Patch sur Blight du 01/02/2019 (Delta 307) et du 03/01/2019 (Delta 306)

Deux nouvelles Delta ont été appliqués sur le serveur de test depuis le début de l'année. La Delta 306 ne contient que quelques correctifs pas très passionnants (et est même passé en Live patch le 15/01/2019). La Delta 307 a par contre beaucoup plus de surprises notamment au niveau matériel épique: un nouveau bouclier très intéressant, le Demon's Aegis et des sets d'artisanat aux bonus généreux pour les bipèdes et les Dragons. Une grande partie du matériel épique et les têtes (ou autre) de vos monstres épiques préférés pourront être exposés sur les terrains ou dans les antres grâce à des présentoirs épiques à construire. Les joueurs de plus petits niveaux ne sont pas oubliés car les armes obtenues sur Lesser Aradoth via quêtes ont aussi leurs présentoirs.

Delta 307
- Expert Animal Hide Processing renamed to Dire Wolf Hide Processing
- Beginner Maggot Hide Processing renamed to Maggot Hide Processing
- Expert Kwellen Hide Processing renamed to Kwellen Hide Processing
- Vargas the Bold has acquired new formulas for Master Crafter's and Master Dragon Crafter's epic cargo armor
- Vargas the Bold has acquired new formula for Demon's Aegis
- Aratanosh has acquired formulas for Velocity and Capacity Crystals
- Gift of Arcanist and Gift of Stargazer now require specific skills instead of augmentation
- Added Lair decorations:
- Union Head Scale has been renamed to Draconic Union Head Scale
- Player Lairs Vaults, Shrines, Consigners, Pawnbrokers, Taverns are now player selectable making attached NPCs easier to activate/deactivate
- All player lair chambers are now selectable making them easier to deconstruct
- Updated descriptions on Shadow Hound and Fallen Paladin allies
- Updated constraints on Bloodied and Bloodthirsty tech kits. Set them to properly consume themselves.
- Breath of Fire III now has area of effect range of 5
- Multicast no longer has min school level requirement, allowing to use when you have mastered it.
- Cabal Markers on Lesser Aradoth are now level 14, instead of 28-32
- Gem golems now have a "Made of Gemstone" buff
- Stone Golems are now members of the monster_golem_stone school
- Ore Golems now have "Made of Metal" instead of "Made of Stone"
- Ice Golems now have a "Made of Ice" buff
- Quest "Niesa's Enslavement (Part 6)" will remind players that they can purchase the Freedom buff formulas from BattleMaster Trikoz Trek in both dialogue and journal entry.
- Ice Golems will no longer hit as hard and will dodge less than before.
- Werewolf Bite 9 is now received at the proper level and no longer at level 40.
- Lesser and Greater Werewolves will now give Weak Lycanthropy through their bite.
- Necromancer ability, Blight Blast, now recycles more slowly
- Blight Crabs no longer receive the Blight Blast ability
- New plot structures added! Display some of your favourite epic items!
- Loot epic bosses parts and display them on your plot! Displays include: Son of Gigaroth, Valkor the Impaler, General Reklar Plaguebearer, Surtheim, Memory of Elial, Shaloth the Queen
- Also available T1 displays:
*Weapon Display: Sanguine Mace
*Weapon Display: Sslanis Militia Blade
*Weapon Display: Galt's Blade
- Various Deer kinds have been spotted across world
- More Pale Essence Residues and Wisps have been spotted near Mambow Point
- Small decoration added to Mambow Point
- Falathien has been enhanced:
*Decorations added
*More wildlife: Sheep, Cow, Deer.
*Timber Wolves have been spotted in northwestern corner of island.
*Tremendous Arbotus have been spotted in northwestern corner of island
*Bright Wisps of all kinds and residues have increased in number
*Buildable bridge, lighthouses added
- Unbuilt Community Projects got their own unique icon. Plot markers got their texture crisper.
- 2-H Specialization (KNOC) Summoned Pallid Claymore will now properly perform 2 hand animations again.
- Some Dragon combat stances have a different icon/color
- Jatell now offers Ceremonial Clean-up quest for those who wish to replace their teched Ceremonial Scale/Shield with a cleaned up version.
- With the growing demand in Dragon Cargo Disks for the Empire, Nielenoss has asked to be connected to the Dragon tunnels network for faster delivery of supplies to satisfy his needs.
- Crystalshaper formulas: Armor Crystals, Capacity Crystals, Damage Crystals, Resistance Crystals, Velocity Crystals now all produce 2 crystals per batch
- Journeyman Reinforced Round Shield requires 400 Armorcraft to scribe.
- Ignore Mysticism, Arcane Refusal, Countercheck Primal spells no longer fail to overwrite lower tier spell
- Blight Hounds should be a little more manageable now.
- Frozen Horrors are no longer more powerful than many named and epic bosses.
- Gift of Armor is now known as Gift of Resilience and reduces incoming physical damage (instead of providing a flat armor increase).
- Gift of Armor scrolls now provide 20, 40, 70, 110 and 160 armor boost.
- Trainers Erelald, Geleon, Kesh, Leah Attanbar, Minisa Albrath, and Kateos now sell tier-appropriate versions of a Gift of Resistance spell formula.
- Numerous stun debuffs that were missed during a previous update will now grant Temporary Stun Resistance when its timer expires. This includes monster stuns.
- Stun debuffs now all have the same weight so that they won't overwrite one another, but will instead conflict and fail (preventing certain cases where you could still get stun-lock)
- Lightning Blast II now properly says its name when used instead of Fiery Strike.
- Expert Spell: Lightning Blast formula can now be used to create Lightning Blast or Primal Lightning Blast spells.
- Timber Wolves, a Tier 4 wolf, can be found on the Island of Falathien.  Trophy quests have been added to Diadrus, Arionn and Garanthos.
- Spellbind, Area Spellbind and Blighted Spellbind will now only apply Spellbound on a hit (not a block) and will fail on any conflicts.
- Mesmerize debuffs now all have the same weight so that they won't overwrite one another, but will instead conflict and fail (preventing certain cases where you could still get mez-lock).
- Combat Stance: Terror will now fail to apply Terrified on any conflicts.
- Stop Blood now only applies its debuff on a hit (not a block) and recycles every 60s (down from 180s).
- The following abilities, spells, and items will now only apply a debuff on a hit (not a block):
*Aroah's Fine Maul of Smashing (Darkgazed)
*Ally ability, Desert Whirlwind (Disoriented)
*Sorcerer Enthralling Light (Enthralled)
*Sorcerer Manifested Power (Mesmerized)
*Abomination of Fear's Inspire Cowardice (Terrified)
*Numbing Haze
*Guardian of Mind's Mind Shock (Shocked)
*Shield Brother's Paralyzing Stare (Trepidation)
*Monster ability, Paralyzing Gaze (Trepidation)
- Journeyman Reinforced Round Shield requires 400 Armorcraft to scribe (was 1 Armorcraft)
- Ignore Mysticism, Arcane Refusal, Countercheck Primal spells no longer fail to overwrite lower tier spell
- Rapture now lasts for 12s (up from 7s).
- Area Syphon now recycles every 90s (down from 180s)
- Syphon now recycles every 60s (down from 120s)
- Blighted Syphon (monster ability) now recycles every 60s (down from 120s)

