Live patch du 19/12/2017: Skaalkar Reborn

Les delta 301 et 301.1 ont été appliquées aux serveurs réguliers. Les grandes nouveautés sont la refonte de l'île turotiel Dragon Skaalkar, aussi bien du point de vue graphique que du contenu, le donjon Tier I au design très réussi The Caves of Wind et la refonte partielle des premiers niveaux des écoles de base.

Skalkaar Reborn
Content Summary

- Skalkaar, the Dragon Tutorial, has been reborn.
- The Cave of Winds, a Tier 1 mini-dungeon
- Clerical Order Ranks and Daily Quests
- Basic School Ability Adjustments (Levels 10 to 20)


- An overhaul of the Dragon tutorial island of Skalkaar has been completed.  This includes a beautification of the island to be more visually appealing, a revamp of the quests and NPC dialog, new NPCs (Creena, Malimer, Droegan, Raghael, Viseria, Daeneyr), new idle actions, and improved appearances (Drouk and Karkath).  Thanks for Pastle and others for this overhaul.

The Cave of Winds

- The Sslanis Militia is looking for assistance with a growing threat to the jungle and island!  The Bloodletters, a fierce clan of Fyakki, have overrun the Island of the Drowned and are threatening the western coast of Lesser Aradoth.

Clerical Order Ranks

- The Clerical Order has opened its ranks to Gifted players who are interested in climbing the ranks of the Order.  Visit Abbin the Registrar at the Tower of Healing.  Clerical Tokens are earned for completing quests from members of the Order around the Tower.

Basic School Ability Adjustments

Adjustments to abilities for five schools (Warrior, Mage, Cleric, Scout and Dragon Adventurer) have been completed for levels 10 to 20.
- Warrior:
*Green Stance is received at level 6
*Blue Stance is received at level 12
*Shield Stance is received at level 15
*Power Strike 2 is received at level 11, damage bonus increased from +10 to +16 and red stance now increases damage further by 10%
*Negate Attack 2 is now known as Heroic Shout II
*Distract 1 is received at level 15 and now has a recycle of 60s (down from 300s) and reduces incoming melee/ranged damage to the user by 25% for 45s 63755
*Coordinated Strike 2 now has a recycle of 60s (down from 90s)
- Scout:
*Red Stance is received at level 6
*Green Stance is received at level 12
*Blinding Shot 2 is received at level 15
*Power Shot 2 is received at level 11, the damage bonus increased from +14 to +20 and red stance now increases damage further by 10%
*Coordinated Shot 2 now has a recycle of 60s (down from 90s)
*Long Shot 2 is received at level 13 and now has a recycle of 30s (down from 60s) and the damage bonus increased from +10 to +14
- Mage:
*Group Ice Defense I received at level 14
*Red Stance received at level 12
*Green Stance received at level 6
*Group Flame Defense I is received at level 11 and now boosts flame resistance by +52
*Multicast I now has a recycle of 180s (down from 300s)
*Safety 2 is now known as Magic Shell and boosts Ethereal Armor in addition to regular Armor
*Coordinated Flame Bolt 2 now has a recycle of 60s (down from 180s)
*Enhanced Flame Bolt 2 is now known as Fireball 2, does 10% more damage while in red stance, and can burn a target increasing the damage of Tier 1 flame spells.
- Cleric:
*Instant Heal 2 now has a recycle of 30s (down from 45s) and heals 10% more while in Green Stance
*Smash 2 is received at level 11, the damage bonus increased from +8 to +10 and has a 50% chance of giving a 15s debuff that reduces the target's crush resistance by 50
*Defend Other 1 is received at level 15 and now has a recycle of 5s (down from 60s)
*Red Stance is received at level 6
*Shield Stance is received at level 13\
*Protectorate is received at level 13 and now has a recycle of 30s (down from 45s) and reduces incoming damage by 25% while in Shield Stance
*Smash 1 and 2 now have a post-delay of 2.0 (removed the pre-delay)
- Dragon Adventurer
*Menacing Presence will now reduce incoming damage by 25% while in Blue Stance
*Claw Strike 2 does 10% more damage in red stance (instead of +10) and bonus damage of +16 instead of +10
*Bite 2 does 10% additional damage in Red Stance
*Allowance of Power 1 now has a recycle of 60s (down from 90s)


