, Travel scrolls, Costumes, Festival Ornaments, Hat boxes, Tools and the legacy Silver Whistle are all no longer hoardable.
- Special: Skalkaar Hatchling Scale is now properly marked as a Beginner formula and will appear under the category.
- Helian's Trust now includes additional information about its purpose.
- Dragon Tail tech kits are now listed in descriptions of resource components that are required to craft them.
- Expert Dragon Scale Tech Kit: Tail Axe and Expert Dragon Scale Tech Kit: Tail Spear
- formulas now have their own dedicated icons instead of Tail Blade formula icon.
- Xarinnis won't offer to let you rejoin Dragon Crafter if you are already one.
- V'tieru sends player to Vladtmordt the Chronicler instead of just giving the next quest in quests "ARoP02 - Trial of the Ancients - Prelude (Helian)" and "ARoP02 - Trial of the Ancients - Prelude (Lunus)".
- Quest "Azulyte Crystal Transmutation" now mentions Focused Viridian Azulyte Crystals instead of Viridian Focused Azulyte Crystals.
- Fixed directions in quest "Primal Instant Heal II: Beetles Mania Continues".
- Kwellen Berserkers, Son's Shields, and Daknor the Berserk kills now count in quest "Become a Master with Teeth and Claws". Directions updated accordingly.
- Jewelry and Scale Tech Kit: Amulet of Istara can now be applied to a Dragon's Foreleg scale instead of Tail.
- Staggering Howl will now always hit.
- Fixed step visibility issue in quest "Become a Primal Master (Part 3)".
- A handful of dragon flight animations have been reworked into a more realistic style - hover upwards, hover idle, basic take-off, and fly forwards.
- Dragons now use a unique animation when moving backwards while hovering.
- The dive action now has new diving animations, differing for diving forwards and straight downwards.
- ‘Gerix's Quest: Visit the Grand Dragon Cities' and the quest specific travel scrolls have been changed to cause less confusion if one still has a scroll upon completing the quest.


Prestige Adventure Schools will no longer start at level 20, as this was causing a lot of confusion related to their skill gain, and will now begin at level 1 just like the base schools. Skill gains per level have been shifted around so they will still have the same maximum skill at level 100. Any schools that previously had gained 11 skill per level now receive only 10 per level, but will now receive the passive ability "<school>'s Edge", granting +100 skill, at level 100 to make up for the loss. This passive will be instantly mastered.
Some schools have also received buffs or nerfs to their skills to be more consistent with other base or prestige schools.

- Prestige Adventure schools no longer start at level 20, but instead begin at level 1.
- Battle Mage
*10 Energy and Flame per level (up from 8 ).
- Berserker
*10 Two Hand Slash per level (down from 11).
*Gains Berserker's Edge at level 100.
- Cleric
*9 life per level (down from 10).
- Conjurer
*10 Flame per level (up from 9).
- Crossbowman
*10 Crossbow per level (down from 11).
*Gains Crossbowman's Edge at level 100.
- Flame Disciple
*10 Unarmed per level (up from 9).
- Guardian
*10 Nature per level (up from 7).
- Healer
*10 Life per level (down from 11).
*Gains Healer's Edge at level 100.
- Ice Disciple
*10 Unarmed per level (up from 9).
- Knight of Creation
*10 Two Hand Slash per level (up from 9).
- Mage
*9 Flame and Energy per level (down from 10).
- Monk
*9 Unarmed per level (down from 10).
- Paladin
*10 Life per level (up from 8 ).
- Scout
*9 Bow and Crossbow per level (down from 10).
*9 One Hand Pierce per level (up from 8 ).
- Sorcerer
*No longer gains Ice per level.
- Spearman
*10 One Hand Pierce per level (down from 11).
*Gains Spearman's Edge at level 100.
- Spirit Disciple
*10 Unarmed per level (up from 9).
- Storm Disciple
*Gains 10 Energy per level.
*No longer gains Nature per level.
*10 Unarmed per level (up from 9).
- Warrior
*8 One Hand Crush, One Hand Pierce, and Two Hand Crush per level (down from 10).
*9 One Hand Slash and Two Hand Slash per level (down from 10).
- Wizard
*10 Energy per level (down from 11).
*10 Flame per level (up from 9).
*Gains Wizard's Edge at level 100

- Weaponsmith, Tailor, Spellcrafter, Jeweler, Fletcher, and Armorer now begin at level 1 instead of level 10.
- All tiers of Magic Shell will now heal a small percentage of health on incoming hits.
- Hillside Brute buff is now removable (and will not be cleansed if you use Purify on yourself).
- Active racial abilities that provide buffs can no longer be dispelled: Dryad Dazzle's Splendor, Dwarven Toughness, Elven Leadership, Fiendish Channeling, Gnomian Prowess, Half-Giant's Brawn, Magical Aptitude, and Sslik Regeneration
- Fixed an issue where Conjurer was showing up as able to equip Cudgels.
- Phoenix Shield is now known as Shield of Torkath.
- Group Ice Armor buff level requirement is now consistent with the level the ability is received at.
- Gnomian Prowess will now overwrite Gummy Power.
- Broken Hand Wraps now require consistent levels and skill across tiers.
- Ice Arrows will now really not permanently root monsters in place.


