Live Patch du 02/07/2013

Après un mois de test, la Delta 242 de Blight a été portée sur les serveurs habituels. Pour rappel, en voici le contenu:

- Greymane Alpha Tail is now known as Greymane Tail.- Level 37-40 Tremendous Loricatus Beetles are now named properly- Fangs of Fury will now apply to special attacks (abilities) that are melee (not ranged).- Quickbreath Blighted technique will now only modify Breath of Fire abilities.- Piercing Winds technique will now properly apply to the Galewind ability.- Phoenix and Champion Tech Kits (both Dragon and Shield) will no longer take up a tech slot.- Battlemages can no longer wear chain or platemail- Quest "Dragon's Quest: Find the Lost Patrol" now refers to Torrek as commander, not Lieutenant.- Spirit Ward II now takes 1 technique, Spirit Ward III and IV 2 techniques, and Spirit Ward V 3 techniques.- Fixed bug with Gravus' Quest: Blacksmith Part I where there was no resource being counted in the "gather" step.- Formula "Dire Wolf Hide Grip" will now filter as a technique formula.- Thurid's Stone of Wrath will now properly fit into a weapon socket instead of an armor (as its description states).- Geleon's Master Scroll is no longer infinitely reusable.- Technique "Adventure: Undead Damage I" can now be applied to Dragon Claws.- Foul Maggots will now show up with the proper name.- Adventure: Ice I now requires a Greymane Tail instead of a Ferocious Gruok Bristle.- Craft: Salvaging I now requires a Brownsnout Sow Tail instead of a Ferocious Gruok Bristle.- Defense: Spirit REsistance I now requires a Flame Wisp Vitality instead of a Ferocious Gruok Bristle.- Spell: Numbing I now requires a Wild Gruok Bristle instead of a Ferocious Gruok Bristle.- Ferocious Gruok Bristle is now obsolete and is not used in any techniques.- Bloodflies will once again appear in the Western Deadlands.- Reklar is no longer stunnable or mezzable.- Lust for Blood now ticks once every 6 seconds for 18 seconds and will do 100-150 damage per pulse, has a proper description, a higher coin value (so it will overwrite conflicting effects), and will boost power by 1000 to 1500 now.- Thurid's Undead Slayer tech now gives +14 DPS and +85 Strength- Undead Slayer tech gives +10 DPS and +65 Strength- Andorr's Ironwood Shaft tech now gives +14 DPS and +85 Dexterity- Ironwood Shaft tech gives +10 DPS and +65 Dexterity- Expert Tech Kit: Ironwood Shaft now uses a Woodworking Bench, a Board Plane, and the Woodworking Skill. Skill range is now 900 to 1200 and the resource quantity scales from 4 to 2. The formula requires Woodworking of 900 to scribe.- Expert Tech Kit: Undead Slayer now has a skill range of 900 to 1200, and the Essence Orb requirements are from 4 to 2.- Sorcerer*Awareness is now received at level 20, 40, 60, and 80 and scales from +40 to +160.*Manifested Power now recycles at 30 seconds, has updated damage, and has a 5% chance to debuff the target with a 15-second Mesmerize.*Mind Defense IV properly boosts Mind Ward by +168.*Blur II is now received at level 55 and Blur III at level 90. Blur II and III are not-masterable and give +60 and +80 to Evasion respectively.*Spellbind and Area Spellbind now share a timer at 50%.*Clarity II has been temporarily reverted to give stun and mez immunity that does not break until death.*Added Mind Bolt I to V and formulas to the loot tables. (Known Issue: The icons are currently not assigned and use the default)- Crossbowman*Dead-eye now recycles every 120 seconds.*Barbed Bolt can now be used every 60 seconds.*Steady Aim now adds +10% to to-hit instead of just +10.*Armor Piercing Shot now has a 2.50 post-delay and can be used every 120 seconds.*Point Blank Shot now has a 2.00 post-delay and can be used every 60 seconds.- Elial The Mercenary once again has high health so that he will spawn with the proper number of hit points.- Removed Paralyzing Gaze ability from many Undead schools.- Bioscholars no longer receive racial abilities, Spiked Scales, Whirlwind Attack, Detoxify Self, or Boar's Rage.- Final Frontier Part 2 quest reward removed temporarily while the bug with randomly generated loot can be worked out.
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