Live patch du 03/03/2020 et Blight du 02/03/2020 (Delta 310.5)

Une nouveau patch a été appliqué sur Blight puis dans la foulée sur les serveurs réguliers. Au programme, principalement des correctifs sur le contenu de Ruination of Tazoon.

- "New Rachival Defense Force: Carry Word" quest is now classified as a story quest.
- Expert Tech Kit: Tail Spear requires properly 900 Scalecraft skill to be scribed instead of 100.
- BattleMaster Valrukhath will send you to Sergeant Talbot at the end of "The Bones of a Master (Part 2)".
- Abandoned Heirloom item has its own icon now.
- Fixed typos in quest: "Imperial Army: The Counterattack", "Fall of Tazoon: The Aftermath (Part 2)", "Source of Power: The Ritual", "Source of Power: Into the Observatory", "Source of Power: The True Source", "Ranger: Wolf Hunter".
- Dark Tiger Style duration has been reduced to 1 minute, down from 5 minutes.
- Astral Claws will now recycle every 5 seconds, down from 5 minutes, and will no longer overwrite Dark Tiger Style.
- Dark Tiger Style and Astral Claws augmentations can now only be maintained by the Monk school.
- Dimensional Apparatus and Prototype Tool Claws will no longer accept combat-oriented techniques. Technique kits and weapon socketing will be stripped from all existing versions and returned to your inventory.
- The formula Epic Disk: Master Crafter Cargo Disk is no longer attuned.
- Myloc Ally formula has its proper icon.
- NPC animations in "Fall of Tazoon: Refugees" and "Fall of Tazoon: Welger Patrols" quests will work properly.
- Project X is now immune to Spirit damage instead of Storm when the Superior Forcefield is activated.
- Holy Armament and Spectral Touch will no longer conflict with Utility Trinket effects.
- Damage from Surtheim's Combust is no longer heavily loaded on the front but spread more across the DoT.
- Reflect Attack will only process on hits (not blocks).
- Shau's Copper Coin now properly mentions Angwu instead of Shau as the giver.
- Heroes of the Welger Battle Arena now have their levels scaled - T1 are Level 55, T2 are 75, T3 are 95 and the Champion is level 115.
- Plot in Frostwatch on east side can now be selected and bought (plotstone was missing).
- Fixed step visibility issues in quests "(Daily) Ruin of Tazoon: Defeat the 3rd Troop Leader" and "(Daily) Ruin of Tazoon: Defeat the 4th Troop Leader".
- Fixed a typo in quest "Angwu: The Art of War".
- Title: Vindicator and Title: Executioner requirements are fixed.
- Added feedback when you have gathered enough logs in quest "Imperial Army: The Defenses".
- Shau's Wrath quest: fixed steps dependency so Priests can be killed on the same step as Berserkers
- Part of Jatell's situational dialogue properly progresses when you click the blue chat link.
- Eye of Ambirannis, Heart of Ambirannis and Tooth of Ambirannis can no longer be traded as they are quest items
- Partially refactored quest "Imperial Army: The Prisoner": no more not working links and dialogues should be easier to follow.
- "Family Heirloom" and "Signet of Varrantoth" Tech Kits descriptions now inform on which equipment they can be applied.
- The BattleMage and Guardian trainers in the Imperial Camp now function properly.
- Personal Epic Essences and Slaver's Tokens loots are now inside specific crates to differentiate them from general loot.
- Dralnok's DOOM has returned to its previous gloomy blue visuals. Inside, Feberlock Fungus now has a unique look mirrored by the small mushrooms scattered around the region.
- Lycanthropy has been reverted to a 5mn duration for the time being.
- Some quest requirements has been modified
*"Fall of Tazoon: The Welger" will only be accessible after completing "Fall of Tazoon: The Explosion" instead of "Fall of Tazoon: The Aftermath (Part 2)" to prevent a potential visibility issue in quest window when both quests are active.
*"Imperial Army: Introduction" will only be accessible after completing "Fall of Tazoon: The Welger" instead of "Fall of Tazoon: The Aftermath (Part 1)" to prevent a potential NPC visibility conflict.
- Discarded Heirloom has a description and a less generic icon.
- Title: Storm Master gives a 100 Dexterity bonus instead of 100 Storm skill (unused).
- Maddened Berserkers and Varan Scavengers (2nd Troop) spawns are more consistent.
- Trophy Hunters in Mahagra and New Rachival offer quests for Welger trophies.
- Welger Relic no longer uses a trophy icon.
- Added a visible first step in quest "Vandus Confederation: The Withered Aegis Threat II".
- Fixed Relic of Future Sight, Relic of Nature's Keeper and Spiritist's Relic tech kits descriptions.
- Solite Bars now require Smelting Tongs and a Smelter to be crafted.
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