Patch sur Blight du 15/12/2018 (Delta 305 + 305.1) et Live shards du 20/12/2018

Un nouveau patch a été publié sur le serveur de test pour préparer le 15ème anniversaire d'Istaria. Des éléments visuels ont été apportés pour un thème diamant et cristal, sous forme d'équipement ou d'éléments pour les terrains/antres. Certaines villes ont bénéficié d'un petit lifting.

Edit: Le patch est passé Live le 20/12/2018 accompagné d'une mini Delta de correctifs.

Le skin diamant, featuring le developpeur Liseth.

 Mais la composante la plus imposante est certainement l'ajout d'un réseau de tunnels reliant les villes Dragons, Chiconis et Dralk, qui traverse quasiment tout le continent d'Aradoth du nord au sud! Ce réseau sera à construire par les joueurs; autant dire que des semaines de travail, au bas mot, seront nécessaires pour en voir le bout.

Delta 305
- Money Loot now displays its average coin reward in the description.
- Friend of the Saris emblem now grants bonuses to health and ethereal armor.
- Gift of Fate is now dispellable and gives Rapture upon death.
- Cheat Death Penalty now lasts for 180 seconds up from 120.
- Resurrection now recycles every 90 seconds up from 60.
- Two new Gifts, Gift of Arcanist and Gift of Stargazer, has been added. Formulas can be purchased from scholar and spellcrafter trainers.
- Valkor and Son of Gigaroth will now deal slightly less damage overall.
- Blood Urns now respawn every 150 seconds, up from 120.
- Urn Hammer now has 1 second cooldown, down from 60.
- Son of Gigaroth's Call upon the Cabal ability will provide less healing over time and now can be dispelled.
- Summoner's Isle:
*Added T6 Refinery
*Cobalt replaced with Travertine
*More Travertine and Adamantium spawns
*Added small decoration
- Fabric Isle:
*Unlinked plant spawns
*Increased plant spawn numbers
*Abundant plant added to each tier
- Cabal Markers are no longer social and will not be healed by Cabal Diviners.
- Monsters in the Dead Pool are now less social and have slower respawn rate
- Saris Artifacts will now properly drop from ghosts in the Ruined Palace while on quest “Artifacts of the Saris”
- Dalimond has been decorated
- Chiconis and Dralk:
*Massive system of tunnels joins Chiconis and Dralk
*Exits are at: Dralk, Sokdelak, Fingers of Akkinelos, Heather Mines, Barasavian Mines, Northern Dalimond Ridge, Sanctuary Bay, Dark Forest, Chiconis
*Connector Helian-Lunus Grandhall available for players to build in Sanctuary Bay
*Chiconis acquired public Grandhall, Crystalshaping, Libraries
*Chiconis expanded on decorations
- Heather Mines located near Heather now contain t3 and t4 metal, stone and azulyte, and buildable structures
- Draak and Land of the Exiled areas received new music. Thank you Shawn Badolian!
- Anniversary Vendor , Rocznica, has arrived in Bristugo to celebrate Istaria's anniversary. This Anniversary's theme is Diamond and Crystal.
*Pets available including Crystal Beetle, Azulars and Deer
*Plot items available: Crystal Chamber (lair) and Crystal Statue. These items require Anniversary Crystal Heart to build, purchased from Rocznica. New resources and respective formulas have been added to trainers
*Beginner Ice Essence Orb added to Klaatos, Geleon, Cassath.
*Beginner Ice Essence Construction Sphere and Source added to Klaatos.
*Beginner Ice Cast Stone, Beginner Ice Excoriation of Earth, Beginner Ice Flowstone, Beginner Ice Maelstone, Beginner Frozen Essence of Melding added to Halindrass, Relstaroth
*Armor: Anniversary Shield and Dragon Diamond Head Scale have been added to Anniversary Vendor.
*Plot item Plaque: Anniversary Shield
- More Gambling Statues added to plots:
*Statue of Dwarven Warrior
*Statue of Saris Warrior 2
*Statue of Elf
*Statue of Gnome
*Statue of Satyr Druid
*Statue of Dryad Warrior
*Statue of Human Warrior
*Statue of Half-Giant
*Statue of Fiend Reaver
- Roaming Fragments are now guaranteed to drop Magma Fragments, but will drop 1/2 as much as before.
- New Vassarak has been slightly decorated, and new community, Deilsefa, emerged where the blight once was.
- Mini-quests added to Ruined Palace Camp

Delta 305.1
- "Fetch Components for Avaraldo’s Potion" : Large, Giant and Gargantuan Loricatus Beetles will now correctly drop Beetle Wing-Membrane
- Anniversary Shield:
*Will now offer +10 to Block Bonus
*Will now offer +50 to Armor
- Anniversary Scale:
*Will now offer +50 to Armor
- Anniversary Khutit Scale got its requirement corrected so it can be equipped
- Fixed typos in “Alchemical Gathering"
- Fixed typo in “Artifacts of the Saris"
- Ice Brick formula now uses Stoneworking instead of Sculpting
- Saris Artifacts now stack
- Updated requirements to scribe for formula Avaraldo’s Potion of Alacrity
- Spirit Stone effect now only applies to Ghost type monsters. Ghosts will now drop Soul Fragments more frequently when crystal is equipped in weapon.
- Anniversary Tower Shield added to Rocznica
- Anniversary items are now tradable. Share fun!
- Epic Travel Scrolls Box 2: added location Fiery Maw and Land of the Exiled
- Gnomekindle Ornament Quests have now lost their counter, and can be handed in repeatedly to get rid of any excess chunks gathered while on the quest, if you were previously on any of these quests you may need to delete them first:
*Metal Decorations on Every Gnomekindle Tree
*Gnomekindle Tree Sparklies
*Gnomekindle Tree Unbreakable Stone Ornaments
*Natural Ornaments for a Gnomekindle Tree

Une de nouvelles décorations de Chiconis.

Carte d'Aradoth (source: Istaria Reference).

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