Patch sur Blight du 10/10/2018 (Delta 304.2) et du 01/10/2018 (Delta 304.1)

Beaucoup de correctifs dans ces 2 patchs en cours de test, notamment sur la nouvelle quête liée au nouveau mini-donjon Tier I: le Inner Sanctum. Des nouveautés sont aussi au programme comme une refonte des stances pour les Dragons et l’ajout d'un Gift procurant une auto-résurrection.

Delta 304.2:

- Gambling Hall Statues added to player plots. These statues require special Mold to build, purchased from Analuus with Casino Tokens:
*Statue of Ashlander Vandus
*Statue of Dragon
*Statue of Grenaden
*Statue of Saris Warrior
*Statue of Silver Dragon
*Statue of Sslik
- Slotbot, on Large Gambling Den, properly works on all bets
- Trials of the Gifted: The Trials of the Completed quest now correctly displays the final quest (from Krianos) when greeting him. Trials of the Gifted (Missing Ability) quest now appears correctly if you've previously completed above quest, but have not received Title Ability (ie you completed the old/obsolete quest from Pratt (who didn't award emblem/title).
- Pratt no longer does run animation when walking
- Jade Wolves now drop Jade Ears instead of Desert Wolf Fangs.  Jade Flank and Animal Hide can be gathered from their corpses.
- Trader Gokkai at Desert Shores now sells two new dishes for Confectioners.
- Armor of the Watcher now modifies Ethereal Armor by 150 (up from 100)
- Dragon Adventurers now receive new Combat Stances, replacing the old ones.  The new stances are:
*Conqueror (Bonus to T&C, Melee Damage, Counts as Offensive/Red)
*Primalist (Bonus to Primal, Spell Damage, Counts as Attuned/Blue)
*Soldier (Bonus to Armor, Reduce incoming Physical Damage, Counts as Defensive/LightBlue)
*Flame (Bonus to DBreath, Chance to Weaken Target To Future Breath Attacks, Counts as Focused/Green)
*Protector (Increase to Healing, Counts as Shielded/Orange)
*Adept (Bonus to MagicDefense, Reduce incoming SPell Damage, COunts as Alerted/Yellow)
*Terror (Chance to Cause Terrified on Ranged Non-Spell attack, Counts as Passive/Purple)
- Quest "Attunement to Aedan" now requires Dragons to be level 21 Adventurer to pick it up
- Metal, Fabric and Leather Armors as well as Metal and Wooden Shields now use Rating instead of Current Level.
- Pumpkin Pants tech kit effect now properly applies the Pumpkin Pants appearance.
- Rift monsters will once again do normal damage, but have significantly more health.
- Skeleton Mages now receive the same amount of MagicDefense and Evasion as player mages.
- Skeleton Clerics now receive the same amount of MagicDefense and Evasion as player clerics.
- Sanguine Mace can now be used at level 15 and its base damage is now 15-19 (up from 12-15).
- Commander Vekh will now use a Summoned Dusky Broadsword instead of a Blade of Destruction and no longer receives Flame Spear.
- Confused 1 and 2 will now conflict with one another.
- Coin Purses, Wallets, Belts, Sacks, Pouches and Bags will now grant significantly more coin when used than before.
- Power Strike II correctly uses Offensive stance, instead of Shield stance
- Ritual Pylons can now be damaged.
- Elith the Disgraced can now only be damaged when all Ritual Pylons are down.
- Bronze Golems are now smaller than their larger, Bronze Boulder Golem cousins.
- Bronze and Bronze Boulder Golem spawns at Miner's Mound on Lesser Aradoth are now slower, but there are more of them.
- Primal Chains now recycles every 25s (up from 10s), has a shared recycle of 25% (instead of 100%), only applies its debuff on a hit (not a hit, dodge, parry or block)
- Primal Burst will now only apply its debuff on a hit (not a hit, dodge, parry or block)
- Portals added to Upper Bridgeview and Bridgeview that allow players to teleport back to Kion.

Delta 304.1:

- Adjusted the spawns of Greymane Wolves on the slopes of the Kion Volcano
- Avarris the Learned in the Inner Sanctum now offers four daily quests.
- Increased the respawn time of Lone Wolf
- Increased the respawn time of Agh'kuk Gatherers on New Trismus
- Sal'guk Tribes are no longer social
- Mage's Maddening Trick will only apply its debuff on a hit (not a hit, parry or block).
- Ghost Wizards no longer receive Mage's Maddening Trick
- Incorporeal Shift and Incorporeal Transformation no longer convert a ghost's outgoing damage to ethereal.
- Made of Stone and Made of Wood no longer convert damage to specific types, but instead properly reduce (or increase) damage of those specific types.
- A new gift, Gift of Fate, has been added. Upon death, this gift will instantly revive the target that has it. Formulas can be purchased from scholar and spellcrafter trainers.
- Quest "Story: A Disturbance of Spirit (Part 5)" no longer suggests you speak to Ryson at the Shrine at the end.
- Updated the quest chain "The Ruined Homestead" to refer to ethereal damage and to give a useful socketed crystal for players. Record of this quest has been removed, so all players can complete it again.
- Empty Twilight Shard formula is now known as Twilight Essence Orb formula and is only used to create Twilight Essence Orbs.
- Imbued Shard of Twilight is now known as Shard of Twilight and consumes 1 Twilight Essence Orb on use.
- Ryson Stormbringer on Spirit Isle is now known as the Spirit of Ryson Stormbringer
- Added a Spirit of Ryson Stormbringer to the Island of Skalkaar.
- Monster ability, Restore Bones 1, now recycles every 75s (up from 30s)
- Baltosh the Vile now uses Restore Bones 2 (instead of 1) and Immolate 5 (instead of 1).  He also no longer uses Urgat's weapon and a summoned shield.
- Monster ability, Restore Bones 2, now heals properly for a Tier 5 ability (instead of Tier 1 values)
- Urgat the Wicked and Baltosh the Vile no longer receive a number of extra spells (Leeching Life, Reanimate Dead, Soul Steal and Health)
- Eventide Wisps in the Inner Sanctum will now drop more Twilight Essence and will also drop Enraged Dim Wisp Vitality.
- Numerous tweaks and fixes to "Disturbance of Spirit" quests and NPC actions.

Known Issue:
- Buffs/Debuffs that use Maxhits/MaxDamage do not currently expire properly.  This is being investigated.
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