Patch sur Blight du 17/08/2021 (Delta 313.1)

Aucune nouveauté et rien que des correctifs pour cette nouvelle mise à jour sur le serveur de test. C'est en majorité le nouveau contenu de New Trismus qui a eu droit à son coup de polish. Les serveurs réguliers devraient à leur tour recevoir la mise à jour dans la journée.

- Fixed experience reward in quest "Scholar's Quest: A Tale of Two Magics". Player is now guaranteed to be level 2 Scholar on quest completion.
- Abandoned Island changes:
    *Added a few more Ulmus Beetles
    *Quest: "(Daily) Jon Parkh: Threatened Crops":
        .Added better directions.
        .Fixed typos.
    *Quest "(Daily) Jon Parkh: Sleep Deprivation":
        .Objectives have been changed to kill 8 Winter Wolves (up from 4) and 2 Alpha Winter Wolves (down from 4). Dialogues have been updated accordingly.
        .Added better directions.
        .Fixed typos
    *Quest "(Daily) Jon Parkh: Summit Beating":
        .Added better directions.
        .Fixed typos
- Fixed a typo in description of Welger Trait: Brute given by Varrantoth-s Blessing.
- Quest "(Tutorial) Go Bag 5 Brown Wolf Ears" no longer refers to Small Brown Wolf Ears as the name of the item was changed.
- Quest "Go Bag 5 Brown Wolf Ears" no longer refers to Small Brown Wolf Ears as the name of the item was changed.
- Small Brown Wolf Tail is now called Brown Wolf Tail and had their description changed accordingly.
- Adventure: Life I, Craft: Sculpting I, Spell: Accuracy I and Spell: Potency I techniques had their descriptions updated to require Brown Wolf Tail.
- Title: Avenger of the Iron Guard and Title: Defender of the Iron Guard no longer mention giving a bonus on activation in their description.
- In quest "Town Marshall: Slate For Brains", feedback now asks player to return to Dalimond instead of Chiconis.
- Fixed quest "Earn Title: Expert Crystalshaper" description.
- Geleon's Master Scroll formula now has a proper icon.
- Radiant Impenetrable Armor Crystal, Radiant Indestructible Armor Crystal and Radiant Invulnerable Armor Crystal now properly give 1500xp when consumed.
 Expert Improved Ice Bolt formula has the right icon instead of Prime Bolt formula icon.
- Fixed typos in Krianos- dialogues.
- Fixed Father Nuraa-s dialogues.
- Spell Forge near Saphias will no longer float mid-air.
- In quest "Defense of Sslanis: Storming the Dead", removed an useless feedback message mentioning Urden instead of Borlak.
- Elemental of Fire isn-t immune to crush damage anymore.
- Kion Militia quests:
    *"Kion Militia: South Gate": Sergeant Khar will now count for the kills.
    *"Kion Militia: The Scorched Légion": Fixed a typo.
    *"Kion Militia: Victory": Fixed typos.
- Fixed typos in quest "Sslanis Militia: The Town Stores"

New Trismus


- A supply crate has been moved back to Krissol-s storage room instead of being in Chef Ganthoss- oven.
- Added a few more spiders at Spider Nests by the Windmill in New Trismus.
- Added back the sign to Rancher and Zookeeper.
- Chef Shisheroth has left New Trismus for an initiatic trip as a Confectioner. He has been replaced by Chef Ganthoss.
- Links in Elenna and Reffis Ironforge-s dialogue have been fixed.
- Gwyrath the Guardian now offers to return to the dialogue menu with all available choices if player is a Dragon.

Story quests

- "New Trismus 4: Summoned for War":
    *Fixed a typo.
- "New Trismus 5: Mysterious Magery":
    *Improved directions
- "New Trismus 7: Turning Tides":
    *When asked to kill undead in the Deadlands, Decayed Hounds will now count, but Flesh Arcanists have been removed (wrong location).
    *Fixed typos.

School quests

- Warrior training quests:
    *"Warrior Training 2: A New Blade":
        .The loot window couldn't be browsed on Copper Golems during the quest: this is fixed.
        .Fixed Frelic-s dialogue
        .Frelic takes the ore he has asked from the player's inventory now.
    *"Warrior Training 3: Strengths and Weaknesses":
        .Fixed a dialogue link.
    *"Warrior Training 4: Surviving through Shouting":
        .Player can use any level of Heroic Shout or Negate Attack to complete the quest.
        .Fixed typo.
    *"Warrior Training 5:  Enhancements":
        .Grit the Warrior now counts when player is asked to kill Agh'kuk Scouts.
        .Fixed a typo.
    *"Warrior Training 6:  The Proper Stance":
        .Quest will track properly when the player uses Critical Strike.
    *"Warrior Training 7: Forward":
        .Sergeant Geadin will properly speak to player.
- Cleric training quests:
    *"Cleric Training 2: A New Mace":
        .The loot window couldn't be browsed on Copper Golems during the quest: this is fixed.
    *"Cleric Training 3: Aiming for the Weakness":
      .Fixed a typo.
   *"Cleric Training 4: Shielded From Foes":
      .Fixed a typo.
   *"Cleric Training 5: Augmenting Yourself":
        .Grit the Warrior now counts when player is asked to kill Agh'kuk Scouts.
    *"Cleric Training 7: The Future Awaits":
        .Acolyte Miry will properly speak to player.

- Scout training quests:
    *"Scout Training 1: Staying Alive":
        .Fixed a typo.
    *"Scout Training 5: Augmenting Yourself":
        .Quest will progress with using any tier of Gift of Hunter.

- Mage training quests:
    *"Mage Training 1: All Kinds of Magic":
        .Quest can progress by using any tier of Energy Bolt. Dialogues and step descriptions updated accordingly

- Dragon training quests:
    *"Dragon Training 3: Weakness to Fire":
        .Fixed a typo.
    *"Dragon Training 4: Healing Benefits":
      .BattleMaster Avariatus won't repeat the same sentence at the beginning of the quest.
        .Fixed a dialogue link.

Side quests

- "Kill Red Tusks":
   *Fixed a dialogue where it was possible to talk to Officer Frelic instead of Acolyte Miry when sent by Elainor to ask for a cure.
   *Fixed and improved directions.
   *Fixed typos.
   *Updated dialogues.
- "The Withered Bane":
   *Decayed Grulets, Decayed Hounds and the Withered Grand Magus will now drop Withered Essence Fragments during the quest.
   *Added a step to loot the Blighted Bone.
   *Upon Withered Grand Magus kill, the Blighted Bone won-t be given anymore by the quest, it has to be looted.
   *Fixed a typo in quest dialogues.
   *Fixed a typo in the description of Withered Essence Fragment.
- "Frelic's Pets":
    *Quest steps won't vanish anymore from quest tracker.
    *Added tutorials for the wallet and pets.
- "Jeremiah Trueheart's Request":
    *Fixed a typo.
- "The Town Marshalls of Istaria":
    *Improved Pratt's speech again.
    *Quest won't autocomplete anymore at the last step.

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