Live Patch du 07/01/14

La Delta 254 de Blight a été appliquée sur les serveurs réguliers. On retrouve évidemment les mêmes patch notes.

- Fixed some bugs in the Spirit Isle tutorial files.
- Fixed some bugs in the Dragon Information Center tutorial file.
- Extended the Summon Ice Elements abilities to create II (gives 12 elements) and III (gives 16 elements). Summon Ice Elements (all tiers) now recycle every 180 seconds (down from 900).
- Infix Fury now uses any size of Flame Elements.
- Glaring Quills now uses any size of Ice Elements.
- Dancing Rapier now uses any size of Ice Elements.
- Phoenix Shield now uses any size of Flame Elements.
- Ice Barrier now uses any size of Ice Elements.
- Created a new Ceremonial Scale that can be techniqued like the Ceremonial Shield.
- Created a new quest that Frig at the Imperial Outpost offers to trade in old Ceremonial Scales.
- Updated the quest Frig offers to turn in the Ceremonial Shield to have proper constraints.
- Modified the quest ARoP15 to give Ruby Focus Stones if players don't have them when they start the quest, as normally they are obtained in the previous quest and have no way to "reobtain" them if they had to restart that quest.
- Drain Bolt damage increased significantly.
- Fire Materia is now stackable.
- Agh'kuk Ogre Bludgeoner is now known as an Agh'kuk Warrior Bludgeoner
- Quest "Go Bag 5 Agh'kuk Pygmy Beatsticks" is now known as "Go Bag 5 Agh'kuk Beatsticks"
- Quest "Go Bag 5 Agh'kuk Ogre Bludgeoners" now refers to Warriors instead of Ogres.
- Energy, Flame, Ice and Nature Resistance spell formulas are now sold by Scholar and Spellcraft Trainers (and therefore no longer drop as loot).
- Quest "Warrior's Quest: Find the Lost Patrol" now refers to Torrek as Commander, not Lieutenant. It also reminds players that they may need friends before engaging Torrek.
- The community of Sylkar will now show up on the map.
- Aubadrine will no longer show up as a settlement on the map.
- Pangai is now known on the map as "Guild: Pangai" and is labelled as a community.
- Kir'drakul will now show up on the map as a community.
- Guild: Kir'ignat pad is now known as "Kir'ignat pad".
- The Purple Ornament Vendor has been moved into his proper place with the other vendors for Gnomekindle.
- Quest "Friend or FoE" has been fixed so that chat links now work properly.
- Quest "Kalas: Haunt in the Attic" has been fixed so that chat links now work properly.
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