Live Patch du 22/03/2011

Les Deltas 199 à 202 ont été appliquées sur Chaos et Order. Pas de nouveautés majeures cette fois, mais des ajustements et quelques ajouts intéressants comme une encyclopédie sur Istaria intégrée au client (incomplète pour l'instant, mais avec déjà de quoi lire) qui permet d'en savoir plus sur le monde sans avoir à fouiller dans les forums officiels.

Today March 22nd, is patch day! And listed below are the public notes for the content update that are being applied to the live servers.

Abilities and Items

- Hero's Resolve recycle is now 5 minutes and works with ranged attacks.
- Crystal of Eternal Rest now has a new color tint.
- Removed other gems from the Skalkaar gem outcroppings so that new players no longer have to search among the other gems for the garnet they need.
- Cure Poison and Cure Group Poison can now be scribed by Dragons.
- Tier 6 Broken Jewelry (except Necklace) now boosts Health by +160.
- Altered the coin values of Boons, Bounties and Blessings so they can be consigned and will be valued better.
- Round Shields are no longer available for purchase from Frig Tallowgar, but are instead available from Armorer Trainers.
- Fine Round Shields are no longer attuned.
- Regular Round Shields no longer drop as loot.
- Gatherer's Boon, Bounty and Blessing techniques now boost Essence Harvesting instead of Dowsing.
- Tainted Essence Orb formulas to the Dragon Craft Trainers in Dralk and Chiconis.


- Teleport destinations now have a prefix for the type of destination in order to group them better.
- Expanded the contents of the Istarian Encyclopedia which can be found on the Tutorials window from the Star Menu. Much more will be added over time.
- Added a working teleport gate in the community of Heart that has destinations to Bristugo and the other pads on the Dalimond Peninsula


- Travertine and Travertine Boulder golems will now respawn at a slower rate.
- Skalkaar Grulet spawns have been tweaked slightly to help new players find the grulets they need easier and faster.
- Altered the spawns of spiders and grass beetles on Skalkaar so that new players can find each easier based on quest directions.
- Removed the no-treasure option from Daknor and adjusted some of his loot percentages.
- Removed the no-treasure option from Gruk, reintroduced Blighted formulas, and adjusted the loot percentages.
- Elite Blighted Blights will no longer instantly respawn.
- Increased the health gain per level of the Abomination of Pain school significantly.
- Mountain Wolf Alphas will now appear with greater regularity in The Middling Lands. They will still roam in and amongst the Oak Treants, but their territory ranges closer to Duskhold than the Treants roam.
- Than'kuk Warriors will now respawn more quickly and in greater numbers within the Stormy March.
- Improved the respawn rate of Bloodskulk Bloodmages, Soothsayers and Spearfishers within the Spiritous Swamp.
- Improved the respawn rate of Hunter Scorpions within the Autumn Forest.
- Enraged Yew Treant will spawn in greater numbers among the Massive Yew Treants at the center of the Yew Forest.
- Improved the respawn rate of Dire Wolves on the Abandoned Shore.
- Snowback Wolf Alphas will now spawn in greater numbers on Trandalar and in the Mahagra Tundra.
- Rare technique component dropping mobs will now drop techniques more frequently overall. This applies to all tiers of mobs which drop a rare technique component. Those mobs that do not drop a rare components have not been changed.
- Gritus Maximus now has a smaller "call for help" range, so he should not bring as many other beetles with him when pulled.


- Rhagool was added to New Trismus in the vaultkeeper's building. He will purchase "oddities" just as Rhahool does.
- Selia Addlebrock now has a more favorable markup on tokens she repurchases.
- Increased the payout percentage that Rhadool the Oddities Broker gives for junk loot.
- Tahtoom Frumja is no longer wearing training clothing or carrying a Bronze Warhammer.
- Xarinnis the Dragon Craft Trainer for Tier 1 has relocated to Kion atop Lady Kendra's Manor.
- Jemenoth will now teach players about dragon spells versus abilities and send them back to Karkath.
- Halindrass the Lairshaper Trainer to Chiconis. Halindrass will switch qualified dragons into the Lairshaper school and sell Beginner and Journeyman Lairshaper formulas, but will not offer any of the Lairshaper quests nor allow a player to join the Lairshaper school for the first time.