Delta 306 (Live le 15/01/2019)
- Jade Snarler Wolf Fang (tech resource) is now called Jade Wolf Fang and will drop from Jade Snarler/Growler/Enormous Snarler
- Jade Snarler Alpha Tail (tech resource) is now called Jade Wolf Tail and will drop from named Jade Snarler (Sinth) and Jade Snappers.
- Jade Snappers are a new mob and the strongest of the Jade Wolf family
- Jade Snarler Skull (41-45 trophy) is now called Jade Wolf Skull. Trophy hunter quests has been renamed to reflect the new name.
- Jade Snarler Ear is now called Jade Wolf Ear. This is a resource used in formula Appetizer: Toasted Jade Ear. If you have this formula scribed, then killing Jade Snarlers will drop ears in addition to their regular loot.
- Dusk Gnasher/Howler/Prowler wolves now drop Dusk Wolf Skull (46-50 trophy).
*Trophy hunters in Mahagra and New Rachival offer new quests for these new trophies.
- Dusk Gnasher/Howler/Prowler now drop a new tech resource called Dusk Wolf Fang
- Dusk Wolf Fangs are now used by the following techniques:
*Craft: Preparing III  (was Jade Snaler Fang - Jade Wolf Fang)
*Craft: Alchemy III (was Jade Alpha Tail - Jade Wolf Tail)
*Craft: Gemworking III (was Jade Alpha Tail - Jade Wolf Tail)
*Craft: Scribing III (was Jade Alpha Tail - Jade Wolf Tail)
- Blue Jay shoulder pet has been added to Zookeeper's Assistant treasure. (there is a chance to receive Blue Jay pet as a reward from his quest). Thank you Az for texture!
- Union Head Scale has been added to Jacques Allantyrn. Thank you Taiyonnai Feronix for texture!
- Quest "New Trismus 4: Cause for Concern" now directs you correctly to the guard camp.
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