Patch 10ème anniversaire du 10/12/2013 sur les Live Shards

Les délais auront été tenus pour appliquer à temps les nouveautés des festivités du 10ème anniversaire du jeu. Au programme, les animaux de compagnie (qui servent pour l'instant comme un 2ème Cargo Disk), des tenues et des décorations événementielles. Celles-ci seront accessibles directement dans le vault des joueurs ayant un compte actif ce mois de décembre. De plus, l'expérience sera doublée durant l'événement et un un terrain sera offert gratuitement jusqu'au 9 janvier 2014 (sympa pour les comptes gratuits ou basiques qui veulent découvrir la construction)... évidemment, il faudra un compte payant par la suite pour le conserver. Voici le détail:

Special days come in the life of everyone, and that includes those who inhabit the world of Istaria. And today is one such day because it's Istaria's 10th Anniversary!

Earlier today we began a celebration which will last through the end of the year. When you log in to the world of Istaria, you will find that there is a brand new game client that supports a long requested feature... PETS! That's right... every Istarian who has an active paid account, during the month of December, will receive a Shepherd Dog Pet for their character. (Note the special items for our Anniversary Event will be delivered directly to your character's vault, so look for them there.) Pets will aid players of all levels by increasing their carrying capacity and can be used in conjunction with cargo disks to greatly increase both the quantity and bulk of items players can hold.

And that's not all that our Anniversary Event has in store. See the list below for details:
- Characters will receive double experience (both crafting and adventuring) for the duration of the event.
- Special "social" clothing items have been created for both bipeds and dragons to wear.
- For every account with paid Access or Subscription, characters will be given a special Anniversary Pattern Set that they can use to build a lair mural or plot banner to commemorate the event.
- All accounts during the month of December will be given an additional Property Slot.
- A special note about this Property Slot. This free slot can be used during the month of December only. In order to keep the plot after December, you will have to add a Property Holder Access or Subscription in January. The Property Slot will only extend until January 9th, 2014.

A special thread has been started on our forums to commemorate our 10th Year Anniversary. (!). So stop in and share your favorite memory of Istaria. Or if you have not already done so, please register on the forums (you will need to submit a support ticket to have your forum account validated) and tell us about what makes Istaria special to you.

To all Istarians both past and present, we at Virtrium wish to express our heartfelt thank you for helping us reach our 10 year milestone! Here's to another successful and game filled 10 years!

Istaria Development Team


Istaria's 10th Anniversary Celebration

- A special Banner and Lair Mural have been added for the Anniversary celebration. All players who are actively playing during the Anniversary Event and have a paid subscription of some type will receive a pattern for building the Anniversary Lair Mural or Anniversary Banner. (This item will be delivered directly into the vault of all active characters.)
- Created special Anniversary Dress wear and Tuxedo Wear for bipeds. (This item will be delivered directly into the vault of all active characters.)
- Created special Anniversary Mask for Dragons. (This item will be delivered directly into the vault of all active characters.)
Novian Anniversary Pattern has been created so that players can recreate their Anniversary Lair Mural and Banner on any future plots.
- All players who are actively playing during the Anniversary Event will automatically receive Shepherd Dog Pet as a special Anniversary gift. (This includes players with Free Access on their account who actively play during the event. This item will be delivered directly into the vault of all active characters.)


- Tier 5 and 6 Damage Crystals no longer require Tier 1 resources to make.
- Potion of Memories now properly boosts Focus and Power by +50 and has a 60 second duration. It will no longer conflict with other magical attribute * buffs. It also now requires level 80 adventurer to use.
- Mental Bane can no longer be dispelled.
- Ahala's Sweet Brew now can be used by paladin, ranger, and reaver schools. (The keyword restriction heal_over_time has been removed.)


- Item previews will no longer truncate the list of schools.
- Corrected the ocean outline for a plot at 22536, 21812.
- Cleaned up the Plot Hedge texture.
- Notepad will now prompt to save on game exit.
- Added optimizations and crash fixes surrounding image reduction functionality.
- Maintenance shutdown messages will no longer cause a client crash.
- Added functionality for Pets (appearance and UI slot).
- Cargo Disks (and Pets) will now cast shadows.
- Regenerated the Dalimond and Aughendell city maps.
- Added NPC information to the map.
- Added optimizations and crash fixes surrounding text handling.
- Fixed the rendering of sign text on some video cards.
- FIX for techniques not modifying item name.
- Fix for pet resources not being tallied during item creation.


- The Gnomekindle festival has returned to New Korelia!
- Gnomekindle Ornament collecting quests now require you to bring back stacks of 50 items instead of 10, and will give 5 Istarian Express Checks as a reward.
- Novian Gnomekindle Pattern Set has been created. This item should allow players who have earned the regular Gnomekindle Pattern Set in the past to be able to deconstruct and remake the lair murals and banners associated with Gnomekindle.
Killian, a new visitor to Gnomekindle Town, offers a quest "FoE to Friend".
- Mayor Clause offers a new quest in relation to another new visitor named Kalas in Gnomekindle town.


- With this release comes the recently announced launch of pets for Istaria! Three pets will be available to start:
- Black Widow Spider will be available from Anarie, the Loyalty Vendor.
- Shepherd Dog will be given to each player with an active paid subscription or access.
- Winter Pup will be available as a quest reward from this year's Gnomekindle Festival.
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