Live patch du 24/07/12

Les Delta 227 et 228 de Blight ont été portées très rapidement sur les serveurs réguliers. Voici la compilation des changements apportés:

- Scaleforges now count as Anvils for use by Bipeds and Crafting.
- Fixed the Adamantium Tinkering Spanner to allow 3 tech slots.
- Fixed lake edge at 21101 25341 (Lost Lake) so that the water goes all the way to the edge.
- Weakened Shining, Pale and Glowing Wisps will now be harvestable for the proper resources while alive and dead.
- Quest "Amtoo's Failure II" will now properly look at the first quest for completion before becoming available.
- Fixed a bug with Hestha so that players will now properly be offered ARoP quest 18.
- Burning Archer ability now properly allows ELAR or Rangers to use it.
- Fixed a bug in quest "The Forest Skulk Threat II" that was causing it to not be completed.
- Enriched Shining Wisps will no longer disguise themselves as Enriched Pale Wisps.
- Corrected the descriptions of Miner's Boon, Bounty and Blessing techniques.
- The Greater Blight Anchor outside of Delgarath will now respawn more quickly.
- Ted's Assignment quest will now give Festival Tokens whether you have them in inventory or not.
- Quest "Cleric's Quest: Recover the Lost Heirloom" will no longer reference Sand Pygmies.
- The guard in New Trismus is now known as Town Guard.
- Moves Sandpile in South Gate so it is further off the road.
- Simple Items used in the ARoP quest are now marked as not-tradable and not-removable and have 0 bulk. This should prevent players from accidentally deleting or otherwise removing items needed for their quest.
- Fixed water at 18649 14493 that was missing.
- Dragons can now use ingenuity to gather blighted wood.
- Sindenis' Instructions for the Burning Archer Techniques now allows you to be a Ranger or Elemental Archer.
- Anvils now boost the Scalecrafting skill.
- Fiendish Scholar's Desk now properly counts as a Scholar's Desk instead of an Anvil.
- New guard in New Trismus is now known as Renaash.
- Frig Tallowgar no longer asks you about giving him assistance.
- Removed guard shack from middle of community of Harro.
- Removed rocks which were the landing platform for lair in Harton Valley in case they were what was causing problems with lair building.
- Lowered the skill requirements for the following formulas to be 1100 to 1425 for T6 resources:
*Master Blank Spell Shard
*Master Cut Gem
*Master Essence Orb
*Master Fabric Spool
*Master Metal Bar
*Master Stone Brick
*Master Wood Board
*Master Blighted Essence Orb
*Master Blighted Metal Bar
*Master Blighted Stone Brick
*Master Blighted Wood Board
*Master Armor Dye Kits
- Flasks used in Dragon breath quests can no longer be traded.
- Flasks used in Dragon Breath quests now have the proper level requirement (Cold = Level 40, Fire = Level 60, Lightning = Level 80).
- Flask of Distilled Acid now requires a character to be an Adult or Ancient Dragon and Level 100 to consume.
- Technique "Ability: Power Shot IV" now lists the Fire Pygmy Ear instead of Flame Pygmy Finger as a component.
- Icon for the Mysterious Stone Tablet is now the proper size.
- Defense: Ethereal Armor is now listed on the technique components for each tier.
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