- Shield Stance now counts as Stance "E"
- Modified the Spell: Fortify technique to add a flat 20 armor per tier instead of the 10% of base armor. This change allows all races to benefit from Fortify, and increases the benefit.
- Weapon Tech Kit: Sigil of Toval can be applied to Dragon Claws now
- Obsolete spells xGenerate Health I-VI now share recycle timers at 100% against all versions of the spell.
- Symbol of the Rift and Relic of the Rift will drop more when the loot is obtained
- Fixed Talisman of Revelry and Scale of Revelry to have the same keyword damage type conversion as Stone of Revelry.
- Replica Chest Scale of the Prime and Replica Tempered Chest Scale requirements have been lowered from level 30 to 25.
- Cursed Health Potion will properly consume itself upon use.
- Ambrosia Revamp: Epic ambrosia is now available!  The epic ambrosia will remove up to 10 deathpoints, and is crafted using Empyrean Essence that is harvested from Greater Epics using an essence siphon or essence harvesting ability. Vargas sells the formula, he does charge a lot for it.
- New spell and ability effects for: Dragon Heals, Arcane Refusal, Countercheck Primal, Ignore Mysticism, Gold Rage, Silver Strike, and Ravage
- There are now 3 new Wooden Training Posts (Wooden Training Post (elemental), Wooden Training Post (animal) and Wooden Training Post (Undead). These new posts will simulate attacking an animal, elemental or undead target. This will let you test techs/augmentations that only apply to a certain type.
- Prime Bolt and Improved Prime Bolt have an arcing flight path.
- New Cloudy Crystals of Parry and Block can be found on the loot tables
- New Defense tech kits of Evasion, Magic Evasion and Dodge can be found on the loot tables.
- Effect Encouraged and Fear (from Inspired crystalshaper Abilities) will now properly modify delay and recycle
- All Trinket Baubles can be manually right clicked, removed by players.
- Dispirit's delay adjustment now properly only affects melee abilities and attacks.


- Gift spells now have the "buff" keyword, which will allow Fortify and Cleanse to be applied to them.
- Epic resources (Annisil Cord, Dense Leather Band, Ithilium Bar, Taravist Crystal, and Velanthis Wood Strip) now all have their own unique icons rather than borrowing from other resources.
- Added player plot decoration Tree, autumn swampy
- Blighted Sandstone and Glass Nodules no longer spawn near the Great Battle
- Replaced Weakened Dim Wisp with Dim Wisp and Enriched Dim Wisp on Genevia Island spawns
- Adjusted the spawn quantity/rate of Wisps on Lesser Aradoth
- Introduced the chance for an Enriched Dim Wisp to spawn on New Trismus
- Replaced Weakened Dim Wisps with Enriched Dim Wisps in the Sslanis Basin
- All player vendor structures now use hiring permits when their structure is being constructed
- Updated the names of some of the Dragon machines:
*Scholar's Desk is now Spell Forge
*Gem Cutting Bench is now Gem Shaper
*Stoneworking Pedestal is now Stone Shaper


- The Guards around Machine of Inhibition are now known as Inhibition Guards and can properly be damaged with Revelry
- Azg'ulzit Fyakki are now known as Az'gulzit Fyakki
- Azg'engak Fyakki are now known as Az'genak Fyakki
- Azg'azak Fyakki are now known as Az'gazak Fyakki
- Resized and adjusted the quantity of Risen Skeletons that spawn outside the Kion South Gate.  There are now more than before, but closer to the gate only spawn 1 at a time.
- Adjusted the spawn rate and quantity of Shadow Tarantulas and Bloodflies within the WEstern Deadlands including splitting the linked Tarantula spawn into two.
- Added Bloodflies to the Shadow Spider spawns in the Western Deadlands
- Adjusted the spawn rate and quantity of Shadow Spiders in the Western Deadlands
- Lowered the maximum spawn quantity of Az'gulzit Fyakki within the Western Deadlands (from 12 to 7 each)
- Frozen Horrors now have their own school, are no longer immune to regular damage types, and no longer drop Fiery Rift loot.
- Flesh VIndicators are now Saris Mummies instead of Human
- Emir Bar'Akath is now scaled to 1.5x


