Patch sur Blight du 16/05/2016 (Delta 285)

Un nouveau patch a été déployé sur Blight. Au programme des ajustements variés avec une petite emphase sur les monstres et équipements épiques:

- Niesa is now a Wraith (instead of zombie)
-  Niesa's Bonds (Part 2) will drop more than one Slave-Bonds during quest.
- Preeminent Acclaim (Tech Kit)  will now properly stun target when using Spells.
- A large assortment of quests accros multiple tiers have had errors in their text fixed. (Thanks to everyone who reported them)
- Slave-Bonds are now stackable.
- The Harbinger epic weapon gives +70 Crossbow skill instead of +70 Bow skill.
- Primal Rage crystal (augmentation) now properly triggers with Spells instead of Melee or Specials (Abilities).
- Lightning Breath debuff is now known as Electrified
- Incorporal Shift is now known as Incorporeal Shift
- FIX terrain at 28500, 31245
- New dragon animation for gathering mushrooms and herbs
- Trikoz Trek now sells the "Inspire Freedom" ability, while Niesa does not.
- Quest "Tame the Cyclone" is once again available to players, this time at level 95. It no longer gives the formula for Dark Cyclone, but instead gives the spell itself. Note: This means the spell cannot be techniqued.  This is a temporary situation.  Speak to Iseru the Nature Keeper for more information. 
- Dark Cyclone has been given a boost to its damage, but has heftier level/skill requirements.
- Shredded Armor now stacks with other armor debuffs.
- Cotton Sack is now correctly tinted
- All sacks can now be dyed with Weapon and Tool Dye Kits
- Volcano spell for biped is now an arcane spell
- Surtheim Fragment's Lesser Flame Burst is no longer an AoE attack
- (Daily) Nature's Bastion Chough (61) and Jackdaw (66) rank quests fixed to properly count the mobs in Western Deadlands
- Shrunken Purple Weaver drop quantity increased from Min 1 / Max 1 to 2.
- Onye Kutima, Cole Tomason, Town Marshall Drugan has moved slightly in Dalimond.
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