Plot Changes

- Plots in the following communities have been adjusted to be the correct size and orientation: Guild: Immons, Guild: Kabale, Guild: Moroto, Guild: Moyo, Guild: North Balzar, Guild: Sem, Guild: South Balzar, Guild: Surin, Guild: Tagan, Guild: Tirzah, Guild: Yewn, Guild: Yumi, Guild: Tagan, Guild: Padraig, Forest Guard, Frost Boulder, Granite Hills, Harro


- Antolathes now explains in quest "Antolathes: Revenge" that his power is an ability.
- Quest "Plundered Tombs: Ritual of Eternal Rest" now asks for Shattered Soul Shards instead of Fragmented Soul Shards, SO that it doesn't conflict with the quest "Cleric's Tower: Fragmented Soul Shards"
- The "Acquire Pale Essence Orbs" step in quest "Plundered Tombs: Ritual of Eternal Rest" no longer tracks how many orbs you have, it will just act as a reminder step to get them. You will still need 10 Orbs, but you can get them using any method you wish.
- Tier 6 Trophy Quests offered by Scout Burris at the Imperial Outpost (Abomination Task Master Spleens, Blight Hound Claws, Blighted Kwellen Hoofs, Enraged Aegror Bunions, Zombie Medic Eyes) have been replaced with new trophy quests (Scion of Thornwood, Frosthound Claws, Murk Crab Glands, Golem Heart of Travertine, Stygian Scorpion Claws).
- Knowledge of Lairs quest has been split into two parts. The first part ends with Relsaroth making the character a lairshaper for the first time. The second part begins with Balenoss asking you to make lairshaping pieces. Quest "Learning to Shape Your Lair" was modified accordingly. This should help prevent problems with joining the Lairshaper school that some players encounter.
- Dragon Tutorial quests have been cleaned up and better directions added to assist new players and create less confusion.
- Quest "Storm Disciple: The Way of Storm" now reminds you to loot the Blighted Storm Core and Antaniel won't continue the quest without it. In quest "Medallion of the Storms" Antaniel now gives it back to you at the proper time.
- Sacrificial Dagger no longer drops as part of the Myloc Hierophants regular loot table. Instead, quest "Gaileach: The Myloc Colony (Part 1)" now drops the Dagger as loot when you are on the quest.


