Patch sur Blight du 15/08/2017 (Delta 299.3)

Un nouveau patch a été appliqué sur le serveur de test. A première vue, le contenu ne paie pas de mine avec les correctifs et ajustements habituels, mais il se cache dans ces lignes la refonte (partielle) de l'école des Knights of Creation avec un set d'abilities révisé et une nouvelle ligne de quêtes.

- Master Antidote no longer requires different resources from the other tiers of Antidote formulas to create the same potions.
- Quest items related to the Dusk Forest now properly stack.
- All capes now properly tint to the material they are constructed from.
- Surtheim Fragment Ally’s Aura of Flame effect will no longer dispell from mob when Breath of Lightning is cast.
- The Snowdragon Head Scale has received a unique texture so that it no longer is a copy of the Phantom Head Scale
- Formula: Master Cargo Boots requires 1120 Tinkering (incorrectly set at 1020)
- Knight of Creation has received a new improved skillset
- Speaking to Fillet while on quest: Mementos for Fillet would not progress quest.
- Falgut the Slaver now has less health.
- Resized Drakul lairs: Ar’akis, Chirdelak, Incignat, Sylrak, Myrkjira, Pyrakis, Liakis, Soklifak, Aklet.
- Demonte Seviris is now known as Most Honored and has updated dialog.  He offers two quests for new (or old) Knights of Creation.
- Galean Adair the KnoC Trainer is now known as Honored Galean Adair and has updated dialog.  He has relocated to Aughundell.
- Werewolves in the DUsk Forest can transmit a weak lycanthropy on bite.
- Quest “Earn Title: Expert Crystalshaper” now checks if you have completed the quest, not if you have the title or not.
- Arena Gatekeeper is now known as Akalivar and has a regular appearance and clothing.  Master Akalivar now offers attunement to the Isles of Battle through a quest instead of his regular dialog.
- Renamed Spider Head Scale (obsolete) to Spiderwebs Head Scale
- Put Killer and Spiderwebs Head Scale back in Jacques Allantyrn's Inventory
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