Patch sur Blight du 21/02/2020 (Delta 310.4)

Un dernier tour de correctifs a été appliqué sur le serveur de test avant le passage du nouveau contenu sur les serveurs réguliers qui devrait avoir lieu mardi, sauf incident de dernière minute.

- Some typos fixed in quest "Grant Smyth's Fate".
- Precious Heirloom that is given as a reward in quest "The Fall of Tazoon: Survivors" is now known as "Family Heirloom. Updated the dialogue in the quest to reflect the change.
- Some updates to quest "The Fall of Tazoon: Refugees" to smooth out the experience and transition to the next quest.
- Lieutenant Bakhtor at the Imperial Army Camp now offers attunement to the destination pad near the camp.
- Updated quest "The Fall of Tazoon: Welger Patrols" to be more specific about who to kill.
- Debris retrieved from Debris Piles can now have 2 to 3 units in it (impacts Bank Records and Abandoned Heirlooms).
- Quest "Fall of Tazoon: Refugees" will now allow you to gather logs and raw gruok in any order.
- Grammar and spelling updates in numerous Fall of Tazoon quests.
- Stone of Remembrance no longer stacks with other Focus or Power crystals
- 2nd Troop Banner no longer stacks with other Strength crystals
- Green Gummy Spider Shoulder Pet will now properly give a Tech Kit when festival tokens are consumed
- Flattened plot in Harro
- Chicken "Scratch" emote now works. (when polymorphed)
- "Shield Tech Kit: Fiery Rose Quartz Shard" is now named "Armor and Scale Tech Kit: Fiery Rose Quartz Shard" to better clarify it can also be used on the dragon head scale.
- The Fiery Rose Quartz Shard technique kit now properly applies its augmentation on your ranged and melee attacks as its description implies rather than when others attack you.
- Armor of the SUN formulas now use Solite Bars instead of Steel Bars
- Solite Bar formula requires Smelting skill to scribe and Smelting skill to create instead of Alchemy
- Chainmail of the Sun:
*Unintentionally required Steel Bars instead of Solite Bars to create. These now require Solite Bars to create.
*Each armor piece now consumes a certain amount of Solite Bars to create a tech kit of itself
*Created item name, consumed component name now display in tooltip
*A Sun Blade formula has been added to Bortak. Sun Blade also offers to create tech kits of itself upon use and can be added to one hand slash weapons (broad swords, short swords, long swords) for its visual.
- Corrected an exploitable issue with the Piercing Winds and Razor Teeth technique kits.
- Fixed an exploit regarding the attunement of epic items.
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