- Changed the description of Protection to more clearly indicate it lowers your outgoing damage.
- Tier 5 Chests will no longer drop formulas or techniques.
- Fixed Dark Radioactive Skala pet and Dark Highly Radioactive skala pet to properly reduce incoming damage. Both now reduce incoming damage by 10% (rather than 20%).
- Tamed Dark Skala and Tamed Hardened Dark Skala now reduce incoming damage by 20% (rather than 40%).
- Keys now automatically hit.
- Training Posts now have millions of health.
- Gift of Resistance 2 will now protect against incoming ice spell damage like all other tiers.
- The Spawn of Scorpix pet now gives two augmentations instead of one. This allows the player to have higher tiers of poison immunity active without compromising the poisoning effect of the pet.
*"Scorpix's Venom" is now known as "Scorpix Antivenom" and produces the poison immunity.
*An additional augmentation, "Scorpix Venomous Touch", provides the poison on hit.


- Dragon Cauldrons now offer a bonus to Cooking and Alchemy.
- The following techniques will now use the technique component Tempest Vitality - Adventure: Tooth & Claw IV, Craft: Papermaking IV, Defense: Spirit Resistance IV, Spell: Fog IV, Spell: Primal Damage IV, Spell: Stun IV.
- Beginner Snowball formula is now known simply as Snowball and no longer filters as Beginner, Tier 1, Tier 2 or Spell. Instead, it is classified as Special.


- Quest "Shady Dealings" no longer allows use of a bucket, quarrying ability, or ingenuity ability to gather the Illicit Goods. Instead, it uses a Hunting Knife or Dragon Intuition ability.
- Fixed Directions in quest "Prove Your Worth at Wolf Hunting"
- Scale-Guard Kerrak now has their proper rank referenced in the quest "Sslanis Militia Needs Help"
- Brittle Ancient Bones can no longer be gathered outside of the Fallen Sslik's Tasks.
- Gregory is properly known as Gregory the Traitor when asked to kill him in quest "Vandus Confederation: Traitor in the Midst II".
- Fixed quest "Rangers in Danger: The Badge of Merrasat" dialogues.
- Ulaven on New Trismus now offers "Lore Quest: The Invae"
- Shau's Tradestone is now consumed on use and gives a passive ability instead of an augmentation.
- Quest "Marcus' Quest: Missing Shipment of Gems" now references Aketh instead of Talinse in Parsinia.
- Updated quest "The Tale of Darkstaff the Ancient (Part 5)" to track looting of the Crystal Fragments and to be more clear that you need to bring the Armor Crystal Fragment back with you at the end.
- Quest "Fall of Tazoon: Cult of Nazderon" can no longer be picked up from Elderincus at the Imperial Army Camp if a player has already completed "Cult of Nazderon" from Stromba in Kaiyar.
- Quest "Dragon: Spirit of a Master" now requires you to have completed the quest "Dralnok's Doom (Chapter 2): The Hammer of Kings" to be obtained.
- Quest "Delgarath Militia: Trial By Fire" no longer references Bounty Markers.
- Risen Researchers no longer count towards the Breath of Lightning quest.
- Updated directions in quests "Blacksmith: Smelting Tongs On The Move" and "(Hourly) Blacksmith's task: Repairing the Town".
- Lady Kendra in quest "Carry Warnings to Other Militias" will no longer mention giving you an emblem she doesn't actually give.
- Fixed directions in quest "Blacksmith: Help Elenna Gather Wood".
- Quest "(Daily) Trade: Sapling Leaves" doesn't limit Sapling Leaves drop to 16 anymore.
- Quests "Earn Title: Keymaker" and "Earn Title: Keymaster" are now given by Finagle Biggletorque instead of Sergeant Dylan.
- Oak Logs will no longer be gatherable as a bonus resource from Coarse Cotton Plants or dead Bloodridge Foragers while on the "Fall of Tazoon: Refugees" quest.
- Curate Mera speaks a bit more in-depth about the components she needs to cleanse the artifact in quest "Rangers in Danger: The Relic of Merrasat".
- Quests "Vandus Confederation: The Problem with Cults (Part 1, 2 and 3)" and "Vandus Confederation: The Reach of the Cult" are now known as "Vandus Militia".
- Quest "Vandus Militia: The Reach of the Cult" is now known as "Vandus Militia: The Reach of the Cult (1 of 2)".
- Quest "Vandus Militia: The Reach of the Cult (Part 2)" is now known as "Vandus Militia: The Reach of the Cult (2 of 2)".
- Fixed Sargoss' dialogue in quest "(Daily) Artifact Hunter: The Canyons Boring Tools".
- Updated quest "Artifact Mission - Medium Level: Werewolves' Treasure" directions.
- Quest "Town Marshall: Haunted Ruins" will now only count Withered Aegis monsters from lvl 76 or above in the Western Deadlands.
- Fixed chat links in the following quests:
*Monk: Proof of Skill
*Monk: Trial of Discipline


