Patch sur Blight du 13/07/2018 (Delta 303.2)

A l'approche de la publication du patch sur les serveurs réguliers, le nouveau contenu reçoit des ajustements notamment la refonte de l'école Monk devenue beaucoup plus intéressante à jouer.

- Improved, Superior, Exceptional and Prescient Dodge passive abilities now only provide dodge bonus and has dodge bonus values increased by 10 for each tier
- Followup: Char is now known as Followup: Focused Ki
- Closer: Inferno is now known as Closer: Ki Explosion
- Focused Ki's damage over time, Closer: Ki Explosion and Ki Strike (all tiers) will now deal "energy" damage
- Followup: Flying Kick will now deal 250% damage, up from 200%
- Closer: Ki Explosion will now deal 400% damage, up from 350%
- Closer: Pummel will now perform 3 extra hits, up from 2
- Martial Defense will now add 3 extra hits and increase damage by 50%, up from 40%
- Combo Opener and Combo Followup buffs now cannot be dispelled
- Knit Bones will now heal for 10% of maximum health per second, up from 5%
- One with the Wind I and II now also give Knit Bones, and One with the Wind III now gives additional new support ability
- Typos fixed in:
*Dung Splattered Title
*Creepy Crawler Crusher Title
*The Lone Wolf of New Trismus Quest
*Wild Grulet Snout
*Closer: Pummel
*Trials of the Gifted: Test of the Soul
- Pink Lightning Boxers Tech Kit now properly consumes itself upon applying.
- New Wolf Paw icons have been created and associated with various tech components
- A new duality of user interface themes has been added: Lava and Ice, thank you Ghuran!
- Silver, Gold and Mithril Armor Cloth/Leather Mystery Formula Boxes now properly consume themselves upon usage, and give out proper formulas.
- Improved the gem golem spawns at Desert's Edge
- Jewelry Tech Kit: Necklace of Strength is now known as the Jewelry and Scale Tech Kit: Pendant of Strength and indicates which scale it can be applied to in its description.
- Title: The Shatterer now gives a 10% bonus to damage against Azulars
- Title: Helian's Protector now gives +50 to T&C and Primal
- A few fixes with the Island of Ice quests' icons: Villitis Bulb now has a smaller, bluer icon, Vilitus Pulp now also has a smaller icon that is properly blue instead of white-red, and Frozen Carapace DUST's icon should now actually show.
- Papyrus plants now properly have colored stems to differentiate their looks by tier. The icons of the resources made from Papyrus are also now less jarring and match the respective plants.
- All clay resources also are now colored by their specific tier, with porcelain being white, terra cotta red-brown, etc, to match their resource icons.
- Various confectioner resources have had an erroneous reddish tint removed and/or been given proper tints to differentiate similar resources (ex. flours). Some have also had their icons adjusted to be more accurate.
- Several Sslik in Sslanis have relearned how to speak in Sslik customs
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