Live patch du 24/07/2018 (Blight Delta 303.4)

Une vague de correctifs a été déployée sur Blight puis immédiatement appliquée sur les serveurs réguliers. Sont notamment corrigées les très importantes abilities Superior Resurrect et Primal Rebirth ainsi que les nouvelles potions d'expérience.

- Fixed description of quest “Honoring An Old Friend (Part 1)” to reference Niesa
- Combat Stance abilities no longer reference their old names when used
- Quest “Kion Militia: Protect the South Gate” now refers to the southern gate in lower case and will count all types of Risen Raiders along with Sergeant Khar.
- Thurid’s Stone of Wrath now uses a weapon crystal icon instead of tool
- Added a description to quest “Shady Dealings”, the quest now requires you to have an adventure rating of 10, and is repeatable once per day.
- Quest “Delivery for Felessi” now gives you a Flame Ward buff and refers to flame (instead of energy).  This quest can also now be completed daily.
- Packs of XP potions now describe the bonus and duration of the potions.
- Certain Clerical Order quests referred to wrong titles
- Orichalcum Ingot will now count as a metal resource and can be stored in workshops.
- Light Blue and Purple stances no longer create long lines over the terrain when on slopes.
- Pack of Lesser, Greater, and Superior potions now have their own icon and respective % increase on each icon.
- Fixed the spelling of Krisstelle’s name in the food item itself.
- Experience potions are now stackable
- Fixed a number of ghosts to be members of ghostly schools.  They now have the capability to be incorporeal.
- Ghosts above level 80 will be incorporeal all the time instead of just part of the time like those below.
- Combat Stances Defensive, Passive, Alerted, Armored, and Shielded abilities no longer have an augmentation effect assigned to them.
- Fixed an extra period in New Trismus 1: Welcome to the Battlefield (biped version) and changed the reference of ‘pigs’ to ‘young boar’, clarifying them as grulets.
- Treants now have a unique idle animation in which they pose as a tree.
- A number of decorative NPCs in Kion, Sslanis and New Trismus are now “instance npcs” (they can be “turned off”).
- Fixed terrain above lair in Elia 29350, 29556
- Expanded lair in Pleasant Canyon 22548, 19996
- T6 trophies now give 300k exp on the first 10 turn-ins and 175k on the rest. They also now require rating 100 instead of 101, allowing dragons to pick up the quests again.
- Tea leaves no longer have a coin value so that players can’t exploit the infinite resources to get infinite coin.
- Shady Dealings now has proper failure feedback messages.
- Fixed a typo in Ortan’s Teleporter
- Added a description to Illicit Goods, used in the quest “Shady Dealings”
- Changed all spider leg components back to the fyakki leg icon instead of the chocolate-covered beetle leg icon.
- Public Storage Silos added to Drift Point
- Two Hand Crush IV and V now use the proper technique icon.
- Fixed the treasure and AI of Gatus
- Monsters in Old Rachival will no longer drop Automata Power Cells
- Fixed Superior Resurrect and Primal Rebirth to properly detect targets
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