Live patch du17/07/2018: Haute Couture (+ Blight Delta 303.3)

Les Delta 303 à 303.3 ont été appliquées sur les serveurs réguliers avec leur lot de nouveautés. L'accent est mis cette fois sur les éléments cosmétiques qui peuvent être utilisés comme Tech Kits contre des consommables pour être appliquée sur des armures classiques: votre armure en plaques pourra donc avoir l'aspect aéré d'une chemise de Kirasanct! Les Monks voient leur école renouvelée (mais pas encore pleinement fonctionnelle) et l'un des plus anciens monstres épiques du jeu déménage dans une nouvelle forteresse.
Quant à la petite Delta 303.3 appliquée sur Blight peu avant le patch des serveurs réguliers, elle renforce la présence des dégats de type etheral.

Haute Couture

Live Patch:

Haute Couture

The world of fashion has arrived in Istaria!  Designers and connoisseurs from around Istaria have brought Haute Couture, high-end Istarian fashion, to the cities of the continent.  Visit them, purchase this exclusive clothing, and enjoy!  Every single fashion item can now create an appearance tech kit equivalent of itself, the items include but are not limited to:
- Fashion gear sold by fashion designers across cities
- Shoulder pets
- Hats sold by Sheila Jonis
- Boxers (new)
- Masks and festival gear that wasn't included in the Reklar's Reclaimation update.
- Time limited items like the anniversary fashion.
- All cosmetic items should now have icons that are unique to their looks rather than borrowing from other sources.

In addition, other changes include:
- New Koraelia (Summer) has received two new daily quests to help with gathering festival tickets. (and maybe give you something more too…)
- (Daily) A Race in the Sands, given by Cursan Litus on the beach.
- (Daily) Assistant Zookeeper's Task, given by the Assistant Zookeeper.
- Fashion Designers now only sell the fashion related to the city they inhabit, as well as commoner clothes.
- Several cities have received their own Fashion Designer.
- Sheila Jonis now also sells a sad paper bag.
- To go in line with some of the other changes, shoulder pets (aside from the shoulder treants) have been removed from the gnomekindle vendors.

Land of the Exile

Valkor has relocated from the mountain top castle to the Land of the Exiled.  He has become more deadly and dangerous by acquiring a couple of new tricks as well as new minions to guard his Blood Palace.

Monk Revamp

The monk school, long reviled as a support school with little focus and purpose, has been revamped!  Using the pattern created many years ago called neo-monk, the new school includes new mechanics (ability chains including builders, follow-up abilities and closers), abilities and icons!


