Patch sur Blight du 05/10/2020 (Delta 311.2)

Un deuxième patch correctif portant sur les nouveautés de la Delta 311 avec son lot d'ajustements annexes (et de nerfs...) a été appliqué sur le serveur de test. Le passage du nouveau contenu devrait arriver très bien tôt sur les serveurs réguliers.

- New craft NPCs:
*Aminah, Spellcrafter, Kion
*Jahaim, Weaponcrafter, Kion
*Berkabah, Gatherer, Kion
*Faariah, Miner, Kion
*Lephana, Enchanter, Parsinia
*Hameth Fireborn, Spellcrafter, Aughundell
*Thodrak Graybranch, Carpenter, Aughundell
*Hefrigit Brightbreaker, Enchanter, Aughundell
*Thezzom Cragborn, Fitter, Aughundell
*Thirrick Threaddelver, Weaver, Aughundell
*Heldrur Hammerbraids, Jeweler, Aughundell
- Dusk Sheep spawn around Aubador now instead of Dark Grey Sheep
- Tarnak Root can now be gathered with Intuition instead of Ingenuity
- Ssilgoth in Aubador now sells the "Shaved Tarnak Root" confectioner recipe formula. Adjusted Ssilgoth's dialogue in quest "Ssilgoth's Stew" to reflect this change.
- Fixed Cassiados' dialogue link in quest "Feladan: Learn about the Feladan Protectors".
- Having the Tradestone Blessing active isn't a requirement anymore in quest "(Daily) Acquire Gudal's Sceptre of Command" as Ramu Nassa isn't a Welger.
- Flying is no longer needed to use Icefang's Head and Ancient Signet Ring.
- Refactored dialogues in quests "Bounty: Icefang's Head","The Forest Skulk Artifact (Bonus)", "Iron Guard: Kalevala's Bounty" and "Iron Guard: Tochak's Bounty" to match their new way to be acquired.
- Kalevala's Head can be properly used now.
- Obsidian is now found outside of Aubador
- Obsidian Golems are now found near Aubador
- Stoneworking Shelter (tier 3) has been added to Aubador
- Gold in Aubador has been moved further east and some can be found south of Aubador
- Blighted Oak Treants are now found near Aubador
- Blighted Oak Trees are now found near Aubador
- Some garlic can be found to the southwest of Aubador
- Added a Millstone in Ssilgoth's kitchen in Aubador.
- Imperial Vaultkeeper, Kereitha, has moved into Aubador
- Changes to quest "Joggler Snimms: Bonding the Blades":
*Joggler won't give Bottle Cap Collecting formula anymore: he already does it with "Collect All The Bitter Pickle Bottle Caps" quest.
*Cleaned up Joggler's dialogue.
*Quest "Collect All The Bitter Pickle Bottle Caps" needs again to be completed to start with this quest.
- Bottle Cap Collection formula requires now 300 Intuition skill to be scribed. It also uses Intuition instead of Ingenuity.
- Fixed Trader Vallyia's dialogue.
- Adjusted dialogues in quest "Kion Militia: Trouble in Lower Bridgeview".
- Talios the Builder in Kion will now recognize Dragons and not offer them the opportunity to join biped construction schools.
- Removed an improper keyword from the dragon version of Experimental Plague Cure
- Fixed a placeholder feedback message in the dragon version of quest "The Plague: Cure (Part 3)"
- Adjusted resources on Dragon lair baths structures. They now also require Statue molds and Leafy Oastic Sacs.
- Ahassunu, Elendosh and Lugalkam are now known as a Dragon Crystalshaping Acolyte and are no longer a vendor
- Arrinatoth, Halindrass and Gelok Tan'khor are now known as a Dragon Lairshaping Acolyte and are no longer a vendor
- Banner: Gone Fishin has been renamed to Wooden Sign: Gone Fishing to not confuse building Gnomes
- Master Builder title now awards a bonus of Essence Structuring rather than Enchanting.
- FIX some grammar in quest "Disturbance of Spirit 3" spoken by Ryson
- Lady Kendra in Kion now has a small connector quest to move you from the end of the Disturbances quest chain to Commander Devins of the Kion Miltia
- Demon Flurry's damage is now 70-96 (instead of 54-96)
- Improved quest steps in quest "Dralnok's DOOM (Chapter 2): The Hammer of Kings".
- Velma in Dalimond is no longer a Confectioner Trainer
- In quest "Drain Bolt IX: The Azure Tyrant", quest steps will no longer mention Eastern Deadlands as a potential hunting ground.
- The Harbinger pre-delay has been increased from 4.0 to 4.4, damage from 122-135 to 158-178 and the per-tick damage of Leech from 68-84 to 122-154.
- Ssilgoth's Stew quest in Aubador now gives its proper reward
- Tomes of the Mage now refer to the proper Cross Flame ability
- Adamantium Left-Hand now gives the proper % chance
- Corrected the Left-Hand Crystal of Exhaustion to display its buff properly
- Priceless Thornwood Shortbow, Longbow and Crossbow have had their pre-delay and damage adjusted to be in line with recent adjustments.
- Updated the introductory text to quest "Tools of the Trade" to reference the Prophet and Teana instead of Sebpherut
- Tomes' magic has been strengthened.
- In quest "(Daily) Kill Sanctum Guardians", when an objective has been completed, the other one won't be displayed anymore.
- Players meeting requirements should be able to scribe Biped version of Experimental Plague Cure now.
- Added additional feedback in quest "The Plague of Nazderon (Part 2)" to direct players to Teana
- Fixed Alyssa's Touch and Istara's Guiding Hand baubles being listed twice at some Pawn Brokers.
- Blinding Shot 2 will now overwrite Blinding Shot 1
- 1000% damage cap (up from 700%) will now only apply to non-special attacks when fighting Epic bosses
- Boar's Rage from Boar's Hide Mask will now conflict with Hero's Resolve
- Dim Crystal of Might is now attune-on-install
- Anarie's stock of Superior and Greater Potions has run out
- Quests "(Weekly) T4 Hero: Challenge Exalted Gudal", "(Daily) T4 Hero: Challenge Gudal" and "(Daily) Acquire Gudal's Sceptre of Command" no longer award any XP
- Quest "(Daily) Acquire Gudal's Sceptre of Command" now awards an Adamantium Bounty Token
- Dragon Rite of Passage quests are now all categorized as story quests
- Combat Stance: Alerted will now properly overwrite other stances
- Updated dialogue in quests "The Magadi of Nazderon (Part 1)" and "The Magadi of Nazderon (Part 2)" and "The Blood-Magic of the Welger (Part 2)"
- Fixed Sand Tornado to give the correct DoT
- Minor grammatical fix for Zalikhet's standard greeting
- Nazderon no longer counts as a greater epic boss.
- Fixed typos in quests: "Lore Quest: The Vielo", "Lore Quest: The Novo", "Lore Quest: The Battle against Nazderon", "The Novo Machine: Remnants", "Lore Quest: The Tale of Brienaire".
- Updated Brienaire's Pendant description.
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