Patch sur Blight du 09/09/11 (Delta 213)

Cette nouvelle delta sur Blight apporte de petits changements de nature variée dont des améliorations et corrections du Festival de l'Eté qui se déroule actuellement à New Koraelia.

Update: ce patch a directement été porté sur les Live shard le 13/11/2011.

- Changes to Falathien Island:
*Resized many of the plots in Falathien and Elia.
*Added a Water Well and Sand Pile to Aiya and Elia.
- Resized some of the plots in Morning Light, Meadowhill, Harton Valley, Selen, Genevia
- Flagged Ruxus Heart and Brown Werewolf Fang as obsolete tech comp so that it can be traded and marked it ready so it can be delta'd.
- Forest Skulk social (call for help) radius is now the same as their aggro radius.
- Near Fisher Lake, lowered the number of Forest Skulk Gatherers that can spawn at a given time, decreased the variability of the rate of respawn, and expanded one of the Gatherer regions so its bigger and you are less likely to pull the village when fighting the gatherers on the southern side of it.
- Bloodmage's Exsanguinate ability now has a 30 minute recycle (instead of 1 hour) and half the post-delay it previously had.
- Satyr Talismans are now attune-on-install and Satyr Scales are now attune-on-equip.
- The Festival Fortune Teller has been removed from her post until next year. She's been stealing tickets from players and not giving out fortunes, so will need to be re-trained.
- For this year, food and fireworks will be available for purchase via coin rather than tickets from the merchants in the maze.

- Enraged Glowing Wisps instead of Enraged Pale Wisps will now spawn amongst the other Glowing Wisps.
- Updated all Level 10 Dragon Crafting quests to properly refer to Xarinnis' location as Kion instead of Parsinia.
- Quest "Town Marshall: Hard Times" will now properly require 10 Flame Beetle kills.
- Natasha the Jeweler now carries Expert Blighted Gem Cleansing formula.
- Jalthor Longbraid the Scholar now carries Expert Blighted Stone and Essence Orb Cleansing formulas.
- Bragha the Outfitter now carries Expert Blighted Metal and Fabric Cleansing formulas.
- Queriatia the Crafter now carries the Expert Blighted Gem, Essence, Metal and Stone Cleansing formulas.
- Baric Graybeard the Blacksmith now carries the Expert Blighted Board, Metal and Stone Cleansing formulas.
- Finagle Biggletorque now carries all of the Master Blighted Cleansing formulas.
- Azulars now have a working death animation.
- Azulars should no longer freeze animations in combat due to definition file calling for something that didn't exist.
- The Festival Commissioner's quest that should have been added for the summer event is now correctly added to the Festival Commissioner's quest book.
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