- xGenerate Health is no longer obsolete (also fixed the coin and hoard values of the spells)
- Stance Changes:
*Red renamed to Offensive, boosts outgoing damage.
*Green renamed to Focused, boosts to-hit with melee/ranged attacks.
*Blue renamed to Attuned, boosts to-hit with Spell attacks.
*Knight of Creation Armor Stance now known as Combat Stance: Armored, displays a stance effect and truly puts you into a stance.
*Shield Stance renamed to Combat Stance: Shielded and boosts Parry as well as Block.
*(NEW) Defensive (Yellow) (Reduces incoming damage)
*(NEW) Alerted (Orange) (Improves Recycle and Delay)
*(NEW) Passive (Purple) (Improves Dodge, Evasion and Magic Defense)
- Power Strike 1, Power Shot 1, Smash 1, Fireball 1 and Bite 1 now have a recycle of 15s (down from 30s).
- Power Strike 2, Power Shot 2, Smash 2, Fireball 2 now have a recycle of 20s (down from 30s).
- Power Strike 3, Power Shot 3, Smash 3, Fireball 3 now have a recycle of 25s (down from 30s).
- Cleric, Mage, Scout, Warrior and Dragon Adventurer gain all seven combat stances at level 0.
- Enhanced Flame Bolt 3 is now known as Fireball 3 and causes Burned on the target when hit.
- Fireball 2 is now received at level 11, Group Flame Defense at level 12, Fireball 3 at level 21, and Engulf 2 at level 23 for Mage
- Bite 2 now has a recycle of 22s (down from 30s).
- Spirit Arrows now have a 75% chance of healing, but transfer less damage to health (24, 27, and 30% by tier).
- Ice Barrier now has a range of 20
- Increased the range for using keys to 5m
- Updated Animal Bone (T1) to follow the new color scheme
- Spirit Walk's Incorporeal effect will now only fade on a hit.
- -500, -250 and -100 Charges Blighted Techs are now obsolete and will no longer be selected.
- Health Boost 1 now gives +40 health (up from +20)
- Health Boost 2 now gives +300 health (up from +60)
- Charge 1 now does some damage (since you are hitting your opponent) and so that it will give feedback to the player.
- Power Strike 3 now causes 10% greater damage (instead of +15) while in Offensive Stance.
- Power Strikes 1, 2 and 3 now get bonus towards to-hit of 20% while in Offensive Stance
- Source of Power Ring now boosts spell damage by 10% and gains a +10% bonus to-hit.
- Potion of Memories buff, Cognizance, now has a 25% chance of reducing the to-hit of incoming attacks by 80% and lasts for 10 minutes.  It no longer modifies Focus, Power and Spirit Resistance.
- Totally Hammered will no longer conflict with other stat modifying buffs
- Added a new passive ability, Protection (Passive Specialization), to the Knight of Creation school at level 1.  This is a non-masterable passive that increases threat generation for the school by 450%.
- Added a new active ability, Protection (Specialization), to the Warrior school at level 12 and Dragon Adventurer at level 11.  This is a non-masterable ability that increases threat generation by 450%, armor by 200%, ethereal armor by 200%, but reduces outgoing damage by 75%.
- Added a new passive ability, Vitae (Passive Specialization), to the Healer school at level 14.   This is a non-masterable passive that decreases threat generation for the school by 50%.
- General blighted techs (such as Race Restriction, NoRecall, and ChargeReduction) will now only apply one total for any individual item.
- Guaranteed HIT blighted tech now has a 5, 10 and 15% chance
- Thunder Cloud is no longer obsolete and gives a 6s stun.  The spell will now recycle every 60s at T1 to 36s at T5.  It is now an AoE spell with a range of 6m at T1 to 22m at T5
- Nerve Strike will now reduce target's Strength and Dexterity by 100, up from 50
- Resurrection spells and abilities now give Rapture, a 7s damage immunity and stun.
- Superior Resurrect now recycles every 180s (down from 300s)
- Shaman's Chant debuff, Bewildered, is now known as Befuddled.
- Disarmed debuff no longer conflicts with other stuns
- Pulsing Artifact Fragment tech kit can no longer be scribed and now has keywords.
- Many abilities, spells and tech effects (player and monster) that resulted in stuns now use a more standardized naming convention for them Short, Moderate, Long and Extra Long Stun
- Adventure: Eminence effect, Preeminent Acclaim, and Greater Renown effect now gives Long Stun and has a 15% chance (up from 5%)
- Tail Whip now gives Long Stun on hit and has a 7m range
- Electrified now gives a 6s stun (up from 3s)
- Tempest effects now have a straight 25% chance to stun, modifies the to-hit of incoming targets by 25 to 40% by tier and give a range of stuns (from Short to Long).
- Lightning Arrows once again applies to all attacks, not just special attacks.  It now converts damage to energy (instead of nature).  The chance to apply Electrified is now 15, 20 and 25% for each tier.
- Spirit Arrows will now return 25, 35, and 45% of damage as health
- Lesser Epic Aura, Greater Epic Aura and Invasion Aura to persist beyond death
- Multicast I-IV and Primal Cast now save on logout. (they will not disappear if you crash or relog)
- Skin Like abilities now give greater armor boost (44, 98, 160, 134, 318, and 416)
- Hero's Resolve will now overwrite other flurries
- Improved, Superior, Exceptional and Prescient Dodge passive abilities now only provide dodge bonus and has dodge bonus values increased by 10 for each tier
- Title: The Shatterer now gives a 10% bonus to damage against Azulars
- Title: Helian's Protector now gives +50 to T&C and Primal
- Armor of the Watcher ability now lasts for 30 minutes (up from 5 minutes) and has a recycle of 5s (down from 90s).  It will conflict with other buffs that boost ethereal armor.
- FORM of the Void now boosts Ethereal Armor by +450 (up from +250)
- Players who become incorporeal using Geleon's Master Scroll will now do ethereal damage.


- Wolf Hide Blade formula is now known as Wolf Hide Items and can be scribed by a player using Metalworking or Dragon Scalecrafting.
- Raw Gruok can now be gathered using a Bronze Istarian Army Knife and Intuition
- Improved Energy Bolt formulas now use proper icons
- Tri-cut Gems and Cast Stones now have a tier-appropriate hoard value (instead of 5)
- Silver, Gold and Mithril Armor Cloth/Leather Mystery Formula Boxes now properly consume themselves upon usage, and give out proper formulas.
- Jewelry Tech Kit: Necklace of Strength is now known as the Jewelry and Scale Tech Kit: Pendant of Strength and indicates which scale it can be applied to in its description.
- Wolf Hide Items can now properly be scribed