- Minor typo/grammar Fixes in
*(Daily) Ruxus Ruckies.
*Abigail's Outstanding Order
*Accurate Breath II: Focusing your breath weapon
*Adeshine's Envenomed Spear
*Antolathes' Revenge
*Becoming an Adult Dragon: Choosing your Path
*Bristugo Elm Treant Troubles
*Central Valley: Forest Skulk Menace
*(Daily) Behind on my Quota
*(Daily) Fish Fillets for Market Day
*Abigail's Missing Mining Pick
*Abigail's Oustanding Order
*Alis' Squirrel Stew
*Anthas Root Tea: a Deeper Knowledge
*Attunement to Drakul
*Abigail's Oustanding Order
*Accurate Breath II: Focusing your breath weapon
*Accurate Breath III: Practice, Practice, Practice
*Anthas' Root
*Anthas Root Tea
*(Daily) Delivery to Bristugo
*Become a Primal Adept
*Become Adept with Teeth and Claws
*Attunement to Serenity - Collecting Bones
*Becoming an Adult Dragon: Choosing your Path
*Thurid: Wraith Cores (Part 3) will now properly give XP and Coin
*Central Valley: Forest Skulk Menace
*Central Valley: Shamanic Rites
*Central Valley: Shamanic Rites
*Cleaning the Coruption II
*Gold Rage II: Wintheria's Quest
*Delivery for Felessi
- (Daily) quests has been verified for consistency. All quests that give experience or coin rewards will now award the full amounts on every quest.
- The Withered Bane now once more requires the player to loot the Blighted Bone after killing the Grand Magus, to fit better with the dialogue present in the quest.
- Fixed quest "Loyalty Title - The Mature" because it says today is "your 100th day", but it could be anything greater than 100. Now says, "your 100 days of service to the empire"
- Lore Quest "Ganesh's Journal" added to Quintin in Feladan
- Added daily quests to Dekhail the Scout: "Carapace Hunt", "Sapphire Hide Hunt" and "Flaming Tongue Hunt"


- The knock-off "Presnet" mimic pets now look different to their original counterparts from the Hours of Frost event, now boasting ripped wrapping paper, torn ribbons, and overall dirtiness.
- Pleasant Canyon's port is now properly listed as Settlement: Pleasant Canyon
- Updated Skull Head Scale Tech Kit to consume itself upon applying.
- Updated Epic Travel Scroll Box 2's description to refer to the Tower of Bonds instead of the Council Chamber
- Updated Harlequin Shirt to be able to make Tech Kits properly.
- Gnomekindle wear can now be used to create tech kits of their respective appearance, including the treant shoulder pets! Other shoulder pets to follow soon.
- Almighty Cauldron now has a stat cap trigger to never allow it to reach above 39999 health and never gain more than 0 speed.
- New target window icons for numerous monsters and NPCs
- SUN Moon Head Scale Tech Kit will now properly consume itself and apply upon using
- Ryson no longer refers to the time since the detonation of the artifact and his death in specific years, but merely says "more than twenty years"


- Add rest rate and hoard breath as modifiable stats
- Correct some buff timers resetting after login
- Players on Free Access sometimes can't open crates and get the rewards.
- Overhaul resource spawn / gathering calculations and data - skill will more properly apply to min / max quantities gathered
- Enhanced keyword support for attack mods. If keyword doesn't match / does match, then can apply base without mod, or apply attack with mod
- Support for create item keyword (future content)
- Dragon's Shield of Gold vs Multicast will show real damage deducted instead of incorrect damage
- FEATURE: Create "Create Keyword" action like gather keyword for quests (future content)
- Memory optimizations for inventory storage


- Quest Color Coding
- Saving/Loading UI layouts - text commands /saveLayout, /loadLayout, /deleteLayout, /renameLayout
- Custom teleport triggers (new content)
- Quest Color Coding
- Elm Treant leaves no longer get stuck midair and stretch during animations such as death.
- Show obsolete in item popup
- Resource target Icon name
- UI Fixes to improve handling of item batches / item creation
- Crash fix for teleporter missing from waypoint list
- Resource target Icon names: FIX for mother load resources
- Quest Color Coding: Save 'All' button state
- Additions to encyclopedia window
- Truncated Owner Name - Community Surveyor and Property Details Windows
- Increase Floating Name Distance
- Adjust default playing music to Gordon's guitar playing
- DPS on tooltip repeats when the weapon is equip/unequipped
- Target Window Images for Blighted Resource nodes
- Client crashes when adding 'Open Window' on Hotkey Editor
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