- Gruk the Frigid will now spawn appropriate followers.
- Gruk the Frigid and Fafnir the Defiler now share a spawn (but will never spawn at the same time). The range of patrol is now vastly reduced and more predictable.
- Elial (both versions) no longer gets Power Style.
- Epic Crates now recycle every 2s (down from 5s).
- Epic Boss loot is now entirely personal loot (with the exception of the once-per-kill essence).
- Fafnir the Defiler has chided his guard for leaving him and is once again escorted by a few Blight Hounds.


- Lesser Aradoth undead changes:
*Cabal Markers no longer ask for healing from Cabal Diviners, but Diviners will help Markers if attacked.
*Cabal Diviners lvl 16 and 18 now have followers.
*Cabal Markers no longer have Aura of Palsy, but a new blight damage over time instead.
- Abomination Task-Masters now have less but more various followers. Furthermore they get more health and do more damage
- Enraged Aegror, Death Dealers, and Ogre Bodyguard Warriors now get less health, armor and some other stats. Enraged Aegrors, in particular, have much less dodge.
- Ogre Bodyguard Warriors are now known as Risen Brutes.
- Shadow Spider Breeders near the Dwarven Barrows are now known as Barrow Crawlers.
- Shadow Spider Hatchlings near the Dwarven Barrows are now known as Barrow Creepers.
- Barrow Crawlers within the Dwarven Barrows will no longer spawn in massive quantities.
- Forest Oastic Empytur is now level 98-99 (instead of 100-102).
- Ice Elementals now drop trophies and technique components.
- Tier 5 loot (except Undead) is now more consistent and the quantities match the lower tiers.
- Ravenous Bloodsnout Mouf, Blood Skulk High Soothsayer Digda, Dregorn the Greater and Than'kuk Chieftain Furahrage are now classified as Tier 6.
- Tremendous Arbotus Twigback now drops Tier 5 junk loot.
- Seliena the Brilliant and Shadow Dragon now drop Tier 5 loot instead of Tier 3.
- Risen Packhound is now classified as an animal rather than undead and is called Rabid Packhound.
- Rotted Wolfbane no longer drops animal loot, but instead will drop as an undead.
- Saris Healers, Sslik Shaman and Blighted Clerics no longer get Raise Health or Gift spells.
- Bound Follower is now level 101 (up from 100).
- Adjusted and balanced Animal, Insect and Elemental loot for monsters Tier 6 and above (excluding Event and Epics).
- Death Golems are no longer treated as skeletons for loot, but instead as elementals.
- Motes of Rage are now properly classified as Tier 5.
- Undead mages no longer receive Magic Shell, Mage's Maddening Trick, Perfect Spell, Group Flame Defense, Coordinated Flame Bolt, Group Ice Defense, and Multicast.
- Removed a number of inappropriate abilities from mobs that were Zombie Templars (formerly known as Saris Zombie Templars).
- Removed a number of inappropriate abilities from mobs that were Zombie Warriors.
- Wind Elementals are now known as Seething Gales
- Bhal'kuk Warriors are now known as Bhal'kuk Hunters.
- Bhal'kuk Elite Warriors are now known as Bhal'kuk Brutes.
- Bhal'kuk Chieftains are now known as Bhal'kuk Storm Wardens.
- Some Scavenger Scorpions are now known as Engorged Scavenger Scorpions.
- There are now more Risen Raider, Risen Sergeant and Dire Wolf spawns within the Mines of Tolrath.
- Slaver's Guards now have more warrior abilities available to them.
- Tempest Golems are now known as Tempest Elementals.
- Tempest Golem Mettle is now known as Tempest Vitality.
- Wind Elementals (Seething Gales), Galestorm, Monsoon and Tempest Elementals now all use the new Wind Wisp race.
- Shiar the Topaz Golem is now known as Shiar the Topaz King.
- Myloc Veterans now get Multistrike instead of Melee Flurry.
- Cenotaph Guardians now have less armor and health (but still have a very high amount).
- Old Oaks Anchor's potential location has been moved deeper into Harro Deadlands.
- Weaver Frailty Venom debuffs will now match their corresponding poisons for name (e.g. Greater, Major, Minor, etc) and will be properly overridden by the proper Tier of poison immunity.
- The Entombed Will no longer uses a mix of player schools; he is now simply a level 60 Befouler. This will correct him using player stances endlessly, including Terror Stance, which causes issues.