- Added a Wolf Hide Dragon Claw to the list of available products on the Wolf Hide Items formula
- Quickening Breeze Beginner and Expert formulas no longer drop as loot (they are already sold on vendors).
- Dragon Lairshaping novians now have their own 'faded' icons and are tinted properly to their tier.
- Primal Alacrity spell now has the "buff" keyword


- Fierceteeth on Spirit Isle is now 2.5x the size of regular Grulets
- Temporary Stun, Root, Banish, Bleed, and Mesmerize Resistance now lasts for 6s (up from 3s)
- Surtheim is now immune to stunning effects
- Range for Epic Auras increased to 30m (from 20m).
- High Priest of Telak is now an engineer instead of a technomancer
- Wild Grulets on New Trismus can now spawn as level 5 or 6 and have an increased nerf of 50% (from 35%).
- Lowered the maximum number of Wild Grulets that can spawn on New Trismus slightly
- Gruoks now get ½ as much evasion and magic defense as before and will dodge less at lower levels.
- Wild Grulets now have their own resource node on death that gives far less raw gruok and animal hide than regular Gruoks.
- Undead Ogre now gives players within 25m a buff, Overpowering Enemy, that boosts health, armor, to-hit and damage.
- Gate Guardians in New Trismus Deadlands are now slightly weaker and are no longer social
- Brown Crawlers' standard attacks will now cause piercing damage
- Brown Spiders near the Homestead on New Trismus now have a poisonous bite
- Skeletons outside the Kion South Gate now have an affinity for fire.
- Incorporeal monsters will now do ethereal damage.
- Monsters in the Rift will now do ethereal damage
- Aegror, Automatons and Abominations of all tiers now have a better chance of dropping Blighted Items and less chance of dropping hoardables.
- Araneae Scavenger and Grave now get the proper version of Venomous Bite
- Some Withered Aegis schools get more skill to fuel their spells and abilities (where they got none before)
- Enraged Revenants on the Chiconis Battlefield get less health and will do less damage than before.  Its Incorporeal buff should now show up on the target window.
- Tainted Spirits, Enraged Revenants and Risen Adepts on the Chiconis Battlefield are no longer social
- Massive Rose Quartz Golem should now be appropriately massive
- Renegade Technomancers and Derelict Automatons outside of New Rachival are no longer social
- Improved the gem golem spawns at Desert's Edge


- Quest "Imperial Army: Locate Additional Battle Orders" now drops battle orders as part of the quest rather than at any time from the monster.
- Delgarath Militia Unsung Heroes: For the Empire will always hand out an imperial rank token upon completion.
- Updated quest "The Lone Wolf of New Trismus" and related sub-quests with alternative dialog that should help.
- Updated dialog in quest "New Trismus: Welcome to the Battleground" (for bipeds and dragons), added a feedback message when Miry hands you the bronze army knife, updated directions to Miry as well as the Wild Grulets.
- Fixed the quest steps for delivering cooked meat to trainers in quest "Welcome to the Battleground"
- Fixed directions to Johald the Outfitter in quest "Errands for WAR"
- Fixed some grammar in Krissol's dialog in quest "Errands for War"
- Corrected the failure message in quest "Field Duty" to refer to the Guard-Captain instead of "quest giver"
- Corrected the directions to the Guard-Captain in quest "Field Duty"
- Quest "Introduction to Fortshire" now directs you to the east part of town for Trinket and awards XP for completion
- Quest "Welcome To Spirit Isle" now awards XP for completion
- Updated quest "Blacksmith:  Help Put The Work Back In Stoneworking" to direct you to the smithy in town to speak to Guran
- Quests "Knowledge of Lairs: Become a Lairshaper" and "Knowledge of Lairs: Making Lairshaping Pieces" will now display as crafting quests, not adventure.
- The directions in all of New Trismus' story quests have been updated to be clearer and more helpful.
- In the final Skalkaar quest, Pratt no longer tells you to report to Avariatus for your quests.
- Damage from the Breath of Acid quest debuffs is now unstoppable and cannot be dispelled.
- Granstak now asks for a "Perfect Gofour's Gland" in the quest "Granstak's Shamanic Rituals"
- Red Tusks quest has been rewritten. Thank you Pastle!
- Trophy Hunter tasks (both Bag 5 and Bag 100) will now allow you to turn them in if your rating meets what was previously the minimum level.
- Typos fixed in: 'Spiked Scales IX: A Different Sort of Skulk', Revanus' Persistent Dialogue, 'Town Marshall: Dispatch to the Ice Palace', Dung Splattered Title, Creepy Crawler Crusher Title, The Lone Wolf of New Trismus Quest, Wild Grulet Snout, Closer: Pummel, Trials of the Gifted: Test of the Soul


