Client Version 383.32 disponible en Beta et concertation en cours

Une nouvelle version du client est disponible en test sur Blight.
De nombreux fixs sont présents.

Par ailleurs, quelques fonctionnalités ont été implémentées, mais ne seront visible que prochainement.
Notons que les developpeurs ont préparé une nouvelle version du site pour les nouveaux joueurs.

Une concertation est réalisée avec les joueurs actuels, pour que ces derniers donnent leurs impressions.
Le site en question est visible ici le temps de cette concertation.

Voici plus en détail la liste des évolutions et fixs apportés par cette version, qui ne peut pour l'heure être utilisée que sur Blight (Test Shard):


-New Java launcher is available - just run launcher.jar instead of launcher.exe. Much faster patching and future versions will offer character delete, rename, account actions, etc.
-Added support for custom sorting of all UI windows. Please note that most windows are left at the same order as before. If you think a window list should have a different sort than current, please contact support.
-Updated network settings to use larger packet sizes since dial up is a thing of the past.
-Increase number of map layers to 32 to support custom map packs.
-Sound emitters now have stereo panning when within the sound inner radius.
-New sound log for tracking down issue with sounds playing.
-Added Loot All menu click and Loot All Option.
-If an NPC is active in a quest step, it will have an indicator above its head
-New tutorial menu option
-Quest progress for Get Item and/or Give Item (traded to NPC) implemented - will be used for future update
-Support for resource extract mod - will be used with future update
-Sorting of teleport destinations so that not registered or disabled destinations are at the bottom - will not work until client 383.29 or greater is released


-Added braces to the player's name for emotes
-Cleaned up community feedback messages
-Detect if item is stacked and prevent from being equipped
-If a combat animation is missing, combat feedback will be still be displayed.
-Transport logging disabled by default
-Default mode for client is windowed mode. This has been changed to make the client more friendly to network security programs that have a popup that requires user feedback before Istaria can connect to the internet.
-Item properties window fixed so it will now show restrictions information for Craft Rating Minimum, Craft Rating Maximum, Adventure Rating Minimum, Adventure Rating Maximum, Adventure and Craft Rating Minimum, Adventure and Craft Rating Maximum
-Numbers beside requirements in the properties window have brackets around the numbers for clarity, and commas are inserted between requirements - it was not consistent
- /chatjoin should now work with passwords. To create a channel with a password, use /chatjoin channel password. To join an existing channel, use /chatjoin channel. If a password is required, you will be prompted. You can use /chatjoin channel password to skip the prompt. The password will be cached so you don't have to re-enter the password when logging in again. The password will be un-cached if you leave the channel, are kicked, or the channel's password has changed since you logged out.
-Changed error message when computer doesn't meet minimum specs so that it refers to Istaria instead of Horizons
-Prevent the client from inserting the character's name when it sends emote message to the server.
-MSG.ChatGroup.Join event fixed so a tutorial can be developed to teach about chat.
-Inventory window and selfstatus window will report both bulk and stack counts in the tooltip in all cases.
-Map window changes - hide controls (minimap) and rotating character and group member icons
-Further fixes for playing of sounds for "battlephrase" sounds, level up music and fade in / out of sound.
-Added checks for if we're skipping-tutorials to various tutorial triggers so that tutorial windows don't popup once skipped.
-Added support for accented character in chat messages.
-Various fixes to improve the placement of terrain clutter, but position on ground and alignment to ground.
-Was set to use higher quality models. Old versions used current quality setting, and then lowest quality setting. Now uses currently quality setting, and then one level lower. For example, if a model had LOD 1->4, then that means if LOD was set to 1 (highest), it would swap between 1 and 4. Good for memory - poor for visual. Will now use current LOD -> current LOD -1. In the example above, it would swap between 1 and 2.

-Monsters can not longer be dragged across the world

-Removed Clear World Object Cache (launcher clears the cache)

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