Live patch du 28/03/2018: New Awakening

La première mise à jour de contenu de l'année a été portée sur les serveurs réguliers avec notamment un New Trismus très réussi et très vivant. Le patch ne comportant qu'une grosse Delta et une série de correctifs, les notes de développement sont fatalement assez similaires à celle de la Delta 302:

New Awakening


- Almost every dragon NPC in the game has been given some love to appear more unique visually.
- All dragons who previously used the red / green default textures now have a unique design. (Excluding Karane and Semeneth)
- All trainers that offer questlines now have a guild tag that reflects their profession. For example, Severant is "Drain Strike Mentor" and Kreig is "Quarrying Mentor".
- Any dragon NPCs who used rehashed default greeting text now should have their own unique text, especially towards bipeds. Lunus are now properly aggressive towards them and Helians are far more tolerant.
- Any dragon NPCs that offer questlines for crafting or adventuring now have unique text for any character that greets them after finishing all of their quests, recognising their efforts.

New Trismus

- Has undergone a transformation which includes new quests, new NPCs, and a new town.
- Frelic the Quartermaster now offers a daily quest for players to obtain pets.
- Two buildable towers added

Spirit Isle

- Spirit Isle has been completely revamped. Thank you Pastle for drafting!
- All tutorial quests are now completely rewritten and are now offered by the proper class NPCs instead of a singular craft or adventure NPC far from all the required mobs or resources.
- A number of new NPCs have been added to the island to spice it up and add some life.
- A town has sprung up on Spirit Isle known as Fortshire, offering a refuge for some wounded citizens of New Trismus from before its razing.
- The entire island has been beautified and received some love to be less barren and offer some small serene spots to relax and admire the view.