Miscellaneous Fixes and Changes

- Fixed typos and/or grammar in the following quests:
*"(Daily) Artifact Hunter: Ancient Bones".
*"(Daily) Artifact Hunter: Storm the Fortress".
*"(Daily) Artifact Hunter: Swamped in Blood".
*"(Daily) Avenge Brekhantoth by slaying Ul'zilgat Broodmasters".
*"(Daily) Clerical Order: Avenging the Fallen".
*"(Daily) Gelrick's Ravenous Hunger".
*"(Daily) Trade: Snarler Teeth".
*"Alban's Revenge".
*"An Explosive Discovery".
*"Aradoth Shipment".
*"ARoP04 - Scale of Ancients - Fashion a Cask of Holding".
*"Artifact Mission - Expert Level: Ancient Figures".
*"Avenge the Fallen (Part 5)".
*"Blackhammer: Protect the Farm".
*"Breath of Fire: Refining A Useful Weapon".
*"Breath of Ice: Alter Your Breath Weapon Type".
*"Delgarath Militia Unsung Heroes: Corruption".
*"Dragon's Gift I: Prove Your Worth".
*"Drain Bolt I: Primal Secrets, Fiendish Pride".
*"Earn Title: Memory of Elial - Sleeper's Talon".
*"Earn Title: Shaloth the Queen - Keeper of the Heart".
*"Fishing Supplies for Bammas".
*"Gaileach: The Myloc Colony (Part 1)".
*"Gemcraft Mastery V: Craft 70 Jasper".
*"Go Bag 5 Blood Skulk Pendants".
*"Go Bag 100 Blood Skulk Pendants".
*"Go Bag 5 Feral Bloodsnout Youngling Tusks".
*"Go Bag 100 Feral Bloodsnout Youngling Tusks".
*"Go Bag 5 Icy Dire Wolf Skulls".
*"Go Bag 100 Icy Dire Wolf Skulls".
*"Go Bag 5 Scions of Yew".
*"Go Bag 100 Scions of Yew".
*"Hardened Scales V: Combat on Tough Terrain".
*"Hardened Scales VI: The World of the Arbotus".
*"Helian's Tomb: Power Leeches".
*"Illinos' Story: Power".
*"Imperial Army: Protect Harro From A New Menace"
*"Kion Militia: The Scorched Légion".
*"Knight of Creation: The Challenge".
*"Mark of the Grand Master Crafter".
*"Mark of the Grand Master Dragon Crafter".
*"Mark of the Master Builder".
*"Memories of the Forgotten (Part 2)".
*"Moham's Goods to Market".
*"New Trismus 10: Discussing Dangers".
*"Primal Instant Heal II: Beetles Mania Continues".
*"Primal Mastery VII: Lay Tashka Lusa to Rest".
*"Primal Mastery VIII: Prove Your Primal Power".
*"Rangers in Danger: Ishalin's Camp".
*"Rare Foods: Hatchling Cakes, Rosemary and Gruok".
*"Remnants of an Artifact (Part 4)".
*"Scalecraft Mastery X: Craft 10 Marble Strength Chest Scales".
*"Shau's Grief: Headstone".
*"Shau's Grief: Gifts of Appeasement (Part 1)".
*"Shau's Grief: Gifts of Appeasement (Part 2)".
*"Shau's Grief: Items of Strength (Part 3)".
*"Shau's Vengeance: Specters of the Past".
*"Shau's Vengeance: Vengeance Concluded (Part 2)".
*"Smelting Mastery III: Craft 70 Iron Bars".
*"Smelting Mastery IV: Craft 140 Iron Bars".
*"Smelting Mastery VI: Craft 140 Steel Bars".
*"Smelting Mastery VII: Craft 70 Cobalt Bars".
*"Smelting Mastery VIII: Craft 140 Cobalt Bars".
*"Spiked Scales VII: A Second Pack of Werewolves".
*"Story: A Disturbance of Spirit (Part 1)".
*"The Badge of The Scorched Legion".
*"The Hidden Dragon: Primal Restoration".
*"The Battlefields: Scouting the Battlefield".
*"The Return of Nazderon".
*"The Rise of Nazderon".
*"The Satyr: Stone of Revelry".
*"Tooth and Claw VII: Glitters Like A Rainbow".
*"Town Marshall: Arbotus Annihilation".
*"Town Marshall: Dancing Through the Fire".
*"Town Marshall: Dropkick Treants".
*"Town Marshall: Pig Practice".
*"Town Marshall: Pustule Study".
*"Town Marshall: Sal'guk Marching".
*"Trials of the Gifted: Test of Endurance".
*"Trials of the Gifted: Test of Knowledge".
*"Vandus Militia: The Problem with Cults (Part 3)".
*"Vandus Militia: The Reach of the Cult (2 of 2)".
*"Werewolves And Bottles".
*"Xerintha: Find a Green Maple Leaf".
