Patch sur Blight du 06/10/2017 (Delta 300)

Après un dernier patch pas franchement excitant, celui qui vient d'être appliqué sur Blight est beaucoup plus intéressant et riche en nouveautés: les armes Tier VI prennent un gros bonus, les monstres épiques peuvent donner des pets à leur effigie (très rares) et on note de nouveau sorts pour les Dragons ainsi que des animations uniques qui viennent remplacer les effets provisoires moches qu'on se tapait depuis le début du jeu. Alléchant. De plus, à l'approche d'Halloween, le Fall Festival est de retour avec de nouveaux masques à collectionner.

- Boosted the Aura of Health buff percentage and duration. It now lasts 25 seconds (up from 15) and heals 3% (up from 2%). II now lasts 35 seconds (up from 30) and heals 4.5% (up from 3.5). III now heals 6% (up from 5%)
- Inspired Freedom now gives guaranteed chance for Slivers of Freedom to drop
- Falgut the Slaver is now even less healthy but deals more damage
- Priceless weapons now give +144 skill bonus instead of +36
- Misty Aura no longer conflicts with other auras
- Misty Aura Effect now gives 100-150 instead of 100-100 health
- Cursed Health Potion now heals for 2500 health
- Machine of Inhibition will now properly spawn Palmyran Defenders around itself and fight back
- Gruk and Fafnir now have new appearances
- Epic bosses (with the exception of Surtheim/Daknor/ProjectX) now all have a very, very rare chance to drop pet versions of themselves
- Dragons now have unique effects for several spells instead of placeholders:
*Prime Bolt
*Improved Prime Bolt
- Four new Dragon spells have been added and their formulas are now obtainable as regular loot from various monsters and chests:
*Primal Burst
*Primal Strike
*Primal Chains
*Primal Spark
- South Gate and Harton Valley have been decorated.
- Updated mobile resource node gather distances.
- Typos fixed in the Hours of Frost tech kit descriptions.
- The Hours of Frost dragon scale and biped masks have had a facelift done to their icons as well as their respective tech kits.
- Valkoth the Ancient now offers attunement quests to Pyrakis and Nu'delak to all dragons.
- Increased limit for Slayer of the Myloc Queen banner and mural to unlimited
- Alyssa's Touch (all versions) now work correctly and give casting delay bonus (hotfixed all shards)
- Dragon's Primal Rebirth post delay has been reduced
- Fishing distance raised from 30m to 40m

Fall Festival

- The Fall Festival grounds have received some decorational upgrades.
- Spawns in the Fall Festival Haunting Ground have been revamped to be less linked and more diverse. Several truly terrifying creatures have been spotted in the deepest reaches.
- All fall festival masks, as well as the fall festival shirt, can now be used to create a tech kit to put on your fighting gear, though this requires some candy each time! Stacks with all types of armor.
- A new dragon head scale and biped mask - Regal Head Scale and Regal Mask - are now available for purchase from Jacques.
- Four new Dragon masks and one new Biped mask are available for purchase from Jacques as well as per the results of the fall festival contest!
.2017 Fall Festival Blighted Masque Head Scale by NegraLuna Star
.2017 Fall Festival Worn Head Scale by Fiedlerite
.2017 Fall Festival Monster Head Scale by PurpleShadow
*Runner Ups
.2017 Fall Festival Skin Head Scale by Azramael Akharosh
.2017 Fall Festival Skinwraith Mask by Shaadravari
- Three new stories have been added to the world as per the results of the fall festival contest!
."The Lurker in the Depths" by Machaeon Endrad
."Borban Bagglecogs, the Butcher" by Theeda Novelia
."The Mindlasher's Trail" by Saso
- Three new murals have been added to lairs as per the results of the fall festival contest!
."Skeleton Mural" by Azramael Akharosh
."Fall Friends" by Theeda Novelia
."Burnbones Mural" by Theeda Novelia
- One new banner has been added to plots as per the results of the fall festival contest!
."Lurker in the Depths" by Hetanko Grumpmaster
- The follow icons have received some quality assurance adjustments: Celestial Head Scale, Alien Head Scale, Killer Head Scale, Paperbag Head Scale, Pumpkin Head Scale, Skull Head Scale, Skunk Head Scale, Saris Head Scale, and SUN & Moon Head Scale
- Spider Head Scale, Madame Butterfly Head Scale, Triclopse Head Scale, and Nyrevin's Apology Head Scale now all have custom icons corresponding to their actual look.
- Fall Harvest Mask now has its own custom icon.
- Clown Head Scale no longer is tinted purple.
- Cow Head Scale is no longer tinted brown.
- Gruok Head Scale is no longer tinted green.
- Skull Head Scale is no longer tinted white.
- Ruxus Mask is no longer tinted green.
- Skull Mask is no longer tinted white.
- Mika Mask is no longer tinted purple.
- Undead Mika Mask is no longer tinted green.
- Pumpkin Mask is no longer tinted orange.
- Maggot Mask is  no longer tinted white.
- Gruok Mask is no longer tinted brown.
- Demon Mask is no longer tinted red.
- Jacques' guild tag has been updated to reflect his status as a Mask Vendor, not a Costume Vendor
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