- Predelay reduced from 5 seconds to 1 second while recharging Blighted gear
- Beginner Ice Brick requires Sculpting skill to scribe, instead of Stoneworking
- Common resource nodes have around a 30% increase in the minimum amount they yield before depleted. Most common resources have an increase in the maximum amount you can gather per ‘swing'.
- Music in Dalimond will no longer keep restarting after you walk a short distance.
- Cedar Treantwood Totem no longer needs to be equipped, but instead is usable to grant the Gift of the Forest.  It consumes a Cedar Treant Mettle on use.
- Sslanis Militia: The Bloodletters (Part 2) has been slightly rearranged so that the 3 tasks can be completed in any order. It was possible for the quest to get stuck. Beware, if you currently have this quest in your log, you might have to delete it and restart the quest.
- Expert (Mithril Mystery Boxes) prices for Formulatron and Techatron has been reduced from 500s to 150s.
- Banner Days quest can now be repeated weekly (Hermey in New Koraelia)
- Gnomekindle Helper Pants Tech Kit and Clause Pants Tech Kit now have the correct appearance
- Trophies and Junk loot tint colors updated
- Master Metal Hinges/Struts/Springs/Gears formula now has correct requirements to scribe
- Menacing Presence ability now properly gives buff: Menacing to player and debuff: Menacing Presence to mob.
- Silver Strike and Ravage abilities now properly put Primal Strike and Primal Burst spells respectively on a 100% cooldown upon use
- Brekhantoth now has over 5,000 health to avoid being killed too fast by the fyakki in his area.
- Shard of Faces is now looted only while on the Helian 2, Lunus 2 and Memni's Challenge quests.
- Witzel the Golden and the Scholars of the Age of Warrior Kings, Lamentations, and Sorcerers no longer have spacing issues in their name.
- Logging Camp (Tier 5) requires 1200 skill, for optimal, insead of 1225 on Ironsilk Bolt, Ironsilk Tapestries, Marble Construction Keystones
- Dragon's Edge now properly affects melee attacks as well as spells and no longer has a redundant ‘I' in its name.
- Typo fixed in ARoP19 in Dgaris' text. (Missing punctuation)
- Dragon's Winter Scarf now properly consumes Istarian Express checks to produce a tech kit.
- The Quest to receive the title Grand Master Dragon Crafter and Expert Dragon Lairshaper no longer conflicts with lairshaping quests.
- Sigil of Kaasha crystal will now properly trigger healing augmentation
- Adult dragon costumes can now be used by both ancient and adult dragons. Juvenile dragon costumes can now be used by juvenile, adult, and ancient dragons.
- Formulatron v0.2 has received a firmware update and now known as Formulatron v0.3
- Large Stone Statue: Adult Dragon (Facing Right) now properly requires Sandstone Construction Blocks instead of Ice Construction Blocks.
- Saritova Logging Camp and Gemcutting Shack positions updated so they are rotated correctly and not buried in terrain.
- Satyr Portals no longer require attunement
- Sslanis Militia: Battle Sugar Cane quest now deletes the Tattered Book and Ancient Mixing spoon upon completion. The next quest in series Mementos for Fillet no longer requires you to have the book or spoon in inventory to begin quest.
- The Dralnok's DOOM quest item "Instructions for Empowering the Artifact" now has its own unique formula icon.
- Nyasela properly no longer asks for you to acquire a Steel Rune Stylus for the Khutit form quest.
- Spell book capacity increased from 250 to 300.
- Primal Mastery IX: Lisandia now properly talks about getting flame gullet from Flamentus instead of flame gland
- Sheila Jonis now sells Hat Boxes for Paper Bag Hat: Sad
- Dolly Day now sells three pairs of Gnomekindle related boxers that can generate tech kit versions of themselves.
- Supply Crates added on the islands of New Trismus and Lesser Aradoth
- The Sinkhole portal no longer requires attunement and auto-teleports you into the Cave of Winds
- Added a new logging camp outside of Bristugo
- Added Sandstone Walkways for player plots
- Kion has undergone a facelift, including a buildable house, decorations and improvements to give it more of a "living town" feel, as well as two new resources: avocado and coconut palm
- Sslanis has undergone a facelift
- Racial cities portals and pads now use new coloring.
- Special portals received unique textures
- Lighting System - The gnomes enslaved wisp energies inside glass orbs. No more stubbed toes!
- "The Lone Wolf of New Trismus" quest was rewritten. Thank you Pastle for your contribution!
- Platinum within Mithril's Anvil Mine is now more balanced
- Set Volcanic Eruption and Spiritual BOMB to be on a 20% shared cooldown timer, lowered Volcanic Eruption's cooldown to 150 seconds down from 180
- Five new unique dragon markings have been added. (Ten total markings counting opaque and translucent variations) Thank you Ghuran!
- A whole bunch of new dragon eyes have been added - 11 in total! 3 of which were submitted (numbers 5-7/15) - thank you Fiedlerite!
- Skull Head Scale Tech Kit now properly applies the appearance of the Skull Head Scale and not that of the 2008 Fall Festival Skull Head Scale.
- New title quests for most Greater and Lesser Epics are now available at the Eastern Outpost, Imperial Outpost, Delgarath, as well as from Morran Gizmogrinder in New Rachival, and Dantor the Scout.
- Titles earned from crafting now give bonuses.
- Dragon wards spells Arcane Refusal and Ignore Mysticism have be changed to be resists. Countercheck primal is now both a resist and a ward.
- Ambrosia of the Gods now provides an automatic superior res upon death for 4 hours after being eaten.  It also grants this blessing to those around you at the moment you eat it. If you die and get ressurected, a 1 minute evasion buff helps you get back in the fight.
- All ghost NPCs with exemption of the NPCs in New Brommel's Fall Festival now have a design and a spectral look similar to the Rift Spirit FORM, differentiating them from mobs. The costumed NPCs remains as as they are wearing the ghost costume, which still makes you into a mob-like ghost as intended.
- "Spirit ofDralnok"'s name now properly reads as "Spirit of Dralnok".
- All fashion formulas have received an update to their requirements, required materials and xp.



- Khutit performs Breath animations
- Auto-teleport, and custom teleport window feedback messages for single destination locations


- Update to correct position of relative z resources (like underground, or offset in a building)
- Popup warning when overwriting techniques
- Tint is not applied to augmentations
- NPCEdit is now updated to have all the recent dragon creation screen options in Delta 302.
- Jakke no longer appears invisible and the Winter Wolf Cargo Pet and Shepherd Dog Cargo Pet should no longer howl every time you stop moving.
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