- Fixed typos in items:
*Bouquet of Alyssa's Blessing.
*Darkstaff's Armor Crystal Fragment.
*Festival Fireworks (large), Festival Fireworks (medium), Festival Fireworks (small).
*Millie's Apple Pie.
*Nielenoss' cargo disks
*Supplies for Barridin.
*The various Chunks used for Ornament Making
*Void Crate (personal loot).
*Weapon and Claw Tech Kit: Nazderon's Crest.
*Fusion Burn ability.
*Sal'guk Gatherer Ear description.
- Fixed typos in NPC dialogue:
*Cole Tomason
*Siggurd Forgetender
*Therian Coldfist
*Harn Goldenboot
- The Quest item 'Lieutenant Vekh's Instructions' has been renamed properly to ‘Sergeant Vekh's Instructions'.
- Shimmering Cabal's Crystal of Magic now has the proper tint.
- Broken Item components are now valued for sale at vendors (specific armor and weapon components have more value than the common items)
- Trophy Hunters no longer change their dialogue based on your level: Diadrus, Arionn, Baltorros, Drannor, Garanthos, Gruntour, Karios, Lagontus, Nomentu, and Trienna
- Burris at the Imperial Outpost will no longer say something different if you are already on a quest.
- Armor Cleaning kits now allow you to clean all types of biped armor of their visual techniques.
- Ancient Sarcophagus now properly references Intuition skill.
- Regenerate keyword will now show up properly on keyword conflicts.
- Fixed issue where some monster icons would go past their portrait target window border and / or stray pixels.
- Title: the Houndmaster now properly displays as "the Houndmaster".
- Fixed Armor and Scale Tech Kit: Bloodied and Weapon and Claw Tech Kit: Blood-Thirsty descriptions.
- Fixed item requirements listing so dragon items don't list all the player schools.
- Expert Tech Kit: Undead Slayer now has a better icon.
- Fixed the description of the Anti-Werewolf Salve to describe combat enhancement vs werewolves rather than protection from werewolves.
- Fragment of Flame now references the Kion Volcano by its actual name, Amu'merras.
- Stun Resistance now uses its own blue-colored icon rather than the stun icon.
- The previously removed titles "the Mad", "the Sad", and "the Angry" are now available for purchase alongside "the Happy" in a bundle from Anarie the Loyalty Vendor. (Price is 1 Loyalty Token).
- Deer (Buck/Doe) Polymorph/Polysplash potions work correctly and no longer result in invisibility.
- Map of the Dalimond Peninsula icon now has the proper size.
- Weapon Tech Kit: Nazderon's Crest has been renamed to Weapon and Claw Tech Kit: Nazderon's Crest.
- Abilities Bonus: Power I and Bonus: Strength I descriptions no longer refer to an emblem.
- The Comb junk loot item has been renamed to ‘Old Comb (TX)' and had its colors adjusted akin to other junk loot items.
- Updated Char Raw Meat description: it doesn't mention needing to have two stacks of meat anymore as the related bug was fixed.
- Updated Spell Tech Kit: Mental Bane and Spell Tech Kit: Mental Bane Reward descriptions.


- Beginner Generate Health and all xGenerate Health spells are now obsolete.
- Thunder Cloud spell formulas are now obsolete.



- Digit grouping format has been added to the Character windows and now properly responds to system settings.
- The structure select windows on lairs and plots now have unique icons to represent the categories instead of a placeholder grid.
- Loading screen tips have been reviewed - A large amount of new lore tidbits have been added, incorrect tips have been deleted, and grammar errors have been fixed.
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