Patch sur Blight du 23/03/2018 (Delta 302.1)

Un patch intermédiaire a été appliqué au serveur de test. Il ne contient que des correctifs, principalement liés aux zones retravaillées de la précédente Delta:

- "Dragon Crafter2: Learning the Ropes" fixed step that prevented player from progressing quest
- "Dragon Crafter 1: Arming the Militia" - bipeds can no longer accept this quest
- Irwina now accepts Frelic's Pet token as currency.
- Irwina now has greeting text.
- The "Dragon Crafting Training" and "Dragon Adventure Training" signs have been removed as they are obsolete and confusing. The "Non-Dragon Training" sign has had its text changed to "New Trismus Training Grounds" and points towards the town.
- "Blacksmith's Quest: Introduction" now properly counts gathered copper and tin ore and the quest text now tells you to gather the required seventy instead of fifty.
- "Scholar's Quest: A Tale of Two Magics" has had its counter updated to 25 and now refers to Sandstone Bricks instead of Bronze Bars.
- "Mage's Quest: Beetles to Ashes" now properly counts incinerate uses.
- "Mage's Quest: Cold-Blooded Grulet Killer" now properly asks for 3 grulets to be killed rather than 1
- "Scout's Quest: Head to New Trismus" now properly requires the scout school to be active.
- "Scout's Quest: Head to New Trismus" also now properly advances when you click the first blue link.
- Small typo fixes in "Introduction to Fortshire" "Scholar's Quest: A Tale of Two Magics" "Scholar's Quest: On the Offense" "Outfitter's Quest: Spooling Around" and "Scholar's Quest: A Revitalization".
- All ghost NPCs with exemption of the NPCs in New Brommel's Fall Festival now have a design and a spectral look similar to the Rift Spirit FORM, differentiating them from mobs. The costumed NPCs remains as as they are wearing the ghost costume, which still makes you into a mob-like ghost as intended.
- Hourly quest for Scholars - replaced Ice Bolt part with Energy Bolt spells
- Defender of New Trismus now properly requires New Trismus 9 quest to be completed instead of old Valor and Vigilance quest.
- "Spirit ofDralnok"'s name now properly reads as "Spirit of Dralnok".
- All fashion formulas have received an update to their requirements, required materials and xp.
- A few world object misalignments have been fixed in Spirit Isle.
- A redundant ‘Continue' link has been removed from Lauri's dialogue.
- Spitfyre's initial dialogue has been slightly reworked to flow better.
- Karkath's dialogue for hatchlings doing the Skalkaar quests have also been slightly updated.
- Various tweaks and updates to the dialogue of NPCs in Skalkaar's tutorial quests.
- Fixed a bug in "Skalkaar Tutorial 6: Craft a Chest Scale!" in which Jemenoth did not speak to you after you finished the chest scale until you asked for the formula again.
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