- Anarie now sells packs of Experience Potions that, when consumed, will boost your XP gain while Adventure or Crafting.
- Anarie now sells packs of Rest in a Bottle potions that, when consumed, will increase your rate of healing while resting.
- Removed the Class-specific quests from Dragon, Warrior, Cleric, Scout and Mage trainers on New Trismus.
- Spell Forge and Helian Stone Shaper will now show up on the map
- Lesser Aradoth has been decorated
- The Kion Volcano has become more active and lava is actively flowing from the eastern side.
- Earthquakes have destroyed the gemworking shack on the southern slope of the volcano.
- Players can now build lampposts and light-sources on their plots.
- Added Amenak an Armorer Trainer to Kion near the south gate
- Gambling Halls
*Renamed "100 Copper Slot Token" to Copper Casino Token
*Added Silver, Gold, Platinum and Mithril Casino Tokens
*Added three new slot bot pulls: 50 silver, 100 silver and 1 gold.
*Added Analuus the Gambler to Bristugo who exchanges Casino Tokens for rewards
- Building stage for Transmutation Lair Chambers no longer says it is Tier1 since it is used by all tiers.
- Added Hedge Wall Arch,variant 2, to player plots
- Added three new plot items: Wooden Direction Arrow, Markerstone, Left Arrow, Markerstone, Right Arrow
- New Werewolf texture has been added. Thank you Caprica!
- Werewolves in Dusk Forest now use new texture
- CombataBot, MediBot and SpellaBot now uses an Etherium Recharge Cell instead of the Automata Power Cell
- Anarie now sells Etherium Recharge Cell formulas (these cells are used to power the Combat Bots purchased from her)
- Tinkerer Trainers now sell Orichalcum Ingots that are used in the creation of Etherium Recharge Cells.
- Cow, Chicken, Sheep, Phoenix, Deer animal textures got upgrade. Thank you Ghuran!
- New breeds of sheep discovered across Istaria (Abandoned Island, Bristugo, Granite Hills, Valley of Repose, Blackhammer Farmstead)
- Added a new Dragon eye, version two of a goat-like eye. Thank you Ghuran!
- Added teleporter to Old Oaks
- Decreased material cost for Sandstone Wall, 3 meters
- Pawnbrokers around the world now sell packs of Veteran Experience Vials
- Erelald the Scholar on New Trismus now sells all spell formulas from skill level 1 to 100 (including those that are on the loot tables).
- Added new dragon lair mural, Drulkar's Sentinel. Thank you Ghuran!
- Kion Florist now sells flower bulbs and dirt
- Lair Taverns now radiate a Tavern Aura up to 50m
- Bel'kath, a shady pawnbroker in Kion, needs some assistance.
- Added Cooking Table & Oven machine to Shisheroth's kitchen
- Food Merchant at the Summer Festival now sells the formula for Krisstelle's Banana-Berry Smoothie (Istarian Style) (Thanks Krisstelle!)
- New Wolf Paw icons have been created and associated with various tech components
- A new duality of user interface themes has been added: Lava and Ice, thank you Ghuran!
- A few fixes with the Island of Ice quests' icons: Villitis Bulb now has a smaller, bluer icon, Vilitus Pulp now also has a smaller icon that is properly blue instead of white-red, and Frozen Carapace Dust's icon should now actually show.
- Papyrus plants now properly have colored stems to differentiate their looks by tier. The icons of the resources made from Papyrus are also now less jarring and match the respective plants.
- All clay resources also are now colored by their specific tier, with porcelain being white, terra cotta red-brown, etc, to match their resource icons.
- Various confectioner resources have had an erroneous reddish tint removed and/or been given proper tints to differentiate similar resources (ex. flours). Some have also had their icons adjusted to be more accurate.
- Several Sslik in Sslanis have relearned how to speak in Sslik customs
- All racial cities have received their own oddities brokers. Junk loot has had its descriptions updated to reflect this change, referring to oddities brokers in major cities rather than Rhahool or Rhagool in particular.

Blight Delta 303.3:

- Wolf Hide Items can now properly be scribed
- Armor of the Watcher ability now lasts for 30 minutes (up from 5 minutes) and has a recycle of 5s (down from 90s).  It will conflict with other buffs that boost ethereal armor.
- Form of the Void now boosts Ethereal Armor by +450 (up from +250)
- Incorporeal monsters will now do ethereal damage.  
- Players who become incorporeal using Geleon’s Master Scroll will now do ethereal damage.
- Monsters in the Rift will now do ethereal damage
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