Client 384.79 sur les Live Shards

Une nouvelle version du client a été publiée. Outre les classiques corrections de bugs, l'élément intéressant est que l'on peut créer jusqu'à 20 barres de raccourcis ce qui double la quantité précédente. Ca tombe à pic avec l'apparition des émotions pour obtenir des ressources pour l'école Crystalshaper et de toute façon, on était un peu à l'étroit!

- If cargo disk or backpack is double clicked, a new window is created
- Only show group invite once per player
- FIX for notepad save functionality
- Increased height of structure delete prompt so all text is visible / revised text
- Removed duplicate floating name size from options window
- Fix for combat feedback being capitalized if the target is "you"
- Add slider to options to allow quest font size to be changed
- Warn if an item will attune when equipped
- Crash fix
- NPC Chat Windows use separate font size from normal chat for easier reading
- Cloth simulation is disabled short term - was causing crashes in Kion if Object Fade is enabled
- Feedback text for explain emote fixed
- Fix for crash when completing character creation
- Improve object selection method
- Fix for crash when equipping some items
- Change the word "sex" to "gender" in the UI
- Fix for Item Descriptions Missing from Item Popup
- Deselect all if /SNE finds no target
- Smooth / speed up loading during start and teleport
- Speed setup of blob shadows
- Changed tooltip in trade window to read consumables instead of usable
- Client displaying gibberish for formula name in item creation window

- Increase maximum number of hotkey bars to 20 (hotkey bars can reduce frame rate when there are lots in use)

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