- Guran the Blacksmith will now properly offer training tools to players who ask for them.
- Crystal of Eternal Rest no longer gives a buff and will now work with ranged attacks.
- Quest "Primal Mastery IV: Palesnouts" now properly refers to Palesnouts and no longer to coin in their pouches.
- Palesnout Sow Tail now uses the default resource icon.
- Broken Crossbows now use the proper leftpalm keyword instead of rightpalm.
- Ancient and Elite Burial Guardians will now count towards looting the Shattered Soul Shard in quest "Plundered Tombs: The Ritual of Eternal Rest"
- Spiritual Matters tech kit now properly buffs ethereal armor by +100 and Spirit by +7.
- Knowledge of Lairs quest will no longer become disabled when the player is changed to a Lairshaper as part of the quest.
- The following items from the "Oddities loot" tables now have proper descriptions: Blight Globule, Blight Vapor, Wraith Essence, Wraith Robe.
- Straightened plots in Aughundell West, Dalimond Village, Guilds Apia, Cameron, Cire, Clio, Eli and a few scattered others.
- Deleted a few plots in Crescent, Genevia, Mala, Guild: Apia and Guild: Cameron.
- Removed the "Ironsilk Backpack Pouch" from formula Expert Colored Fabric Pouch
- Tier4 handwrap in Master Leather Weapon Repair formula was incorrectly using a Tier3 resource
- Tier3 Long Spear and Tier5 Long Sword in Master Metal Weapon Repair: Swords and Spears formula were incorrectly using the wrong resource
- Regal Yew Cudgel now properly buffs 1-Handed Crush, Focus and Power.
- Broken Quarterstaves now properly buff Magic Evasion instead of Power as the primary stat.
- Master Armor Dye Kit: Khaki Colors formula now requires 1200 Alchemy to scribe.
- Master Armor Dye Kit: Purple Colors formula now requires 1200 Alchemy to scribe.
- Added Light and Dark Crystals to the Tier5 Crystals table cause they were missing.
- You can now loot Blighted Kwellen Hooves and Blight Hound Claws while on quest "Delgarath Militia Unsung Heroes: Help Jatell"
- You can now loot Blighted Kwellen Hooves, Blight Hound Claws, Abomination Task-Master Spleens, Enraged Aegror Bunions and Ogre Rock-Hauler Manacles while on quest "Delgarath Militia Unsung Heroes: For the Empire"
- Removed extra armor from Brownback Hunter Pack-Leader and Diseased Brownbacks.
- Quest "Investigate Karane the Historian's Tale" won't conflict with other standard Dragon quests any longer.
- Wording in quest "Plundered Tombs: The Ritual of Eternal Rest", the Bishop no longer says he'll take the Crystal of Eternal Rest back for safe-keeping.
- Corrected the skill requirements to scribe Master Jewelry Repair formula.
- Dragon Journal Collection formula will no longer drop as loot since it is purchased.
- Quest items for the Imperial Outpost are no longer attuned (Scorched Portion of Hide, Scorched Scrap of Hide, Singed Fragment of Hide, Singed Scrap of Hide)
- Fallen Champions are now members of the Chaos Warrior school.
- Valkor's Guards now give out more loot including some rare pulls.
- "Go Bag 5 Small Arbotus Squirrel Toes" and "Go Bag 5 Small Flame Beetle Compound Eyes" will no longer be offered to characters who are level 60, causing confusion with where they should go for Trophy quests.
- Grulnar the Town Marshall in Dralk will now once again offer quests to characters of the appropriate level.
- Fixed two bugs with the quest "Dragon Tutorial: Spells and Abilities". One was with the spell given at the beginning of the quest, the other was with a step's Progress List that would prevent the quest from being able to be completed.
- Removed redundant link in Parsinia Gatekeeper's persistent dialog to prevent players from "double attaining" the attunement quest.
- Removed Imperial Lore Tokens from Lairshaping quests as part of the reward.
- Platinum Defense Mystery Box will now give the proper Tier 4 Defense Techniques instead of Tier 1 Spell Techniques.
- Lowered the skill and level requirements of Broken Cudgels.
- People Search result columns are now sortable.
- Journeyman Spell: Gift of Velocity and Journeyman Spell: Primal Health may now be purchased from Queriatia and Resiata
- Corrected a bug with Journeyman Metal Weapon Repair: Swords and Spear where the wrong skill and quantity of metal chunks was required.
- Spellcrafter and Confectioner Blessing techniques will now drop as loot.
- Fixed dialogue with Gravus the Tradeskill Trainer on Spirit Isle when you complete all of the Scholar quests he'll no longer refer you back to himself for adventure schools, but instead refer to Cellardus who stands nearby.
- Quest "Go Bag 5 Forest Skulk Rudimentary Charms" is now only available between levels 21 and 26.
- Quest "Go Bag 5 Forest Grouk Youngling Tusks" is now named properly and refers to Younglings in the description.
- Completed a full audit of all tiers of technique components to ensure that they now list the proper techniques they are used in in the "Description" field of the item.
- Chat channels are now properly sorted by member count from most to least in the channel list window.
- Zepartus no longer offers the quest "Essence Harvesting Mastery I".
- Snowback Alpha Wolves will no longer spawn with as much frequency on Trandalar and in the Valley of Winter, thus causing the overcrowding of Snowback Wolves to be less of an issue.
- Mountain Wolf Alpha Ear no longer uses the beetle carapace icon.
- Abomination Taskmasters now have the proper Blight skill rank. 

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